Since I was reincarnated as a poor farmer in another world, I decided to lay bricks and build a castle


Where am I?

I can see a ceiling that I have no idea in my blurred open eyes.

And my ears were hearing so loud that I was deaf.

Is this the cry of a child?

I didn't have any kids in my acquaintance, so I shouldn't have much of a chance to hear them cry...

Nevertheless, what the hell is going on?

I woke up, so when I said the next thing I would do, I would wake up my body and start moving.

Naturally, when I woke up, I tried to wake myself up with all my strength in my arms.

But you can't get up behind my back like that.

Besides, I can't help but feel like my thoughts can't be cleared up, like there's a moya in my head.

Could I have been in an accident?

I don't remember at all, but you're injured by an accident shock and you can't move?

Then maybe this blistering head is also the after-effect of the accident.

So where am I?

If, as I thought, it was an accident, then naturally this should be a hospital.

But it doesn't look that way.

Whatever it is, the ceilings and walls you've been seeing are terribly dirty.

It's not like it's dirty.

There's no dirt on the wallpaper, or it's faded and faded over the years.

It feels like the wall itself is made of dirt.

Besides, by the way, is the surface shredded, or even the walls are bumpy?

"Oh. Are you hungry?

And there came a noise in my ear that hadn't happened before.

Turn in a hurry in the direction of that sound.

Patterns and running over shadows.

I came nearby and saw the man's face.

A woman.

That, too, is a young, beautiful woman in her 20s.

It makes me unconsciously thrilled for a moment.

But that woman just blew up my trouble.


That's because the woman's behavior in front of me was completely unexpected.

Because the moment a woman uttered her words so that her right index finger could stand above her, a ball of light popped out of her fingertips and floated in the universe.

I'm going to the hospital. Stop it!

Other worlds!!

Unconsciously, I would put a scratch in it with a Kansai valve I don't normally use, but well, you shouldn't mind.

I finally understood my situation when I got here.

This is neither Japan nor Earth I know of.

At least a magical existential world.

Besides, the baby cry I've been hearing since just now was apparently mine.

I mean, it would be a different kind of reincarnation.

Thus opened the curtain of my new life.