Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Events in Demon Castle (after)

"Tonytulus, you look like you've been shot down today."

Flames erupt from Agniera's body. The castle of the demon king, between its thrones, was engulfed in flames in an instant.

"No, I won't tell you what I can't do, Flam."

In contrast, Toniturus provokes Agniera with no expression.

"You'll tell me, won't you?"

The sharpened killer bumps into each other.

Agniella is a flaming axe spear, and Tonytulus holds a lightning spear and points his cuttoes at each other.

Agniella and Toniturus who set up their prey and face each other.

"Let's go, Tonitou..."

Agniella tried to scare me to death and run out.

Behind it, the thunder fell "..."


Whimpering a word, Toniturus, who appeared behind Agniera, swung through the thunderbolt spear.

"Huh!! Raaaah!!

Agniella, taken behind her back, holds up the corner of her mouth as she pounds her tongue and waves down the flaming axe spear as she growls.


The sound of even vibration echoes between the thrones.

"... brilliant"

"I specialize in disease."

Despite gaining the advantage of saying behind it, Toniturus' spear was crushed by a shaken Agniera axe spear.

"If so..."

The crushed spear baited, and he made a noise and bounced off, and instantly, the next moment, a new thunder spear was held in Tonytulus' hand.

"Which is up there..."


Flashing, and roaring.

The thunder velocity thrust emitted at the velocity that left the sound loosely exceeded Agniella's perceived velocity and penetrated its body, literally bouncing Agniella's body with impact.

"Let's decide... you think?


A scorching hot air that seems to burn just by touching it strokes Toniturus' cheek.

In a moment, Agniella, who should have blown up, assaults from behind Tonytulus.

The blown Agniera was a phantom that the flames showed.

"... Ranri!

Toniturus' cheeks, which were faceless, loosen slightly.

Turning his body half way around. Avoiding an attack from behind with a thin piece of skin, Toniturus taps a spear stone poke into Agniera's brain at the moment of reflection.

"Mm-hmm, you're not stopping, Olaah!!

Misiri on Agniera's forehead, and a dull noise.

But Agniera did not stop, turning the axe spear with both hands into flames and letting it wrap around her fist and slap her.

"!!... brilliant"

"Is that all you can say, Temehe? Wow!!

It was Toniturus who instantly deployed the magic barrier and prevented the flames, but he didn't have enough defense on the barrier he rolled out, causing major burns to his belly.

While attacked by each other, Agniera and Toniturus did not stop attacking, and lightning spears and flames caused great damage to their surroundings.

"Totally, for a long time. Well, you look like you're gonna have fun fighting it."

I sighed as Aquadine struck out the flame that literally flared with a water barrier.

"... I've made up my mind. I want you to go with that plan, Flam."

"Oh, do you mind?

Umbra picks up Aquadine's whine.

I thought you said, "I don't know how she works."

"Only in the first phase of the plan, Flam's personality will help. Whatever it is, it's meant to be a senseless rampage."

Couscous and Aquadine laugh.

"I see... so this time by saying my Black Knight and Fram, Lord Toniturus?

"Take the inferior demons with you, too."

"Yikes...... kihihihi, kihihihihi!!

Nodding small, Umbra sank into the shadows with a creepy laugh and disappeared.

Seeing, the figure of the black knight that Umbra was taking was also neglected.

(Umbra... I know it's not as good as Flam, but I didn't know we had pawns that could reach the Duke... maybe it's time to turn them off)

Aquadine was secretly at war with the Black Knight, who earlier prevented Agniera from attacking.

Although I only had a glimpse of the figure and one end of the force, I understood how capable that black knight was. Anyway, the Black Knight prevented and took Agniera's blow alongside the fastest Duke Toniturus.

The presence of the Duke in the Demon Nation is out of common sense that boasts absolute strength.

Demons who even have the ability to be better than people and live for a long time.

A culminating being in which you are called a monster and you are afraid.

Even though it was, that black knight took that culminating Duch-class Agniera attack easy to show.

He left behind the sound and took the blow of mowing his life with a brilliant flashing speed.

(No, let me make the most of it until the demon king is resurrected... both Umbra and that black knight)

It's still worth it.

Thinking about it, Aquadine's interest shifted to Agniera and Toniturus.

"Ola Ola Ola La La La La!!

"Brilliant...... but it's still too late......!!

The spear and axe spear tip clash. The forces of antagonism create rebellion, and each other's gains are played. If you rearrange it at a monster stained rate, it releases an instant death thrust. but that blow also bumps into each other again.

The tip is sumptuous, and the shock continues with a sword trident trembling the atmosphere.

Well, how do we stop these two?

Aquadine sighed small.