Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Prior Brave Men and Mass Baths Part 2

The mass baths were just at the border where the land road leading from the center of the city and Gondola's dock collided.

The building is about three stories tall, but the side is about the size of a Tokyo dome.

"Bad Oi."

"It's our second specialty in this gallery, isn't it? Naturally!"

Marco boasts of directions and instruction in manners.

Are you happy to be praised for the locality?

"What's the best, by the way?

"Of course, you're set on demonic martial arts, brother!

Sure, it's a battle that determines the strongest in the world, not once a year. It's exuberant and natural, I'd say.

By the way, right now, I'm not wearing a 'black executor' jacket. Because it makes no sense for me to stand out, even though Sylvia has a small number of escorts to keep from noticing.

Besides, I don't want to come in the bath like that either.

"Come on, let's go inside, sister of the king"

With that said, Marco ran through the crowd swiftly.

Somehow he's a good physician.

"hehe, what if the conductor leaves people"

Sylvia laughs bitterly but doesn't go against people's waves.

"Let's go too, Master Yashiro."

One of the escorts sees me as a flirt.

"Hmm, do you want to"

I nodded and proceeded to follow Sylvia.

When I crossed a large entrance that seemed like even a tall, org-breed sub, I went out into a place like a wide lobby.

When I saw it, there were several shops, and a customer who apparently came out of the bath was drinking a beverage in a bottle.

"No, that brown but white drink... no way, is that coffee milk!?

"Ko-hi? No, brother, that's Yukizil."

Yukijiru is no way you snowflake...... you must be Japanese for spreading this!

"Well... would you like a drink?"

Sylvia takes the sieve out of her nostrils when she sees a coffee milk drinker looking delicious.

"No, my king's sister! That's something to drink in the bath!

After all, is bathed coffee milk the strongest in different worlds?

"Really... I'm looking forward to that. Then can we split it up?"

"I don't care if I'm with you?

"Is that a good idea, you idiot?"

"Just kidding."

I made a joke (half serious) and Sylvia stared at me with her eyes. I grew up just not letting go of the magic right away. Think about all the horny stuff, and I'm not gonna grow up? It's good that I'm horny because it's my identity!

"What about time to take a bath?

"Right...... we still have time in the afternoon and it'll be good in about two minutes"

About three minutes is enough, so it's about an hour.

Copy that, Sylvia.

"Uh-huh. See you later."


With that said, Sylvia takes the three offerings to the entrance where the warm curtains of the mark are hung.

"Look, brother, this is man water."

"Let me understand."

If you're unconscious, you force your feet to turn to men's water, who want to go to women's water.

As I followed Marco and dived into Noren, I saw a counter lined up with lots of shelves locked up like a locker room behind me.

"There would be a few guys over there dressed the same way, wouldn't there?

Marco moves his jaw without pointing to his finger.

"Oh, are you an employee here?

"Give them their undressed clothes and valuables in their cages and they'll keep them."

Marco grabbed the nearby cage and took off his shoes and clothes.

"This one, please."

"Oh, Marco? There you go."

When Marco, naked in an instant, stretched out the cage and put it on the counter, an employee with glasses received the cage and instead gave Marco something like a bill made of wood. On a good look, the bill had strings through it.

"What's that?

"This is my luggage number."

"I see, if you give it to me when you get out of the bath, you'll get your stuff back, right?

Take the cage so Marco can learn. Put the clothes you're wearing and the four-dimensional pouch in the cage.

"Wow... you're awesome when you take it off, brother"

Look at my nudity. Marco blues his face. I can't help it. I'm not proud of it, but it's actually me, Hidden Macho. A guy named Fine Macchio?

I guess I was "glad it didn't matter" now that I know the person who tried to pull (s) my wallet was actually so muscular.

But there are strong men in this world, even those with thin lines. Right...... Grandma is a good example of 'The Witch of Time Norn'.

Grandma's body looks almost the same as Lily's.

Even though I say so, I can't beat Grandma by fighting with my sword head-on.

For some reason, there will be experience, but Zubari magic strengthens the body.

The magic of physical strengthening is a magic that can easily create great effects.

The power of the surgeon dramatically changes the action as well, but you will see its usefulness and horror when you say that a toddler freshly learnt magic can crush a rock with his fist.

Therefore, we must not discern by appearance alone.

"Don't do this anymore, okay? Even a thin guy can use magic to make it easier for ordinary people."

"Hahaha, I'll remember your liver."

Marco laughed in a dry voice.

"This, please"

"Ah, yes. Customer, this is your first time here?

An employee with glasses rushed over when he put the cage on the counter. I think I'm busy because I have a lot of customers besides us.

"It's my first time, but I asked Marco how to get the water in"

"Heh, then don't worry. He's a regular here. As much as I ask for cleaning jobs now and then."

I knew it in the conversation earlier, but it was pretty close, you know.

"Then let me just explain it gently. I can take a free bath here. The tub is clean, the body is clean, no more noise, I guess."

They only said it more forcefully when it was more and more noisy. Will it happen well?


"I suggest you get out of the bath when you're about to get caught up in a lot of noise. Then be patient."

Tie the string of bills you were given to your wrist and head to the bathroom. When I saw it, Marco was already there first.

"Is Yong in already?"

In the women's dressing room, Sylvia, who wrapped her towel around her body and tied her hair up, was about to head to the bathroom.

"Do you care about Master Yashiro?

One of the female knights Sylvia brought to the escort asks Sylvia, the Lord, as she loosens her cheeks.


Sylvia says as if she's rotten.

In contrast, the female knight shook her neck sideways with a grin.

"No, not at all!

"I'd rather you don't show me."

"Me too."

Three female knights raped and noisy. The figure was far from the obedient figure he had shown when Yong was there.

"'Cause you're not Sylvia's thinker -! I'm not a white horse prince."

"Well, it looks normal..."

"Boobs, they were staring at me."

"Yes, yes! Sir Eustace's story was the same, Master Yashiro."

"It looks normal, edgy and nasty. But heroes with masterclass swordsmanship."

"It was mutual with His Majesty -"

Sylvia sighs at the three raped and noisy people.

"Not at all... shouldn't have played in front of everyone... what are you talking about, I am"

Sylvia groans unexpectedly at the reaction of the three knights, sighing even more at the words that came out of feelings similar to jealousy.

"... hmm?

A small figure crossed in front of Sylvia as she tried to wrap a string of bills around her arm to the bathroom.


It's a young elf girl.

That elf girl with young grass hair saw Sylvia as a chill and walked straight away.

"... no way"

Sylvia glimpsed The Witch of Time, a magician, even though her eyes had sharpness that did not suit her appearance.