Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Smiles, anger and

"What the hell did you go to the bathroom for?


The magical power Lieselion, its empress Sylvia laughed.

"I didn't invite you to the bathroom to peek into the water, Yong."

While pointing a horrible amount of killing at me.

... Hi, I'm Kogyo, who used to be a brave man.

I have been preached by a failed citation parent (Sylvia) when I tried to peek in a mass bath.

The place is a coffee shop just off the boulevard, preaching on its open terrace.

"Whoever says you at all..."

Sylvia swells her cheeks and gets prickly (killer) and angry.

Sylvia used to be the type of person with instant hands flying in, but she hasn't been given a hand that seems to have changed a bit in the last three years.

But on the contrary, it's terrorizing me.

"Shh, sorry, Sylvia"

"If you think you can apologize, you're making a big mistake, you big idiot! I won't forgive you for saying today!

Oh, I knew it. It's going to be more trouble than being able to hit you...

No, well, it's all my fault entirely.

"Basically, why do you keep thinking so much about it?"

"... philosophy or something?

Why am I being horny? Is it because I'm a Japanese boy or just how horny I am...... um, I don't know. Oh, I'm horny, so you want to see me?

"No, silly thing!

"Aww! I knew I got my hands on it!

I ate fist bones in my brain.

Enhanced fist bone by magic. Gingine and the remaining pain are more painful than the pain at impact.

"I'm glad it hasn't changed in three years... but honestly, I would have liked that vice to have changed."

"There was no changing factor. What a self-depraved life these past three years."

"Self-depravity... you didn't think to do anything?

I thought so. After thinking about it, there was nothing I wanted to do in Japan.

"I just wanted to live in this world. Three years later, I gave up, but there were no indicators of life."

I was summoned again when I gave up not being able to return to this world.


"Oh, so I was glad to be back in this world. It would have sucked if I had been summoned as a brave man."

With that said, it's been almost February since you came back to this world... like it was an early long time.

"Well, why are we in a place like this? Marco's coming home."

Yes, there are only five of us in this coffee shop right now, me and Sylvia, and the three Kingsguards of that escort.

Sylvia said enough of today's guidance, and Marco left saluting me, the dream-breaking man. And with your left hand.

"Mmmm... aren't you trying to get out of the way?

Why 'd you find out? I was about to mix up a bit of a snooze story between them and give you a peek!

"And I didn't! So? Why?

"... at all"

Giro, and Sylvia's slice-length eyes shot out, and, heh, and his sharpness eased.

"After this, with the valiant lord of our time, think about it."

"What, with me?... No, contemporary, now (...)!?

"That's right.... Amagikite, I'm going to see them. Being in a coffee shop is just a waste of time."

That said, I was supposed to participate in the tournament to meet Haidou and the others.

"You're out of time...... so long, now's your free time, huh?

"Sure, I'm free... what? Are you thinking dirty again?

"Chi - get out of my way, you're doubting me! You don't believe me! We traveled together three years ago...... you're one of us!?

"Shut up, Peeping Demon"

"I'm so sorry -!!

I jumped into the minefield myself.

"... can you let me know why?

Is that it? Minefields don't explode. It's underdeveloped.

"No, you know, when I was trying to peek into women's water, right? To someone I know... I feel like I've met you."

Jumping high using physical abilities that far outweighed ordinary people, I should have been able to afford a peek.

But the peek failed. Probably by the hand of a toddler, with the young grassy hair I saw then.

All of a sudden, and for a moment, I hadn't seen it properly... maybe that was... -.

"Did you feel that?

"I could only see a little, so I'm not sure it was him. The hair color was the same, so I think it's probably the same."

"I see... so you're telling me to look?

"Oh. If you really know me, I think maybe you're looking for someone too"

You'd be stunned, though.

"Well, then..."

"You don't have to."

Before Sylvia finished, something fluffy and white appeared at the edge of our sight.

That was so sudden, it was like coming down from the sky, I looked up unexpectedly and then saw something of that white.

Me and Sylvia were sitting at the table opposite each other, in that empty seat.

wrapped around a pure white hooded robe. That sipped my milk coffee (milk sugar mash) with a mouth hidden in the hood.

"Who is he?"


Put it down for a beat. Sylvia's Kingsguards hold the sword pattern, but Sylvia controls it.

"If you pull it out, your neck will fly."

"Oh, you noticed this one, too?... a boulder is like a" princess knight. "

Then a compelling voice sounded, and a woman appeared, plucked from a nearby shadow.

Golden hair on brown skin, and proposition to nail a man's gaze.

I knew that woman.

"Mr. Torre!?

"Long time no see, Yu"

We met in Luxeria, Torre, a female adventurer.

It's been a little over a month since we broke up, but now Mr. Torre feels like the kind of hegemony that the powerful show.

"Excuse me for a moment. Atashi is just like a guardian, mah, a guardian. If you don't fight, you don't either."

Mr. Torre smiles and looks at me as he sits in the other empty chair.

Mr. Torre's escort... means this white hood is after all...!

When I saw the white hood as it was bounced off, it was... No, the daughter took off her hood and showed us her face.

"Long time no see, Yu.... I didn't want to see you again like that"

That's what Lilyl Lee, an elf toddler, said as she swelled her cheeks.