"Now I'm going to start the game you guys can't wait for - but let's start with the rules!

When the rabbit says that to Mike single-handedly, the loud cheer he had earlier turns into a big booming.

"Well, well, gentlemen, it's important to check the rules!

The rabbit tries to fool the audience, but the audience doesn't stop.


"Yes, because I told him to run it."



Finally, lean down, the trembling starting rabbit.

What the hell is this bully that brings all the audiences together?

If I eat something like this, I'm gonna cry, I'm gonna cry, I'm gonna cry, I'm gonna cry, I'm gonna cry.

"─ Uh-oh, shit! I'll explain the rules to you, you cunt!! He killed me. Ahhh!


I'm going to blow up magic for the audience with a very dirty rage, Rabbit.

Oh, hey, what? What's going on?

If nothing can be done about the assault, there will be an explosion in front of the audience and cheer.

And why are you cheering when you're magically let go?

"Huh, huh!! … In this way, between the arena and the audience, there is a super-powerful surgical junction of more than a dozen wizards, which protects the audience!

When the explosion cleared, there were intact, boiling audiences there.

"The juncture... I mean... Huh!!

Kuon, who took out Kunai, throws it heavenly.

The momentum released quon flies up about 3 or 40 meters,

Gin, and he plays and falls along with a tall sound.

"I see."

They grabbed something with their current behavior. Grabbing Kunai, whose quon is falling. Damn laughing.

"Well, miss, now that you've grabbed it?

Ask Quon as Zappa arms up.

"Well. I know more or less."

Quon with one eye closed and a niggling laugh.

Zappa laughs niggly at the words she returns.

"This time it's going to be fun. If you win four times, you can't help but shrivel."

"Good for you. The winning streak has stopped this time."

The big red-haired man, Ebsal, shows a tiger reminiscent grin.

"Hoohaha! Yes! Oh, my God! Monteluge Blanc Berche III is here -!! I own the winner!!

A man wearing a golden armor opens the front of the full face helmet and puts out his face.

He was an old man with a prominent Kaisel mustache jumping out of his helmet.

"Guru, Narasono Confidence Toyala, Armor Together Two Dozen Chi Crushed Ityal"

A dragon man takes on a mace on his shoulder as he slaps his tail to the ground.



Not mixed with those who speak lightly with killing, the black full-faced woman and the man in the white coat stand silent.

Characteristically, I'll drop by too and keep my mouth shut.

"That was the rule description! This will be followed by a combined tournament announcement! Attention, everyone, over the arena!"

Soon I had finished explaining the rules.

Well, it's the rule that you can do pretty much anything after you have to fall into the ocean that spreads between the ring and the audience.

I can also snort that the audience booed (later I found out that from booing until the rabbit was pretty, they promised it in this city's arena. It's called Kille Art.)

"This... uses unusual magic again"

I looked up at the sky and I squeaked unexpectedly.

What floated in the air was a tournament table, like a fan-shaped retina lottery.

I guess I used it in magic and in illusions that are supposedly tricky.

The tournament table for the Twelve is rotating slowly so that all the audiences can see it.

"The combination of tournaments will first be determined from a seed right with four. Dear athletes, please pick up this card."

There were more than a dozen cards in Rabbit's hand about where he took them from.

It's a card with a long vertical like a tarot card.

"Here you go."

The rabbit prompts me to pull one from the pile of cards. It's a white card that came out.

"Oh, too bad."

Rabbit looks at the card and says.

I knew it was Ska.

Shit, I just don't want to fight much.

"Hugh! I'm the boulder! Luck is on your side."

Ebsal pulled a white card too.

Isn't that a hassle?

... Uh, no, is it better for this guy to be able to fight? It's a flattering form of thinking.

"Guru... Beast Man, Koleka?

"Oh! I'm super clammy! The first player to get seed rights was de Ijn!

Don't puff puffs and venues thrive, but dragon men who say de ijn or something put their arms together like they were plugged. Is this guy also a brain muscle frame?

Then Zappa, a man in a white coat, a knight in some country or something, pulled a clam picture card to get third rights.

"Now, where the seed rights have been decided... the player's match combination is also over -! The cards you give your athletes are actually assigned a combination number!

Almost simultaneously with that rabbit's words, 10 numbers rise on cards that were blank.

"First game! Shootbanian Knight Narante vs., Fist Saint Ebsal!!

The faces of the two called names emerged over the arena, and the tournament table was inscribed with letters.

I see. Do you mean arrange them in a combination table by order?

Then I'll be the last.

"WWII, Fox Clan Quon Hereot vs. Golden Armor Monteluge III!!

Oh, the quon has been called.... but the other guy is that whole body orihalcon bastard. Rather than attack, how do you fight orihalcon that even prevents magic...... hmm should I have taught you to slash iron in earnest?

"WWIII, Mysterious Knight Lune Renfe, versus Adventurer Amda Jester!!

Here you are, lady knight.

I don't know what way this guy fights either, so be careful.

But you're doing really well. Her breasts and buttocks are big but her hips are fired and her legs are sluggish and long.

Even a beautiful face would be perfect... hmm?

It was me watching Lune and the other mysterious knights around, but something... yes, something made me uncomfortable.

I don't know what you thought of it.

"The Fourth World War, The Man in the Black Coat," The Black Executor "Darkness Executioner" vs., Lonely Fist Jan Lean!

Oh, it's me. It's me.

I almost missed it.

My opponent is the guy in chinese clothes-like clothes...... oh, yabe, I missed his name.

"With that in mind, I would like to conclude the combined announcement of the first tournament. WWI will begin sufficiently later than this. Ladies and gentlemen, a big round of applause for the twelve players!"

The demonic martial arts competition finally began, wrapped in a great cheer and applause for all the cracks.

"Kiki, I asked if you were the strongest, but I can't even talk to you! Is the victory of our Lord unshakeable in this level of elephant opponents?"

At the corner of the audience, there was a girl who pointed to the sun umbrella.

Beautiful golden long hair with golden eyes.

She was a beautiful girl, not suitable for the arena where the bloody battle was going to take place.

The blonde girl laughed looking at the players standing in the ring in the arena.

"That is if Yong used the power of the Holy Sword. Strong in its current state, but few people can be optimistic this time"

Next to it, once again, there was a young girl.

The girl with blue eyes in her young grassy hair pinches her mouth to the words of the girl next door.

Then, the blonde girl turns into a pale face.

"Hung, have you seen The Future?" The Witch of Time is now and never was. "

Blonde girl, Pimon says abominably.

"I haven't seen it. But if you know the power of courage, you can imagine it that easily. I know so well because I'm a partner in bravery."

Lilyl Lee, a young grassy haired girl, puts her arms together and answers proudly.

"For the most part, partners believe in the Lord's absolute victory."

"Yeah. Partners are the ones who take a good look and follow up where they say that. It's what I want to be. I'm not totally dependent on you like you are."



The two girls stare at each other and scatter sparks.

... bees and sparks scatter between them, not metaphorical representations.

The magic of each other is crashing into each other.

"When you both stop. When I say silence and perception inhibition are put in the way of people around me, it doesn't change."

Torre laughs bitterly at the brown woman who was sitting in the guest seat next to Lilyl Lee, whispering the liquor bottle in her hand.


"Kick-ass, your squire knows better about things."

"You're the one who doesn't understand.... Totally yu guys, even babysitters to Atashi."

"" Who's the baby!!

"Both of you."

Torre sighed not knowing how many times it would be.