"Thank you for your hard work, Yong."

There was courage and Sylvia in the Gallarier arena, an area in which only the parties involved were allowed to enter.

"We're just getting started, aren't we?

"It's easier when you're fighting. You don't like opening ceremonies or anything like that, do you?

Boulder, you understand.

"Well.... So, Sylvia, what do you think?

Of course it's about the demons who say they're coming.

"Because this time you're a Demon... I don't know what will happen. I see that tomorrow, the last day, is more likely than today."


"It's decided what a demonic raid is, because it's led by that evil and ugly aquadine. … and Aquadine is the type to hold back for production"

"So... hey, should I lose the first round?

Because if you lose, you can move freely afterwards.

"Sure... but I also owe Zuk Oythurst... it ended up in vain, but it's not a good reason not to fulfill my brother-in-law"

"What do you mean?

"... don't lose the first round. If you lose to that extent, let's also fall the name of Lieselion."

With that said, I treated Lieselion like a diner.

"Copy that. Well, we'll work hard at best."

"Please, Yong.... but you're not following me."

Sylvia tells me like she's stunned.

"I'm certainly responsible for making you an athlete..."

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Where I'm going. Where I'm going. It's just a problem. Well, after all this time, you can't calm down and travel."

"Do you want to hide? You got a good spot on the floating continent, huh?

A floating continent is a region with a magical power, Lieselion.

"Hiding, hey"

"What, you don't like it?

"... No, I suppose it's okay to hide. It's a good trip... but I also need a place to calm down."

"Right. So, you want to go to Lieselion with me when this one's cleared up?

Sylvia making her cheeks a little red.

"Well, I guess I'll just take a little break from the journey."

If this disturbance is over, then so is it.


"Oh, is it going to start already"

Perhaps the Ebsal game will begin. The cheer came to this place.

"Then I shall return to my seats."

"I'll be back too."

"Here, then"


I put on my hood and Sylvia tightened her expression and left the scene behind.

"Oh, you're here? Lord, over here."

As I sew between the audiences and go, the vampire princess waves as she notices me.

"You're finally here, Yu."

"Welcome home, Yu"

"Thank you for waiting, Mr. Torre. I'm sorry, Lily. Let me take your seat."

Now that I'm in the audience, I take off the "Black Enforcer" jacket, "Holy Night Shroud," the Black Night's Holy Cloth, "and it's the usual" No Fudge ".

"See, here's the Lord. Sit here."

"Oops. Oops... the game"

I sat between Pimon and Lily, and I turn my eyes to the ring in the arena.

"We're going to be here."

"Now we're going to play the first game of the Devil's Costume Battle!

The audience in the venue boils down when the rabbit, the host lady, declares.

"Knight Narante vs., Fist Saint Ebsal Dra Gregorian Balanchel...... Battle" Duel "Begins!!

It was the knights who set me up first. The sword on the shield and the staunchly equipped knight swung the sword across the side at the same time as treading heavily, tearing apart a space of nothing.

Ebsal, who is opposite the knight, notices the knight's thoughts and deflects himself.

Then, a thin scratch and red blood appeared on Ebsal's cheek, telling him.

"Slash wave," he said.

Mr. Torre speculates from Ebsal's behavior and thin wounds on his cheek.

And maybe that's right.

I guess he slit the air and sensed something approaching him and dodged it.

But it's harder than usual to detect things you can't see.

Because the scratch on my cheek was inevitable.

"Well... Kiki, I thought it was just a miscellaneous fish. That knight would do it inside, too."

"The shadows are just thin, and they'll be at the top of this world when it comes to strength."

A low-level demon tribe would make a good fight.

"Well, you can't beat a boulder on Ebsal,"

That was pretty much the same time Evesal moved.

He said, "What's his leg?"

Ebsal raised his right leg.

The left and right legs are linear like one column and stiff with a few seconds of shaking up,

─ ─ Batun!!

A sound broke through the wall of air and his legs swung down.

- Corn!

The sound that then rang sounded longer and longer than the sound that broke through the speed of sound.

And then something suspicious happened to my eyes.

The ring in the arena lays down a block made of rock sharpening.

Well, the rock ring rippled, as if ripples were coming through the lake.


I was surprised by the boulder, too.

I was the one who got sporadically discouraged by magic, but I wouldn't even be able to stand upside down about this.

Besides, it's not magic, it's physical surgery.

"Whoa, that rocks."

The impact ripples through Evesar's swinging legs, and the seismic intensity reaches us in the audience.

The audience will shut up too much.

And in silence, Ebsal took the stand in a slow motion.

Then set up a shield, as the knight remembered, which was just a view as the audience did,

The moment, Ebsal's figure disappeared, and the next moment he appeared before the knight's eyes.

"Oh, that bastard!?

I couldn't see.

Even Sylvia's "shrinkage" made me lose track of Evesar's movements.

I still know it moves so fast that I can't see a part of my body temporarily, like Bernadette's Quick Draw.

But I can't believe it moves so fast that I can't see it until it moves across my body... honestly, it can't be in the Duchess Demon Nation.

"Momentary travel, isn't it..."

It was a fast move to the point where I thought so.

The knight Narante of Shootbania, a small and medium-sized country, was a scream. He endured it with his mouth in one letter.

(You think I couldn't tell?!?)

Narante provoked its valiant name not only in Shootbania, but also in its neighbouring countries.

From his strength and clean and white character to the resurgence of the knight Falhat Enhancement among the knights, he was in a vortex of confusion.

The man confronted in front of him vanished neglectfully in front of him and stood in front of him the next moment.

It was only the body that took the stained motion at the end of the workout that stood on the shield.

"Heh... I cut it out, I can't believe it. Mind you. Did your body move?

The red-haired man, Ebsal, Prince of the Imperial Balanchel, had stopped his body just before he fisted the shield erected by Narante.



Release the thrust with your sword. but Ebsal, the prince of Balanchel, stopped by pinching the tip of that sword with two fingers.

White blade removal by two fingers.


"Heh, to that extent, then I can't kill you, huh?

That said, Ebsal shakes his fist up.


It was the body blow that was released from its auspicious arms. The body of the knight Narante rose greatly.


The shock that struck Narante the moment the body blow was released was hard to brush.

Didn't your body shake and your fists pierce your armor and body? It was as shocking as I thought.

But the attack on Ebsal will not end.

"Ola Ola Ola Ola Ola!!

On a raised body, a fist rush is slapped. Narante bites her back teeth to endure desperately trying to connect her consciousness.



He swung heavily and was blown away by a blow released, slapped by the sea surrounding the ring in the arena.

"Shit, Winner Fist Emperor Ebsal!

The main battle of demonic martial arts was curtained by the victory of Ebsal.