Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Scholars of Elves and Giant Golems

"So, so!!

The giant golem, which rocked the ground with Zsinzucin every step of the way, stopped in front of the door, which rubbed the ceiling but proceeded to the next floor.

One foot is going to replace the gatekeeper enough. Hey.

"Oh, your golem!? Why the golem!

"'Obsidian golem' … a golem made of obsidian stone all over its body, the top species lining 'Mithril golem'. A rare species that boasts the best heat resistance in the Golem subspecies… I've never seen it before."

"Oh, come on, seriously..."

The slow cooling of the body, which was red-hot, made the golem of its giant body, the 'Obsidian Golem', its original glossy black body.

Obsidian...... a type of volcanic rock characterised by its colour and glass qualities, also present on Earth if it is a normal object.

... but in this otherworld-rainburg it doesn't end with just a glass volcanic rock.

Because of its magical power, it is strong and resistant to cracking and scratching by its glass quality.

Scarceness and nature are inferior to mythrills called magic silver, but they are stones that circulate at high prices due to their versatility and ease of processing.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Looks like this guy pulled a hell of a hit!! Here you go, brunette, don't do it!! Such a big golem, those demonic stones aren't loaded! Billionaires in front of you too. Come on!!

Instead of panicking ahead of a very big golem, Angelica is willing to shine her eyes and sell her demonic stones. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. That would be a demon stone for a airship.

"But you look strong... Fiona, can you take me down?

"Who are you talking to, Yong? It's kind of a tough, big golem, isn't it? It doesn't make sense."

With that said, Fiona gave the ring to her left index finger.

"Ring-type Magic Activator (INVOKE)"

"It's not the right thing. It just changes my wand."

With that said, Fiona closed her eyes and began chanting.

You reacted to that chant, the obsidian golem moves out.

Contrary to the slow movement, the golem approaches rapidly, but sooner than the golem takes offensive action, Fiona's chant is complete.

"─ Burn up, ─" Frametornado "!!

Integrated Magic Flame Tornado.

A flame-wrapped storm winds up, enveloping the obsidian golem.... said!

"Hey Fiona! Wouldn't the flames work on this guy!?

"Ha... Yong, it looks like you haven't changed a bit in the last three years"

Obsidian Golem emerged from the bottom of the magma. Fiona, who, as Fiona herself says, is supposed to be highly resistant to flames, can somehow be exposed to the magic of flames.

Fiona sighed in a grumpy round when I asked unexpectedly.

"Magic is used in a wide variety of ways… You can destroy them with more Attack than you can defend, or you can reduce the opponent's Strength and destroy yourself.... Here's how it goes"

Golem wrapped in high temperature flames and started to get red fever. Fiona pointed her finger toward that golem.

"- Freeze"

Ice-based magic that lowers a single point of temperature to extremely low temperatures and traps the subject in giant ice crystals. The magic unleashed by unchanging is only to the extent that it covers the half of the red-hot golem, and to the extent that it inhibits the movement of the golem.

Moreover, even if we could restrain the Golem, we would soon be crushing the ice and moving forward.

The moment I thought so, smoke rose from Golem's body.

No, you're not. The ice that covered my hot body melted and turned into water vapor.

Golem's body, which had reached such a high temperature that it became red heat, was cooled rapidly and turned to its original black color, and...

Baggin '.

A big crack runs into the body of the golem, along with the sound of your ears crunching.

"A contraction from thermal expansion!

"Ness...... what is it, that?

I finally realized Fiona's thoughts. Bernadette, who was beside me when I screamed, leaned her neck.

"Uh... the object adds heat, it adds volume."

Damn, I know how it works, but I have no idea. It's hard to explain it to people from different worlds.

"But you knew that well, Fiona"

Fiona sighed small as she switched stories.

"I don't know if it's thermal expansion, but Ahat taught me to break the glass when cooled from high temperatures."

As far as it goes, Dwarves are familiar with the nature of ore.

Go, go go...

I hear heavy objects dragging, and looking back, the obsidian golem moves only one arm and is approaching us one by one.

"You knocked him out, didn't you?!?

"If you go through the nucleus, you're done.... ho ho."

Standing on a moving golem as he drags his body out, he pulls off with his hands the blackening stones that can be seen behind the cracks running around the center of what people call his chest and belly.

Then he fell and lay down like Golem and the others had lost their power.

"Is this the nucleus of the Golem?... amazing amount of vitality."

When I held that in my hands of the softball giant, I shrugged unintentionally at the great power coming from the nucleus of the golem.

"Mana". Sole, which should also be called the source of magic, is the power that only life possesses. It is said that the magic of the atmosphere is also what the mana released from life has degenerated.

Apparently the nucleus of this golem is not a demonic stone, but a stone to be called a crystal of mana.

"Oh no, the black-haired one! Show them to Atashi and others!

"Oh, bad"

Throw it at Angelica, who grabs the nucleus of the golem with both hands and stares seriously.

And in an instant, the expression turns into a childlike grin that comes up with the mastery.

"Ha ha ha... thanks for the help, black-haired"

"... No way, you ladies!

Angelica laughing invincibly at the nucleus of the golem with one hand and Knoppo and the little one laughing spookily behind it with a guff.

Bernadette speaks up when she realizes that Angelica's thoughts.

"Yes, you're right. They say goodbye here."

"" Say goodbye!

That's what I said. Angelica and I were trying to walk away.

"... can you go home without us?

It solidified as if frozen in Quon's questioned words.

Yes, the three idiots who originally craved me as an escort and a force of war. If we get the Demon Stone, it will certainly be used, but we cannot go back or move forward without our company.

"I thought about it three years ago, but you guys think about it some more and work the bad stuff"