"Absolutely, what has Temehe been up to for the last three years?

Ebsal cut it out as he grabbed a huge chunk of ham from the top of a plate spread out on the table.

Ebsal eating off the ham making noise with the butch. What a fancy way to eat.

"What were you doing..."

He said, "If you're Temei, you think you're going to be named soon, and I've been waiting for you?

And yet there's always a sign of it coming out. "

Ebsal, who drank down the meat in his mouth with wine, leads to the chair.

"Uh, well, I was back home."

"Home or what else? By the way, what are you doing in this city?

Answering the reason makes it easy to convince and change the subject. The sudden change of subject is like this one, too.

"Watch the game, watch the game. You're not joining us, are you?

"No, I knew it. I thought maybe we could fight."

With that said, Ebsal drinks up the wine in the glass and asks for a replacement for the wine by offering the butt of Mr. Waitress (who welcomed me into the store), who tried to pass nearby.

... you bastard, you're acting like a natural pervert. But Mr. Waitress doesn't like it but he looks happy somewhere...... damn, because he's handsome!

"Hmm? Wait, Ebsal, you... are you in?

"Your answer. The lord here sent me an invitation. Fewer fighters want to play with me these days. Why did you join us when the strong guy came?"

Boulder combat favorite Battlemaniac, that's why he sounds like a brain muscle.

But how can there be a decent one to fight Ebsal?

Not even Zephyr and Leonhardt, but they should be strong enough to fight demonic opponents...

"That's right! Hey, Yu, why don't you show up for a demonic act?

A name! and evesall that shines my eyes all the time. I'm sorry, but I'm not leaving.

"I'm not answering. How do you get out now?"

"Tomorrow, there's going to be a qualifying round in this gallery. So if we win there, we can go to the main battle in three days. Hey, come on out."

"I'm sorry, but I'm not answering. I don't really want to stand out."

If it turns out there are seashores in this city, it's a shame.

"Damn, I don't know. Oh, I wish I could at least do it with Leonhardt from Lieselion."

Eat a thousand pieces of bread (like Indian nan) in a grumpy mood. Ebsal and Leonhardt... it's going to be an interesting match card inside.

"That's a shame. The boulders are a long way from Lieselion to Gallarier. Physically impossible."

I'm surprised you like to fight and if you were in Gallarier, Leonhardt would have joined us.

What a low-alcohol wine. I have a bite to drink.

"Ah? You don't know? Now this Gallarier has Sylvia from Lieselion, right? Leonhardt, the Kingsguard, should be with you, right?


The momentum blew out well.

"Wow, get dirty! Temee, what are you doing all of a sudden?

Angry Ebsal with wine sprayed all over his face.

Shh, I'm sorry, Ebsal. But now I have to ask you something more important and important than that.

"Also, say it again, Ebsal"

He said, "Oh, there he is."

"I apologize for that. but before that."

"Previously... you mean Sylvia from Lieselion is in this city?

Yeah, that's the thing. Even Haixiang and Grandma can still tell. But why are you even in this city with Sylvia and the others!?

"What, what, Yu, are you a Sylvia fan or something?

"Huh? Well, that's the place"

Properly answering Ebsal, who laughed with nimanima for some reason, Ebsal gathered the food left at the table and let it go into his mouth and drank it down after a few chews.

Wow, if it's instantaneous momentum, it's no better than Bernadette!

Ugh, let's go.

Get up your seat, Ebsal said.


"No, that's why I'm going to Sylvia's in Lieselion."


"I have a little connection. I'll see you, Empress Sylvia."

Ebsal to thumb up. The face was full of a kind of satisfaction that "I can fulfill the wishes of my friends".

... Although only for this time it is annoying.

"Look! We're not far from the Mansion yet!

"If we don't find the lord before he comes..."

The full-plate soldiers were searching for something in the vicinity of a certain hall in the free city of Gallarier.

There was a woman staring at the condition in a slightly remote crowd.


The woman, wearing a casket hat deep in her eyes and a blue coat, hid her eyes by the hat and lost them in the crowd.

"I'm sorry, Leo.... but if you get locked up for two days without meaning, you'll want to do the same."

The woman sighed small as she muttered to herself.

"Besides, I say that there are contemporary people in this city right now... we have to make sure"

Reach for your coat pockets. In my pocket, there was a note.

"... similar to my sister, the gray girl. … its existence."

Big blue eyes turned to the sky.