Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Single scale of strength

"Shh, wow..."

Unexpectedly zero is an exclamation.

I was surprised at Bernadette's fight.

Bernadette jumped up and stepped down in the middle of the group of fire lizards.

Bernadette went to be surrounded herself by fire lizards the size of a large dog, but the next moment, the heads of two fire lizards blew up.

Shot in the head, he dies, kicks up a fallen fire lizard, and serves as a flame shield released from left to right.

A shielded fire lizard falls to the ground, spreads both arms to the left and right, and shoots out two more fire lizards with a magic bullet.


A flame strikes Bernadette. but Bernadette lowered his posture and avoided it, shooting through the flaming fire lizard as he dodged.

"... Huh!

One shot at the fire lizard, who tried to show and devour his fangs, and one spin to dance the fire lizard attack, which has been shaking his arms up and trying to cleave him with sharp nails, avoiding and shooting one in the head. A total of seven fire lizards became a wreck in an instant.

From then on, it was unilateral. Sweep out a few fire lizards with trigger pulls as you spread your arms and turn your body.

Bernadette, who had finished shooting the gun, had not disturbed one breath.

"Phew... that's it, right"

Bernadette, with his demon gun in his slit, looks back and looks at us.

"Quon saa! Is there anyone else?

"... as far as I can tell, he's not here."

Uh... seeing Bernadette's true power makes Quon laugh so happy.

Speaking of which, when Bernadette and Quon fought, they didn't use each other's natural prey.

"Hey Sister's sister.... why don't you fight me again?

Right here!? And Bernadette laughed cously as he tried to stop Quon by asking the boulder to give him a break.

"If not after stepping through this dungeon, as much"

I couldn't help but notice Bernadette winking and laughing with one eye.

On the nineteenth floor, before we broke through the fire lizard's nest, the same big door we saw on the tenth floor was revealed.

Shizuku, boss, you said the door to the room.

"Hey Fiona, what's with the next boss?

Asking Fiona, who kept her mouth shut about the fire lizard, she sighed and spread the book.



"The gatekeepers who keep coming out on the 10th floor were all golems of each attribute... but there's no denying that there are more monsters coming out on this floor than there are."

Indeed, it is possible that biholder monsters will appear again.

Rather, if that delightful offender-tempered vampire is going to do it, it's a contract.

"Atashi, I want you to be a golem."

Says Angelica as she opens her chest and leans back with her hand. Hmm, is the bra black?

"Golems are tough too, aren't they?

Sure, the Golem would be less dangerous, but we're the ones fighting, and it should be good for Angelica and the others.

"The core of the Golem is a magic stone. Dimensions say you can get a demon stone that's as pure as a strong golem."

"As it turns out... it's also possible that the boss here is only the golem because this labyrinth was a mining site for demonic stones."

Put your hand on the door hoping to be a golem and push slowly.

Gogogogogogogogogogogogo, and the door makes a noise and slowly opens.

Then, so much heat overflowed from between the doors that it surpassed the magic of cooling.

"Huh..., Fiona"

"Yes yes.... 'cool'"

Seeing Fiona, who felt that Bernadette's cold air magic was not enough, Fiona sighed and activated the magic.

Hot air was completely blocked by the magical synergy between Bernadette and Fiona's cold air.

"Whoa... Wow, that's awesome"

What I saw before I opened the door was a blowing magma, a high rock ceiling.

This space was brighter than outside, either because the magma was kept at higher temperatures than the rest of the hierarchy.

"It's like a volcanic eruption..."

I snort, too, even though Quong shrugged small.

There's a way, but I didn't know when the magma was gonna overflow.

"Now, will there be ghosts or snakes..."

It sucks as a fighting environment.

Now I can't even hit my eyes when a biholder like that comes along.

As I went along hoping it was a golem, Quon came forward.

"Yashiro's Aniki, be careful.... I'm already here."

The room was like a fire escape, but as far as I could see, I couldn't see the demon.


"Down there... no, the bottom of the magma, I guess"

The pin, and the fox ear stand and learn to be vigilant kuon, so that I can fight even as soon as I grasp the Devil's Sword pattern.

"Magma's? When you say… it doesn't sound like a golem"

Jacqui, and Bernadette squeaks with a demon gun.

Giant Rock Guard Golem.

The labyrinth is no longer as well known as a classic, and it is a rare monster that appears even in low-level labyrinths.

The weapon is its body itself. A giant rock fist for about one person is a threat just to shake it down.

Such a golem, but the weakness is unexpectedly flaming, which is also a high temperature flame.

No matter how hard and robust your body is, it's a rock. More than a thousand degrees of heat dissolves the body. (Some golems are rarely made of iron, but this guy's weakness is flames too)

Considering that, it's not the golem that's in the magma, it's the person who even deactivates the high temperatures in the magma......

It should be natural to get there.... but

"... the golem is a golem, but it seems to have attracted a hell of a lot.... Really, every time for the bad luck of bravery..."

Zung......, and appeared out of the magma with a gentle rocking of the ground, a giant twenty meters long.

It was a giant golem of a red-hot body at magma temperatures.