Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Prior brave men and false holy swords.

The moment I saw it, I learned courage and nausea faster than I understood what it was.

A sword with a distorted appearance resembled a holy sword of his own... No, after understanding that it was an indwelling being of the same nature, I learned fierce anger.

He's a false holy sword. Someone created the Holy Sword in the shape of a person, someone created it.

Bravery, who felt so, looked at Lune with a false holy sword and shouted unexpectedly.


Speak out loud. That was a scream.

But de Ijn did not move when he saw the deep red light leaking out of The False Sacred Sword, as if he had fallen in love, and the light wrapped the dragon man in the next moment.

For a moment, it was only a moment. In that moment, when the sword of the extreme light was waved by the horizontal beacon, the body of the dragon man de Ijn was erasing the living proof without leaving any dust, as if it had not been from the beginning.

"Ahhh... ahhh...! Ahhhhhh!!

I was used to people dying.

Besides, he's not close to himself, he's someone else.

But Yong couldn't help but scream.

Because a strong pulsation of power could be felt from the 'false holy sword' that wiped out the dragon man.

It's like -- yeah, it's like chewing on a prey eaten, like that, running scared, pulsating.

"That son of a bitch... eats it... he killed it, he killed it, he 'souls' it... eat it!!

In this other world, a "demon sword" is a magical sword, or a weapon in general.

But as an evil being paired with the 'Holy Sword', there is no more suitable word.

Demonic Sword, "Demonic Sword"

If it is a 'demon sword' in the original sense of bravery. That 'false holy sword' was exactly, 'demon sword'.

"What are you doing?"

A low, roaring voice leaked out of Sylvia's mouth.

"What the hell is that?"

There's no way anyone can answer that.


Sylvia was squeezing her fist to pieces.

"Aren't you like -" Holy Sword "!!

Silvia once ran the battlefield with more courage than anyone else.

Sylvia couldn't help but see the glow of the Holy Sword that its courage waved, as she continued to see it up close.

To say that it is the opposite of a holy sword with a gentle glow of courage, a resentful light...

"Your Majesty, be assured"

Leonhardt, who stood beside him. The voice calling himself heard the anger and perplexity that he would not normally show.

Sylvia, who tried to be calm about Leo's words, but her waving heart, it was not so easy to calm down.

"What are you...?

How many times have I told you? Sylvia repeated the words as she asked herself.

"... 'Holy Sword' huh!?

In the audience in the arena as de Ijún disappeared, Bernadette saw the sight and managed to indulge in what was likely to be a scream.

"... possibly"

> Lilyl Lee, who was sitting next to Bernadette, responded to Bernadette's whining.

"Damn again... that's a lot of light"

Torre once caught a glimpse of the light of the Holy Sword.

The relief I felt at that time, I could not even feel the fine dust from Ano Light's sword.

"So! The Holy Sword..."

- Pattin '!

The sound of something playing blocked Bernadette.

"... Witch bloodline, don't make too much noise"

It's Pimont.

With his umbrella in one hand, he rang his fingers with his open hand and activated the magic of Silent.

"Oh, excuse me..."

The name of Word and Bravery, called the Holy Sword, is not a very outspoken and good word.

Pimont shook his shoulder and laughed as Bernadette apologized.

"Kickin '- Lord's guy, you're pretty angry. Put aside the masterpiece or not, and there's no doubt that it's close to the Holy Sword."

Let's go, Pimon. But there was nothing on that look.

Joy and sorrow, was faceless, as if something called emotion was missing.

"You... who the hell are you"

To Lune, who returned to the athlete's modest room, Yong asked with an alternating look with no anger and confusion.

"Fake, but that was definitely the 'Holy Sword'. How did you make that one, who made it? Why 'd you make it?

The woman in the mask keeps stopping in front of her courage and tells her nothing.

"Do you understand what we've done? It's something that people shouldn't have their hands on. The soul eaten by that will never be reincarnated again. And the tip of it is a terrible thing that can even bite you. You understand that, don't you?

To the question of courage, the woman in the mask responded by shrugging small.

"- Well, I get it.... I have to kill him for sure."

Low, roaring voices emanate from courage.

"... you can't kill people, it's a good bark"

The voice over the mask was crooked and the characteristic lay down voice, except that it could be found to be a woman.

(That's it... I don't know if you even know I can't kill people... what's more from the church than Luxeria?)

Yong thought at first that this woman was the assassin unleashed by the Kingdom of Luxeria to kill herself.

Because I found out from Luxeria that I was a national nominee when introducing athletes.

(It was a difficult princess to understand what she was thinking, but I'm pretty sure the princess of that country didn't know me by the real name of the brave men of my predecessors.... then you'd better consider yourself an assassin of the Cardinal and the others who know me. must have used great power to trap him as a knight of Luxeria)

Yong reminds me of the depressed and fat cardinal that fit three years ago.

THE BAD MAN, I am reminded of the Cardinal figure who laughs so much thinking about what feels bad about the look I said.

"... I will see you next... and I will sacrifice you under daylight."

With that said, the masked woman went right next to Yong.

"... I don't know, there's a cause, so that's good, right?

Ebsal, who was static, asks valiantly.

"I think we got a cause.... Damn, we're in trouble..."

A small sigh of courage is called by the staff of the arena.

Come on, let's go.

Bravery walks out to the ring, stroking the pattern of his double sword resting on his hips.

Behind it follows a multi-armed Zappa.

"Hey, finally a battle with you, kid. I don't know. I've been waiting about eight months."

Zappa speaking cheerfully, but his eyes weren't laughing, and his mouth was heavily connected again.

"Really, couldn't wait?

"I don't think so."

Walking to the center of the ring, the two men, Yong and Zappa, distance themselves from nature.

Meanwhile, about 8 m.

Two men with hand-to-hand fists, facing each other.

"King Zappa vs. -"

The rabbit ear host lady screams single-handedly at Mike to tense the audience,

At this moment in time, the opposing two people had not received that voice, of course, the noise of the name saying that the audience in excess of tens of thousands would cheer.

There was no sound around me as if I had a silent magic, I could only hear the beating of my heart and the flow of red Shizuku flowing through my veins.

It was courage that broke that silence.

"Sorry, old man. - I can't afford to have fun anymore."

"Well,... so?

"I had to go win"


"Let me win."

"Try not, kid"

Faster than the gong sounded, the two clashed, and the sound of the sword trident became the gong.