Prochion, a beastly boy who took off his hooded coat.

The boy, with brilliant silver hair in the light of the sun, had deep blue eyes like the sea.


"Correct. My clan was called the Silver Wolves."

The beast ears like dogs and Prochion nodded small as Quon muttered from the sharp atmosphere.

"Ho ho!


Quon sees the jade algae that leaked his voice funny when he heard of the Silver Wolves.

"Speaking of the Silver Wolves, I heard they were extinct hundreds of years ago... but apparently it's hard to believe what they're saying."

"It's no big deal. It's just me now."

That's what Prochion said, pulling out the spear that was sticking out in the ring.

"Well... that's it for nothing. It's time for me to go."

After spinning the spear around, the cutting tip was directed toward the quon and the spear was placed on the Prochion.

Kuon set up a black knife so he could fight at any time.

"─ Ahhhhhhh!!

Low, roaring voices emanate from the Prochion.

It rocked the atmosphere with a huge amount of killing and conveyed a tingling sensation to Quon's skin.


from the body of a silver boy, overflowing with red fighting,

"─ ─ ─ Eh!!

The next moment, it exploded.

The exploding struggle blew like a storm, and the confronting quon nearly blew away.

"Oh, evil, no, algae"

'Never mind, Quon.... but this is...'

Jade algae support the backs of the nearly blown quon.

Quon thanked the algae, but the interest of the algae was directed to the prochions.

"... this is my trump card, 'Beastification'"

Standing there was the appearance of a distorted werewolf, like a wolf and a man divided by two.

"What, are you..."

Torre sees what was the Beast Man boy on the ring in the arena and squeals unexpectedly.

Silver body hair, two meters is a giant body, and a wolf's face.

It's too far from what I saw earlier, like a monster.

"... 'beastification'."


Bernadette tilted her neck as Yong glanced at the ring with a serious look.

"Anyone who is a beast has the qualities... but only some, very few beasts can be, a transformed figure.... That's what I heard"

Yong put his arms together and sighed small.

"Prokion... are you strong enough to line up with your brother"

"... eh"

Quon didn't think of it and bit his back teeth to pieces.

Because my legs trembled at the hegemony emanating from the way the beast and man merged.

Forcing his trembling legs to stand, Quon gripped the black knife pattern hard and hard.

"I am in this state, only in my physical abilities, Master... even Mr. Yashiro overtakes me"

One step, the werewolf took his foot.

"And..." Body Strengthening (Divine Arms) "

A thin light dermis covers the prochion transformed into a werewolf.

Magic that strengthens physical abilities, Divine Arms.

User-friendly enhancement magic that not only simply strengthens the ability, but also the skin membrane of its light becomes a barrier.

"Now I've gained enough power to beat the advanced title Demons (High Class Commanders), excluding the Duke, with my bare fists."

Another step, at that moment when Prochion stepped out of his foot, Quon fleshed out using shrinkage toward Prochion.


I was pressured, too strong for that presence.

Therefore the body moved faster than the will.

He said he had no chance of winning if he stayed.

Quon approaching Prochion at a faster instant speed than blinking.

Kuon swung through the black knife, remaining at the speed of the shrinkage.

"─ In you, the fact that you are a master's disciple weighs heavily"


At the same time that the voice was heard from behind, Quon took a distance as he reflected back.

"... well, what do you mean..."

"It means the way it is.... Sure you are strong. But that's it, you're strong."


At that next moment, when Prochion disappears from Quon's sight, a strong impact runs on Quon's stomach.

As he raised his voice to the pain, Quon rolled the blow-up ring as if he had thrown the ball.

"Oh, shit...!!

Fortunately, the bones aren't broken. but the pain was spreading built-in.

Blunt pain dominates your head and takes away your thoughts.

"Quon!! My boy," Wow "...?

As the algae glanced at the prochion and tried to mark it with their fingers, they threw the prochion spear away.

released over the reaction rate of the algae. It sewed the body of the algae through the body of the algae onto the ring.

"Oh, no, I pulled it out..."

The algae returned to the knife, staring hatefully at Prochion.

The sound of a short knife falling echoed into the arena piercing the silence.

"Sooner or later it will be stronger. But by the time you get stronger, your master will be in contention more than once.... That's what people say."

The grinning Prochion turned his gaze to the audience.

Beyond that gaze, there was courage.

"You become the foothold of the master, and the presence of the master poses a danger to you again"

Prochion, who was looking like a werewolf, gradually changes his appearance and goes as the original boy.

"Think about it and put it down.... admiration alone stands in the way of the Master's path"

Prokion, who was completely back where he was, put one hand up when he said so.

"I abstain."

Though the voice reached the audience, the audience did not raise an enthusiastic voice, and the game quietly ended.