"--No, no, no."

"Forget it, what is it!?" You, what the hell-- "

Nick, who had become a hero overnight, pulled the [Holy Sword Zet] out of its sheath and cut off his father's head.

The father said, "What the hell is going on?" With a nasty expression, he made a sound on the dirty floor and fell head to head.

Delayed, blood spurts from the amputated torso.

When the body that had lost its neck fell from its knees and fell to the floor, the blood that had flowed vigorously from the cutting part gradually lost its momentum.

The mother who had dirtied her face, body and clothes with her father's blood could not immediately accept the reality in front of her, and froze for a moment.

When the brain miso finally understands reality, it creates a scream that squeezes out of the body.

"... noo, ahhhh! Ah, you! Nick, why did you kill your father? Father--"

"Shut up."

Nick looked at his mother's scream loudly.

Since both hands are holding the [Holy Sword Zet], they cannot hold their ears.

Because of this, he screamed and screamed at his mother's head just as he screamed at his father as he did at the root of the noise.

The mother's head, horrified in front of her son's murder, danced in the air and rolled down to the floor like her father.

Thanks to her mother's neck, she can't speak just because she twitches her mouth several times, and the movement stops immediately.

Nick nodded in satisfaction in front of the quiet room.

"It's finally quiet." You were so stupid that you didn't think you were my parents. Besides, instead of rejoicing at the prosperity of her son, who was chosen by the goddess, she tried to interfere. "It's a terrible villain..." That said, I killed you with momentum, but didn't it taste good? "

Nick thought for a moment as he put the Holy Sword in a sheath and gave an answer.

"Well, no. A lonely hero with dead parents is a classic story." This could be an ant for a hero's journey. "

He has no regrets, even though he has put his real parents in his hands.

Rather, I was delighted that it had become the same situation as the classic hero setting in the story.

Of course, the classic hero of the story doesn't kill his parents with his own hands. Originally, orphans, monsters, and bandits attacked and killed my parents.

"Hey, what's the matter?! I heard a terrific scream!?"

Mother's screams were heard outside, and men living in the village neighborhood visited Nick's house with quails in their hands.

Since it was not locked, when I opened the door, there stood... a parent with a sword in his hand and amputated neck, and a son with blood on his back.

Finally, thanks to the rising sun, the morning sun shone through the room, and even if you don't like it, you can see a miserable sight.

"Finally, Nick! Oh, did you do such a miserable thing!?" Guu, ahhh! "

”Hehe! You're kidding me... killing my real parents... what the hell happened?”

"Oh, I didn't call the village chief!" Nick! Get your hands off that sword! Put it on the floor! "

Those who nauseate at such a miserable scene, those who do not accept reality without knowing the meaning of putting their parents on the scene, those who daze, and those who put their strength on the quack and give instructions - the men who witnessed the scene each react.

Nick sighed and shrugged at them.

"Oh my... why is the timing so bad for all of you?" It's disgusting that I get a bad reputation for being a hero before I leave. That's why I can't help it. "

Nick pulls out the Holy Sword again in a troubled attitude like the protagonist.

"Moreover, in the story of the hero, the protagonist escaped hard after being attacked, but it was a classic start that the villagers were wiped out." This is it, isn't it? "

He did not hesitate to leak his own words and turned his blade to the men he had been seeing in the neighborhood.

On that day, a village of a certain race will disappear from the face of the earth.

The villagers, young and old, were all beheaded.

The "Holy Sword Zet", which Nick received from the goddess, has seven similar abilities to the story.

One of its abilities was the ability to run through the sky when owned. After destroying his homeland, he rushes into the sky toward the Duke of Six, where the goddess Souhonzan is.

Arriving at the Six Dukes, he dived through the gates in order to follow the law.

Nick asks people, aiming for the goddess Motoyama.

The church of the goddess Souhonzan existed on the north side of the Six Dynasties, near the slums.

The Principality does not treat the goddess Mt. Souhon indifferently either.

Originally, the goddess Souhonzan was on the north side, and if the poor people were given money, a slum would have been formed.

Also, because it was not used as a tool of politics, the goddess Mt. Sotomoto was built in the Six Dukes, which is a neutral zone, and it is not very big for "Mt. Sotomoto".

Less than half of the Six Dukes School of Magic.

The church looks good because of the support money (sacrifice) from various countries.

Nick did not hesitate to enter the Goddess Motoyama Church.

It was as if you were at ease entering your own house.


Once inside, the eyes of those who were inside gathered together.

Three men, excluding Nick, stared at him - they immediately understood.

Nick understands who they are at a glance.

[My friends]... they were chosen by the same goddess as me.

"The Hero of the Holy Spear" with a spear that embodies anger in the priest's clothes.

Short and somehow floating in the air is the "Holy Armor Hero".

The "Hero of the Holy Seal" has the appearance of a merchant with his hair tied together behind him.

And [Holy Sword Hero] Nick.

In the old mythical era of modern times, the champions chosen by the goddess were all together.