Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Messenger from Heaven

"Old Wings (Al T. Frugge)"

Light overflowed from the holy sword in my hand, and the next moment, my body was wrapped in pale, glowing white armor.

Pimont opened his eyes to the white armored figure spoken of as a brave man.

"Hey, dude! That look...... I want to be a 'bearer', not a witch bloodline or something!!

I was calm enough to know for myself how surprised Pimont looked.

"If you know who's in charge, don't get excited about fighting? Even the Duke's opponent won't stop me from looking like this."

Only the Demon King can fight against me for freeing the Holy Sword. Even when the six-blade generals gather, they can only withstand a blow.

"Gu, gu... Huh! Wow, I know."

It seems Pimont was completely unexpected, with sweats on his forehead, and some sort of

Something to be called charisma was blowing up.

"In the first place, because you're the descendant of your first generation, why did you put humans under your command?"

"It's for the conquest of the world."

When I asked, Pimont laughed and ran out of words, naturally.

"The heavens and the earth, men and demons, even God, will reign equally in His Divinity, and they will reign in our world. What do you say, kick ass? Sounds fun?

That sounds like a joke, but I don't think Pimont at the time is joking.... really, I'm trying to

"That guy... yeah. It's gonna be a sweet world."

What floated behind my brain was the appearance of the sub people, starting with the elves. There seemed to be no racism in what Pimont called the world.

A world you could not have gotten even if you wanted, but could this blood-sucking princess have made it? and such an idea arises. … but

"I'm sorry, but it's not under control."

I'm not supposed to be needed in this world anymore as a brave man.... I hope so.

"Kiki, I guess so.... miss it. It's one thing to ask for a fright."

"Don't make humans obey you with malicious violence. Then I'll be your enemy."

"Kick-ass, I'm not saying we have a contract."

That's how Pimont reached out to me. I came looking for a handshake.

"Not at all..."

Reaching out to respond to a handshake while smiling bitterly,

The dazzling light pierced Pimont's body.

"Mm, oh, oh?

"My lord...... Huh!?

Pimont tilts his neck without being able to grasp what happened. Leviathan, who rushed out to save his Lord, was also pierced by the light and unable to move.

"This is......, everyday, everyday!! The Apostle... ugh. Woe to knowing Watara is the granddaughter of the" Great Marshal of the Demonic Realm "Belzebute the Great Demon King, the" Pimont "who manipulates 200 legions!!

Pimont saw what had come down from directly above "..." and cried out for a curse.

In my sight, I looked up to it, and I saw something more troublesome than some kind of demonic race, not human, not demonic, not spiritual.

"A dwarfed being to the point of manipulating two hundred legions, for better, thought he could discredit our Father and our Mother God."

An inorganic voice that sounds slightly on my head, I can't feel any emotions. Its habit The Lord of this voice, feeling high pressure, stepped down before Pimont and Leviathan, skewered by spears of light.

"... what a pain in the ass he showed up again"

Three to six wings, beings who resemble people but deviate greatly from them.

A being with a body of boneless armor, like a robot, while looking like a beautiful woman.

An apostle from heaven, also known as the Sakimori Battle Maiden of Heaven, etc.

The name is' Apostle '.

Sons of God, your choice is a mistake.

The Apostle, who turned his back on Pimont and turned to us, said so with words as if he were accusing us of sin.

"Error? …"

"An outrageous statement against God, though of the Devil Nation. I'm not gonna let you tell me you missed it."

"Even God will subordinate," he said? Nothing. I don't care? They say, "Enemy of God."

"The Son of God, yet he despises God, or bearer."

The Apostle's eyes sharpen. It's a voice that doesn't make me feel emotional, but its real skin is releasing enough killing energy to tingle.

"What did God do to me? What does God do for you? I don't feel benevolent or anything to God just looking out at his hand stretched out for salvation. If you want me to admire you, tell me to work a little!

"You know what?

"Hey, hey, what are you doing? You are ahhhh!!

Tapping the table, Bernadette stands up as she raises her voice.

This is the Nordjord Mass Tavern. We came out of the labyrinth, we waited for Bernadette to wake up, and we were gathered in this tavern.

"The one who tried to miss the vampire... remains, well, Mr. Yashiro, and I understand. Don't you have anything to fight against the Apostle?

As a matter of fact, that apostle is something like a symbol of the Church, worshipped by the Congregation of the Divine Urchiola.

For once, heaven's sake.

"No, but you are, aren't you? The other side was motivated..."

"Isn't it possible that the Apostle can keep his mouth shut with God cocked! Mr. Yashiro should try to make it a little more convenient!

Gwart, and Bernadette screamed, then stuck to the table.

Well, whatever it was, the odd typhoon disappeared and we managed to get out of the labyrinth safely. Well, let's see, Bernadette.

"Kickin '. I wanted to show you my Lord's martial arts, my witch bloodline"

"The biggest problem is that you're following me!

A new spark is about to follow.