"Wright...... banishing Omae from the party"

"... Huh?

I don't know what that means. Wright leaks a weird voice.

Right now, we're attacking the world's biggest, strongest, worst dungeon, Naruto.

As a baggage handler and choreographer, I was at this offensive party.

He is told to deport while taking a break in the cave hall in order to enter the 'Nara' middle layer at a party member.

The sweat I wiped down the backpack I was carrying onto the ground turns into cold sweat.

Drago of Dragon Race (Dragon Newt), the party leader of Legion "The Gathering of Races", looks like a strong but intelligent, gentle, dependable figure in a bipedal dragon.

I seem to have annoyed Mr. Drago, or the party, without realizing it, and pissed him off.

So I rush to bow my head well with the words of apology.

I scream an apology with a blue face.

"Shh, excuse me! If anything goes wrong, I'll fix it right away, so forgive the exile from the party!

"Pfft, couscous...... nothing wrong, though I would have decided to banish him because I don't need him anymore. You don't even know that."

"I hate inferior human beings because they're really retarded."

Mr. Garou, the same party member and beast race to apologize, and Sasha, the elf species, look down with a look of contempt.

I am more struck by the statements of the two of you than by the statements of expulsion made by Mr. Drago. [M]

There are six races in this world: race (human), beast race, dragon race (dragon news), elf species, dwarf species and demon race.

Among them, race (human) is less powerful than beast race, and is not as long as dragon race (Dragon Newt) or elf species and good at witchcraft. The hand is less clever than the dwarf species, and the head spins slower than the demon race.

Race (human) is the 'inferiost' of the six species, and it was seen and discriminated against in this world.

But "The Gathering of Races" was famous for its legends, which hated such discrimination and brought together members based on the noble philosophy of creating a world of equality for all species in the future.

Mr. Garou, who looked like a wolf walked on two legs, yelled at me and got angry when I was ridiculed by a beast race all over the city.

Sasha, an elf species with beautiful blonde hair stretched to her back and pointed ears, was comforted when she was discriminated against and weeping.

Those two turned their gaze down on their pathetic prey and were thrown away, seeing ugly bugs as if people had changed.

I could only be struck by a sudden leopard punching me in the head with a blunt instrument.

"Oh, what the hell are you both..."

Faster than questioning, the two remaining members give their opinions.

"Hey, how long have you been screwing around? You don't need this guy anymore, do you? Then just kill him. If another party comes and they see the crime scene, it'll be a hassle."

"I agree with Nano. But even though it's painful for me to breathe in the same space as a human being, I'm sorry it takes so long."

Mr. Nano, whose Dwarf beard is a toy, murders me with the sound of throwing away tools that are no longer necessary.

From him he carefully taught how to polish swords, repair armor, and maintain them at Legion Mansion.

Mr. Diablo, a young man of demonic race with devil horns and a blue and white slightly tall suit, often taught him table manners. I've been told a little bit of disgust from time to time, but I've never heard a blatant murderous voice so far.

Return your gaze to party leader Drago again.

Ask Mr. Drago as he becomes aware that his teeth and mine are ringing with fear.

"You're kidding, right? Look, you're all acting to make fun of me, right? Because I don't have a reason for you to kill me."

"No, there is."

Mr. Drago assures you immediately.

"For once, they're telling me to kill you just in case."

"Yes, for once... for once, just in case, kill me? Oh, I don't know what that means..."

"Wright, Omae would be giving more rare favors (gifts) than other humans (inferior species), wouldn't he?

"Yes. Uh, it's called 'infinite chatter'. As you all know, it's a hassle gift that's only garbage, right?

At the age of ten in this world, very rarely is a favor (gift) given.

I was lucky enough to get a favor (a gift), but I didn't really know what "infinite chatter" was.

When using Infinite Gacha, simply open and press the Gacha button.

Press to get the card.

We can show the real world what's on this card.

It seems very effective when you just listen - for two years when you're twelve years old, only garbage has emerged such as' bread (with mold) ',' socks (one) 'and' spoon (damaged) '.

It's a completely useless gift.

"At first, the upper echelons also suspected that" infinite chatter "was a strangely beneficial (gift) light. I took it in and observed Grace (gifts), Become People, and Crush my words and actions... Grace (gifts) only came out of garbage, and my status was just a human (inferior) level. Omae decided it wasn't" I will - "but I decided to kill her just in case. I want you to pick the buds that could be a disaster."

I don't know half the story!

But I'm apparently not a 'yes', but he's going to kill me just in case.

What the fuck, "I did"?!?

"The country was sorry it wasn't 'Yes -' but as far as I'm concerned, I'd appreciate it. If Wright did, I would have had to marry a human (inferior species) in order to take in blood by state order. Wow, just thinking about it gave me goosebumps!

"Ha ha! Surely an elf country would be a shame. Because they love elf species for some reason!

"Ku, country?

Yeah, what Mr. Drago was talking about, "the upper echelons," you mean the country?

'Yes -' is like being targeted by a country!? What the hell did that 'Yes' do!?

Mr. Drago stares at Guillaume, Mr. Garou, and Mr. Sasha.

Exactly two of the highest-level dragos stared at me, shaking my shoulders and creating a serious face.

Mr. Nano, Mr. Diablo turns a frightened glance at the two of you.

"Oh, my God. Elf species, beast race doesn't have a light mouth."

"It's better than a human being, so I guess it's more adorable than a flaw."

Mr. Drago overheard the two words and reprimanded the two.

"Don't talk extra. If the information leaks, how do you intend to take responsibility?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, leader. One, my mouth slipped..."

"Shh, I'm sorry. I'm in too much shape. Because we're gonna make sure this kid doesn't leak information. So be a jerk."

"Right! Garou says good things! We'll take responsibility!


Sasha takes out the bow and puts out the steel claws that Mr. Garou is equipped with.

You're seriously gonna kill me!

Screams leak unexpectedly.

I turn my back on them as I retreat. [M]

"Ha ha ha! This place is' Naruto '! Even if the humans run away from us, they won't survive a demon attack!

"Well, I'm not gonna let you get away with it!

Mr. Sasha releases an arrow with his words.


The arrow shoots straight through my left leg.

I screamed in severe pain and couldn't keep running and rolled to the ground.

He bleeds all over because of his momentum on the ground of a cavernous dungeon, but the arrow stabbed him in the left foot hurts many times more.

"Oh, nice, that look, that scream! After all, it feels good to play with humans (inferior species) in front of their prey. I can't get the word out that it's a demon or just an animal, so you're gonna halve the fun."

"Don't spare me. Kill me now! 'If I had attacked the world's strongest and worst dungeon Naruto, unfortunately one of my people would have been attacked by demons and died' is a mystery, but if other parties saw me, I wouldn't be persuasive!

"I know. I'd really like to kill you, but we didn't even know what we were doing. Thank you for dancing to Manuke and entertaining me. I'll kill you first."

Mr. Garou is approaching defenseless.

To kill me.

Deny the reality in front of you the tears, the covetousness, the blood on the pain in your legs pierced by arrows.

"It's a lie, a lie, a lie! Everyone in" The Race Gathering "is a good person...... the Omaes are phonies! He's definitely a phony!

Mr. Drago's phony tells him to throw up.

"Crap. A proud dragon race (DragonNewt) wouldn't seriously go out with human beings (inferior species) on an equal footing. I just hated it on instructions from the top."

Mr. Garou's imposter laughed with heartfelt pleasure.

"Ha ha ha! Yay, that's the most fun I've ever had! Seriously, it's hilarious!

Mr. Sasha's phony looks disgusting.

"What do you respect, really? Race (human) is ugly and disgusting! Why didn't the country just destroy these humans?"

Mr. Nano's phony hurries to bother him in the bottom of his heart.

"Just kill him. I don't care about this guy or anything more than it's not a" yes ". You're wasting your time."

Mr. Diablo's phony shrugs his shoulders and agrees.

"Nano's right. It's a waste of time. Most importantly, human beings (inferior species) have an ugly face of despair. It's most sensible to just kill him and leave the dungeon."

Noisy that the phonies curse, mock, and kill in real tones, faces, and voices.

I don't want to be killed and I run away desperately.

My leg hurts and I crawl on the ground because I can't run.

Because of the cavernous field, the whole body skin breaks and blood seeps just because the ground crawls because of the rugged stone, but ignores it and travels.

Because I don't want to die without knowing why.

But I understand it in the corner of my head.

"I will never help you," he said.

My level is 15.

Twelve this year, but the level is high for my age.

The reason is because they helped me level up.

So to what extent is everyone else...

Drago levels are around 500.

Gallu is around level 150.

Sasha is around level 300.

Nano is around level 300.

Diablo is around level 400.

Race (human) has inferior arm power, magic, and life expectancy compared to other species.

Hence the lowest, other species are prone to increase levels by arm strength, magic, life expectancy, etc. This is the factor that increases racial (human) discrimination.

You will never escape them due to overwhelming level differences, species differences, and population differences.

Still, I don't want to die and crawl on the ground.

- That scratch attracts bad luck.

Stretch for your right hand to crawl and touch the next ground.

Moments, the ground glows brilliantly.

"!? You touched the metastasis trap!?

"Don't let them get away with it! To be sure..."

Everyone's voice interrupts there.

My vision broke off there for a moment.

"Duh, my whole body hurts..."

I was lucky enough to escape the members of Legion's "Race Gathering".

But on his left leg, an arrow stabbed him, his skin ripped and blood seeped because he crawled through the cave ground.

After the relief that the pain was able to escape safely, it strikes me without question.

I looked up at the ceiling lying on my back. [M]

We got out of there safely, but it looks like we're still inside the cavernous dungeon.

Unlike the cave at the central entrance and exit of "Naruto", I fall on my back on the rock-skinned ground with more darkness.

"Tocha, Kaa, Ha, Yume... I knew the city was a horrible place. I want to go back to the country..."

My whole body ached, my arrow wounds, my companions who believed in me were cursed and about to kill me.

Driven by the grief of its betrayal.

He was originally the second son of a poor farmer, and his brother left the house to inherit his father's trail.

My parents, my brothers, were pinned down as' Wright, you don't need to leave the house '. But if I leave the house, my life will be easier and I can feed my sister Yume more dinner.

Here's the result of my greed to fly a flag in the city.

I don't have a face to make me see my family anymore.

Above all, if we don't get out of this world's biggest, strongest and worst dungeon, Naruto, we won't be able to reunite with our families or even let the light of day shine again.

"... why did you trick a countryman like me into trying to kill him? It's called 'Yes -'. Why is the country bothering to guide us - we don't want to die knowing anything. More than anything......"

Respect, betrayed despair, and grief are inverted.

"I will never forgive those who betrayed me! I'll kill you! I never want to die like this without paying off an arrow! You'll never get revenge on those who betrayed you, or you'll die!

A flame of vengeance lights in my heart.

The flames of vengeance outweigh the pain in your body.

"To avenge them alive, to reunite with my family, I need to stop the bleeding first and get out of here - duh!?

But my bad luck continues.


The demon shows up because of too much noise or if he was caught smelling blood.

He's a huge four-legged beast that looks like he's 10 meters long, and he stretches out shrugged to see if a snake thicker than my torso is tailed.

The four-legged beast of the main body captures me disappointingly and drools of covetousness.

If it's just a beast, it's over.

"Huh!? then, stupid such, impossible...... level 1000!?

The status screen can optionally be displayed to a third party.

The four-legged beast displays the status screen as if it's not just the body, but even the mind.

It shows the difference between me and myself. [M]

I was wrong. [M]

I was mistaken that the transfer team activated and transferred somewhere near the central entrance and exit of "Nara" where I was first.

But aren't we actually in the deepest depths of 'Naruto', where the predecessor hasn't stepped, and nobody in this world has yet reached?

Otherwise, there can't be a monster monster in front of you that appears in the myth of level 1000 or something!

"To, I have to run! We have to run. Where are we going?

If you are in the deepest depths of Naruto, there is no way for a level 15 race (human) to escape.

It's impossible to escape the monster in front of you.



He understands my despair and slowly walks over with pleasure. [M]

If they come completely close, they'll be eaten to death with 'better dead' eyes.

But I can't die yet.

"I don't want to die knowing the truth, not being able to reunite my family, not taking revenge on him who cheated and betrayed me, etc.! I wonder if I'm gonna die like this dumped garbage!

Nevertheless, I left my backpack, so I don't even have a knife, a water bottle, or a firestone.

The only thing I have is a favor.

I pray desperately for God's bounty (gift) - to hit "Infinite Gacha" in a row.

The only way to get through this lowest and worst situation is to get to the Infinite Loot!


A divine immense magic formation occurs around me.

Even the Level 1000 monster, who had ever walked by in a spare attitude, was dazzling enough to stop his legs in surprise and emit mysterious light.


Intuition, instinct, or a monster you could afford until earlier will strike you with all your might!

There is only level 1000, and the distance that was still dozens of meters shrinks in an instant.

A giant agate overshadows my entire vision.

(Is this the last sight I see -)

The moment when the giving up covers up the whole body, the light is produced enough to cover up all the deepest depths of 'Nara'.

"- I will not forgive you for being a puppy, such as turning your fangs to my lord."

Dark hair dancing in the light.

The neck of a monster monster with level 1000 is snapped in an instant, and his limbs are severed by a blade so sharp that he illusions that they were torn apart from the beginning.

The Lord of voices did not shed a drop of returning blood, but stood as if he had been between the monster and me from the beginning.

Tie the long dark hair like you cut out the darkness of the night into a ponytail and let it play along with the long ribbon.

The clothes worn were made to look like those often worn by the nobleman's servants. Bright white gloves, not even one shoe under your feet is dirty.

Tall for a woman, long eyelashes on her face and big eyes, muscular nose on her red rosy lips. Everything is perfectly arranged and the skin is so clear that it is white and beautiful as if it were a doll created by God.

Beauty alone draws attention, but the breasts that push the maid clothes up from the bottom are very large. So much so that a man would definitely turn his gaze. Yet the hips are so thin that they are likely to break, the hands and feet are so long that the back lengths fit together and are very stylish.

Her eyes are directed at me. [M]

The eyes shake spicy and poke one knee on the spot.

It's like a knight to the king.

"My lord's neat face, beautiful skin like a bead, was unbearably damaged any more, and I let it heal as I overtook it. I'm sorry I behaved so selfishly."

"? Huh? Ah!? It really doesn't hurt!?

Get your torso up and check for scratches.

The arrow that stabbed me in the leg fell out at some point, and instead of the wound, there was no pain.

"My lord, may I tell you your name in that beautiful voice?

"What, me, is that my name? et al., my name is Wright"

"Master Wright, Master Wright, Master Wright - what a wonderful, honorable name"

After repeating my name over and over in her mouth, she squeezes her hands in front of her chest and prays out.

"My maid's way is to live for my lord, to do all I can for my lord, to die and find for my lord. Swear to my maid of honor. Please accept my absolute loyalty."


"Thank you. In heaven it will be a bird of the wings, in earth it has been a few years as a branch of the union, and I thank you for dying."

Now 'yes' was not an affirmation, but a 'yes' as a question...... It was not air that could be corrected now.

First of all, who the hell is she?

Why are you in the deepest depths of Naruto?

What about the magic team earlier?

When did you heal my wounds?

Shouldn't demon blood be splashing around, drawn to the smell and away from this place before the others arrive?

I get confused from not knowing what to say, though I get past my head a lot.

You perceived this mess, start by introducing yourself to your maid's girlfriend.

My name is Mae, Level 9999 Explorer Maid.

"Uluru Toraa Card? Level-9999?

"Yes, it is a SUR card drained from Master Wright's Grace (Gift) 'Infinite Gacha'. As long as I'm with you, I promise not to let an elephant monster like this one in this dungeon touch a finger on Lord Light's lustrous skin."

In fact, she deathbed a monster in an instant that wasn't funny when it first appeared in Level 1000 mythology.

As long as she was here, my safety would have been assured.

But I still couldn't believe it from my head.

"... Impossible. My favor (gift), Infinite Gacha, is a hassle that only leaves garbage item cards. There's no way someone as awesome as May would come out. Number one, do people come out of gacha cards?

"My lord, there is no need to honor me, the maid. Please call me May."

"No, but..."


I honestly obey her strong voice and sad eyes. [M]

"Me, May..."

"Thank you for listening to my servant's wishes. The breadth of the vessel, Dear boulder lights. There can be no such thing as hassle in the grace (gift) 'infinite chatter' of Master Wright with such a king's vessel. May I confirm it with my appraisal?

"Or appraisal!? May... May has a Grace (Gift) 'Appraisal'!?

A benefit (gift) "appraisal" can determine a person, object, or the like according to the level of the person.

Those who have earned the "appraisal" will have no difficulty working for the rest of their lives, a favor (gift) of the highest popularity among races (human beings).

"It is precisely one of my unique skills. May I appraise you?

"Ugh, yeah, please"

"Now if you'll excuse me. Appraisal - Ugh, I didn't know there was enough cover to know the details without as many levels as I (me)... That's right, Master Wright, you can't imagine how powerful it is. Benefits (Gifts)" Infinite Gacha ". Infinite usage chatter. The probability of cards being ejected by magic concentration fluctuates. Rank is EX, SUR, UR, SSSR, SSR, SR, R, N (Normal), E (Error) - in order from head to head."

"? I mean, what do you mean?

It was something I couldn't really grasp when I was from the second son of a poor farmer.

May follows.

"The magic used by magicians and others in exercising magic drifts through the air as well. 'Infinite Gacha' seems to absorb that magic and drain the cards. Therefore, there is an unlimited chance of SUR cards like mine being near zero because of their low concentration and density on the ground. At the bottom of this dark magic dungeon, the odds of it jumping."

"... I see"

I hope you followed me, but I still didn't know half of it.

In the meantime, they come out with awesome cards like May when it's a place like the bottom tier of 'Naruto'.

"But Master Boulder Light. Even if you don't know the details of" Infinite Gacha "in" Appraisal ", you will notice the traits and come down to the lowest level of the dungeon to attract me (me). I thought you deserved to dedicate my maid's way. Though, isn't it a little reckless to go to the bottom of the dungeon by yourself? I will always be with you in the future, so let me assure you that I will never suffer that kind of wound again, hanging on my maid's path."


"Dear Mr. Wright, how are you?

"No, Mae. - Mae. I didn't want to come to the bottom of Naruto alone."

I told Mae, who is making a mistake, why I am alone in the lowest level of the world's strongest and worst dungeon, Nara.

Along the way, I can't remember how badly I was betrayed by the people I believed in. Tears flow.

When I finished telling her everything, May hugged me.

There's a height difference with her, and she's in the shape of me burying my face in May's big chest.

I was sad until earlier, but I was hugged by a beautiful woman like May and my whole body became red not to mention my face because I didn't think I would bury my face in my chest.

It's denser than flowers, and the happy smell that makes your head crease tickles your nose.

She didn't realize my face was red and stroked my head many times to comfort me.

"I guess Master Wright's spiciness, thoughtlessness, anger, and maids like me (me) don't understand anything at all. However, it is possible to bring down the heavens with the eight forlorns inferior to the manure of the animals. Please order me not to. I'll hang you on my maid's road and in an hour I'll line up the necks of the Forgotten Eight before the Lord!

"Hold on, Mae! You can't do that!

"I know Master Wright is kind, but I was wondering if there's any fine dust to be pitied with both Forgotten Eight."

I shake my head aside from May's chest.

"It's not. Nothing. I'm not going to pity them. I just want to be strong and give them back. [M] Besides, I want to know the truth about why the country was looking for 'I will -' and trying to take it in or kill it.... I knew Mae would disagree that I couldn't do it because of my race (human)?

"No, my lord's wish is mine. If you mean to avenge yourself, I will support you by hanging on the maid's path. Most importantly, I believe that Master Wright will achieve revenge and gain the truth."

"... thanks, May"

"It's a waste of time."

I was betrayed by a fellow I believed earlier.

But instead, I was able to meet May, who was born from my grace (gift), Infinite Gacha, and who affirms that I will devote my life to loyalty.

Being betrayed by them made me so angry that my heart boiled down and so sad that I wanted to die, but as a result of being dropped to the bottom of "Naruto," I realize that I am sincerely happy to have met May.

Wipe after my tears with the handkerchief she took out.

"Then Master Wright, I am ashamed, but I (I) am not enough on my own. Grace, don't add more people like me in Infinite Gacha."

"Huh? But May is very strong, isn't she? Because I also have level 9999... And you need someone else?

"Yes, I would like to say that I (I) will not crush one or two of the countries by myself. If it's just revenge, that's not a problem. But if we're going to figure out the truth, it's likely that I (I) alone will not have enough resources to get the truth that Master Wright wants."

"... I mean, I just need to get people like May out in" Infinite Gacha "for now, right?

Her words were still difficult and I couldn't understand half of them, but I would nod because I could understand adding more people to the 'infinite chatter'.

May listens to me and makes a smile as the flowers bloom.

"Yes, no problem with that perception. Create a kingdom of Light in this dungeon with Infinite Gacha."

I know what "Let us create the kingdom of Lord Wright" means, but I pretend not to notice it because I didn't understand it.

And as May said, I pushed the "Infinite Gacha" button again in the lowest level of the world's strongest and worst dungeon, Naruto.

Betrayed by fellow believers, about three years after I met May at the bottom of "Nara" -.

The deepest corner of the world's biggest, strongest, worst dungeon, Naruto.

Originally, it was a black rock, but the maintenance resulted in a corridor with a texture as tully as marble.

The walls are lined with brilliant, glowing magic tool lighting that doesn't make you feel dark.

About me, the junior fairy maids who noticed that Wright was walking lined up on the wall.

They are all beautiful girls with beautiful faces and varying back lengths and styles. If there was even one of them on the ground, they would be overflowing with guys making noise about "I want to be my daughter-in-law," "I want to be my lover," "I want to be my righteous daughter."

"Good luck."

"Thank you, master"

They reply gladly that they can speak to me. [M]

I gently raise my hand to them and pass by.

Much of the distance opened, but I heard them chattering because of the stone and my own level.

"Dear Lord Wright, I can't believe you called me. I'm so twisted today!

"I may have run out of weasels' luck today."

"Oh Master Wright, you look great... Master Wright's toes, no, I want to pepper because I just need my fallen hair"

"You pervert!

"But if you forgive me, I'll pepper you, won't I?

"You can't possibly not!

"Atashi can be peppered, but I want to be stroked"

"We want to be pigged with scorned eyes"

"Uh-huh, too high a level!

I laugh unexpectedly. [M]

Today's sidelined and escort maid gives her opinion with a blue glimmer.

"Master, I need your permission to stop the chattering fairies now."

"Fine, because I don't care. That's all I'm admired for."

"... Sorry for coming out too far Mane"

With my forgiveness, the blue muscle that was floating disappears like it wasn't there from the beginning.

Further along, the beautifully machined hallway breaks off, leaving for the original dungeon-like gothic spot.

This is where I left my hands without daring as a training ground.

The training ground was packed with the people we were looking for.

In a circle of three, a vampire with low silver hair sticks his hands out to heaven and screams.

"You're telling me I'm not stupid! You can say 99 for proof. Watch. 1x1 is 1. 1x2 is 2, 1x3 is 4 -"

"You didn't tell me. And it's impossible to make a mistake in a single step."


Squeeze the shoulders of a tall silver-haired vampire girl like a long-haired blonde girl in a magician's hat.

A girl wearing a cat hoodie hat even shorter than the other two imitates the sound of a cat.

"Three people might come by," but fun and busy is a good thing. Much better than darkening in despair.

I walk up to the three of us waiting on the side.

Everyone was here.

Speaking up, the three people who were talking noisily look back with a sparkling look.

"Master Wright! You came to see me! I'm so happy for you!

A short silver-haired vampire girl, she's also an ex-card I drew on in my favor (gift), Infinite Gacha.

"True Ancestors Vampire Knight (Night) Nazna Level 9999"

Red eyes like blood, long stretched silver hair, low back length but very large chest. She looks as beautiful as a deep-window maid, but as you can tell from her words and deeds, she is a beautiful girl with a lot of energy unlike what she looks like.

She is also a powerful knight who wraps around a heavy looking armor and stands up to any monster opponent with a greater sword than herself.

"There's no way God Wright is coming to see a little one without shards of elegance like Nazna. Light God, Ellie is always ready to conceive the Divine Son of Light God. Let's go to Ellie's bedroom. So, if I could, I'd like some time to take a bath because I'm a little sweaty."

The blonde long woman in the witch hat blushes and moisturizes and tells her eyes.

She's also an ex-card that came out of my favor (gift), Infinite Gacha.

"Contraindicated Witch Erie Level 9999"

Magic, sorcery, banning, spirituality - a witch of all sorts.

Looks like he's tied a beautiful blonde hair in two to his magic hat. He is around 160cm tall and looks taller than he looks because he wears a hat all the time.

He has a good style and a firm chest, his hips and creases, and draws a line of buttocks.

Naturally, she's a beautiful girl with a neat face, and a magical girl is tighter than a witch.

You often ask me out, but I have no experience, and I'm a virgin. I get all kinds of invitations with my mouth, but I'm shy, so I immediately blush. I'm glad to hear it, but I still want to avoid having kids because I haven't fulfilled my purpose yet.

So I always say no.

Ellie feels very happy because she is a beautiful girl and has a good style.

"Nha ~"

At the end of the day, she would raise her voice like a cat and then rub her head against my body.

Naturally, she is also a former card that came out with my favor (gift), Infinite Gacha.

"Genius Monster Tamer Aoyuki Level 9999"

A monster-tamer who can obey any warcraft, divine beast, phantom beast, or rare beast.

He weaves a hoodie with the lowest back length of the three and cat ears.

The chest is small and the hands and feet are long but thin.

She is a beautiful girl with a young face and a combination of blue fantastic hair tones.

This is how I often imitate cat sounds and rub my head and body against mine. I stroke her under her chin like a cute, stuck real cat.

Aoyuki also sounded happy, 'Nya-yah'.

"Nazna, I had business with you as well as the other two. Ellie, invite me when you get another chance. It's time for Aoyuki to listen."

A monster faces gently from the dark in the back.

He is a huge four-legged beast that seems to be 10m long, with snakes thicker than my torso tailed and shrugged and wrapped around.

I was aware of the signs, but my body still hardens from the trauma I first encountered when I saw it.

Three people noticed that I had strengthened my body were attacking the four-legged monster - Snake Hellhound.

"I didn't expect you to work disrespect for Master Wright in front of me... don't honestly think you're going to die," says Nazna, who lightly holds a giant sword, cracking her eyehole vertically.

"I've allowed it to exist as mercy and value for use, Wright, but you can't wipe your sins trying to get your hands on God. Again, this species should be extinct from dungeons, earthly inclusions, and erased from literature and records," Ellie said, releasing the Devil's Book into her hands.

"- Yes. It mainly makes me uncomfortable. That's the only reason why hell shouldn't even exist. You should write it off immediately," said Aoyuki, who usually only has a cat voice mane, concealing his gaze at the edge of Parker and draping chains from his hands around the ground in an onslaught.

With a level 9999x3 intimidation, the level 1000 snake hellhound had a frightened look on his face in fright.

The snake hellhounds I protected in the dungeon, even if I'm kidding around here, would be extinct, including the ground and anything else that might be there.

I cough and then I speak to the three of them.

"I'm fine now, so stop all three of you. He's scared, too. You see, when you get used to it, it's surprisingly cute."

I approach and stroke the snake hellhound. [M]

To survive the snake hellhound too, he rolled to the ground and showed his stomach and was stroked.

The snake on the tail also stretches shruggedly to sell the scent, causing the cold scales to touch the cheeks.

"If Master Wright says so"

"Light, God's word takes precedence over everything."


All three of you are satisfied with my instructions and will bear the spear. [M]

I'm a little off topic, but I can finally get to the point.

"May contacted me." Prey caught, "he said. That's why I've come to speak to you because I want you all to be ready."

I was so happy that I didn't use "call" that I wanted to tell them directly myself and I went out of my way to find them.

"Ooh! Finally! Congratulations, Master Wright! I'll do my best to get ready!

"I don't like the fact that May serves as a prey. Even this Ellie showed it perfectly, no, accomplished more than perfection."


"Thanks Ellie. But if it's Ellie, it looks hard on the race (human)... May is a race at first glance. It's the right material."

Ellie doesn't have as many ears as an elf but she's pointy.

So it was hard to say race (human).

In that regard, May only looks like a beautiful maid if she looks.

If you care about it, you can delude it with magic tools, but it's not like there's no way to see through. Just in case, it's the result of putting in a precaution.

"I know. But remember, not just May, but Lord Wright has Ellie."

"Of course, not just Ellie. We're all counting on you."

You're impressed with my words. All three of them dye their cheeks and shake their bodies.

I'm glad my loyalty is very high, but sometimes it's too big to leak a smile.

Now was the time.

While I leaked a smile, I couldn't stop rejoicing in revenge for more than about three years, one of which I accomplished.

A beast race galoo walks through the city's central streets in a refreshing, shoulder-cut wind.

The people on the road immediately clear their way for him, and those who admire the Gallu will bow their heads before us.

"Hello, Gallu's brother! Where are you? Let me give it to you if you like, sss!

"Garou's husband, why don't you meet your own sister next time you want? My sister's a fan of Garou's husband."

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

"Dear Gallu, please come back to the store next time to tell us about your martial arts tradition. I'll be waiting!

"Master Garou must come to our store from those little girls' stores! If Mr. Gallu is here, I promise you special treatment."

A voice is spoken from the young beasts to replace the youth, the elderly, the young women and the elderly female beast races.

Gallu does not stop his legs and gently raises his hand and puts down no as he rocks his tail in an upbeat mood.

"I'm sorry. I still have work to do. I'm not free, either. When you're free, don't talk to me, I'll go play, so wait."

Those who are put in the galloon to say no, say nothing more and a mixed gaze of respect, reverence, romance and partial jealousy is directed against him.

But even the jealousy-mingled gaze for Gallu today was only one element that satisfied his sense of superiority.

(Just kill one human (inferior species) kid and you can be the next top right wing of the Beast Wolf breed, so it was a totally delicious job!

About three years ago, he solicited and took in Legion "The Gathering of Races" because he was found a possible boy of "Yes -".

After that, I checked how it was for three months, but it was not accepted as' I will - '.

I didn't have to worry about people because I decided to kill them just in case, and I took him to a dungeon where the body disposal was easy, and I planned to kill him.

But I'm a little on track, and I'm letting him get away with it.

Gallu tried to stab a stop at an opponent who couldn't move precisely with an arrow stabbed in his leg, but the boy's outstretched hand accidentally activated the metastatic magic formation.

It disappeared.

For once, they also looked as far as possible for what they would look like afterwards, but in the end they did not reach a discovery.

Nevertheless, with that wound, a human (inferior species) child was transferred somewhere in the world's largest and worst dungeon, Naruto.

A monster attracted to the smell of blood would be the one who would attack me and eat me to death.

As a result, all members agreed that 'Wright is dead' and also communicated to the upper echelons.

The upper management also listened to the members and decided that 'it is unlikely that the lights are alive'.

Make the decision to admit death.

As a reward for the alleged race (human) killing, Gallu gained the status of the current 'next top right-wing beast Wolf species'.

Naturally, the beastly Wolf breeds, who are the city, were sighted by other beast races, and some rewards came in from the country.

This bounty alone is the amount you can spend your life playing with.

(In addition to us, I'm talking about making Legions, shops, artisan guilds, and backing organizations to find 'Yes'... In the end, you weren't sure about 'Yes -'. Why are countries so hard at work looking for 'I will -'?

Even Gallu's treatment was a breakthrough.

Originally, the Gallu stands not so well inside the Beast Wolf species. Originally, instead of being the next top candidate for the Beast Wolf species, you can't even be a candidate first.

If you say so in people, it's like the three poor farmers in the village jumped to the top of the list the next morning. Besides, if there's nothing like this, it's a guaranteed winning level.

Gallu isn't the only one.

Wind rumors say former 'Race Gathering' members are each leaping similarly to Gallu locally and elsewhere.

(Sasha, the elf species, was not close to his real wife, his belly sister, and was treated as "the absent," but it is rumored that the marriage is now being talked about by the royal family. Dwarf breed Nano has decided to get a job at the peak blacksmith. I'm talking about Diablo, the demonic race, who rose his title instead of being returned an abandoned aristocracy...)

The drago of the Dragon Race (Dragon Newt) is the biggest leap forward.

(I didn't know that Drago was a royal with inheritance rights... It makes sense to have a higher temper than the normal dragon race (Dragon Newt). I'm talking about a low inheritance right, but just killing one human (inferior species) made it up considerably... Possible to be at the top of the six strongest dragon races (DragonNewt), or a big leap forward wouldn't be the level)

The lights were not 'Yes -'.

Nevertheless, just dispose of it and you will receive such favorable treatment.

(If Wright was a real 'I would -' would he have been treated better? If so, what the hell is' Yes - '?

I wanted curiosity and more treatment now, and I thought, "Let's find out for ourselves" about "I will -" but my instincts immediately dismiss it.

Just thinking about it, I get the smell of death that's going to cling to my nostrils.

Goosebumps spread under my hair.

(- My instinct refuses to give a hand about 'I will -'. You definitely suck at times like this. How many times has this saved my life......)

When I was joining the Legion "The Gathering of Races," I dived into the dungeons many times, and I've fought dangerous monster opponents.

Each time it has been saved by a beastly 'instinct'.

Former "Race Gathering" members also had a glance at Gallu's "Instinctive Intuition".

(It's a species with life. You're too weak to abandon your current status with bad greed. I'm an orphan abandoner, and I'm the next top candidate for the Beast Wolf species. If we do even better, we'll also see the status of the top Beastman Wolf species...... Kuku, hehe, hehe! I'll do it! I can't believe this galoo is the top Beast Wolf Species! You should rather actively forget about 'I will -' in the future to protect this status)

I can assume that the countries are treating the Gallu and the others favourably as a reward for the killing of Wright, which was not a 'Yes -', combined with the nail 'Don't touch any more poorly than you have been involved and produced results'.

Yet there is no point in being driven by curiosity until you deliberately abandon the current preferential treatment.

Rather, you would be right to forget about 'I will -'.

"Do you mind if I go there?

"Am I?"

One person heartily concludes about 'I will -' and I can speak up.

Garou leaks a grumpy voice because he was thinking but was interrupted.

But the grump also stood a beautiful woman blowing away in one shot.

He wrapped his dark hair like a cut of the night sky in a ponytail, weaving his tailored cape and wearing a similar travel costume underneath.

Tall for a woman, long eyelashes on her face and big eyes, muscular nose on her red rosy lips. Everything is perfectly arranged and the skin is so clear that it is white and beautiful as if it were a doll created by God.

Beauty alone draws attention, but the breasts that push the clothes up from the bottom are very large. So much so that a man would definitely turn his gaze. Yet the hips are so thin that they are likely to break, the hands and feet are so long that the back lengths fit together and are very stylish.

Such a beautiful race (human) woman has spoken.

It's more like, "Are you a race? 'She is beautiful enough to make me want to suspect.

"I stopped calling and excused myself. Are you mistaken for the former" Race Gathering "Legion galoo?

"Eh, ooh, ooh"

Garou hasn't changed his name.

So it's not that hard to find him.

By the way, the original "Race Gathering" as the reason for the dissolution of the table is the setting that "caused Wright (Human) to die in the dungeon, and the members were separated because they felt responsible for it".

Beauty asks with a cute look.

"As a matter of fact, I am searching for the whereabouts of Lord Wright, whom I should serve... Sorry, I hadn't named you yet. I'm May. My name is Mae, and I pledge my absolute loyalty to Master Wright."

"Whoa, whoa?

Because he was asked unilaterally and named, once again, Gallu could only spew out a groaning language.

The beauty who names her maid Mae says - Wright named her second son to the poor farmer, but she's actually different, she can't give her name, but she seems to be a noble blood child. At the time, you said you had to leave it with poor farmers due to certain circumstances?

I can finally welcome you by waving a major player, but the lights at the heart are unknown in life and death.

It took a while because we searched for the last foothold legion, The Gathering of Races, but it has already disbanded.

There is no hope left, but the request is to know the end of the light and, if possible, guide us to the place.

The reward amount simply leads you to the location, which is the level at which a little house is built.

Garou was insane inside.

(Really human (inferior) is an asshole! Just show the kid where he died. Pay the gold! Plus this woman, if you abduct May, after having enough fun, pay down to the slave traders and you'll get more gold coins!

'Besides -' he narrows his eyes inside.

(Wright's identity was' I will - 'and after the suspicion arose, we weren't the only ones to lick it from birth to birth, but the state looked it up. How could such a superb woman leak from an investigation? You're too suspicious. But I'm not saying it's a zero probability, because there's a chance this woman might be mistaken for Wright and some other kid... Best of all, I spare too much to miss)

While in doubt, he strokes the 'trump card' that is making him sneak into his nostalgia.

It's the 'trump card' that I've been in possession of since before I entered the Legion 'Race Gathering'.

With this, Gallu had the confidence to cut through even when most things went wrong.

Therefore, I accept May's offer.

Nevertheless, it is difficult for Gallu alone to take a foothold named 'Low Level' May to reach the middle front of the world's greatest and worst dungeon, 'Naruto'.

I'm not in trouble with the money.

Instead, they gather in solidarity with the young men of the Beastly Wolf breed who admire the Gallu in order to enhance their fame.

It was also more fateful to sexually molest Mae herself than to galloon gold.

It is preferable that people have no eyes to grab, offend or taste her.

A dungeon in that sense is a very convenient place.

(I don't even know that. I wish the country would just destroy stupid and weak humans.) Well, thanks to you, I can have these delicious thoughts)

Gallu accepted the request.

Exchange stories to determine departure date and time, specific itinerary, etc.

The manpower gathered immediately.

Instead, even beastmen other than the Beastman Wolf species gather in the Gallu's call for the 'next top candidate for the Beastman Wolf species'.

That's all there are ant-like people gathered in honey called "I Want to Be Remembered by Gallu".

The date and time of departure with May, the more time and effort it took to select participants than to schedule an itinerary.

Ultimately ten young people around level 150 of the Beast Wolf species will be employed.

It is a large area of twelve if you let in Gallu and May.

Unlike "race gathering," the level of beast race is not necessarily much higher than that of other species except race (human).

So they filled the difference in numbers.

Beast races also specialize in multiple collaborative combat, depending on race, but more than alone. Therefore, there were some aspects that were numbered.

His nose is clever and he has the power of a beast race, and despite the world's greatest and worst dungeon, Naruto, he never fights a monster to reach his destination, Naruto, the middle class.

"Here's Master Wright..."

"Oh, Wright is injured in the unintentional blow of a monster here. Even more unluckily, he got caught up in a randomly placed transfer team and disappeared from our front."

May holds his mouth in front of the scene with both hands. It looks like he's grieving from anyone's eyes. At that time, the dark hair tied to the ponytail rocked like a dog mourning his husband, who would never see him again.

Gallu sends his gaze to the young men he brings with him as he explains his lies to her.

They have also been briefed beforehand, so they moved to the position blocking the entrance and exit without making any noise to avoid letting May escape.

Originally there was only room to take a break before entering the 'Naruto' middle layer, with only one entrance and exit. The high ceilings and the size make it a great place to rest.

In terms of difficulty, there will be very few adventurers to use for the world's biggest, strongest and worst dungeon, Naruto.

If we block this entrance and exit, there will be no escape for May.

Conversely, if they block the entrance and exit, they themselves will lose their way out......

May continued to dwell in grief, not caring about their actions or anything else.

Gallu continues to act sympathetically even as he ridicules himself on the inside saying, 'Human (inferior species) are really choosy'.

"We couldn't handle it suddenly either, and it wouldn't have been that long with that wound. Sorry, I can't protect you while I'm on..."

"Really hard work. In such a dark, dirty place, the Forgotten Eight Communists betray me, and I get stung, etc... If I could have stayed with you sooner, I wouldn't have had to make such a mess. I'm not ashamed."

"... Am I?

Not a single letter listens to Gallu's consolation or anything else, and Mae cries out for the betrayal of Legion "The Gathering of Races," which happened about three years ago.

Gallu took some time to understand Mae's soliloquy.

He slowly distances himself from her.

The young men also began to admire the smell of Gallu's changing attitude.

To some extent, taking a distance, he asks.

"... Omae, who are you? What spinner?

'I will -' suspicion rises in the light, executing a murder plot in the dungeon just in case, but letting it get away with a trap transfer formation before stabbing a stop.

Few and limited people know this fact.

May looks racist, but they are racially secret detectives, spying, etc.

"No true friend of the state".

That's why Gallu is sent from outside the beast race, wary that he is trying to trap himself or herself for some national, political, or unknown purpose.

May, who did not lend a word of comfort or anything until earlier, responds to this question.

I let go of my hand, which was keeping my mouth shut, and slowly look back at them.

The eyes were so stained with the colour of anger that they could even be seen in the dark.

"I told you. Only Master Wright can be loyal to me. If you're insulting my maid of honor, I'll let you see what color your heart is right here, right?


Gallu isn't the only one.

The hairs of every beast race on the spot turn upside down.

The billy intimidation that May unleashes has overwhelmed the Beast race, which is supposedly superior in arm strength, sensory organs, and combat ability compared to race (human).

As if drifting in the ocean, I feel a sense of fear from May that a giant 'nanica' is stuck in a stuffed street that I don't even know how big it is just below me.

(Ah, they were human (inferior species) females, who, after holding them down in a dungeon and committing them and having fun, would have been a delicious prey to sell them off to slavers and convert them to gold coins! Why do you feel the pressure of putting fear in front of a monster like the one you burned in Hellfire!

Other beasts begin to break with a screaming voice in the boulder anomaly.

"But, Mr. Garou, what the hell is this all about!

"Oh brother, you were talking about a delicious job!? Did you cheat us?

"I can't believe he's trying to kill us all to hide his own survival..."

"You're lying!? Garou's brother betrays you?

Young people get upset by May's too substandard intimidation and turn their suspicious eyes to Gallu, who has been telling the story.

The Beast Man takes care of his basic companions. Because unless you do, you can't exorcise or hunt monsters to level.

But if you betray me, you can impose harsh sanctions along with showing off. That's enough sanctions to think it's better to die.

"Bye, you idiot! I'm the next top candidate for Beast Wolf Species! Why are you going to another country from now on until you give up your status where you can have delicious thoughts!? Shit. Use your head, you idiots! Or rather than feel delicious against me as the next top candidate for the Beast Wolf Species, it hurts my eyes when I get back..."

Gallu intensifies his rhetoric and threatens to clear his suspicions, but he was unable to speak up until the end.

Because the person who was supposed to be dead made a face and raised his voice with the ease of taking a walk.

"May, you can't still get your hands on them. Especially since Gallu is my prey."

The beast races look back in unison at the voices they hear from behind.

He wore a black hood and was squeezing a magician's wand over his height in his hand.

My back length isn't that high, and I guess I combined my voices to say 12- or 3-year-old boy.

Only the beast race has a sensitive nose and immediately realizes that the target is a race (human).

But on the contrary, it puzzles me.

"Is there a child in the middle class of the world's strongest and worst dungeon," Nara, "a race that won't be noticed by us even though we were intimidated by May"?

It fogs as if there was no intimidation from the beginning that had existed until the appearance of the boy.

May is called out and creates a mellow, sweet atmosphere that takes care of her expression but is like a maiden in love.

To her gaze the boy lifts his hand gently and answers, while lowering his hood.

It was still a child of the race who emerged from under the hood.

The beautifully cut and aligned hair was lustrous, the eyes were large and the lashes were long enough to create a shadow. Skin is a childish, healthy milk color, paired with rosy lips, more like 'boy' than 'pretty girl'? 'You look so good that you mistake it.

He's a boy who's going to be very popular with people in that muscle.

Only Gallu keeps stopping the movement in amazement before lowering the hood.

"No way, you're lying... you're alive... Wright"

"... galoo. I'm here to avenge what happened three years ago."

It's as if it's been a long time since I've seen a friend, and the boy - Wright smiled and spoke to his vengeful opponent.

The child who took the back of the beasts - Gallu had a stunned face when Wright spoke.

But Gallu's dumb surprise face didn't last long early.

"I didn't know you were alive... come on, and vengeance? Miscellaneous fish humans (inferior species) like Omae are avenged! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I really appreciate race (human) being stupid!

Garou, frightened by May until earlier, laughs as if he had been given a gold and silver treasure and a luxurious meal, a selection of beauties.

Laughing all the way down makes an ugly smile like right after betraying the lights.

"I don't know how you survived that situation, but I didn't know you'd bother putting your face in front of me! Kill this guy and bring back the body, and the Beast Race can make a loan to Dragon Race (DragonNewt)! This is huge! That's historic! Instead of" Beastman Wolf Species Next Top Candidate, "" Beastman Wolf Species Top "is guaranteed!

Before his eyes and voice clouded by Gallu's desire, he leaks a sigh of sigh as the light shuddered.

"You still don't think enough...... Normally, how can I live? I think there's a lot more to thinking about what kind of relationship Me and May have, though?

"Ha! Sure, that lady is creepy and can't read her prowess, but this is how many people she has! You just have to push it off by the difference in numbers! Besides, we, the Beast Race, are going to lose to the Human Beings!

Laughs Wright's opinion with his nose and looks down on race (human) as before.

"Besides, I've checked the lights up to the number of wrinkles in my ass. In conclusion, he is an ordinary person who has received a slightly unusual hassle benefit (gift). You're lucky you were alive, and you were accidentally helped by that creepy little lady there, right?

"... I wonder if I'm wrong"

I don't bother to elaborate on Benefits (Gifts) and Infinite Gacha.

'As I expected' with Wright's consent, Gallu gained more confidence.

"Did you think the lady who got that help could fight us, avenge us? It's sweet! I don't even know the difference in power. Incompetence!

Gallu looks down at the lights again, the next time he tongues and skips instructions at the young people who are standing blurry because they can't keep up with the situation.

"Chip! What a blur to stick out! You don't even have a head to understand the situation? You can lend it to Dragon Race (Dragon Newt) with his body. That way, I'll be the top Beast Wolf Species! If you want to feel good, just block the entrance and exit so you can't get away with it, you idiots!

There are instructions from Gallu, who is the leader of this one, but most importantly, 'I can lend to Dragon Race (Dragon Newt)' was the biggest thing for them.

The best of the six species is the Dragon Race (Dragon Newt).

You can make a loan to the state.

This meaning is very heavy for them.

"Wow, I get it. Gallu's brother! I'll contain it right away! Hey, Omae and the others, turn around back!

"Okay! Hey, let's go!

"Roger that! Now we're near the top of the Beast Wolf species! Finally, luck is upon us!

Two people bypass the lights and start traveling at high speeds trying to use their leg strength to block the entrance and exit - but two necks trying to block the entrance and exit as if the 'polo' and doll's neck had been removed, rolling to the ground.

Like a decapitated hen, the two bodies continue to run for a while without a head, hitting the wall and finally stopping.

My hands and feet move freaked out as I eject blood.

The inside of the dungeon smells of dark blood.

"I won't let you go around behind my back."

Soon after I realized, May stood at the side of the light.

From what she said, it seems like Mae cut off the two heads... but everyone has no idea how the Gallu and the others cut each other off.

When I really realized it, it just seemed like my neck had fallen 'polarized' at some point.

When the Gallu and the Beasts are stunned, only Wright praises May with a 'made and deserved' attitude.

"Thank you, May. I need you to lock down the entrance and exit so they don't escape."

"I'm in awe. I swear on my maid's path, I will complete it perfectly."

Mae graces him deeply before lowering to the rear and blocking the entrance and exit.

The lights face the galoos again.

Light as a shape, May becomes the shape that blocks the entrance and exit.

The beast races, who usually look down on themselves as "human beings", are also upset by boulders in the eyes of May's strength.

I came forward with an even more confident light.

The only thing that makes me yell is Gallu turning his face bright red.

"Calm down, you idiots! I don't know how, but he was killed by accident! If we don't stay alert, we're not gonna lose to humans!

"Oh man... you have a terrible look down on me no matter what three years ago. Don't you think we're weak?

"Don't play witch mountain! There's no way we can be weaker than human beings!

I nod as other beast races agree with Gallu's words.

Here is the source of contempt for race (human).

In the case of dwarf species, the body is tough and clever, so it manufactures powerful weapons and protective equipment, making it easy to increase the level.

Elf species excel in magic and are prone to high levels due to their long lifespan.

Dragon Race (Dragon Newt) & Demon Race have high Arm, Magic, Endurance and long Life. As a result, there are many high level people. (By comparison, Dragon Race (Dragon Newt) tends to have higher levels due to its higher basic performance than Demon Race)

On the other hand, race (human) is higher and harder than other species, weaker in strength, less magic, brittle in body, and shorter in life.

That's basically why they're at an overwhelmingly lower level than other species.

The beast race is low in magic and life expectancy is no different from race (human), but overwhelmingly higher in arm strength, endurance and speed compared to them. Easier to find prey because it is even more resistant to mass warfare and has a sharp sensation is also a factor that makes it easier to increase the level.

Because of the visible feature, "Generally lower levels than other species," race (human) is overlooked from other species.

Therefore, Gallu and the others are now looking down on Wright, May as' Underground 'and' We can't be stronger than ourselves'.

"I'm in a bad mood, human (inferior species)... and I'm gonna skin that makeup right now! All of you, suit me!

Gallu deploys the same steel nails as he did three years ago, kicking the ground.

I was a beat late to match his call, but the other beasts also took part in the attack.

There are only the best beast races in all races when it comes to collaboration, showing more collaboration than skilled race (human) parties despite impromptu.

"Die! Fucking human on track!"

Claws, kicks, swords, short spears, knives, etc. fly from all directions - but the light bounces off the spot with a wand in his hand, motionless, and thrusts back at his body when it strikes.




Screaming like a kicked pig, the beast race, including the attacked galoo, is lightly defeated.

He crawls to the ground, scratches algae in pain, and tells the boring as the lights look down at the nauseating, boring beast races that creep up.

"What's going on? Are we done here?

This one word significantly hurt Gallu's pride.

He crawls to the ground, holding his poked belly by his hand, while making his eyes bleed.

"Hiu, look down on the habit of race (human)! Look down on the racist habits! You must be looking down on racial (human) habits! I am the next top candidate for the Beast Wolf Species! Human beings (inferior species) don't have to look down! Shit! But I didn't stab the stop. That alarm will kill you!

He took his hands off his stomach, which he was suppressing with pain, and wandered his nostrils.

Remove a ping-pong ball sized glowing sphere in your hand.

Gallu hangs up the 'trump card' without hesitation.

"I don't know what kind of trick it is, but don't get on with it because you're a little stronger! I'll repaint that face to despair in no time! Come out, Fenrill the Warcraft!

Gallu does not hesitate to break the sphere of the 'trump card' - the Beast Demon Ball (Jumacu).

A Beast Demon Ball is a ball that contains a high level of Warcraft sealed with magic items rarely discovered in ruins and dungeons.

By breaking the sphere, you can temporarily summon high levels of monsters and place them under your control. But only temporarily, disappears in about an hour.

If you are in a predicament like a galloon, many top adventurers possess it to cut through.

Naturally, it's expensive and a substitute to start at least 100 million yen in Japanese yen.

A monster appeared sealed by breaking a beast demon ball.

Around 7 m long, a giant wolf with blue and white fur shows up.

'Grrrrrrrr!' roars against the lights to intimidate them.

Garou laughed high with a sure look of victory.

"Ha ha ha ha! That's my 'trump card' level 500 Warcraft Fenrill I took for a time of need! You were so lucky you didn't kill me when you got back on track!

Level 500 Warcraft Fenrir's appearance also enlivens the light-battered Beasts.

"What a beautiful, powerful warcraft..."

"That's Garou's brother, who formerly belonged to Top Legion. I didn't know you had a hand like this."

"This is the strength of the leading adventurer, Beastman Wolf Species Next Top Candidate!

"That's Master Garou!

The youngsters turn their respectful eyes to Gallu and Level 500 Warcraft Fenrill. It was like the boys in front of a professional football player.

The lights, on the contrary, leak their sighs in awe of their manuscriptness.

"What's level 500... Is that really the 'trump card'? You're too weak for anything."

"Ha ha! You think level 500 is weak? Looks like you went mad with fear before Fenrill! It's a trick, a magic item, or something that we've just been overthrown! But this guy is level 500 real. I'll blow you away with every tiny delusion! Why don't you crawl to the ground and beg for your life? If they show you a funny life beg with a belly, you might change your mind and not kill me, huh? Yeah, come on. Come on."

Naturally, begging for your life doesn't expose you to help.

Young people other than Gallu understand and turn their gaze down on Nitanita and Wright.

Light, on the other hand, instead of leaking a shuddered sigh and begging for his life, he comes around to attack.

"Really about level 500 Warcraft is trump card or something...... Yes, yes, I'm not moving a step from here, so you can do whatever you want."

Light spreads his hands wide to provoke.

Whoever saw it was in a position not to move a step as declared.

Naturally, Gallu turns a bright red face at the provocative attitude of the lights he's looking down on, and he's furious.

"Then I'll kill you without leaving any bones, as you wish! Do it, Warcraft Fenrill! Warcraft Roar Cannon!"

"Ooh, ooh, ooh!"

The person who broke the Beast Demon Ball (Jumacu) is temporarily certified as the Lord of Warcraft and can grasp levels, traits, stunts, weaknesses, and abilities.

With its power, Garou gives orders to use the Warcraft Roar Cannon, Fenrill's most capable of attacking.

This is a special blow to Fenrill the Warcraft that converts all magic into attack and unleashes it.

From Agate, which opened to its limits with roar, the blue and white magic converges - firing!

I just converted all the magic of level 500 into an attack, and if I even hit it on the same level, I wouldn't be immune to fatal injuries. It was just a blow to the special,

"- The beast exaggerates too much for an attack to the extent that it raises dust. Totally troublesome."

"Ah, yes... um, he said he was intact..."

Despite receiving the Warcraft Roar Cannon from the front, the lights were scratched and did not have one burnt on their hair or clothes.

The Warcraft Roar Cannon is a level 500 Fenrill Special Strike. Semi-viable defense, not a substitute that can be prevented by magic items.

If that were possible... there would be a difference in isolated forces, a difference in level and it would be possible for the first time.

Not just Gallu, but all the beasts who admired the Warcraft Fenrir stare at the lights in a dazzling manner.

Light grinned and told her in a mild condition, never mind.

It's my turn now.

He fishes his nostrils, just like Gallu, and takes out one card.

"It would be pathetic if such a seemingly narrow wild dog were misunderstood as Fenrill. So I'll show you something special, 'real'. UR Card" Divine Beast/Original Fenrill Level 9000 "Liberation (Release)"

The card retrieved to match Light's voice emits light.

The light soon subsided and instead one beast appeared.

Fifteen meters long is a giant. He is dressed in bright white fur like fresh snow all over his body, excluding fangs that feel mighty powerful.

There was no need to explain.

Everyone understands at a glance.

Light made it appear, that the presence in front of you is the real 'Fenrill'.

If I did know "Divine Beast/Initial Fenrill Level 9000," I can also nod to say that it is a wild dog that seems to look narrow such as "Warcraft Fenrill Level 500".

Light tells in a childish high voice.

"Fenrill the original, kill that wild dog"


To the Lord's command, 'The Divine Beast/Initial Fenrir' growls gently and moves.

I just lifted one hand and waved it in a light motion, 'Fenrir the Warcraft' - Fenrir Simulation is torn vertically and ice marinated, and the wax spreads, becoming dust and disappears.

It was as if there had been no such thing as "Warcraft Fenrill Level 500" from the beginning, and it had disappeared without any hair left in the world.

"Great, well done"

"Wong! Wong!

Wright praises him for cleaning up 'Warcraft Fenrill' as ordered and strokes it as a reward.

"Divine Beast/Initial Ancestor Fenrir" was praised by the Lord as a breeding dog, and he waved his tail and sweetened to the light, whether he was happy to be stroked.


He looked with envy at May, stroked by the lights and refraining behind him from the praiseworthy 'Divine Beast/Initial Fenrill'.

On the other hand, the Gallu and the Beasts. The racial side says......

"Ah, ahhh..."

"Hino, Hino, Hino."


Everyone leaks voiceless voices and sits on the spot with Henahena.

Naturally, Gallu is also frightened, stunned, and out of fear of things incomprehensible in his own head, his hips fall off and buttocks are attached.

"Oh, my God, I can't believe you can follow a monster that wipes out level 500 fenrills in an instant..."

"I didn't have to summon 'Divine Beast/Initial Fenrir', but I could afford that degree of warcraft, instantly kill it. Because I'm level 9999 right now."

"... what?

"My level is 9999."

Lights also disclose their status in the same manner as in the previous galloon.

The status did indicate 'level 9999'.

The complexion of the beast races gets worse.

As he turns his gaze to them, Wright tells of further despair.

"It's not just me. May is on the same level. May."

In Wright's voice she silently discloses her status.

As with lights, the status indicated 'level 9999'.

The beast races make a look of despair and leak their voices.

"Shit, level 9999..."

"Ugh, you're lying..."

"Hiu, wasn't the limit level for race (human) about 100?"

"You can never win like this..."

None of the young men of the beast race denied before the substandard level of 'level 9999', etc.

He summons the "Divine Beast/Initial Fenrir", who easily butchers Level 500 Fenrir, and sees him playing.

Gallu had also fallen back and sat down on the spot before the blow of 'Divine Beast/Initial Fenrill'.

I was not alone on this occasion, such as someone who could deny his words.

Gallu stares at the lights with a blue face where the sweat flows like a waterfall.

(How could... how could I not have noticed? to the fact that Wright hasn't grown at all in three years. Why didn't you notice?)

Wright was a twelve-year-old who came out of the countryside.

It's been about three years since then, and I should be 15.

At the age of 12 to 15 and other stages of racial (human) growth, the back length grows, the throat Buddha goes out, and the face is very popular.

It would be ridiculous if it hadn't changed.

Yet the lights have not changed at all.

Three years ago, he hasn't changed his appearance at all as he tried to betray and kill him.

So why is there such an 'impossible phenomenon' going on?

(Level 9999 is not exactly what a stupid kid thought...... if it's true, it makes sense that aging is stopped, and that you can follow such a 'godbeast/ancestor Fenrir (monster)'. Doesn't that really mean Wright has become some kind of monster called Level 9999......)

It is not exactly a level, but is immortalized by the power of an item of mythological artifact called "The Bracelet of Immortality", which I drew on in Grace (Gift) "Infinite Gacha".

To remember betrayed despair, grief, and anger, Wright continues to maintain his twelve-year-old appearance through the use of the Immortality Bracelet.

When Gallu finally believes Wright's words in his heart, and stands still, the other beasts circle their tails and leak their gaze and voice.

"but Gallu's brother......"

"But, Master Garou, what will you do?"

"What can I do, Gallu's brother..."

"There is a delicious story," the young men who recruited and brought them to Naruto beg the instructions of Gallu, the leader.

Wait for instructions on what to do and how I can get my life saved.

When it comes to galoos collecting their gaze all together......

He crawls to the ground with a blue face like painted with primary colors.

"I am so sorry for your disrespect so far! I - I was fooling Master Wright on the orders of the state! It's not my will! So please forgive me! I don't care what happens to these guys, so please just help yourself! Please!

"but galloo's brother!? You betray me!?

"Hi, coward! Aren't you ashamed to give me back my palm now!?

"Shut up! I'm not like the Omaes! I did betray Master Wright once. But when Master Wright came out of town, he took care of a lot of things, didn't he?!? Isn't that right, Master Wright?

Gallu was as flattered as his previous attitude had been a lie, smiling and even rubbing his hands.

"I enjoyed skewering at the stall, and I let him drink fruit juice water. You've sold fights to people who have derogated Master Wright for discrimination and driven them away, haven't you?!? Hey!? I must have memories with Master Wright, loans and debts! So I'm the only one who should be able to help!


The lights shut up and look down at the grounded and feisty galloo.

Meanwhile, other beasts continued to raise their voices of condemnation to Gallu.

After a short while, the light gently raises its hand.

That alone made my ears hurt so noisy until earlier that the ugly cursing stopped perfectly. Silence comes to the dungeons as if they were in a late-night cemetery.

Wright asks, staring down at Gallu.

"Shall I tell you what I know before I help you? First of all, what the hell is" Yes "?

"Wow, I don't know. I've only been told from above to look for him..."

"Why is the country looking for 'Yes -'?

"I don't know."

"How could the country have tried to kill me if they knew I wasn't a 'yes'?

"Wow, I don't know."


The temperature of the light's eyes drops by a step.

Gallu hastily clarified.

"Ho, I really don't know! I was only told to look for him! This is only my prediction, but I wonder if the elders who summarize the beast race know more about it. This is a common perception that we are better than race (human), but because of our high physical abilities, it is easy to increase the level. But from other species, life expectancy, level, and ability are low. At best, it's only thought of as" a handkerchief that can be used slightly more than race (human). "So I was wondering if they didn't give me much information and the elders didn't know about it."

"... do the other beasts know anything about 'Yes -'?

To this question, the beasts other than Gallu turn their heads the most in their lives, looking at the light of survival they have found.

But no one possessed any information about 'Yes -'.


The lights look back and gaze at May.

She understands the intent and snorts one thing.

She was using the magic of lie detection to examine their reactions.

Apparently he really doesn't know why Wright was being targeted for his life about 'I will -' any more.

Light leaks a discouraging sigh into this result.

"I expected it, but you have less information than I thought..."

"How can I help you?

In response to May's inquiry, Wright replies with a mild voice.

"There's no better reason to keep them alive than to be seen like us. Leave the gallows and dispose of them."

"Yes, sir."

At the same time as May gives his regards, all but Gallu is chopped to pieces in fine pieces.

I didn't have time to scream one.

Mae created an ultra-fine thread out of her gloves that sometime became tangled up by the beasts. This yarn is extremely thin, but it would be steel if she poured magic, but it would be orihalcon, but sharp enough to be finely cut.


Gallu's pants get wet in the tragedy in front of him.

Fortunately, even with the wet runoff, the smell of choking blood mixed together and I didn't know which was which.

The lights are not upset at all and fish their own nostalgia.

"Now that we've disposed of the interrupters, and we've got the ones we want, shall we move them around - I almost forgot. Gallu."


A totally frightened galoo moves her body to respond to Wright's voice in surprise. Together, the blood buildup spread the ripples, and the meat pieces swayed properly.

Wright asks as he leaks a smile at his funny appearance.

"Before we move, I'd like to ask, do you think we can win if we wage war against the nations on earth today?

"Oh, that's..."


It's an occasion to use your temper so you don't get in a bad mood... but Mae will be doing the magic of discerning lies.

Lies don't make sense, even though you're a fool.

Gallu squeezes his courage and communicates his thoughts from his throat.

"Yes, I do think Master Wright and the others are strong and, hey, Mr. Fenrir is here, so I think it would temporarily be advantageous to take on countries from all over the world. So, but no matter how high the level, only individuals are individuals. I wonder if it's nearly impossible to win the nation..."

Interpretation, no matter how strong an individual may be, the scope for exerting power is narrow.

It doesn't matter what you think about dealing with a giant organism called the 'State', it's tough on individuals alone.

I also expected a light for this.

Plus Gallu goes on.

"There are other legendary weapons, protective gear, and items that countries may have brought in over thousands of years to sleep. If they bring them up, no matter how strong the Wrights are, half of the world, no, will be destroyed without breaking a third..."

"Yeah, I see... I knew it was what we were supposed to do. No matter how strong you are, there are only a few things you can do on your own."

When he hears a single answer, Wright nods several times satisfactorily.

Turn to Gallu again and place your order.

"The next question is similar to the one I asked you earlier, but I want you to see if you can win this war against the nations on the ground."

"Ha ha..."

"Shall we move quickly then? Metastasis, Liberation (Release)"

Three and one at the same time as Wright's words are wrapped in light.

Only Gallu made his surprise eyes black and white.

May and "Divine Beast/Initial Fenrir" give themselves up with no particular reaction.

For a moment, my vision dims but quickly regains its brightness.

I got it back - there was a blacker and better-bettered desperate sight there than tar.

Gallu moved in an instant to the lowest level of the world's greatest and worst dungeon, Naruto, with the card Transfer.

What was waiting there was an army of monsters appearing in mythology.

The monsters are waiting neatly in the halls of the soccer grounds, ceilings so high that they cannot be seen in the sumptuous.

A bright red carpet ensues, with a throne seated at the bottom, coloured with gold, gems and precious metals, and a huge military flag adorned the penetrating wall.

Three beautiful girls line up in front of the throne and in front of the stairs.

More giant dragons, giants, and giant dogs with three heads of 'Divine Beast/Initial Fenrill'. It's not just horrible monsters.

The beautifully faced girls are wearing made-up clothes with clear wings growing from their backs. A knight dressed in a golden armor of glaring luxury. Beauty hands the giant Battleax without bitterness. There were also long spear-like cylinders and a girl with a musket gun that Garou didn't understand.

The number would be something like a grand 3000.

There is a wide variety and at first glance I feel a lack of unity, but for some reason Gallu feels one strong will - the atmosphere that is wrapped up with frantic loyalty.

Despite such an army of mythical monsters in front of him, Wright skips instructions without much concern.

"Everybody, show your status."

His voice has never reached the back.

Yet everyone opens their status so that they can see third parties as instructed without delay.


Gallu leaks a fine scream.

The vision is lined with 'Level 500' fairy maids, and the alien monsters are also 'Level 1000 - 9000', with a corner dressed in golden armor 'Level 5000'.

Three beautiful girls standing in front of the throne had jumped through and reached the same 'level 9999' as Wright, May.

The light walks out on a red carpet laid in the middle of an army with the status indicated.

May later continues, 'Divine Beast/Initial Fenrill' moves to the corner where the giants gather.

Only Gallu was left on the spot.

Every time the lights walk through the carpet and pass in front of the army, the high level monsters poke their knees and drool their heads.

Naturally, no - I say to Wright that Fu is the most honorable and loving act in the world, and I go to Fu myself.

Light herself, advances the red carpet with the attitude of 'naturally it is fugable'.

Three beautiful girls who were waiting in front of the throne also poke their knees thanks to their love.

May also mingled in the row, and she was joyful and fu.

The lights don't stop and go up the stairs.

He hung up and sat back in such a way that he was accustomed to a throne so lavish that he wanted to doubt it existed in the world.

"Face up."

The mythical monsters faithfully follow Wright's instructions.

Everyone lifts their heads undisturbed.

Light asks Gallu, who is still sitting on the red carpet.

"This is the power I've had for three years. Gallu, check again - 'Can we win this war against the nations on earth?'"

"Oh, ahhh..."

Gallu does not answer.

No, his desperate look was the answer.

(What is this, lost in the mythical world? I can't believe a ridiculous number of monsters even counted had all the power to this point with tiger sights at the bottom of Nara... Do weapons, protective equipment, items, etc. that you've held over thousands of years really work for these monsters?

Besides, Teng himself was a poor farmer until about three years ago.

Legion 'The Gathering of Races', including Gallu, looked down on the inside and ended up being a child who was either betrayed, ridiculed and tried to kill.

It hasn't changed a bit since three years ago.

How innocent is the Lord of ruin sitting on the throne, laughing like a toddler?

Yet the boy possesses the power to end the world with the ease of breaking down the toy building blocks.

(... oh well. Did this happen because we tried to kill Wright?)

Gallu understands.

Wright before betraying him was often a simple, or worse yet, an unworldly child.

He's a very normal ethical kid everywhere.

But at the behest of the nations, Gallu and the others betrayed the lights and tried to end them, which changed him himself. No, should I say I've found out? that he was destined to be used and abandoned.

And at the behest of the nations, Legion "The Gathering of the Races" came by and tried to kill Wright, which made him realize. To the simple fact that if you don't kill him, he will kill you.

Assuming Wright didn't realize that, he would never have wavered even if he had gained the desperate power to spread in front of him.

But by stripping their fangs first, he wields this mighty power without hesitation.

It was the country that tried to kill itself. If you want to strip your fangs, you should be prepared to be stabbed yourself. If you need it, you won't be looking for thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, hundreds of millions of bodies to pile up.

We created with our own hands the worst that could destroy this world that we control.

Gallu was desperate, his proud hair grew white, and he continued to weep pale without worrying about it falling out.

before that appearance. Wright finally makes a satisfied smile.

"'Silence is gold, eloquence is silver'. You were right to be the first to choose Gallu. I haven't been good at thinking since Legion, but I was sharp as an animal. His reaction suggests that we have enough power to cross countries and destroy them."

As the light laughed, he turned a cold gaze to the galloon.

"Let's reward you. I'll keep you alive until I find out the truth and make a decision about whether or not to give an end to something other than race. I will never die. Try not to die if you want to."


For the first time since Gallu came here, he shouts.

From now on, I didn't even give a voice of despair to unimaginable torture until Wright made his decision.

We gave birth to the strongest and worst demon king in our own hands, and we became insane to understand that species other than race (human) would be extinct depending on the mood of the lights.

Crazy, monsters walk in from both sides to connect the roaring gallows to their cells.

Gallu did not even show a bare gesture of escaping, nor did he care about the hair that greyed and fell out, and asked Light.

"What the fuck is Omae, what the... are you saying he's a gaga monster that ends the world!


To this question he raises his hand gently.

I stopped the monsters who were about to throw me into jail.

The monsters stop as if they had pressed the Pause button on the Lord's instructions.

Wright answers Garou's question in an easygoing manner.

"I'm not an exaggerated" monster. "I just want to know the truth, the reason you tried to avenge me and kill me like a bug. When I'm done avenging you, and I know the truth, I'm going back to my old life. Instead, I'm even going to help the world with the power of this grace, the Infinite Gatcha."

"Hahahahahahahaha! Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Kihihihihihihi!"

Gallu laughs at this reply.

Just laughs like it's broken.

"What is' to the power of people, to the service of the world '! There's no way a broken being like Omae can give people, benefit to the world, or anything! Death, destruction, and killing are the only things you can do! I thought Omae was gonna be a god!

The monsters kill each other.

Gallu cursed his absolute master with malice.

Normally, the heart doesn't reach a galloon whose life stops but goes crazy.

He even kept laughing like crazy.

"... take him"

Wright gives instructions again when he looks at his reaction all the way through.

Gallu holds both sides to the monsters and is taken to jail as he is dragged.

Throughout that time he kept laughing at one person.

The front door opens and tightens.

Gallu's laughter interrupts for a while, Wright contemplates.

"... God, huh? Well, that's the way you think about it."

One Wright groans and laughs innocently.

"Then I shall be God. Oh, if that's what you want, let's do it. It's why you almost killed me like a bug three years ago, and if you can find out the truth about the world, let's be God. Oh, let's be."

He turned again to the delivery in front of him.

"Gallu's reaction convinced us that our power would lead to the world. But again, as he pointed out, the world is not sweet. You should be careful."

While doing this, Wright's favor (gift), Infinite Gacha, is pushed and continues to spit out cards.

A little backstabbing will keep you chattered for 24 hours.

"The power of war is increasing over time, but I also want to know the information of the nations, the strong, in order to increase certainty. Especially when it comes to" Yes - "."

I didn't get the details of "Yes -" but everyone on this scene expected me to be a powerful being.

"Assuming someone like me possesses an unsatisfactory benefit - there's a good chance they'll be looking for someone who's alone in return. So, in order to get the truth, I intend to focus first and foremost on collecting information from each country. Any objections?

He spent about three years dominating Naruto for directions to get up to the ground, raising the level of Wright himself, studying to improve his own academic achievement, expanding his battle power, etc.

When he makes sure there is no objection, he snorts one thing.

"Worst of all, I can think of an instant war. The organization in that case is as decided beforehand. I'll leave it to Nazna first."

"Leave it to me! I have an obstacle to your husband, but kill him, kill him, kill him! Let's build the Mountain Blood River to the other side of Three Thousand Worlds!

Nazna declared her pupils stretched vertically out of excitement.

"Deputy, I'll leave operational command and planning to Ellie"

"Wright, I swear I will give you my Almighty, as God wills."

Ellie holds down her hat, picks her Gothic Lolita clothing skirt and gracefully graces her.

"Aoyuki asks for the command of the Monster Squad. Can you do that?"

"- Yes. It's all for the Lord's sake, and I'll show you this body, even a drop of blood, in a useful way"

I blocked my gaze with a cat ear hoodie and responded with a cold voice I wouldn't normally show.

That means you're so motivated.

Finally, I give my voice to May.

"May oversees the information that comes up, manages the barracks, supports them, points out problems I'm unaware of, presents solutions - can you?

"I swear on my maid's path, I promise you the highest perfection."

Light nods deeply satisfied at the sound of May's temper.

"O world - if the hidden truth is right, I will be a good god as a benefactor." The world - if the truth is distorted and tragic evil, I will not hesitate to name the evil god "Giver" of death, destruction and slaughter, despair. Then I will destroy the nations with the Demons. "

Light laughs innocently.

Laughing like a toddler at the ruin of the world.

While actually having the power to destroy the world...

"Come on, Natsuo to the ground. From darkness to light. Start marching to know the truth"

Move out with a word of light.

An army with enough power to destroy the world overflowed from the world's largest, strongest and worst dungeon, Naruto, to earth.