"Iron Slash"

The supreme sword technique I once knitted at the end of a death fight with a man.

The ultimate swordsmanship, which breaks even demons with bodies tougher than rocks, than iron, than steel.

A sword waved down cuts the wind. The sword that tore off Quon's body did not put blood on its full body, and the sword stops under Quon's crotch, which stunned and opened his eyes.

"Uh... oh, now, I..."

A stood up quon leaks his voice, then pattin, and the sound of a sheath clasp rings. I put my sword in my sheath.

"That's" Iron Slash "now. What do you say? Does it hurt anywhere?

"... no, it doesn't hurt anywhere. But, Aniki, I did get slashed, didn't I?

I have a real sense of being slashed. But the feeling of being slashed, the pain, Quon felt nothing.

"No, I didn't slash you, did I? I don't want to kill a girl in the first place. I slaughtered... hehe"

"What... heh!?

Kuon remembered the feeling that something had fallen from his body.

And when I looked under my feet, I realized who that discomfort was and turned my face bright red.

"'Iron Slash' is nothing but a move to slay something as hard as iron. Cut off only the target to be slashed. It's such a move.... and with this, you can only cut your underwear..."

"Ugh, wow!


I got my fist slapped in the face and I rolled two or three times, crashing into the ground and crashing into the wall.

... Damn, the blow now, I'm unconscious but I didn't see it! Sometimes I was in the middle of explaining my moves, but I can't believe I didn't notice Quon's attack until that moment when Quon's fist hit me directly... hehe, you've grown up, Quon!

"Ah, Aniki idiot! Hey, what are you doing!

Kuon, dressed in short hem like a minisca, turns his face bright red and desperately tries to lower his hem and hide it from my sight.

... Hmm, shy girls are a good thing to look at anytime.

"Hiccup, you have a good hobby everywhere. Bye, kid! I can't believe this cute girl's underwear was slashed...... she's going to die for the Devil's Sword Pledge!

Raven Brand laughs at the sheath as he picks up a cuon under his foot as he lowers his hem.

Maybe if you looked like someone, you'd look nasty.

"Hehe... you finally recognized me, Demon Sword."

"Idiot, just a little bit, just a little bit"

If Raven Brand had looked like people, me and this guy would have grabbed each other's hands and walked away as like-minded people.

And when I was thinking about it, all of a sudden I got a tight headache.

"Ugh, ooh, ooh, ooh"

"Yong... What natural pervert are you doing?

The cause of the mistletoe ringing head was Fiona's Iron Claw. White, thin fingers eat into his head and lift his body, which has grown young.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Wow, it cracks! Like tomatoes!

"Yes, no, hey, you should actually experience it!

"I'm not mad that I let you experience it. You're asking me why I slashed my underwear? Different arguments."


It was! Fiona didn't get any jokes from this hand! Now I remember.

"Mr. Yashiro! There's a way to teach it, too. Isn't that right! Kuon's a girl, too, right?

Fiona grabbed me, and Bernadette said, "Whoa!" and scold as against children.

"Um... sorry"

"It's not up to me to apologize, is it?

"Uh, that,... sorry, Quon. Too well."

Bernadette urged me to apologize to Quon while I was grabbed.

I can't move my head, so I'm not facing the front.

"... let me know the next time you do this, Aniki. If I thought I'd been slaughtered, I'd have been slaughtered, or something, too big a surprise."

Quon says as he dyes his cheeks red and twists his thighs and body.

... I know it's bad, but don't be shy of girls!

"Absolutely. Mr. Yashiro is a jerk... Mr. Fiona? You can drop Mr. Yashiro off now, can't you?

Mmmm...... kinda like Bernadette being your sister. Even though he's the same age.

Well, I got it, so it's good.

"... you said Bernadette, right?... you, what is it about bravery?

... hmm? Fiona's power to grab my head weakened, but I feel something killing me from Fiona.

Did I say something bad about me? I'm not going to let the boulder seriously cut me off.

"... I'm on Mr. Yashiro's side. Is that it?

"... you, brave,"

Fiona sees Bernadette with a certain eye.

? Uh... what's going on? What do you call a situation?

Fiona's hand got out of my head when I was confused by the situation.

"Oops.... Fiona?

Get your hands off me. No, Fiona walks out of the labyrinth first.

The atmosphere was strange somewhere and I accidentally rang.

"... nothing, nothing. Let's hurry up."

Fiona proceeding without even looking at Chira.

... What the hell is wrong with you? I don't have a bad feeling about it, but I felt a heartbeat.

A few hours after Fiona lost her mouth, we gradually reached the door to the ten levels.

"There was a so-called boss monster in the ten-story thing, right, Fiona?

"... Yes, it is"

It has been at this rate since just now.

Hmm. Fiona's mood doesn't heal for some reason.

With that said, there have been times when this has happened before.

I wonder what time it was......

"Hey, kid."

"Mm-hmm. What the fuck, Rave. I was just thinking."

As I try to remember, Raven Brand, abbreviated Rave, who was delivering to the sheath, calls me as he shakes a chatter.

"Set aside your thoughts.... Apparently, this guy over here, Mr. Yoko, is the one who won't go."

"A glimmer of rope... it's still ten levels, isn't it? I'm weakened right now, but I'm not the kind of guy who gets stuck in a boulder."

Even slightly answering the serious-tongued rave, he apparently felt something, and the rave kept his mouth shut.

With that said, I understand that it is a sturdy and easy sword to wield, but what is this guy's own ability?

Rave of a stunning industry as a sword, but I didn't know what my abilities as a demon sword were shaking.

If it's the ability to increase weight and impact like Falhat Enhance's Demon Sword, it's something you can understand if you use it.

Yet all I knew was that I kept waving by the time I came to these ten levels, a sword familiar to my hands.

"... well, don't be alarmed."

Slowly opening the door and entering the room, it was a whole room.


"... is not there, is it?

There were only a few light sources in the room, like the pine lights, and there was no such thing as a demon said to be the boss.

In the labyrinth occurs a demon called the boss.

The boss, even if defeated, recurs after a certain period of time.

I'm not sure why, but the boss shows up as many times as he wants.

"Do you mean before they knock you down and it happens again...?

Bernadette, who had a demon gun in one hand, shrugs. I was of the same opinion, but I recall what Rave said earlier.

"Quon, do you feel any signs?

When I asked because Quon was good at the signs, he nodded with a difficult face.

"Something, yes.... but I don't know where he is.... There's something wrong with me. It seems small and big..."

Kuon's sign detection is excellent. I don't even know where that quon is. It's pretty weird right now.

"Hmm?... hey black-haired. What is it?"

Angelica, who was behind a line, pointed to the void at us as we were on guard around her.

Looking ahead, a black vortex-like mass appeared where there was nothing until earlier.

"... what, that... eyeballs?

When he pulled out his sword, a large eyeball emerged from the black vortex to float.

Its size, even bigger than a light truck, is unusually huge.

When the eyeballs look around the giggles, then suddenly a large mouth appears from just below the eyeballs.

No, you didn't show up. I just opened my mouth.

"Oh, I can't believe that...!!

Its huge eyeballs revealed countless small eyeballs from the head area. Every one of them came at the tip of the tentacles, and countless eyeballs captured us.

You know that unusual, evil, ugly look, Bernadette makes a sad scream.

I wanted to scream too, but I was more golden with fear than that.

If I knew he existed, if I knew how bullshit he was, all the people would have reacted like me and Bernadette at once.

Not so long ago, his presence was something he shouldn't have.

"Bi, Bihor..."

"The dungeon gate. Oh!?