Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

The melancholy of the previous brave

The city of Gallarier was boiling that day.

Zappa, the king of demonic martial arts, was defeated, and even the ring in the arena was heavily damaged during that game, making it impossible to continue the game afterwards, because he entered the first "day two" as demonic martial arts began.

The defeat of the King and "Day Two," on two topics, even the inhabitants and tourists of this city continued to make noise at night.

"... ha"

Bravery sighed small, looking away from the hotel balcony at the noisy people like that festival.

"What's going on? What a sigh."

Tips on the balcony railing, and a brunette girl stepped down making a noise.


"... well hey, various..."

Bernadette thought a little bit of it when Yuuki said that while scratching his head,

"That woman with that red light holy sword and the power of the holy sword to ask that woman the truth has won...?


"... you got a good idea"

The courage to open your eyes like a surprise. Bernadette laughs small when she sees such courage.

"Well, that's about it when Mr. Yashiro says he's worried."

"I've done bad things to that multi-armed Asura old man."

"I feel like I was laughing so happy..."

With a bitter smile Bernadette lowered her hips on the railing and, like Yong, looked at the streets.

"That holy sword... was created by someone"


"Someone... human, someone created it."

"Oh, can you do that?

There's no way I can do this.

"I should be able to... but that holy sword is definitely there... so that holy sword has become distorted"

"The Holy Sword is completed by pouring the soul of the bearer into the sword Uwo.... but I am finished as a holy sword by the sword Uzuwa preying on my soul"

"That full-faced woman... is benefiting from the Holy Sword by sacrificing the soul of her defeated opponent"


Bernadette loses his word.

"That's all I know...... so I have to ask. who created it and why."

"Besides, he knew me... he knew my name and who I was"

"Yashiro's... you know Yashiro as a brave man," he said?

"Oh.... so there's a cause between me and that woman. So just in case, you couldn't lose."

"... so how did you win then? If I was surprised that Mr. Yashiro was slashed, I would have won at some point, it felt like..."

"Uh, that one... that one somehow removed the 'cause' of the opponent's attack and forced him to avoid the attack."

"Hey, what the hell is that! Is that possible?

"It's done, actually."

"Maybe that fake holy sword too...... Huh!

"Hmm... no, maybe not"

"This power does not originally belong to the Holy Sword. I call it 'cause and effect', but this ability of 'cause and effect' was expressed in response to the ability of the Demon King. The presence of the Holy Sword and the Demon King mirrors each other and is born to counter the abilities of the Demon King behind coins and like a table. So unlike the relationship between the Sacred Sword and the Demon King, there is no room for evolution in that man-made Sacred Sword."

"... I'm getting kind of a headache"

"Sorry, I'm making you sound stupid."

"No! That's not true! ……



Each other, we've been pushing each other.

I know Bernadette is trying to cheer me up when he hears about his stupidity.

But Yong was not least shocked that a man had produced a holy sword that devoured the souls of others.

Didn't the Demons give birth? What a question comes to mind.

But above all, the 'Holy Sword', for which courage is responsible, denies the question.

Such a distorted holy sword, but its essence was that it was a demon-paying being.

Will a demon-paying being be created by a being belonging to the demon?

That must still be a product produced by humans.

"Human beings... I knew it was a deep business... but I didn't know I'd do it this far"

Bernadette still looks like she's going to cry at the words that Yong whined casually.

I couldn't see the side of it in the courage that was watching the streets.

"... Mr. Yashiro, don't you want to go on a date?


Bravery overheard the words cut out for the air and everything.

"It's a date, a date!

"!... so why all of a sudden?"

Bravery blushes his cheeks as he fell in love with Bernadette's sightseeing smile.

"Sometimes you need to think. But even if you think too much, that makes it poisonous.... I have this home lesson in my house. 'Bad thoughts. Similar to resting. Then rest in dignity'. So let's rest square and square, let's play!

"It doesn't look deep. It's not deep. That proverb!

Couscous and Bernadette laugh at the unexpected courage to raise their voices.

"Let's forget about it now. You don't know until tomorrow anyway, do you?

"No, I sure am..."

"Look, Mr. Yashiro!

Palms offered.

"... Damn, I get it"

Yong smiled small and took the hand.