Shatei Kyokufuri Yumi-Ojisan

Data.1 Uncle Bow, Prologue

Retired from the company.

It was a company that creates games with a rare retro vibe in this day and age, but it can't stand the course of the times.

The world is obsessed with many of the full dive VR games that have been completed by collecting pieces of VR technology.

The world is just the Great VR Age!

It is no exaggeration to say that countless gaming companies stand side by side and everyone is making VR games.

When I decided to tell this story, I said, 'Don't you make so many games and the users disperse?' Asked.

Let's conclude, disperse.

But users are like tuna.

That's when I ate up the game I was talking about, and when I get bored or dissatisfied, I move on to other games.

That's how they keep moving and always seek to share topics with many people.

A time when people want to interact with people who have gone through the game more than the game itself......

Retrogues and such are not even required to mount online matches in those times.

No, some of them are in demand, so my company is still alive, but it's tough to run.

I don't know because more people say it's over after watching a video of someone playing it.

Well, until then, if you tell me it's bad that I can't cope with the changes of that era.

So I retired early.

Because it's cooler to pull yourself back than get fired.

I don't think it was very helpful...

They tend to think it's easy to make retrogues, but in this day and age it's rather difficult.

Similar to once dots were obsolete and 3D games became natural.

There is technology to go against the course of the times.

I don't need a man like me who just misses the old days anymore.

"Yes, from today on, I'm one of the roaming fish."

Removed from the bag was VRMMORPG's latest book, Next Stage Online.

The manufacturer's name is...... no, let's not.

I feel like I can be in the same industry and when I recognize the name of the company, I don't enjoy the game purely.

Anyway, set the software hard.

The VR device in my house is a proud capsule type.

Well, even if I say I'm proud of it, it's pretty inexpensive to get now.

"Is that it? Where are we gonna set the software? This?

I haven't been able to use the device much because I've been working so hard on it.

Because of that, I have quite a bit of savings, so I can enjoy the game at ease even if I fire my job.

In some cases, it's not a bad idea to make money from professional gamers and distributors.

I used to be told a lot, but now it's one of the fine jobs.

Maybe the strongest professional gamer ever to work for a former gaming company would be cool.

"Oh, you're letting me in here."

Set the software to the device.

All right, I'll turn it on.


Are you saying heavy bass?

There's a noise that the machine is starting to move.

The boy in my heart is excited.

Come on, we have plenty of time.

Let's just say I enjoy the game in a pure way.