The person facing each other in the mansion's garden was his sister.

Perfect existence.

If God had a beloved being, I'm sure he was someone like his sister.

How could you do this?

Breathe with your shoulders and grip a single-handed servel with both hands. The tip of the sword was swinging.

It's not just tiredness. Fear also manifests itself on the blade.

"Ha, ha..."

The sabel in my hand, it's serious. My sister's Rapier is serious, too. It didn't seem like a sane shack, such as facing each other with weapons.

But it is undoubtedly my sister who has challenged this battle.

My sister says to put on a dress and look at me out of interest.

"Do you still want to go on, brother?"

Brother, I call you, etc., but you don't usually even call me by my name. They call it "him," "that," etc.

But no one around me blamed it.

My sister in an off-white dress is wearing red shoes. They say they're slashing each other in the garden, but unlike me, they're not sweating one thing.

It's like we're going out now, and we just checked ourselves out. The Rapier, held in the hands of such a sister, is a dish created by a famous artisan.

The decorations were applied and the pattern was embedded with yellow balls (gyoks). Balls that cannot be created nowadays are special tools that generate skills.

Rapier, who embedded the sole, is also a weapon called the Magic Sword, which is classified as a magic prop. It's expensive and you can't buy a hundred pieces of gold.

My sister stood as she held an incompatible rapier in her dress.

My sister, who turns thirteen this year, gives up her long-waved blonde hair. The figure was not age-appropriate, but luscious.

The blue eyes looked at me cold.

Zokri and chills strike my spine.

Scary. I want to escape. But I can't get away with it.

"Not yet. It's not over!

Forced to hold back my fears, I stepped in.

The sword moves I had worked out were unbeatable confidence for adults.

The Walt family - they have been strictly raised from an early age to inherit their home, which is the Count's. I was confident in swordsmanship as well.


"Ha, you're late."

I used to be treated like a genius, a Kirinko, etc. I have worked desperately to meet the expectations of my parents and family.

The hard work was also pointless in front of my two younger sisters.

My sister is a girl. If you don't need sword moves or anything, you haven't been taught over time. Only the basics are taught and I just know how to hold and shake a sword.

But I couldn't beat my sister like that.


On several strikes, my body had several shallow scratches carved into it. It should have been slaughtered, but my sister avoids it with minimal movement.

At the same time, Rapier's blade, which became like a whip, scratched my cheeks, arms, and belly.

"Now you've been fatally wounded three times, Lyell."

The name of my sister who smiles and says my name is [Celes Walt].

If there is a God loved being, everyone thinks it must be about the sister in front of them. But I'm the one who really hates Ceres.

I fall on the lawn after being attacked and put on my feet.

My body is full of blood. And the sweat makes the clothes Vietnamese.

Blue hair sticks to my cheeks too, but now I couldn't care less. When I stand up, the red shoes loom in front of me.


I took it with my arm, but I couldn't kill the momentum. When the body rises, it is blown up again and rolls down the ground.

"That's unusual."

"Yeah, really... when you think this is your son, you feel sorry for him"

At the end of the roll were my father and mother.

There are ministers surrounded by ministers who were the Lord, but they don't cheer on me as one.

(Father... Mother... How...)

I wanted to cry. Standing up in pain, looking back, Ceres smiles and tells me.

"I wonder what's wrong? It's like this, Lyell."

He calls me by name on purpose and stirs me up.

"Damn, Ceres said he only taught a little bit about swordsmanship, etc."

"The Walt family deserves Celeste."

My parents' voices were pointed at my back.

My parents say this, but they used to be sweet. The Sabel I'm holding is what my parents have prepared for me.

"Lyell, you're a Walt family man, too. We have to have the best weapons."

'You look great, Lyell. The boulder is our son. "

It wasn't until I was ten that you turned a kind smile on me.

Since then, my parents have become drowning over my sister, Ceres. You lost interest in me, too.

It's not just about the family.

The same was true of the ministers in the mansion.

Until now, the ministers who have treated me as their next principals have also begun to treat my sister, Ceres, as if she were their principals.

I kept getting slapped in the pussy and being told I didn't deserve it.

Until I was ten years old, the ministers and the inhabitants said they were looking forward to seeing me take the lead.

But not now. This is reality.

"Now Master Ceres is in charge."

"You don't have to do this at all. You have to kick me out."

"There's no way I can beat Master Ceres. Stupid guy."

I'm sorry and I'm crying.

(What did I do? Why do you hate me so much!

Even Ceres is my sister. It's not like I hated it. So I've been dealing with him as my brother.

But didn't Ceres like that?

"Oh, are you crying? It's really unusual."

Couscous and laughing Ceres seem to have a lot of fun.

"Why are you doing this! What have I done to you!

When I absurd my voice, Celeste's smile turns to faceless.

"... May is so annoying. It's none of your business. You don't have to stay or not. I just need you to leave because I'm blind."

"Oh, what are you saying..."

Then Ceres raised her left arm and pointed at me.

(Are you going to use magic!?)

If you notice, the parents and ministers who were behind you have already moved in to see Ceres' behavior.

He tolerated an attack on me.

"Damn! Icewall!"

Ice walls appear in front of me.

It is the magic of water attributes and the shield of impromptu. It's one of those magic tricks with a lot of difficulty, but it appeared big enough to cover me up.

There is no shortage of magic training. Trying to be complimented... I wanted my parents to turn around. Sometimes, I've been working out selflessly.

It's not just the sword. Magic, horseback riding, and knowledge...... but I guess they are worthless in front of the beings in front of them.

"Fire Barrett"

Ceres, who showed some room, chanted magic when I was ready.

It's the magic of fire attributes, as opposed to mine, and the difficulty is an initial step. But it is also user-friendly magic. More.

also, it is just magic that shoots out fire bullets.

But the thick ice walls I've created are easily shredded by flaming bullets.

Not one shot.

From Ceres' fingertips, hundreds of shots were unleashed in one magic. Each and every one of them was powerful, and my prepared magic should have won the match.

But the results didn't even beat Ceres' initial magic.

"Come on, Earth Hand!

From the ground around me, four arms made of dirt grow. They attacked Ceres according to my will.


When Niyali and Ceres laughed, he slashed all the dirt arms with the rapier he had in his hand. Rapier is basically a weapon that is good at poking. Easily slashes and cracks the magic while using the sole.

"Earth Barrett"

To compete by hand, I cast the following magic. The stone is shot out of the ground like a bullet, causing the lawn to snap.

But I couldn't afford to care less about that now.


Without Ceres changing his expression, he casts a spell smiling. A wall made of simple magic was completely preventing my earth barrette.

I don't know about Ceres, but I must have shot in a few dozen shots. That doesn't make it through one thing.

(No more magic. We have to go to battle here......)

Even I knew I had no chance of winning. But I had to fight.

Otherwise, I would have been kicked out of the house without doing anything.

The beginning was, after all, Ceres' words.

'Hey, Dad. Your brother is also fifteen years old and an adult this year. This is where you want to compete to decide who's next in line for the Walt family?

Normally, boys inherit the house.

But my parents admitted that Ceres and I were right.

'If you lose, you leave the house. That's fine, isn't it, brother?'

This is how the battle with Ceres, who hates or neglects me, began.

Originally, it was an impossible story.

There is also talk of a girl taking over the house. But it's a big premise that there are circumstances, surrogates, or families like that.

The Walt family is a man for generations. He has taken over the house with a direct male since his first generation embarking on pioneering.

This house is over 200 years old.

Yet both my father and mother, according to Ceres' words, admitted to battling me, the eldest son.

"Ceres, you or something!

I stepped in and Celeste killed me with all my might. The appearance was on the sister of a weak girl, slaughtered with all her might.

From a third party's point of view, I'm sure I'm the bad one. But I knew somewhere in my heart. Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of bareback achievements have been in slaughter.

A blow with power would break Ceres both ways if it hit him.

- Yes, if you hit it, it is.

Good stepping in, too. The slaughter is also the best blow you can take right now.

But my attacks will never reach Ceres.

Ceres, who avoided a vertical slaughter, makes me rape and attack him. As usual, they carve shallow wounds over and over again.

But it can't end like this.

"Not yet!

As the avoided slaughter pierces the ground, I let go of my left hand and slash it straight up. Just now, a slash painted the shape of a V.

The eyes of Ceres, who saw it, open wide.

It was my wife's hand.

It's a sword technique I've been secretly practicing, but it didn't reach Ceres. But the blade slashes the end of Ceres' dress.

(Will you also react to this)

It was meant to be a special blow, but Ceres' reaction rate is more than that. However, it arrived even though it was a slice of the dress.

(Reach. My sword reaches Ceres!

From the edge, it would be ugly to be a brother who would be annoyed by his sister. But if they're Ceres, it means something to me.

Its beautiful face was worth just being seen distorted by humiliation. When we jump away from each other, I cut my breath and I raise the edge of my mouth to make them laugh at each other.

It's the utmost resistance. Now, this is all I can do.

"What's up, Ceres?"

Ceres, who turned downwards and became faceless, was swinging as a wannabe. I guess I regret it. How many times has this been the first time I've seen Ceres, my sister, really seem to regret it?

"... don't call me names, dirty"

"... Huh?

When I realized, Ceres, who was in front of me, was gone. And you can hear Ceres from behind me.

At the same time as looking back, Ceres' fist was in front of him.

(Oh, that?

There was no pain. It's just that if I find out, I'm blowing the sabel out of my hand. Of all the surrounding sights that seemed slow and slow, only Ceres seemed to move normally.

Approaching, now kicking me up with red shoes.

I see Ceres looking up at me floating in the air, trying to unleash magic.

(Shit, they kill me!

Immediately try to play defense with magic, but the magic unleashed by Ceres was of high difficulty. Magic that demands considerable power, even from the wizards who use it.

It's seriously killing me.


Listening to those pale words, I recite them too.


Squeezing the remaining power, I expand my magic around myself. There was a flaming storm rolling in, and he was trying to wrap me up and burn me to death.

This one exercises magic too, but I don't know if I can prevent it.

I just found out that the magic now really depends on killing me.

"Oh, you're so in my way! Ceres!"

At the same time I scream, I fall straight into the ground. When the impact was transmitted to the body, the pain ran across the body there.

Combined with the pain I've never felt, I suffer even on the ground. And then my sabel falls right in front of me.

My sabel, whose blade had stabbed the ground and was a little red due to the heat of the flames.

Grip and I'll be sure of the burn, but I reached out.

I can't think about it anymore, but I just didn't want to let go. For me, it was because the servel in front of me was felt in my last bond with my parents.

"Ah, ah..."

All around me looking at me like that, looking at me without any help. Look at me crawling miserably, even those who are laughing.

The only person walking in was Ceres, who approached me with a humble grin.

"Sounds good. I'm surprised you're alive."

That's what I'm gonna say, I'm gonna rattle the sabel I reached out to right in front of you. Because of the heat, or Ceres' arm, the sabel is slashed like paper, not metal.

An outstretched hand fell to the ground.

Grabbing the lawn as it is, I weep and look up. Ceres had a full smile as she moaned her hair with her left hand.

"That was a favorite, wasn't it? Sorry to hear that."

Celeste, who seems happy, is looking down at me and enjoying herself. But I looked back when I heard my parents.

"Ceres, that'll be enough. I lost my clothes. Let's go get your new dress today."

"That's good, you"

No one had seen the injury, and the burn that had worn me out. He is no longer treated as one who is not there.

"Ma, wait! Father, Mother!

Squeeze your voice and reach out. But my parents only glanced at me once. The gaze was also as if looking at dirty objects.

I'll hit my forehead on the ground.

He spoke out and cried without worrying about his surroundings or anything else.

It shouldn't have taken me that long to lose my mind about how long it would have flown. I remember crying on the lawn, but when I realized it, I was on the bed.

Looks like after the bandages are wrapped around your body and you get allowances.

"Who the hell... Dad? No, isn't it?"

Tell me yourself, my father will never help me. It is obvious from the attitude at the time of departure, but the place was no more mansion than that.

Looking at the ceiling with the wooden planks, I understood that this was not my house.

I wonder who helped? With that in mind, I move my neck, which feels painful when I move it, to check my surroundings.

The wooden house, that place closer to the cabin than anything else, brought my gaze back to heaven again. I woke up, but my body still seems to want sleep.

Besides, I didn't want to think about anything right now.

(Did they dump you, I...)

Ceres' face rises behind my brain abandoned by my parents. Ceres' face with a humble grin is grinning at me.

That's the time.

…… Who? "

I was struck by the strange feeling of people talking around me rather than talking to me.

"Nobody, right?

There are no signs of people around. Close your eyes thinking it's a mistake.

I don't know who he is now, but he gave me a hand. I wanted to get some sleep and regain my strength. My body felt heavy, and I wanted to sleep.

(Now, I don't want to think about it...)

After I close my eyes for a little while, I can hear you.

'Hey, didn't you come here for this? He said he was definitely here!

I hear more crude voices than cheerful. My voice was loud and I heard someone laughing gahahahaha.

(So, who? Could it be someone who helped me?

But my voice doesn't seem to have arrived. Besides, I feel tired about why. It's like they're sucking on magic -.

"Father, please keep your mouth shut for a moment."

Now I heard a man sound a little tired.

(multiple? And it's uncomfortable...)

I can't speak up. And I don't even tell them what I think.

'Don't even know how Grandpa feels, Dad.' Cause this is my first conversation. It also feels like you have immediate descendants nearby. He's definitely pulling our blood. "

Now I hear cheerful voices.

(Three? No, are there more)

Would it be more a sign than a voice, I didn't think it was just the three of us?

"I know how your grandfather feels ~. Let's settle down and make sure first."

I heard a new voice. Is this about your grandfather's family? But the voices of all are young, or they don't sound old.

'Well, first conversation, so. But I don't think there's anything you'd notice.'

(See you later. Is this the fifth?

Then I hear a new voice again.

'You're too pessimistic, Dad. More than that, I'd like to know what's going on now. I hope you noticed...... what's up, Broad'

I was surprised to hear the name Broad.

Anyway, because Broad is my grandfather's name.

(This... maybe he's dead)

Wouldn't that be okay on the inside? and so on, while listening to the exceedance.

"My grandson! It's Lyell! He's definitely my grandson!

That was my grandfather's voice enough to make me want to laugh bitterly. He was a little too sweet for his grandson, but the feeling was even in his voice.

I just felt a little younger in my voice. Not a squeaky voice like an old man.

What the hell is this all about? Thinking, for example, a little free between...

"'' Seriously!

The noisy people seemed surprised to hear their voices together.

(............... what the hell is going on)

My destiny set in motion this day.