Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Prior brave man, shout.

Sea King Dragon Leviathan.

A dragon with a torso as long as a snake, it has the power to manipulate the weather, and in port town, "Leviathan comes to eat bad kids who don't listen" is so much of a demon dragon that it is treated as a bald animal.

"Assuming it's Leviathan... why is such a monster deep in such a labyrinth?"

I heard the legend of Leviathan taught by Kuon, born in Port Town, and I thought

I breathed.

"I would have dealt with multiple slime golems. Then... it's obviously that vampire's hand."

Open the strategy book and sigh as well, Fiona.

A slime golem is a magic doll whose gel-shaped water takes the form of a person, as its name suggests.

Integral capabilities are lower than those of rocks and other material-based golems, but are always present in multiple bodies and specialized in fighting in groups rather than individually.

Multiple slime golems and titled demon dragons... the latter are obviously the stronger enemies.

He said, "Lead two hundred legions, and the vampire's men, right?

"Then that vampire becomes the Duke. I want you to give me a break that such a monster is in a place like this..."

If that vampire Pymon calls it the Duke, I have to use the Holy Sword without question.

But I don't think that vampire is that strong.

"Come on, now it's more about Leviathan than about vampires, isn't it? Hey, brunette, you can win, right?

I nodded at Angelica's confirmation.

When I say marquis, its strength is pinky, and even if it is strong, it does not reach the duke class. If you're not a Duke, you can deal with it.

"Then we'll just move on. Look, I'm coming!

"" Eye, Captain ""

Angelica's surrounding chicks and knoppo walk out to Angelica.

Think people are going to fight and get on with it... but can't we just go ahead and worry about it?

"The avant-garde is served by me and Kuon. The guards will go with Bernadette and Fiona."

Quon, Bernadette and Fiona three nodded cocklessly.

"'Here you are, son of man'"

There was that guy on the thirtieth floor underground of the labyrinth, in the boss room of the ruins on the bottom of the water. It's Leviathan, a giant demon dragon with a torso as long as a snake.

Around Leviathan, the water winds backwards and drifts as a tornado.

Angelica and the three idiots had already moved behind us for the intense killing intentions emanating from the dragon.

"Is this guy... Alexerian?"

I remember the words the Demon Dragon uttered, and I recall that's the magical language of old grammar.

"Spirit Language (Alexeria)? Can Mr. Yashiro handle Spirit Language?


Nodding lightly at Bernadette, I turn to Fiona.

"..." Marquis is Leviathan. If there's any reason to be avenging us, I want to hear it first. ""

Fiona nodded cocoon asks the devil dragon in fluent Alexerian.

"'What my Lord wants is the abolition of the bloodline of the witch... I can't say any more'"

Leviathan answered the question with discipline. I see, you sound like an old generation of demons.

Many of the demons who have lived since ancient times are proud, and there are hostile but surprisingly talkative ones.

Was Toniturus the oldest of the six-blade generals?

The youngest is Wentus, or Agniera, who is instantly reincarnated and resurrected every time she dies, if that includes reincarnation.

And now I know that the vampire is putting this Leviathan under his command.

"'Don't be too handy, child of man'"

And the water was released from Leviathan's mouth at a rate that exceeded the speed of sound along with enough killing to feel like a zowali.

Brace attack, a dragon's special attack. The Leviathan of the water attribute releases it, something that should also be called a laser of water, specialized in penetration. Water compressed and released to a level that explodes without any penetration or trace of the human body.


"- My Wish (Dima), Hearing, (Vienna) Spirits of Jorge Tour Disease (Elementia) …" Wind Wall Expansion (Wind Wall) "!

The storm barrier deployed by Fiona scatters.

"Both of you, I'm coming!

Jacqui, and put up the demon gun and Bernadette screams. A magic bullet of physical strengthening is fired into me and Kuon, who have pulled out a dagger so that they can respond.

"Let's go, Kuon."

"Leave it to me, Aniki!

At about the same time that I run out, I hold the knife backwards and lower my posture and squirt the quon.

Then the water covering the scaffold boils and the water spear hits me and Kuon.


Gunshots dominate the room and water spears disperse the next moment.

Bernadette's demon gun is a backup fire.

Bernadette holds a sniper gun type demon gun, not a pistol type. This is why I used Bernadette as a rear guard.

Bernadette will shoot off all attacks to stop this leg.

"Let's go, Raven!


Unclamping the sheath and pulling out the demon sword, I jumped up.

"'The sword... Huh!!

"Hehe, apparently it's true"

Leviathan was stunned and exposed his anger the moment he unplugged the Raven brand.

I understood that what the Devil's Sword was saying was right. I circle my body with my sword tip pointed at the Devil's Dragon in a jumped up state.

"'The Devil's Sword that left a scar on us,... it chews me out of every one of them!!

It opens a huge mouth that seems to chew up one house easily.

The top and bottom fangs, which line up amazingly, are sharp and reminiscent of the teeth of the bamboo. Regardless, the viciousness is Leviathan's triumph.

"Eat up your teeth, will you?

Two, a bottom-cold voice reaches your ear, and then,


Something (...) hit my body with momentum.

"Gee, ooh, ooh, ooh!

The impact of the bump broke my body bones bakily and I blew up towards Leviathan (...)

Fiona's unleashed wind magic is such a shock that I wonder if she even hit a truck. I blew up because I got wind shells at close range.

Of course.

"I got it. Ahhhh!

As planned.