"Mr. Quong! Don't get too close!

"I know! No, shadow!!

He releases demon bullets at the approaching demons, shouting at the Quon, which Bernadette drives as he finishes with a single blow.

Kuon releases a 'shadow out' as he returns his words to it.

At the same time as you pull out a short knife, you convert the magic that you were accumulating into a demonic sword, the depths that slap and slay your enemies with a single knife, "Shadow Out".

Using this technique taught on board (Fiona said it was gobbling), Quon broke off the lava-painted sasori.

As we proceeded through the volcanic caves that emerged from the eleventh tier, we continued to make fast advances, although we struggled somewhat against changing terrain and high fever enemies.

"Whoa, did you come up?"

When we notice the twitchy, high magma, we climb the big rock nearby and wait for the magma to pull.

"What do you hate? You can't move on."

"Yeah, I'm a little tricky about demons, but there's nothing I can do about all this."

Quon nods at Angelica's sighing-minded words.

Yes, the demons can do anything about it, but there's nothing we can do to stop them from moving forward in this scorching hell.

I don't have a plan to run over the magma and replace the boat.

I'm not going to die, but I'm going to freak out with pain.

"Cold air prevents heat to some extent, but there's nothing you can do about touching a magma on a boulder."

Bernadette laughs bitterly at us with the magic of cold air.

... Hi Bernadette and I can't talk after that conversation.

No, I know why. There's something about Bernadette's words, and I'm just keeping my mouth shut.

(Death is natural, or... I'm sure it's because I'm too used to it)

When I first came to this world, I didn't do anything to jump into death when I found out I was immortal.

Because there is pain, and most importantly, I was afraid of the feeling of the moment of death, of everything falling and going.

Since when did you start putting dying... into tactics?

With that in mind, there was a small vibration in my ear.

"... how long are you going to be bothered, brave"

From the ear communication stone, Fiona's voice sounded.

"Fiona!? This is the guy Alicia gave me!?

"As long as there's a communications stone, Jack, things will be easy....... more annoying than that, even if I'm bothered with Uzi forever?

I laugh unwittingly at Fiona's spicy words.

'You're the same, Fiona. I'd love to hear you say it a little more gently?

"You should be nice to me. I don't want to.

They say it's pissy and makes me laugh bitterly. You're absolutely right.

"... so? How far did you teach that Sister?

"Did I teach you?

Do you feel like you've told me about the brave man because you realize he's immortal?

'Oh, is that what you're saying? Right...... if it's cursory I told you'


I was asked back in some low voice. I want you to stop because I'm plain scared of you. That.

"Uh, Olivia and I talked a little bit about the brave guys from the beginning to the end."

Your Majesty?

When I answered, Fiona looked surprised and asked back.

"What, are you so surprised?

".................. nothing"

Fiona cut off the telecommunications stone's magic for some reason.

There's no magic in pursuit, and I can't activate the communication stone, so when I just pointed my gaze at him, Fiona got off the rock.

"What are you..."

"Mr. Yashiro? What's wrong with you?

"What... uh, excuse me. I was confused."

Looks like Magma pulled it off at some point, and everyone but me was already off the rock.

Then after a few hours or so I went on avoiding the magma and then avoiding the magma, I finally reached a wide hierarchy.

One hierarchy is full of magma on one side, and in the distance you can see holes that would lead to the next.

If we go straight, we're going to get right through this hierarchy.

"Layer 19… Fire lizard Salamander nest."

Fiona's words stopped us from moving together like we were frozen.

"Fire lizard" Salamander "!? Stop... why didn't you tell me first!

"You gave me the book. I'll be right there."

"Gu... but a fire lizard..."

Salamander, a fire lizard. This fire lizard would be the most uplifting thing in a demon symbolizing fire.

It's a demon that lives in a volcano and beds magma, the lowest dragon species.

There are not many, but they can be fully assimilated to the magma, and the flaming braces throwing up from the mouth have enough heat for the forged steel shield to melt in an instant.

And most importantly, if it's hard on fire lizards, it's

"!?... Aniki! They're surrounded!!

in its plucked ferocity.

Until absolute enemies to those who offend their territory, there are things that lead to dragons that tell the story.

If it's the only thing that makes a difference, it's to fight in a group of dozens.

A number of fire lizards over ten appear crawling out of the magma.

"I'll take care of this place, Mr. Yashiro"

Bernadette stops me from wearing the Devil's Sword that was in my sheath.


"I would not recommend a melee against a fire lizard opponent. Plus... if you can't stay away, it's my time!

That's what I said. Bernadette pulled the demon gun out of his slit.

For a moment, a magic bullet struck out the flaming fire lizard before the sound.

"You haven't been very active lately!

"Hey, it works..."

Am I the only one anxious about a tense Bernadette?

With that anxiety of mine at the margin, Bernadette sounds cuttlefish and shoes forward.

"Well, watch. … with one shot now, I saw a winning chance"

Turn the double gun muzzle up and down, show me the cross structure and Bernadette laughs.