What is Bernadette like to Yashiro Yuu?

In response to that question, Bernadette answered without setting aside.

"I'm on your side."

From the time I learned about his past in Be Io, Bernadette swore that he would be on his side of valor. (I don't condone perverted behavior though)

When Bernadette answered, Fiona activated the silent magic of swinging her fingers as gently as a cane. The surrounding sound disappears, and only the breathing sounds of Fiona and Bernadette echo the world.

"... you know who Yong is, don't you?

"The Virgin and the brave man who saved the world three years ago...... right?

"Yeah, that's right.... you're a faithful member of the Order, aren't you?

Naturally. Because the Congregation of the Divine Urchiola, to which Bernadette belongs, treats the brave man of his predecessors, Yong, as a divine enemy who has bewitched the Virgin.

"Yes, a nun who serves our Father Urchiola God."

As soon as I said that, Bernadette felt an anger similar to killing swelled up from Fiona.

"... then why are you on Bravery's side? At least now, the Order is not the enemy of courage. I don't like the world, but I do. The act of revenge... is the human way, isn't it?... I feel nauseous."

Quiet, I feel a thorn clearly from Fiona's words that speak pale. I don't even try to hide my frustration.

"... I, too, intended to assassinate Mr. Yashiro at first. The evil that killed the Virgin... because that is the statue of the valiant now in the Order."

"... then why"

"Holy Virgin... No, I heard about Olivia."

Fiona opened her eyes wide. Open your mouth, you look like a heartfelt surprise. No, you must have been surprised. I was wondering if Yong was talking that far.

"I learned that Mr. Yashiro was not a divine enemy. So I'm on Mr. Yashiro's side."

Fiona bit her lips off with a gaze pointed straight at her.

"The training ground... is that it?

"Maybe, I think so..."

"I can't hear you because of magic."

You don't want us to ask you, Fiona. I know it's a sinister vibe, but I have no idea what you're talking about.

"Can't Yashiro's Aniki use lip reading?

"I can do it if I want, but I can't"

"I can, but I can't? Something or something?

"Looking at a girl's lips makes me murky"

"What guy is you... and what's the guy's, by the way?

"Who is sad enough to stare at a man's lips? Rejected. Rejected."

"Buchan, Aniki the boulder Yashiro"

Chatting with others, I felt the fog clear. Apparently, silent magic has been solved.

"... you don't mind."

It's Fiona's first voice to unravel the silent magic that makes the harsh atmosphere even heavier.

"He said he didn't care..."

"And you... and you, too."

Fiona stares at me and Bernadette with her vomit-dropping words.... I don't know, things are weird.

"Come on, Fiona, what the hell..."

"Shut up!!

The hostile gaze, more importantly, I was surprised that Fiona screamed, not doing anything absurd to her voice, and I stopped my stretched hand.

"Disappear on your own! Come back on your own!! Turn away from your mission! Just live in peace with yourself!... make a new woman laugh nagging when Olivi says she's dead!!......... you are not the brave one I know!!

A fellow traveler once told me to look at my parents' revenge.


A masterpiece known as the Forest People, an elf famous for its human hatred, yet became the court magician of the human state 'Lieselion'.

Fiona herself hates humans, but the princess sisters of Lieselion, Olivia and Sylvia. And it was only sweet for Alicia, and she followed Olivia and Sylvia on her crusade for the Demon King.

She and the three sisters talk to Sylvia about "best friends like my mother and sisters" in a relationship since Olivia and the others were born.

Fiona was the only one to nickname the three sisters. (Fiona didn't allow it)

That's Fiona, so I guess she couldn't forgive me for forgetting Olivia and looking like she was traveling.


There's a place you shouldn't touch so much as a former companion.

"Olivia's not dead. You're not mistaken, Fiona."