Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Prior brave men, fighters, empress.

Ebsal grins like a lion who finds his prey.

Sylvia, on the other hand, sharpens her eyes and stares at Ebsal.

Hard to say, the cold atmosphere surrounded the area.


"Hey, shut up, Sylvia."

"Hmm.... I don't have a mouth to talk to you about"

"It's as unconnected as ever, Sylvia. That's a good place."

Sylvia turns a sharp glance at Ebsal, who seems to be able to afford to talk to Kutsukutsu......

Oh, what is this? Why are you in such a slaughter atmosphere?

"You're the one who said that... what does that have to do with Yong?

Sylvia asks as she alternates between me and Ebsal.

Then Ebsal put his arms together and answered with a few ideas.

"One time he hit me all over the city. Friends?

"Are you stupid or brave!! What the hell are you thinking and living for? You!!

Oops, for some reason Sylvia turned bright red on her face and started yelling. What, did I do something wrong? No... Brawling around the city is certainly a bad thing, yeah.

"Well, it was three years ago, and it's already a statute of limitations, right?

"Three years from now, it's a statute of limitations! Or three years ago? You mean... you said I had a crush on you while I was at Ixion Castle... something that didn't really pose an international problem."

Sylvia leaked a deep sigh.

But isn't the international problem on a big scale again? No, I did beat up Ebsal, a fistfighter from that country, in the country of Balanchel. But it's a fight between ordinary people, isn't it? Oh, but I used to be a luggage man three years ago. A line of brave baggage holders brawling with fistfighters in the country... uh, I see, right. It can certainly be an international problem.

"... sorry, Sylvia"

"Ugh... but that's good enough, it was a long time ago anyway. Reflect, then use it."

Sylvia forgave me when I apologized. No, it's good to see Lieselion and Balanchel - how things are going because of me.

"But there's no Yu and Sylvia......!... hey, then why don't you tell me that first Yu. Listen, Sylvia, I was in the middle of getting Sylvia's fans to you, right?

Ebsal laughing nigga about what he came up with. I didn't say I was a fan.

"Become...!... Well, is that true, Yong..."

"Huh? (I never said I was a fan) Oh, I said Ebsal would let me see him."

"Yes...... is it?... you make me... ~ ~"

Sylvia turns her face bright red to her ears. Is it because Pulp and Shivering lips restrain Yakizuki?

Oh, I laughed right off without being able to restrain myself.

... What a lovely creature.

"I'm surprised I knew you were that Sylvia, Yu."

Finally, Ebsal turned his arm around my neck and told me to whisper in a whisper after Sylvia, which led to her face being hidden and stuffy with both hands.

"It's not that I don't get overwhelmed in the street. I already have someone I like."

"Oh my... you were talking to Sylvia."

"Oh, I want as many good women as I can."

You're not scared of this bastard.

"The woman with the other man is against my creed."

"Well, go to bed, but don't you mean"

"It's my way of entertaining my body beside pleasing a woman. And it shrivels when other bastards' names come up in the middle of fucking me, doesn't it?

The moment I was impressed, I smashed it up and left, you son of a bitch.

Shit, you can't be good-looking if you're dead. Damn.

"That's why I don't need Sylvia anymore. Do as you please."

"You sound like the owner. Hey."

I don't know what to say. He's the one who centers himself everywhere.

"But you've got nothing left to do."

We were originally moving for Evesar to meet Sylvia.

But the fact that Sylvia and I knew each other and Sylvia showed up without offering was a disgrace to our original purpose....... hmm? You don't have any money?

"... well, Sylvia. With that said, it's you. Why isn't there one of the escorts?

Sylvia is at the top of the country. It should be natural for one or two of your offerings to move with you at the top of the country. Why is Sylvia alone in a city like this?

"Mm,... yes, I forgot. I was about to meet the brave men of our time."

"Contemporary?... you mean Haixiang et al."

The twin tail I just sprinkled turns my head.

"Oh.... I just wanted to make sure. I was free, so I came out."

"No, it's coming out!? Oh, even if it's a king! What the hell are you doing? You're not stupid before you tell people you're stupid!?

"Mmmm... Hmm! I came here to schedule the date and time I was invited, and if I was pushed into a small building for two days, I'd want to leave."

Is that good, King?

"You're with the brave... and I'll follow you."

Ebsal named what he thought. It's about this guy, he probably had a fight or something anyway. Because my face is laughing.

"I don't mind... is Yong coming too?

"Me? Why?

"Isn't there some stories to pile up?

"Well, there is..."

As soon as I came to this city, I reunited with a line of modern brave tunderette twintails and explained to Sylvia that I was stuffy.

"You really..."

"Stop, don't look at me like that"

Sylvia turns her gaze at me like she was stunned with a grand sigh. And I had no choice! That twin tail came all of a sudden, didn't it? We'll do everything we can to get out of here.

"... hmm? No, you have your hands, Yong."

Sylvia laughed niggly as she came up with something.... uh, I have a bad feeling about this for a long time?

"Sure, black executor... Was it? Wouldn't you be able to hide your face if you wore those clothes? Hmm?"