A heat wave strokes my cheek.

The pale flame scorches the sky and blows up in momentum, and the vision stains blue.

And in the pale flaming columns was a figure.

"... ah, I feel good. Even when you became a brave man, did you feel this way, Yong?

Kutsuki and leaky laughter.

There was a woman exposed to skin tone (...) nudity over pale flames that lost momentum and calmed down.

The woman had no horns, and no golden eyes, characteristic of the devil tribe.

Hair as deep and lustrous as the sea, pale emerald eyes reminiscent of the meadows. There was a naked woman there who had a healthy skin tone and looked like just a human being.

"Ag, Niera...... is that it?

Yong could not believe that the beings in front of him were Duchess Demons. Instead of losing the traits that are demonic, even its presence... only human beings could think of it.

"Did I look like a boulder? Well, I can't do it, it looks like the contents have been swept around quite a bit as well as the exterior. It's yours. It's pretty inferior, but this guy's a clean 'holy sword', too. If the bearer of" Holy Sword "is a Demon, then I guess it doesn't fit right. Shit, it looks like a complete axe spear!

Agniera laughs like a child showing off her new toys as she bears an axe spear on her shoulder that leaves behind the design of the Holy Sword that Bravery holds.

"The Demons will use the Holy Sword... Huh!

Agniella laughs at the words she utters.

"Don't say that, Yong. There was a place where I thought it was me, right?

Extreme light overflows from Agniera's axe spear, and in the next moment Agniera wears a pale ball of armor.

"Until Spirit Armed (Arms Fairion)......!?

"But if I don't, I can't catch up with you. Then I don't have a choice."

Worn in beautiful armor like trapped pale flames, Agniera smiles like a girl.

"How the hell..."

"Evil, but I'm daunted here, and the question to say so is..."

Agniera swung the axe spear that was on her shoulder and stood with her hips dropped.

"......" Old (Al) Wings "T Fruge"!!

"- Kill me before you do!!

It was almost at the same time that Yong wore white armor and Agniera stepped in.

The armor of absolute defense and the Sacred Sword of Ethereal Flame (Halvard) came into contact with each other at sublight speeds and were played with shocks and explosions scattered around them.

"- Ha ha! Ah, ha ha ha!! Highest! That's the tallest, Yong Woo!!

"Son of a bitch... he's not recovering from the mess, but he's getting high on his own."

Bravery and Agniera that were played against each other. but for a moment, they bumped into each other again faster than blinking.

"This is it! This!! Is this the world you guys were looking at!?...... Ku, kahahahaha!! This guy, this guy sucks! It's like you keep doing the best!!

The holy sword collides with the holy sword, scattered with silver sparks. Sharpen the world with every one-in-one bump.

"You and the demon king bastard were singling out mons like this!? Isn't that pretty bad, hey Oi!?


Yuuki accidentally leaks her tongue at Agniella, who hits herself like a bounce.

"What's wrong?!? To that extent? Is that about right, brave woo woo woo!?

Agniera shouts out to courage, who just prevents a onslaught and doesn't even fight back.

Bravery stared at it with cold eyes everywhere.

- Yong was never, ever an excellent warrior. It's not like you don't have talent. But Leonhardt, the most powerful magical swordsman ever seen by mankind. Ebsal, who was young and even called Fist Saint. And Kaito, a modern brave man manipulating dragon language.

If you were asked if you were as gifted as they were as a warrior, you still weren't.

Then why were they not even able to reach one step in their personal martial arts, where courage could boast of overwhelming power against the Duke, the highest rank of the Demon clan?

Because he was the bearer of the Holy Sword.

The power of the Holy Sword was immense. Being a bearer only strengthened his physical abilities to one another with the Duke, and if he wanted to open the Holy Sword, he could even wipe out the Duke with one arm.

So what remains of valor when the difference is filled by the power of its overwhelming advantage, the Holy Sword? Martial arts or magic? Neither reaches the geniuses, is only a hundred warriors when it comes to martial arts, and cannot be activated by chanting without magic in the body.

Now that Agniella, the Demon Nation, has lost the difference in power as the bearer of the Holy Sword, what can you do bravely?

"'The White Land (Al Bion)'"

- Yong was never, ever an excellent warrior. But more than anyone else, he was the bearer of the Holy Sword.

"- Ah?"

Glali and Agniera's vision leans. When I realized it, my body was separated from my hips to my upper and lower body.

When I realized it, the magic armor that bravery wrapped around had changed. Instead of heavy armor that thickens the protection, the emphasis is on speed, on lightweight armor -

"If you're like a kid who got a new toy, call me... this time, I went through that three years ago."


To the extent that the body was mutilated, it is neither painful nor itchy for Agniera, the demon tribe who conducts the flames.

But Agniera was so shocked that she forgot about her severed body.

One blow made me incapable of fighting. It's the same as Yong, who should have turned himself into the bearer of the Holy Sword, without being able to sense it.

The impact of this Agniera was immeasurable.

Though inferior to the boulder compared to the holy sword that Bravery possesses, the holy sword should even be comparable to the brave and demon king if the original abilities of the Duke class are added.

Even with that, I couldn't spot a single knife. What did they do? What 'd you do? What can I do? Agniera's head was covered with question marks.

... There is no such thing. A knife boosted by an instantaneous acceleration by "The White Land (Al Bion)" thrust into the gap of Agniera's onslaught, narrowed by pride, just a counter.

The heavy armor that consolidated the protection was dull, if I told you, and the slow movement suddenly became faster and Agniera's perceptual organs just couldn't cope with the strength and weakness of its speed.

That's just it. Yes, I measured how much effort was put into it, measured when it was time to put in force, and only one knife drew the flow of the field towards me.

This is it. This is the only force I've been polishing up since three years ago.

Yong was more used to using the Holy Sword than anyone else

If you notice, Agniera was standing up with her cheeks tiding.

Agniera was screaming as she raised the axe spear of the Holy Sword and scattered the pale flames.

"It's great, Yong. You're still the best, brave!! Come on, let's love, brave!!

Woohoo, this man still deserves to fall in love. Agniera's heartbeat strikes an early bell before her scorching opponent.

"I don't have time for you to hang out with me... ugh!!

If you look around, Lily, Bernadette, Quon, Torre, are fighting the Demons. Combatatively, we are now in equilibrium, but we do not know what happens and how to fall.

What is going on outside the arena? What happened to Sylvia and the others? All the rush recruits.

The existence of Agniera's holy sword is also of concern. The array is also heterogeneous to the false holy sword we first saw. Bravery felt that way by intuition.

It doesn't look like it. Intuition tells me that the contents of that holy sword are closer to my holy sword than a fake holy sword.

And that intuition was telling me that it was awkward (...) to have that holy sword.

No, that was no longer an intuition. That's what my holy sword tells me about my existence.


Extreme light overflows, collides with pale flames, and the world rocks.