Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Equations of the Prior Braves

After one incident with Zappa of the Asura tribe, I washed my head and body, and I chose a relatively small amount of soup from a few soup coins to dip there.

Big baths are good too, but I can still personally say that smaller baths are more suited to sex.

I said it's small, but still wide enough not to stretch out and feel cramped.


Relax the limbs without soaking them in the bath.

The heat of hot water reaches your body and makes you feel comfortable.

I have never relaxed so far since I came to this world and my breath leaks out of my mouth unexpectedly.

"When the tournament is over... where shall we go"

It's been a long time since I've had room, and I thought it would be in the future.

I came from Luxeria on a journey towards this galarier.

It took longer than originally expected but I managed to get to this city.

I don't know what to say or how bad it was between me that I was supposed to be in the game.

"Where I've never been... I've already dominated more than half of the world."

Three years ago, of course.

I traveled all over the world. Never before did I feel the breadth of the world.

Sylvia and Leo are there, and do you go to Lieselion once?

I want to go where I've never been before, but I don't even know where or what it is in the first place. Would you look for a place to go to Sylvia for protection and a lazy, free living?

No, but I'm gonna live an unproductive life. I can easily imagine Sylvia walking around chasing me as she wields her sword.

Is it still because of the comfort of the bath that I had feelings like a mazohist that that seems to be pleasant inside too? Or is it really because I'm a mazohist?

"I guess the latter"

Girls are more excited to blame than to attack girls.

No, but if you can ask for it, it's not a rush to turn to the attacker... I mean, he's the one who says he's a pervert who can only admit it to himself anymore.

... I'm afraid I'm going to punch my sexuality without thinking I'm going to stay like this, so let's end this topic. Let's do that.

But it's quiet here. The hustle and bustle can be heard far away even though the bathroom has dozens of guests. Is it because this is the end of the bathroom? No, it's really good.

After all, when I'm in the bath, no one can interrupt me, I'm free, and I need to be saved. Alone and quiet...

What a thought my thoughts were pulled out of the sea of thought by just one word I heard from across the wall.

"Hey, is this hot water connected to the other side?

I also think it's a word that I don't need to dare mention by hanging a hook and a cuck.

But I felt a huge shock like when I was hit in the head with a hammer for just one word.

"Yeah, I don't know, I don't know"

That would be a word that a friend, or acquaintance, asked and answered reflexively without much thought. It can be said that it is an answer but an appropriate return.

But she answered. That's where she ends. It's a proper return, but only a return. 'Cause I don't want to know.

But I wasn't. I also questioned the words of the woman who questioned me.

And I noticed. There's a chance that this hot water I'm soaking right now is connected to the other side, or female water, through a pipe or something, on a particulate level.

I will no longer forgive you with this hot money than I have known I would. My thoughts fall into nasty erotic thoughts again.

You may be frightened of a boy junior high who just found out something horny, but a man is such a thing all his life. I'm intrigued by the erotic things, and I won't forget the contents of the first erotic book I picked up until I die. Such an idiot is the reality of a man.

Now, what do you do with the men who live in the world by dropping you to the same level as yourself to protect yourselves?

"The drain, where is the drain"

I was looking for a gateway to my dream country that would lead me to Woman Yu.

If the process of this bath water being connected to female water is correct, it is probably the same place to go after drainage.

Getting there and running up the drain that leads to women's water is the equation to the victory I have derived.

But I had to find the drain, and I finally realized that there was technical harm.

Techniques or physical harm.

Well, some of you will notice. Of course it's how we dive into the drain.

The drain is designed to suck in large quantities of water so that people are not sucked into it.

The design philosophy of that drain remains unchanged in modern Japan and in the massive baths of Gallarier, the free city of Rainburg in different worlds.

Yes, the drain mouth wasn't wide enough for a human to come up with it.

I am not in such a shape that I can change my body as freely as slime is something that people who have read so far know and should not be able to do.

The victory equation collapsed even brittle.

Struck by a harsh, dreamless reality, I stretched out my body with the momentum to throw everything away and floated on my back to a small sum of money that was unlikely to come.

"Reality and coffee aren't sweet," I used to say. By the way, it's a quote I just came up with and it's the one with no contents, my dear.

It was me who fell into the gutter with the hot water like this, and I wish it were algae chips in the ocean, but I noticed something and got up.

I have hot water in my ear. It's disgusting. But I was rising to the point where I didn't even care.

Yes, the equation is not one.

It's the same answer, but the road is, yes, innumerable.

I noticed that there was a large gap between the wall and the ceiling that blocked the water from the woman.

I don't care what that is for or what reason.

Because the narrow space that now leads to the woman's water does exist.

My new equation to victory was, yes, a peek.