Space-time Traveler

Chapter 1 Hourglass One

Sure enough, I crossed again.


Su Ziyu closed his eyes and felt it. The strange golden hourglass in the consciousness space began to flow slowly. He knew that when the golden quicksand at the upper end of the hourglass all flowed to the lower end, he would be forced to another strange world.A cold wind made him tremble, Su Ziyu tightened the animal skin coat and looked up to the sky, trying to determine his position through the stars, but he got nothing, only saw a huge yellow-brown sphere .This is not the earth, and he does not know where he is, but he knows that the most important thing is to survive now, because the cold north wind has made his body feel a little stiff.

"You must find a warm place, otherwise I will freeze to death."

"If there is no wrong guess, I will stay here for ten days, I don't know if it is possible to return to the earth."

The cold wind screamed, surrounded by white snow.

Obviously, the last world was still a hot summer, but when it arrived here, it has become a cold winter.Su Ziyu felt that he had lost himself in the long river of time and space, and did not know where he would wander next time.This is the third world he experienced. After accidentally activating a strange golden hourglass that is said to be a handicraft from Egypt, he was sent to a lush primitive forest. At first he thought he was himself It was on the earth, until the night fell, he was awakened by the sound of heavy footsteps. Through the thin starlight, he saw a huge black shadow, which is a dinosaur up to about 12 meters high, not sure if it is a Tyrannosaurus, because At that time he was shocked!

Crossed by yourself?

Crossed into the Jurassic era?

Do you want to commit suicide?

Su Ziyu knows that he has no ability to compete with prehistoric creatures. His chance of survival in this era is infinitely close to zero.But suicide is impossible, and the ants still steal lives, not to mention he is a big living person.Perhaps because of the existence of the prehistoric overlord, Su Ziyu did not encounter any accidents that night, although he dared not sleep for a whole night lying on the tree.The next day the giant appeared again. Su Ziyu can now be sure that it is a type of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Although there are some sharp spines on its back, he will not admit that he looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. .

After the despair is the desire to survive.

Fortunately, after watching many wilderness survival programs, Su Ziyu thought of what he should do after the initial panic.The peculiar golden hourglass disappeared after activation, but he could see it in his consciousness space when he concentrated, the golden gravel was flowing down a bit, this is a time scale, Maybe he could go back when the sand had run out.

Be safe, food and water.

The speed of golden gravel flow is not slow. It is estimated that the squid will flow out in about three or four days. In the Jurassic era, he could not have been Robinson, because any dinosaur can easily treat him. Hunt as a prey.It took him a while to find a huge, smelly manure nearby, then smeared it on his body, and then moved a little more around the tree where he stayed.He wasn't sure if it was the feces of Tyrannosaurus Rex, but there should be no other large dinosaur activity in the territory of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Then, Su Ziyu was hungry on the tree for three days.

It is not that he does not want to explore this world, but that he has absolutely no ability to survive in this world.These days he saw pterosaurs flying by in the sky, saw the fierce raptors chased by hunters, saw the tyrannosaurus dragged the body of another dinosaur back to his nest, and even saw a long Two centimeters or so of black insects like centipedes, he felt that no matter which one had the ability to kill himself as a human being.He didn’t dare to go out looking for food, and he didn’t know what to eat and what to eat,

He hasn't been hungry for such a long time since he was small, and finally he feels very weak when he is hungry, as if he might fall from the tree at any time.

It's about three days.

The gravel at the top of the golden hourglass finally drained away. At the moment when the scale was finished, he thought he would return to the earth and return to his familiar home.But he did not. His consciousness seemed to be drifting in the river for a long time. When he finally woke up again, he was already in a hot desert zone.

At that moment he was really desperate.

He knew that a person who was hungry for three days and only depended on collecting dew to maintain his survival would never be able to walk out of a desert alive.

He was almost ready to wait for death.

The hope that supported him to live for the first three days is that the golden hourglass can send him home, but after this hope has fallen, he is almost on the verge of collapse.Then he saw a big black scorpion, and his sudden hunger made his eyes red. He felt that he should do something, even if he died, he would have to eat a full meal.

Time seemed to stand still at that moment.

When Su Ziyu recovered, he found that he had really caught the scorpion. He quickly unscrewed the stinger, and then put it directly into his mouth to chew.

He doesn't care about poisoning.

What bacteria and parasites are all floating clouds, he just wanted to eat some meat before he died, even if this meat is not very delicious.

The food helped him recover a little, but it was still impossible to get out of the desert. He didn’t know where to go. He could only go in one direction. Even he couldn’t understand why he hadn’t fallen. Maybe he was real. Not reconciled, and did not want to die in silence like this.

I don't know how long after that, he seemed to hear some strange sounds, but his consciousness was a little blurred.

He eventually fell.

His consciousness floated in the darkness for some time. Su Ziyu thought he was dead, but when he opened his eyes, he found that he did not.

He was locked in a cage!


In front of it is a pottery basin with water and food, and a circle of humanoid creatures with dark brown skin but no ears or hair and a small tail behind them. They look like a combination of snakes and lizards. The eyes of these aliens were full of curiosity and surprise. They spoke a language that Su Ziyu couldn't understand. The speed of the speech was quite fast, a bit like a snake-like croak.They took everything from the squid fish, but left a simple animal skin with a smelly smell beside him.A tall alien with scars on his body seemed to treat him as his own slave and loot. He showed the squid in a cage and showed it to other aliens, just like a novel beast exhibited in a zoo.

"Hello there."

Su Ziyu tried to communicate with them, but in exchange for a whip, the pain made him groan, and then he heard the laughter of the strangers, which was very harsh.

This is a very bad memory.

For five days, the squid was kept in a small cage, eating and drinking Lhasa were all in it. In order to keep the cage covered with straw-like plants, but it would still freeze him trembling when the night fell.The temperature difference between day and night is very large. The leaders of the aliens train their men every morning. These aliens use some ferrous metal weapons. They look quite barbaric. He has seen the blood of the aliens splashing during the battle training more than once.He was escorted by strangers every day to make people watch, and Su Ziyu judged that he should be in a city.

There is no way for the two parties to communicate at all. The leader of the alien looks at him as if he is looking at a dangerous humanoid beast. Any excessive reaction may get a whip, and even in the last three days it tried to use it. The whip domesticated him as if to domesticate a beast.

They just want to keep him in the cage.

Su Ziyu finally gave up the idea of ​​communication, but this does not mean that he will not suffer from whip, he even feels that he has begun to get used to suffering in just a few days.

The sixth day.

Su Ziyu was escorted back from the outside, and a trace of blood was oozing out of his forehead. It was a stone thrown by a foreigner child.The leader of the alien appeared again in front of him. Of course, he also carried the dark red whip in his hand. It seemed to treat whipping squid as a pastime, intending to use the whip until he succumbed.The leader of the aliens doesn't like Su Ziyu's look. There is freedom and equality in that look, that's not what a slave should have.It uses a whip to make Su Ziyu completely succumb, knowing that he has become a humble slave, and learns to lower his head to show the expression that he should have to please his master.

But the slave it caught today seemed a little different.

Because he actually raised his middle finger towards himself, and then showed a provocative smile, although his forehead was still bleeding.The discovery made the leader of the aliens angry. He waved his whip and was ready to teach the slave, using his painful screams to calm his anger.

This distance is enough.

It's almost time.

Su Ziyu faced with the approaching leader of aliens, his anger became stronger and stronger, his fingers shook a little, but he restrained the changes in his body very well, he felt the adrenaline Secretly secreted, the heartbeat began to accelerate gradually.During this time, the days he lived were simply not as good as dogs. These aliens didn't treat him as a human being at all. Even if it was the qualities of a modern civilization, what appeared in his heart was a cold killing intention.

Blood for blood, teeth for teeth.

This is what the ancestors gave us.

Faced with the leader of aliens close to him, Su Ziyu's figure suddenly jumped up, and the time seemed to stand still for a moment, everything turned into a frame-by-frame slow motion, he reached out and pulled out The alien's weapon in the waist, and then used his full strength from his jawbone to pierce his head directly.

Blood splatter.

It was only four weeks before the cries of other strangers came. The strange leader in front of him was incredulous, and then the tall and burly body collapsed!


"It's true that Lao Tzu has no tantrum!...I'll kill you!...I took the whip to pump Lao Tzu so well?... Lao Tzu's knife is called a reward!"

In the face of the angry and strange people who rushed over with arms in all directions, Su Ziyu raised two middle fingers towards them, and then the whole person suddenly disappeared out of thin air, as if it had not been saved at all, only left. The corpse of aliens that was gradually cold outside the cage.