Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Silver Wolf Apprentice

"... Long time no see, Prokion"

"Yes, long time no see, Master"

Me and the Beast Boy, Prochion, reunited in a corridor leading to the Arena Athlete's Desk.

Now I'm wearing a black-executer jacket with a feather-woven hood, but he seemed to identify with me without any bitterness.

"Because His Majesty had taught me"

"Becoming a Vessel"

You realize what I think. Prochion confesses with a bitter smile.

If you knew the answer, would you know that?

"... you've gotten a lot stronger, Prochion. Honestly, I misjudged you."

"Thank you. I owe this to my master."

Prochion laughing happily at my words. That laugh finally appeased me, too.

The prochions on the ring were very different from the prochions I didn't know were young.

My back was smaller, and I didn't have that strength again.

He told me it was Prochion who scratched that Zephyr's face, and Zephyr himself told me that what was in my head was an image of a young boy admiring me if he did it.

I couldn't believe the boy was now a warrior over me... but as far as that grin goes, there didn't seem to be any significant changes on the inside.

I guess I grew up year after year.

"But you... you're getting big, you son of a bitch, aren't you higher than me?

"Haha, I've grown so big in the past year"

The sight is almost the same when we approach it. Three years ago, it was tiny like Lily Lee.

... Shit, both my brothers are handsome and taller than me or something. Seriously.


Fu, the prochion that was smiling suddenly looked serious.

A haz-procchion of the boy as he grew up gave him a sharp look of adult face loss.

"Welcome home."

If you look at it, you have tears in your eyes. Has he made his expression strong so that he doesn't cry?

"... oh, I'm home"

Slightly tapping his shoulder, Prochion nodded cocoon, small.

Afterwards, I made a promise to meet Prokion again after my game and I headed to the athlete's office.

"Yashiro's, Aniki"

"... quon"

In front of the holding room, Quon stood by the wall.

"... I've been watching you"

"How was it?

Quon asks as he leans down.

In contrast, I'll stroke Quon's head a little cluttered.

"You haven't. From now on, I'll work you out for real, so be prepared!

Quon raised his face as he was surprised that Ha,

"Bet on it!!

And I shouted and lowered my head.

"I'm fine. Let's go, Quon."


... um, I also feel a little too well... well, better than being shady.

When we walked into the holding room with Quon, who became a vibrant hatchet, our gaze was pointed at us.

"Oh, I'm feeling better already. I was about to cry earlier."

Ebsal comes near me laughing with Nitanita.

"Oh, I'm not crying!

"Keke...... but well, that werewolf boy's array sure is cheating. It's not that dimensional."

Ebsal says so and turns his gaze to me. "You know something, don't you?" But I asked.

"'Beastification' … a technique that only some of the extreme can make while any beast man possesses its qualities.... That's what someone I know said."

"'Beastification'...... can I be one too!?

Kuon asked me to hold him. Well, that's no choice either. Until we used "Beastification," the Quon, who had a trump card called "Spirit of That Slightly Erotic Fox," was slightly advantageous, but the difference in power was smashed into "Beastification."

It is possible for a beast man to become such a 'beast'.

"If what I know is right, I can make it. It's very unlikely."

"Me too, can you be...!

When I said affirmative words, Quon clenched his fists hard.

"Sonna, Simple Na Things Niha See Ena Cutta"

Suddenly, one of the dragon players (Dragon Newt) called me. A dragon man with sharper claws than swords on scales more robust than lined armor, while a xenical dragon man with shields on armor, and mace.

"Sure you are..."

"I, de Ijn"

Low roaring voice is returned

"Now, what do you mean?

When Quon asks, de Ijn

I put my arms together and meditated my eyes to conceive.

"O After the main tono game, the ex no-shi ni returns to Tteitaga...... foot takeoff liga ocassicata. Fear Laquarehato Tetsumonai Fatigue So Users Ni and Er Items Da"

This guy, you can think of nothing more than obscure things!

Looks like a hit.

Ebsal looks at me and laughs at me. Arr? I'm wearing the hood of a black executor's jacket right now... I don't think I can see the look on my face.

"... de Ijn, you're right." Beastification, "Array is the blade of the blades. The more you use it, the more fatigue accumulates in your body, and when it is at its limit, it is freely released. Moreover, after disarming, physical abilities are greatly reduced. … a substitute for saying that if you don't make sure you finish them off, you'll get hit the other way."

Looking at Quon as a chill, he seems to be attracted to strengthening his physical abilities (boost), even though he seems a little unfortunate, and started worrying with his arms together.

"Well, what. There is no guarantee that we will be able to use 'beastification' first. It is also bad to rely only on 'bestialization', which is a simple enhancement of abilities.... I just need to be strong like you without rotting"

Just so I can tell you, keep your head down.


and whimpered and nodded as he blushed.

"But 'beastification'... if he did, he'd beat that Leonhardt."

Let's just keep Ebsal's bastard in mind about the fight, as always.

When I whispered a small sigh, a staff voice echoed in the hall.

"If you're in the next third war, please!

Lune, the knight of Black Leotard, who was sitting on the bench of his prep, stood up and looked at me as a flirt and walked out to the ring.

He was hiding in his helm, but that gaze was definitely pouring on me. Uhm, that horny knight is a source of concern this time too. How do you know who I am...

"Deja: The Black Executor: Darkness Executioner. Ahead (d) Semifinals de Toteilzo"

"Yes, if you're gonna wait for me, wait for me."

de Ijún shows his fangs and heads to the laughing ring. You can't overlook this one battle where dragon men using weapons and mysterious porn knights collide.

What kind of battle can be waged?

"Oh boy, you're not forgetting to fight me. Shall we?

When de Ijn and Black Leotard were gone from the holding room, Zappa of the multi-armed (Asura) clan approached.

"... you forgot your promise in the bath, you."

"If I speak up easily, Akan, what promise do you have?

Did you just say not to rose your name when you said that?

"Ah, Aniki! Do you know that 'king' Zappa too!?

Kuon looks at me with a sparkling eye.

It's the eyes of a kid who sees the athlete he admires. This.

"Well, hey, yeah"

I just met him in the bathroom, but he seemed to betray some expectations and left them obscure.

"'Kings' hey... I didn't know you would name 'Kings' in front of me. I just think you're stupid. Hey, Yu, you think so too?

I don't know, but Ebsal suddenly ran out. What, you're not meeting Zappa for the first time!?

"The royal family is responsible for" fist saints "just because they can dance a little... wholesale kids (WHISPERS) ah!!

Zappa also broke out. What, eh? What are these two? I'm scared I'm gonna cut it out at best.

"Anikianiki, this is such a routine tea meal among fistfighters, right?

Woohoo, with that said, I was also quarreled and sold by you... I want to go home now.