"Naraka" Bottom level, office.

While sitting in a chair, I received a report from Ellie, who was standing in front of me, about the treatment of the "Goddess Shouhonzan" after the Brave Crusade.

"I see... the goddess is still in a state of internal division when the heroes are defeated"

"Yes. After it was confirmed that the heroes were defeated, the factions of" Avenge the heroes "," I protest, but do not do anything "," The heroes acted on their own initiative "," Shut up without announcing anything "were in a state of internal strife."

"With three people, we can build a faction..." I can't believe we're fighting so much inside... "

When I hear Ellie's report, I let out a sigh while holding down my temple.

After defeating the heroes who had been hostile to us, [The Witch of the Great Tower] protested strongly against the goddess Sohonzan, aligning herself with the influential countries.

"Even if you are a hero recognized by the Goddess Church, you will not be allowed to run away."

Reading the memories of the captured heroes, they tried to capture and kill the [Saintess] Miya without worrying about how much damage would be done to the races.

In fact, there was damage to the village where her home was located, and there was a possibility that Queen Lilith might be killed because of the resistance of the heroes of the Talisman (Holy Seal), such as the Race Kingdom.

As a state, there is good reason to protest strongly against their actions.

The goddess Motoyama also identified that the defeat of the heroes was confirmed by the protests of various countries and their own information.

As a result, a faction emerged from "What to do next" inside.

"When the four brave men were born, they were stuck and strong."

"The brave people I was counting on were defeated one way or the other without any results." It's only natural to fold in. If you stop giving in and applying pressure in this case, you can also cut the rudder in the direction of crushing... In that case, some of them may explode ".

The outbreak was headed towards... Mia and Kuone.

"Even the brave ones couldn't make it with the [Witch of the Great Tower], except for Mia and Kuone." Even if you lose a brave man, you probably think you can go with just two daughters, and there's plenty of reason to aim for them in the past. "

Sounds like it.

"Yes, that's right. So, considering the safety of both of you, I foolishly think that it is not a good idea to crush the goddess Motoyama anymore." We have defeated the heroes, and we will continue to monitor them, but we will decide that it is best to leave them alone until they solve the various problems inside. "

I had all the information I needed from the brave men.

Nothing more can be gained by hunting down the goddess Motoyama, and it is pointless to scratch it and stretch the time for Miyasu to return to the Duke's Magic Academy.

Above all, it is not realistic to "kill all the followers of the goddess religion". If you are just incoming from Konmae, if you are able to identify the person you truly believe in, you will not have enough time, and there is no reason to do that.

Incidentally, Professor Domus, who is still in the Duchy of Sixt, was under surveillance and escort just in case.

It is possible that the goddess Motoyama will explode and target him.

”Corner, even though Mia-chan and the others have fulfilled their dreams and are now able to attend the Duke of Six Magic Academy, we can still get in the way of that.”

"Therefore, until the situation has settled down, I will ask Miyasu to stay in the [Tower City] and if safety is confirmed, I will fool you back to school."

"I also agree with Ellie." Ellie's Tower City is safe for both of us. "

"No, this is also because of the magnificence of the Lighthouse God." I'm just helping out a little bit. "

Ellie is humble, but in fact, she owes it to Miki to herself to run the city without any particular problems.

I smile at her in humility. [M]

"No, no, it's because Ellie's doing her best that I think you can be more confident.... well, in the meantime, let Mia-chan stay in the [Giant Pagoda City] until the situation settles down. I want you both to be convenient during your stay. And give the beast allies some preferential treatment in this case for protecting Mia-chan. I'll leave it to Ellie to decide what to do with it.”

"I was in awe." In my name, I will take care of you with my whole body. I will definitely do something that the Lightyear will agree with. "

Ellie replied that she was too enthusiastic to tell from the depths of her soul, whether she was deeply happy that I had entrusted her with the task.

I'll give it back with a smile.

"With Ellie, I can trust you with peace of mind." But you can't force yourself to get results. Be aware of your physical condition. "

Thank you for your words!

Ellie's tone rises even further when you hear my words of concern.

I felt even more bitter at that appearance. [M]

― ― "The road to hell is arranged with good intentions," but Mia, who was hidden in the Giant Pagoda City, was pushed psychologically by the good intentions of the "Giant Pagoda Witch", the city's lord.

Mia was sitting on the sofa in the guest room given to the [Giant Tower].


Mia was threatened with death by her self-proclaimed heroes.

With Domus's cleverness, he escaped with Quione in a metamorphosis.

The two of them sought help from the "Giant Tower Witch" in search of safety, and with the cooperation of the Beastmen Federation, they were safely protected by the "Giant Tower City".

The hero was crushed by the hands of the "Witch of the Great Tower", but because the goddess Motoyama was still there and I did not know what kind of movement to do in the future, I decided to stay in the "Great Tower City" until I settled down for a while.

All the clothes, food, and shelter are held by the "Giant Tower" side.

Apparently, he brought information about his self-proclaimed heroes.

"In addition, from the [Witch of the Great Tower], with good intentions..."

Miya-san is a student of the Duke of Six Magic School, right? I apologize for the neglect of my studies during my stay, and I will teach you about magic while I'm here. "

I received a terrible offer from the witch in good faith.

I don't know because I'm hiding my face, but my voice tells me that you offered me in complete goodwill, not harassment.

Mia and Kuone realized that their stomachs hurt because of this offer.

A king of a country, by analogy, is like a mere ordinary citizen being taught to study.

I appreciate the offer, but the psychological damage is too much.

In response to this offer, Mia ran in a panic.

"I have been instructed by our mentor, Professor Domus, to" see and hear from both of you outside and learn a lot, "so I would be very grateful for the offer, but I would be more than grateful if you could follow the instructions of the mentor and spread the various sightings in the" Giant Tower City "......"

"I see, is that an order from the two masters...?" Then it's a good idea to stick to it. But when it's over, you can always speak up. "

"The Witch of the Great Tower" unfortunately whispered, but in order to spread the word, he installed a promise to mediate his work in the "Great Tower City".

Thanks to this, I managed to escape the crisis of my stomach bursting with a personal lesson with the [Witch of the Tower].

"In the meantime, I'm glad I got the means to avoid the personal study of the [Witch of the Great Tower] and earn money." "I'm sorry, but it was a nice response..." But I was always told to speak up, but there's no way the [Witch of the Great Tower] could do that... "

"I appreciate Mia's tact..." But you don't have to worry so much about making money, do you? I'll use the operating funds of the "Giant Tower Church" if I need to. "

"...... I'm happy, but it's not good to spoil. I have to earn about my own living expenses."

Mia replied with a smile to Quonne's words sitting on the couch in front of her.

(You can't use the [Tower Church] 's money so badly to get the [Holy Maiden] treated as she deserves anymore......)

It was Mia's true intention to distance herself from the title of "Holy Maiden".

Therefore, if you take care of the "Giant Tower Cult" anymore, you will not be able to escape.

In that sense, it was a statement to avoid personal lessons with the "Witch of the Great Tower", but it was a good trick to ask for mediation in the name of "to spread the word".

All the clothes, food, and shelter are brought to me by the "Giant Tower", but I don't have any other pocket money to spend. Therefore, the job of earning money was an important project.

It's not that I turn misfortune into good fortune, but once again Mia praises herself in her heart for the virtue of her resourcefulness.

On the other hand, some people were going to have a head for Mia's demands.

Silica, the girl who was first seen in the "Tower City" as the "Witch's Safe".

She sits on the edge of her bed in her room with her head in her arms.

"Dear [Giant Tower Witch], do you want me to give work to the [Giant Tower Sect] saintesses and gurus directly!?"

As for Ellie, I'm just asking her to leave it to Silica, who created the employment of girls and boys in the "Giant Tower City", with the mild feeling that everything is fine.

However, in Silica's view, it is like being entrusted with a "job request that can never fail". If you fail, you may be treated like a 'nobody' like Miki who used to work with you.

I'd still be fine if it was just me, but if I were to involve even the employees...

Just imagining it hurts the stomach of silica.

"Moreover, the opponent is a rare magician of the race, such as the [Giant Tower Sect] saintess and the guru..." Why am I the only one who can see me like this?! "

I mourn my misfortune in my room, but doing so will not solve the problem.

Silica was literally dying to come up with a job for both of us.