Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Ancient Brave VS Ancient Demon Biholder

Its name is' Biholder '.

An ancient demon, said to live more than the Divine Age, hated as "The Dutchman Gate," "The Stare," and "The God Who Can't Take It Away".

In the battle between God and the demons, the demons were killed by an army of ancient dragons led by Dragon King Vahmund.

It is not a good demon to be in a place like this, which is said to have been destroyed by the Dragon King at the end.

"Why, such a monster is here!

Bravery felt his whole body hair turn upside down.

A sharp battle like being seen with a knife that shines cold on your back.

Yong stopped the move earlier than he thought, trying to protrude Rave to the ground, reach into the void, and call the Holy Sword.

(This place then... I can't use the Holy Sword!)

In this labyrinth of walls on all sides, the use of the Holy Sword becomes, on the contrary, a shackle of one's own.

A holy sword that encloses enough power to scatter a shock wave of destruction around it just by waving it.

With such a thing, the labyrinth will collapse and we will all be buried alive.

Bravery, who reached out and clenched his hand, struck one tongue, pulling out the rave and running out.

(We've never met... but it's not stronger than Dragon King Vahmund, is it? Then we have a chance!)

Stuff a distance of 20m in one breath and wave your sword up to the floating biholder.

The speed of courage, which is only the first must-win, does not usually reach far behind the "shrinkage" because of the appearance of the child.

But nevertheless, its flesh, far above that of an ordinary man, exceeded the speed of the reaction of the biholder, and the sword it shook up caused great scratches to the spherical body of the biholder.


"Become... Ohh!?

A hole the size of a tennis ball, pompous and empty.

Through the hole, a lot of blood blows up.

"Mr. Yashiro!?

Hearing Bernadette's sad screams, Yong noticed an empty hole in his chest.


Bravery reaches one hand out of a greased position and rolls forward, jumping up directly beneath the biholder and releasing the slash as it is.

But the sword I shook up was goo, and all I had to do was leave a wind cut sound and cut the sky.

"Metastasis (warp), oh!?

At the edge of his sight, he appeared to crawl out of the void, courage kicked up his leg when he noticed a biholder with closed eyes, changing his posture in the air and going upside down.

"Chi! What the hell, this!!

As soon as he tries to change his posture, he sees a part of his forehead suddenly blow up like dust, and Yong stands down with one hand and then makes a couple of back turns to distance himself from the biholder.

The tentacles of the eyeballs stretching from where they are located on the head of the biholder capture me even as I move with Uneune.

Me and Biholder stared at each other, watching out for each other, and there was a dull noise and an arrow pierced one of the tentacles.

"! Fiona!

"Naturally, isn't it?

As Biholder's scream echoed in the labyrinth, Yong set up a tree bow and saw a sneering archer.

It was the ill-eyed elf, Fiona, who broke the glue.

Gyorori, and the great eyeballs and tentacles, all eyes pointed at Fiona, then Biholder meditated on the great eyeballs, and zuzzled to hide in the void, and transferred.

"Fiona! Behind you!!

"I know!

Take the arrow out of the barrel, and Fiona, who squeezed the string, jumps away.

Then the rays of dull light emanating from the eyeballs of the tentacles pierced where Fiona stood to the brink.

The moment, the floor bursts and the flash wraps around.

"Are you destroying rays now?!? What the hell, this guy!

As Fiona fired arrows, Yong cautioned against something (...) piercing his chest in an instant.

Approaching the biholder while running to the zigzag.

"Yong! Probably a tentacle!

"You bet!

That invisible thing must be emanating from the tentacles, as the rays are emanating from the eyeballs on the tip of the tentacles.

Change the target from a biholder body to an overhead tentacle, and Yong is diseased.

Going a distance of several dozen meters in a few steps, he put his eyeballs on first and a few tentacles, caught courage.

When I jumped to the right to be bounced the moment my gaze crossed, the floor where I was momentarily earlier, not even exploded, disappeared.

Yong didn't miss the tentacles he moved at that time.

"... I see, I cut it out!

Each of the destructive rays and something that just turned off the floor is done by another tentacle.

And those tentacles aren't showing any other behavior.

The tentacles emitting the rays only carried out the rays, while the tentacles carrying out the disappearance phenomenon only carried out the disappearance phenomenon.

The tentacles that had eyes when they wore their breasts were just the ones that had erased the floor trying to kill Bravery now.

"If this doesn't go wrong then... Huh!!

First slap the most dangerous, vanishing tentacles!

"Whoa whoa whoa!!

He gets his right shoulder pierced, but it doesn't matter. Yong shouts. Bravery flies to the biholder as he cuts off his legs and cheeks and raises a blood splash.

The moment his small body jumped up and tried to wave down the Devil's Sword, Yong noticed the discomfort of his right half.

"Oh, petrification... Huh!

My shaken arm literally doesn't move into a rock. Determining that his right arm was useless, Yong crushed his right arm and grabbed the Devil's Sword, throwing it like a boomerang.

The Devil's Sword, which slashes the wind, wraps up the targeted tentacles and other tentacles and slashes them and punches them straight into the ceiling.

"Yong...... ugh!!

Painful or screaming biholder, Fiona unleashes the magic of her pursuit. The arrow of the invisible wind, unleashed without chanting, was unleashed on the biholder as the wind scattered around him, disappearing with the sound of a handfolded "pakin," just before it hit.

"It feels the same way when they erase the transfer formation... definitely disabling the magic... eh"

While upset by the deactivation of the magic, Fiona won't stop the hand of the attack if the magic doesn't listen.

I make noises with Dosdos and my bow pierces the biholder, but it doesn't stop the biholder from attacking me like I'm mad without causing a lot of damage.


"I didn't know you were coming from Teresa...... ooh!!

Yong slapped his fist on the area that hit Biholder's jaw with his right arm, which should have been crushed, and even rotated his body, kicking Biholder with a spinning kick.