Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Hot winds and glaciers

"You know what, Kuon?"

"Hmm? What?"

That's when it's only been a year since Yong left this Rainburg world.

"It's the story of a volcanic dragon and a certain boy."

The man replied so as he rattled the strings in his hand.

"I don't."

The girl shakes her head.

"Well, let's talk about it. What I'm about to tell you is the story of a horrible flaming dragon living in a volcano and a death fight with a sword of light and a hero!

Polaron, and the strings play a fun sound.

It was the first time Kuon, who didn't know anything about courage, touched the hero Tan.


Left thumb, Quon bit with sharp canine teeth.

Eat your dog's teeth deeply in, move your fingers as well and spread the wound the moment you pull your teeth out.

There's blood all over the wound.

At that moment, Kuon sticks his thumb up the ring in the arena, moves his fingers as if they were brushes, and writes and beats blood letters.

What Quon wrote up in blood were the magic formations, the summoning formations that also called the contracted demons and holy beasts.

But the lines and letters in the circle were written as bissilli, which certainly looks and results just like what is called a summoning formation, but in fact, it was one of the techniques of a completely different technical system that just resembled it.

"... Come," Empty Fox "Kuko" - Jade Algae "Occasion"!!

Stick a short knife in the center of that formation. The short knife of my mother's shapes profoundly pierces the ring.

"Free the sealed god!!

Kuon twisted the pierced knife as if to unlock the door.

- Gachari.

It was a giant column of ice that appeared after the heavy noise, like a heavy door unlocked.

A pointed pillar of ice suddenly appeared, reminiscent of a crystal mass.

The magical barrier that spreads between the audience and the ring, the cold air that even crosses and freezes itself wraps around the arena.

"Ah Zi, you fox, … you can make my name quite comfortable."

Everywhere demonic, wormless voices shook the billies and atmosphere.

Piscilli, a crack runs on the ice column. The crack eventually passed throughout, and the ice pillar collapsed with rattling noises.

"Is it because Theon (...) failed to educate me?"

Among the columns of ice have collapsed, or shadows appear.

Beautiful silver hair like silk thread that stretches down to your knees, pale colored eyes like the sea that freezes what you see.

The skin is white and beautiful enough to think of snow, and its body emits a colourful fragrance that attracts not only men but even women.

Somewhere I look like Kuon, but I even look like a total different person with the lusciousness that mature adults show. From his head the woman, who bare the ears of the pointy fox ahead, walked to next to Quong in a relaxed manner.

"Damn, if you don't want to talk about it, do it again." Jade Algae ".... help me."

In what can also be described as tyranny, the woman, known as the jade algae, laughs as she lifts her mouth.

"Phew... - Well, I can't say no, either, because I'm a son of a man, a son of a child."

The fox stood down in the ring, smoking a flue pipe tucked in his mouth and blowing smoke as he showed a demonic luster.

I can't help it, I can't help it, man, it looks terribly troublesome, with a grin.

"Five superb fried rice noodles."

Woman, no, the demon spirit "Before the Jade Algae" captured the enemy with crimson eyes.

"Spirit, you say it also summoned the King's Spirit?

Seeing the algae that Quon called out, Sylvia groaned so without even trying to hide what seemed like fun.

"Is it a magical genius?

Sylvia shook her head sideways as Leonhardt asked.

"No, something else is the factor. Even with Alicia, the summoning magic took a few minutes to... That speed, probably just unleashed the lid... the problem is that the spirits who unleashed clutter like that are in the service of"... "

Sylvia thinks as she strokes her jaw with her hand. Look at that, Leonhardt.

"... So, in the bloodline"... "?

I said.

"Huh! Right, bloodline!!... Kukukuk, have ancestors lined up in the Spirit King,? I see. I understand. This is another adventure, Leo."

Sylvia laughed happily as she raised her face like it had been played.

"Ha.... I didn't think you were there besides us (...)"

"Uhm. Having strange ancestors makes it hard"

Sylvia laughs with pleasure.

To the royal family of Lieselion is the blood of the Spirit.

Many generations before Sylvia, when it was still shallow in history, the king says he welcomed the Spirit King of Fire to the queen.

Speaking of looking like a woman, the king, who imitated how stupid it was to conceive the Spirit, says he was burned to death by the Spirit King of Fire after he remitted the Son.

Another few generations later, this time he says he married the Ice Spirit King.

Repeatedly, a monster (Alicia) was born that said it would fully serve the spirits of all its attributes.

"Well, how do we attack?

"Whatever you do, you can't break through my armor! Whoo!

The Earl of Monteluge set up a shield and stormed in.

Seeing it, Quon took bitterness out of his nostalgia.

Bitterness without any change in appearance, but from the patterned head of bitterness, the rounded part, I saw something gleaming with sparkle.


Quon protrudes at his feet, stomping it further and feeding it into the ring.

And the next moment,

"Whoa!? So, what is it?!?

The exclamation of the Earl of Monteluge echoes the ring.

It should also be because the Earl of Monteluge could not move as if he had been entangled in an invisible thread, and the tip of his leg floated to the critical ground.

But if you look closely, there was something wrapped around its body, something like a very thin thread.

Iron thread. A thread of iron as thin as a piano wire is tangled in the Earl of Monteluge.

The thread was stretched from a bitter pattern of eight tube foxes drifting through the air.

"" Ninja Spider Dance "! It's troublesome when they move... Come on, Jade Algae! Fit me in!

"It's a hundred years early to order us."

Saying so, the algae take their stand.


"Immortal Arts"

Two people at the same time, and tie a different mark.


"─" Fire Dragon Breath "!!

"─" Ice Tooth Rumble "Hikarabu"!

There was a scorching fire and a freezing storm.

The scorching heat, which also melts the rocks, and the blizzard, which freezes everything, strike the Earl of Monteluge, which wraps around the armor of the king's gold.

When heated, it is cooled; when heated, it is cooled. Although the iron thread that binds the Earl of Monteluge has already been burned out, it could only be rounded up with a shield in the momentum of fire and heavy snowstorms.

"... what do you say?

A few minutes later, Quon solved the arrangement.

The Count of Monteluge, wrapped in the armor of King Kim, stood with a shield, even though he was struck by fireworks and heavy snowstorms that he could not bear.

"Phew, hoohaha!! I was surprised to see something amazing, but I don't have to worry about anything! I have this armor in my life!!

After the fires and heavy snowstorms stopped, there was not a single scratch on the armor made of King King Kim, so as to meet the confidence of the Earl of Monteluge.

It was darkening, but...

- Buckin '!

Something, like, broken something hard, like, sounded.


Then the expression changed, behind the full face helmet to which the Earl of Monteluge was subjected.

"Apparently... clams, huh?

The mouth of Quong leads a lot.

The dark golden armor and shield contained a large crack.

"Nhhhhhhh!? So, why, my senior armor ahhhhh!!??

The exclamation of the Earl of Monteluge echoes the arena.

The upset also passes on to the audience, and a twist occurs.

"I had countermeasures against the heat. It should also deal with the cold.... but none of the abilities you gave yourself worked for you."

Quon points to the armor of the Earl of Monteluge.

"I guess you didn't feel the heat or the cold, either at the volcanic crater or at the deepest end of the Arctic.

... but your armor was different. Your armor gets hot and cold. "

Quon was grinning niggardly as he explained.

"Hey, you know what? - To defeat a demon dragon living in a volcano, use the magic of ice."


Kuon, who grabbed the black knife pattern he carried on his back, appeared in front of the Earl of Monteluge.

"The scales of dragons cooled with great momentum become brittle as iron.... there, stick out your sword"

Cuon slowly, slowly pulled out the black knife and poked his cut at the Earl of Monteluge.

"The brittle scales don't resist the sword, they tear the flesh, they break through the heart, the dragon dies...... what do we do? Why don't you be like a dragon?

The Earl of Monteluge blued his face and surrendered as he slipped his hips.

"Shit, winner! Quon Hereot ooh!!

WWII, the winner is QUON!!