"Don't...no...don't do this..."

Yang Feng hurried back to the bakery room. As soon as he entered the store, he heard the familiar female voice begging and hurriedly pushed open the hidden door of the manager's office. He saw a man holding the boss Chen Lin's arm.

The man was wearing a well-groomed white shirt, his suit trousers had fallen to his ankles, showing two stubby, dark hairy legs. He shouted: "It's been three years since my mother, you didn't let me touch me, I must touch You do it!"

And Chen Lin pushed him desperately to prevent him from succeeding.

"Where's the mad dog, dare to bully Sister Lin!"

When Yang Feng saw this scene, he felt a surge of blood and fire in his eyes.

Without a word, it was just a kick when he went up, kicking hard on the man's chubby ass.

Both the man and Chen Lin were kicked to the ground.

Yang Feng hurriedly took a few steps forward and pulled the proprietress up: "Sister Lin, are you okay?"

Yang Feng's head was blank for an instant, and Chen Lin, who was usually cold and arrogant, had messy temples and found someone standing aside. The helplessness and anger in her eyes turned into panic. When she saw that it was Yang Feng, she gave out hope again. Light.

Yang Feng looked more and more hot, and said that if he was one step late, Sister Lin would be ruined by this beast?Thinking of this, he was so angry from his heart that he kicked the man on the ground again: "Fuck you, don't see where this is, dare to be wild here..."

Regardless of the man lying on the ground groaning, Yang Feng hurriedly took a few steps forward and pulled the proprietress Chen Lin up.

But who ever thought, Chen Lin didn't appreciate it. She gave Yang Feng a complicated expression, and then said, "Yang Feng, enough! What's the matter with you, why are you crazy!"

Yang Feng was stunned, and the boss’s wife’s reaction was completely beyond his expectations, "Sister Lin, I am helping you out!"

"Who wants you to help? Make a mess!" Chen Lin's face was pale, and she hurriedly helped the man up, patted his footprints, and asked with concern: "Are you okay?"

Yang Feng was blinded, sister Lin was so polite to this dog day?

But just now Sister Lin was clearly struggling desperately, begging hard, fighting to the end, what happened?

With Chen Lin's support, the man stood up embarrassedly, lifted his pants smoothly, and deliberately avoided Yang Feng's aggressive gaze.

But even so, Yang Feng recognized this person at a glance. He turned out to be Gao Qinsheng, the county's executive deputy magistrate, and a high-ranking official who often appeared on county TV stations.

Although he knew that the other party was the deputy county magistrate, Yang Feng did not have the slightest fear, but was full of strong anger and dissatisfaction.

And from Gao Qinsheng's twinkling eyes, Yang Feng judged one thing, that is, County Magistrate Gao was afraid of recognizing him.

But soon, Gao Qinsheng calmed his mind and said to Chen Lin with a cold face: "This is your employee. You can break in without knocking on the door and beat people, what quality!"

Yang Feng's eyes widened when he heard this, and he was almost furious: "What's the matter, I heard that Sister Lin is reluctant, you still insist, you are a scumbag who deserves to talk to me about quality. ?"

"You..." Gao Qinsheng was choked into speechlessness, turned his head and glared at Chen Lin: "Take care of your subordinates!"

Chen Lin turned to face Yang Feng and frowned: "There is nothing for you here, you go out first!"

"Sister Lin!" Yang Fengchu stayed still.

"Get out!" Chen Lin raised the volume, her face full of anger.

"Okay, let me go!"

Chen Lin's roar made Yang Feng feel that his self-esteem had been hurt by 10,000 points. His face was pale and he slammed the door.


Out of Chen Lin's office, Yang Feng paced back and forth in the store, slowly calming down.

He wanted to leave, but he still has important matters to report to the boss.

Yang Feng was an apprentice in this cake shop. He went out to deliver cakes at noon. He didn't expect that there was a cockroach in it. The customer stopped doing it and threatened to sue the Bureau of Industry and Commerce.

This is an extraordinary event. If it is not handled well, the bakery will have to be closed.

It was because of this that Yang Feng hurried back in a hurry against the scorching sun. He didn't expect to encounter such an embarrassing scene when he came back, and he didn't know how to deal with it for a while.

Chen Lin is his boss's wife. After he dropped out of school, if Chen Lin hadn't taken him in and let him be an apprentice, I'm afraid he is still a idle young man waiting for work.

On weekdays, Chen Lin took good care of him, and his sister Xiaoxue often came over to the air conditioner to review his homework, and Chen Lin never gave him a cold face.

Yang Feng also respected and loved her, and even had a little fantasy.

Therefore, Yang Feng quickly calmed down for the boss wife's scolding.

However, Gao Qinsheng was obviously not a good thing, and Yang Feng's indignation for him continued unabated.