Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Awakening of previous brave men

I had a dream.

Even though it's only been three years, I already feel it a long time ago, stories from the past.

Talk about a certain girl and boy.

"Hey, Yong-kun"

The boy, with his rare dark hair and black eyes in this world, sighed one sigh when he saw the girl with the blue eyes on the silver hair calling himself.

"I told you not to do that."

I kept telling her to stop saying that again and again, but the girl seems to really like the way she calls it,

"Haha, sorry Yong-kun"

And to apologize, but with laughter. The boy, half giving up correcting the call, sighed small.

"Damn...... so? What's the matter with you?"

When the boy asks, the girl stretches out her hands and legs after

"Yong-kun, do you regret coming to this world?

I let it go.

"Ha?... Well, I couldn't say hello to the duchess over there or everyone in the yard, but it's nothing like regret, huh?


Answering the sudden question with a scratch of her head, the girl approaches her face and asks further.

"Really. Well, I felt terrible coming over here, and something terrible happened.... but now I can say it with confidence. I'm glad to have been summoned to this world.... I like this world, it seems so"

The girl pointed her mouth unconvinced when she answered with a bitter smile.

"Oh well."


"... hey Yong-kun"


"... whatever."

"What the hell is that?"

Boys and girls laugh at each other.

Ahead, without knowing that a tragedy awaits.

I was laughing at "When" happily at that moment.

"Huh... Huh... Huh...!

I woke up, I didn't know I saw it. It was a ceiling, no way, it's a luxury hotel ceiling you're staying at thanks to Sylvia.

"Ha... ha... I didn't know I could make you dream of this again..."

Three years ago, Olivia took my place and sealed up the Demon King, so my connection with Olivia disappeared. I went back to Japan.

But back in Japan, what I had tasted was a nightmare of uninterrupted loss and memories of Olivia being shown to me every night.

After two years the chances of seeing it have diminished......

"... damn"

My body is wet due to sleeping sweat. Disgusting, I get up, take off my shirt, reach for the water drain placed on the table.

"Nku...... ha"

Drink down the cockroach and water and wipe your mouth. The cold air in the water that spreads to the body cools the body and head.

By doing so, I finally breathed.

"Master Yashiro, are you awake?

Concon, and after the sound of knocking on the door of the room, a woman's voice. Is it Sylvia's maid?

"It just happened."

"Your Majesty is waiting. Come to the dining room when you're ready."

When the maid's footsteps are far away, I wipe my sweaty, wet body with a towel and change into alternate clothes. When it comes to substitute clothes, it doesn't change the appearance, what is it?

When I headed to the hotel cafeteria, which I was gently familiar with, there was a guy there who was used to seeing Sylvia.

"Ah, Mr. Yashiro. Thank you."

"Bernadette? Why are you here?"

Bernadette looks at me and waves, sitting in the seat just outside Sylvia.

"Why, have you forgotten?

"Forget? …"

Sylvia turns her gaze at me when she leans her neck without thinking of the surprise of Bernadette's words.

"She brought you here last night when she passed out. … say thank you."


Having felt intensely uncomfortable with how Bernadette was doing and Sylvia's words, I plan on remembering what Sylvia said last night.

Yesterday, I...

"-... bearer"

Souda, I Haano Girl Ni Similar Ta, What a look Te......

"... uhh..."

"Mr. Yashiro!?

When yesterday's sight flickers on my head like a flashback, I almost throw up uncomfortably with that discomfort and disgust.

When I sat in the nearby chair, the maid approached me with a water drain.

"Go ahead."

"... Hi"

When slightly abusive, it swallows water directly from the mouth of the water drain.

The vomiting gradually faded after about two sips.

"... she heard from Lord Bernadette... a girl similar to her sister is probably the one I tried to get her to meet with you"

"So... wait, what does that have to do with Haidou?

"I only know from news from Alicia... that the remains of Dragon King Vahmund are more born and present than what was at its core. I hear the Second Generation witnessed it in front of him."

"What the hell!?

Unexpectedly slap the dining room table and stand up.

"Calm down, Yong"

"This calms me down!! Dragon King (Vahmund) was the work of the Umbra guy... a woman who resembled Olivia came out of what was at the core of that Dragon King, what a coincidence to be cleaned up...!

My hands, my legs, no, my whole body is shaking with anger.

"In Alicia's view, I hear that the soul was different but the flesh was almost like my sister's..."

"............... Um, bastard...... Huh!!

What floats in the back of your brain is the appearance of an ex-human who fell into the outer passage. I felt more anger swirling around my body then when I was taken hostage by Alicia.

"I don't know what they think they're doing. But bravery... in a rough heart, doing is rough. One breath, calm down."

"... Damn!

Grab a water drain and bathe it from your head. By doing so, only my thoughts came cold.

"Now, okay?

"Don't add more maid work, fool... well, you've gotten a little better"

I was finally calm with the look and bitterness of seeing Sylvia's arm-white kid. Damn, you're such an embarrassment.

"... who looks like that Olivia now?

When asked to change the subject, Bernadette bowed her head for some reason.

"I'm sorry...... I got into the crowd and couldn't follow you"

"Really...? Well, what choice do we have..."

I thought maybe I'd meet him face to face, but he didn't have to worry about it.... Worried, huh? I wonder what I'm worried about.

As I sighed small as I remembered the gray girl I saw last night, my tight gaze was skipped from Sylvia.

"What choice do you have, fool? Lord Bernadette passed out, and he couldn't chase you because he was in your care."

"Hey, what is it? You didn't get angry at me or question me, did you?

Asked as she managed to endure the sudden sermon and approaching the front seat, Sylvia rang her nose out and put her arms together.

"That's the eye. There's no woman who can be calm and put in by a man who likes that disappointing eye."


Bernadette turned her face to Sylvia in a way that surprised her with a bright red face. The momentum is too good and it's going to hurt my neck.

"Don't tell me what!?

"You like this fool, don't you?... Totally, it's hard to fall in love with guys like each other"

Sylvia giggles when she sees Bernadette reddened to her ears panicking.

"... What is a man like this? What is a man like this"

"I'm not asking you to forget your sister. But a man tells me to love one or two women and show them. And when I came with you, I was with Uzi."

Gu, the sermon has begun.

"No, but, you know, I don't know what to say about modern Japanese boys, but ethically, polygamy is NG, which is why light novels in harem objects are so popular..."

"I don't know why. I'm telling you to stop making excuses. Not at all..."

That's what I said, Sylvia, sipping wine.

"But... come here. The appearance of a woman similar to Olivia, huh?... Totally at the edge of the event."

Reunion with Sylvia, Ebsal, and Lillie Lee for demonic martial arts. Appearance of that fake holy swordsman or a woman similar to Olivia even though the Demon Clan seems to be coming after this... to be honest, I'm getting mentally tired.


"Hmm? What the hell, Bernadette"

When I sighed small, Bernadette, whose face was bright red until just now, raised her hand with an imaginary face.

"The Virgin is very much like Her Majesty Sylvia and her sister, isn't she?

"Mm-hmm. Especially since I was told my sister and two melons, that's what I'm proud of."

By the way, Alicia had two melons with Silvia three years ago. She's not even a twin, but she looks a lot like her.

"I don't think I, Her Majesty Silvia, am anything like that girl."

That's what Bernadette said as he looked up into the air to remember one thing from last night.

"... what?

Sylvia, who fails to understand exactly what Bernadette said and is upset.

I was in the same condition as Sylvia. No, for what we're actually meeting, the confusion would be up there.

"Hey, what are you talking about Bernadette..."

"I have never seen the face of the Virgin. But there was not much resemblance between that girl's face and Her Majesty's."

My voice trembles unexpectedly. But Bernadette answers by looking straight at me like that.

"Well, try to remember"


I meditate my eyes, and Bernadette is right about one thing last night, no, I remember that gray girl.

"... wait, if you ask me... no, but I still think it was similar..."

I try to remember the gray girl, but I can't remember much because it seems to have taken some time.

You say you even thought Olivia herself showed up, but now you don't know exactly what that looks like.

"Yong and Alicia saw her and her sister as very similar. But from Lord Bernadette, she was different... what is this?"

"- Something's been set up, and it looks right."

Whatever the hell Umbra is involved in.

That's how he'd do it.




The dining room quiets back with Sin.

No one felt like opening their mouth.

Thus began the morning, later called the Day of Disaster.