Shenhao started from bragging about paying taxes

Chapter 1 Does it matter if you brag?

You can search for "Shenhao from Bragging Taxes to Search Novels (" in Baidu to find the latest chapters!It was already eight o'clock in the evening, but the Jingyun Building located on the fourth ring road of the Imperial Capital was still brightly lit.

There are many Internet technology companies in this building, and they basically work overtime until late at night.

The reality may be even worse than the legendary 996.

As a research and development plan of a technology company, Li Tianyu certainly can't go.

However, he is not a type of honest work, taking advantage of department leaders to go to a meeting, and stroll around the company.

Li Tianming accidentally saw Liu Manqi and did not leave.

Liu Manqi belongs to the administrative department, so she doesn't need to work overtime until late.

Li Tianyu is bored, and it's not bad to pass the time with flirting beauties.

"Hi, Manqi."

Liu Manqi raised her head and saw Li Tianyu, only to say hello politely.

"Why haven't you left yet?"

"I haven't finished sorting things out yet, and I will leave when I'm done." Liu Manqi replied.

Liu Manqi is indeed a beauty, and can be regarded as the most beautiful in the company.

She is one-meter six-five meters tall, not tall or short, thin areas that should be thin, and fleshy areas that should be fleshy.

Of course, the face is also more delicate, completely the type that Li Tianyu likes.

But obviously, Liu Manqi didn't want to talk to Li Tianyu very much.

Li Tianyu didn't care about her attitude, and still forced a conversation.

"Manqi, do you want to go mountain climbing on weekends? I heard that there are a few nice places in Changbei. There are mountains and waters, which are especially fun."

"Not going."

"Then what do you like to do? Go shopping? Watch a movie?"

"I don't like anything, so I like to rest at home."

Li Tianyu didn't give up, just about to speak again, he saw Gao Ping come over.

Gao Ping is also in the administrative department, slightly older than Liu Manqi, ordinary-looking, and eloquent.

Usually Gao Ping can't get used to Li Tianyu, who is not so motivated and scornful.

"Li Tianyu, what are you doing? Are you harassing our beauty Liu again?"

"What are you talking about, what do I call harassment?" Li Tianyu was not happy.

"Chee, isn't it what harassment is? Do you still want to ask Manqi out? Are you qualified?"

"Heh, what qualifications do you need to ask her out to play?"

"I'll just ask you, do you have a car?"


"Do you have a room?"


"Are there any deposits?"


Gao Ping spread out her hands disdainfully: "You said you are a person with no sanity, what qualifications do you have to ask a beautiful woman out?" uu book library

"Three-nothing...I..." Li Tianyu said this, feeling a little irritated, "Why do I have three-nothing, I tell you, I will buy a house soon!"

Gao Ping and Liu Manqi were shocked when they heard this.

The house price in the Imperial Capital is now the highest in the country. Even in the suburbs, it costs 450,000 square meters, which most people cannot afford.

What's more, Li Tianyu's salary is only a little over ten thousand at most. He has not eaten or drink, and has not been in the house of God for decades.

Gao Ping was happy: "You? Buy a house?"

"Yes, what's the matter?"

"Then I ask you, where can I buy it? Hometown?"

"I'll buy it in the Imperial Capital!"

"Yeah, where is the imperial capital?"

" the third ring!" Li Tianyu said confidently.

Liu Manqi glanced at Gao Ping: "Sanhuan's house... how can it cost seven or eighty thousand square meters?"

Gao Ping chuckled and said, "Li Tianyu, this bull is not so good."

Obviously, neither of these two people believed that Li Tianyu was bragging.

The fact is also true. Don't say Li Tianyu buys a house in the third ring of the imperial capital, even in his hometown, he can't afford it.

But the bull has blown out, and Li Tianyu is really not easy to take it back.

"Am I bragging? Just just keep watching."

Gao Ping squinted and said, "Okay, after you buy the house, can we visit it?"

"of course can."

"Then don't forget, and don't let us wait too long."

"Don't worry, it won't be long."

After Li Tianyu finished speaking, he hurriedly walked away.

Looking at Li Tianyu's back, Gao Ping said disdainfully: "I don't have any other skills, bragging is rather agile, Manqi, you will pay less attention to such people in the future."

Liu Manqi nodded: "Hmm..."

Although Gao Ping didn't speak loudly, Li Tianyu also heard clearly, and he secretly scolded Gao Ping to be nosy.

by!Laozi's picking up girls is what matters to her, it's not her who picks up!

Li Tianyu also regretted a little, and shouldn't be so big.

Buying a house in the imperial capital is obviously impossible for his little planner!

Having said that, it is said that there is no tax on bragging, but Li Tianyu wants to pay a little tax, as long as the bragging is realized.

This idea just struck Li Tianyu's mind when he suddenly heard a voice.

"The conditions are fulfilled, and the bragging tax system begins to load..."

"10%...25%...45...70%...85%...100%, complete the start!"

Suddenly, a translucent interface appeared in front of Li Tianyu's eyes.

WTF?Li Tianyu caught it in the void, unable to touch anything at all.

However, the content displayed in the interface surprised him.