Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Empress of the Empire and Marco of Disease

Definitely. I can't go wrong.

It's not a dress or armor or anything. It's a regular outfit, but it's Sylvia.

Stunning open blue eyes, silver thread hair peeking through the casket hat.

And most importantly...

"Yu, brave!? Hey, why are you here... no, I didn't expect you to raise your hand to a child... you!

"Wow! Wait, wait, wait! Misunderstood, misunderstood, Mr. Sylvia!

This seriously burning rage is definitely on Sylvia.

So why are you here?!?

"Question - no... no, it's hard to believe that you will raise your hand for no reason to a child..."

Howdy. Looks like the Meetup's opening special hit got away for now.

"But if you're late, you're not even relentless to a woman. … let me know why"

"Hey idiot, don't sound like I'm on the outside road"

"... with a woman's underwear hidden over her head and an odd voice running around."

Sylvia's zito eyes are pointed at me.

"Gu... give me a break with someone who says it's a mistake to be young"

"It was only three years ago."

"Boys, if we don't see each other for three days, there's a famous dialogue, right?

"Totally you... the words of repair come out like hot water."

My cheeks loosen up when Sylvia laughs like a coward.

Someone broke it in the warm atmosphere.

"... Keh, you treat me like I'm in love and you ignore me a lot"

He's the evil kid who stole my wallet. Shit, I totally forgot.

"Did you forget that face? Damn, Marco from Hayate, the disease, fell to the ground."

Bad kid Marco who keeps his arms hanging and makes it look like he's going to regret it.

The sigh leaks without thinking of that slightly great attitude. I guess this is exactly what it's like to be a thief fierce.

"Marco, are you saying?

Sylvia bends her knees and looks the same as Marco.

"Ouch! Oyla is Marco. He's the best sleigh in the city."

Marco is seen in the blue eyes and named so that he can illuminate. Sylvia leaks a small sigh when she hears that.

"Suri...? I see, I finally understand. I'm sorry, Yong."

"Well, don't worry about it"

Because Sylvia didn't do anything this time. And my wallet came back.

"But what are we going to do... stick it out to the gendarmerie after all?

"Hehe, even if the gendarmerie catches you, you know the way out. It's no use to Oyla, right?

Confident Marco. I guess I haven't been caught by the gendarmerie once or twice.

"... Yong, can you leave the treatment of this boy to me?


Sylvia took the casket hat and her long hair was released. Hair glows beautifully in the light.

Sylvia said with a slightly more serious look as she did such a lovely thing.

"A treatment... is a mistake, or something? That's a lot of noise.

"Become, eh, no!... this boy, he doesn't look guilty about the act of saying he's going to steal"

When Sylvia rings her fingers with her pussy, the silent magic is instantly activated.

Marco doesn't sound like a bad kid, apparently the type of silent magic that acts on individuals rather than ranges.

"Teach sin to those who do not feel guilty. It's the work of someone like me."

The blue eyes that make me feel strong will can be pointed straight at me.

"... ha, okay, Sylvia"

"Uhm. I'll make sure I get it corrected"

Sylvia laughs with her mouth held up small.

Sylvia, who gave him a frivolous grin that could not be described as a grin, then turns her gaze to Marco.

"Marco from 'Disease Wind'. I'm not putting you in the gendarmerie... why don't you work for me instead?

"Is Oyla at your place?

Marco asks back in surprise to Sylvia, who proposes with a gentle grin.

"Uhm. Create wealth with your own sweat, that's labor. And the wealth accumulated by labor, those who plunder and laugh from the side, that is the thief."

Sylvia knelt down and took Marco's hand as he unloaded Marco because there was no way to escape.

"If they take away the wealth that they desperately work and accumulate, people will have anger in their hearts.... Marco, have you ever slept and been pissed off and assaulted by someone before?

Asked, Marco nodded small after conceiving a little.

"Naturally. Stealing is a crime that deserves to be fisted.... Marco, sin is anger. If you're angry, people hold your fists... there are punishments to avoid strife with those fists, and it's the law to calmly judge that punishment"

Gently, but powerfully. Sylvia continues as she teaches.

"Marco broke the law and sinned. That is a worthy act to be punished.... but people have a duty to live. People really need money to live. That's why you worked for the theft. Wouldn't you?

Marco leaned down and nodded small.

"So how can we get gold without sin..."



To the words Marco returned, Sylvia nodded with a full grin.

"There are many types of jobs to work with as well. … in which I would like Marco to give me directions on my journey in this city."

Sylvia, who was on her knees, stands up limp.

"There are many trails in this city that make it easy to get lost. I've been getting lost a few times too. I want to enroll someone familiar with geography."

"Then I'll do the oila!

Marco nodded forcefully, Sylvia, with her hands on her hips and a rinsed grin.

"Right.... but first before work, do I have to apologize to this guy?

Sylvia turns a blind eye to Chira and me.

Forgive him, will you? And I feel like I've been told with my eyes.

I'm not in the mood to be eaten so far by boulders and flipped over.

"Well... I'm sorry, brother"

"... oops. Don't worry about it again, okay?

To Marco, who apologizes while returning my wallet, I allowed Marco to poke his head slightly.

Pan, pan, pan.

I heard a dry applause coming from the sky.

No, from the roof, to be exact.

"Congratulations, you mean? No, I'm surprised."

It's Ebsal, the long-haired man. I forgot all about Sylvia's appearance...

"Ebsal!? … Why are you………"

I'm going to the tournament.

Ebsal stepped down sparingly against Sylvia, who looked up and shouted.

"I didn't know Yu and Sylvia were friends... what the hell kind of relationship is that?

Ebsal's eyes sparkled with interest.