Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Dining room discourse

"... oh?

I guess I fell asleep in bed with nothing to do and then I fell asleep. Multiple...... two. My ears catch the footsteps for both of us and my consciousness awakens.

Concon, concon.

When the footsteps stopped in front of the room, a modest knock rang four times.

"All the way,... go ahead"

Wear the 'Black Executor' jacket you were taking off when you fell asleep.

"Excuse me. Dear" Black Executor ", Your dinner is ready. Your Majesty is waiting for you in the dining room."

When the door opened, two maids entered the room and bowed their heads. One of them was Helena, who showed me to my room.

... but I don't know what to say... Wouldn't you stop being that 'black enforcer'? Die of shame.

"Wow, okay."

Answer in a low voice so you don't know as much as possible about your emotions, and I'll get out of the bed sitting on my back and get out of the room.

"I'll show you"

Mr. Helena will walk ahead of me.

As I followed it, another maid walked into the room I was put through.

"She's the maid of bed makeup"

Helena, who leads, answers. Heh. That's the one with the bed makeup, right? People who fix bed creases and stuff. Wasn't it just in the morning if it was a hotel or something?... Is that it? With that said, did I ask Mr. Helena?

"Because Master Black Enforcer seemed to wonder,"

Oh, I see... is that it?

"The dining room will be on the ground floor"

... I don't care.

I followed Serena walking with no upper or lower body.

"Mm, you're here."

When I opened the dining room door, Sylvia was already sitting in the chair.

Silvia, dressed in an empty dress, looked a little makeup and was usually a beauty, but it was even more polished and lovely.

I'm embarrassed, so I won't put it in my mouth.

No, let's put that away now. The role I've just been assigned...

"Kiki, are you finally here, my Lord?"

How to react to this bloodsucking little girl who drinks wine gracefully.

You want me to scratch it without difficulty? No, my pride as an artist doesn't allow that. Should we go here with a scratch? No, no, there's a raging scratch here after I fell and did the reactionary art... -

"Why are you here, Pimont?"

I decided to scratch it without difficulty. If you think about it, I'm not an entertainer.

"Don't you see? I'm drinking wine. Woohoo, this scent, over the throat...... delicious! Tasty, princess knight!

Wine Pimont with a trance look on one hand. I haven't been able to catch the ball of conversation subtly.

"I'm surprised, Yong. I didn't expect you to make a pact with the vampires of your true ancestors."

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Sort of."

Pimon, I can't tell you what a ripped mouth is because the adult version was my favorite Boyne!

"Well, that story will come later. Yong, sit as you please."


Sit in a chair near Sylvia sitting in the upper seat. The face to face is a Pimont who enjoys wine.

"Then let's eat and go"

When I sit in the chair, Sylvia rings the bell she had at hand.

When the chillin 'chillin' and ear-comfortable sound sounded, the dining room door opened and several maids came inside.

In his hands were dishes and dishes served with dishes.

"The Princess of True Ancestry is only good for wine, isn't she?

Pimont nodded small when Sylvia asked to confirm.

"Kickin ', I can't tolerate the pride of woes, like unobstructing the Lord's intentions and sipping blood."

When an empty glass is newly poured and filled with wine to the maid, she sips the wine again and soothes her expression.

"Yong... if you say so, you couldn't drink wine"

"More wine than wine."

I'm not saying that because I'm still a minor, but I don't know how good or bad alcohol is. What's so good about booze?

"Oh, I remember it with booze. I saw you with Gilley's old man, in Liswadia. I opened the house."

I thought I was drunk and hung over. Damn, next time, I'll get him back.

"Well, was Gillette in Liswadia?"

"Oh. Be Io. Then you've met Jean, and in Nordjord, you've met Fiona.

I dared not mention Zephyr.

"Well... everyone seems fine and above all"

Sylvia narrows her eyes nostalgically. Perhaps three years ago, after I was gone, I lost the chance to see Sylvia after she became emperor. He also seemed relieved to learn that his companions crossed the dead line together to defeat the Demon King.

"You didn't get together or anything?

"Fiona sends a good letter..."

"You're just a bunch of my-paced guys. Especially Jean."

"hehe, sure"

The maids graciously left the dining room to see if the meal was finished while I was talking to Sylvia.

"How's the journey going?

"I don't know... well, I'm having fun"

I get caught up in trouble every time.

"Not far ahead, but it's busy."


"Oh. To a nun (Sister) who sucks and puts a demon gun on a ninja beast, and this bloodsucking princess."

"That's a very thick piece of work."

If you ask me, it's as thick as they were three years ago.

"And now those Sanba pirates are with us."

"Three Ba Pirates?... Oh, name that 'Black Rose Pirates' or something.... Aren't you a criminal"

Is there a difference in memory around remembering just a few thoughts? Sylvia looks at me with Zito's eyes. Did they think you were carrying a stick of evil?

"They're just giving me a ride. It's a foot replacement."

"... hehe, right. You're a lot of fun people. It should be busy. What's going on with those people? Are you acting differently?

"Oh, Kuon said he was going to the tournament, and Bernadette said he had business."

When I said that, I remembered everything I'd forgotten.

Sylvia, what time is it?

"Hmm? It's too late for dinner..."

Yabe, yabe!

"I totally forgot I was meeting you!

A few hours later, when I got to the rendezvous point, I was told all about the stupidity from Quon.