Spirit’s Paradise And The Idle Another World Life

Episode 557: Negotiating a Degraded Edition of Damascus

Somehow, the dwarf of the dark character made the air in the field a horn, and went a step ahead of the pitfall activation, but the air in the field returned to the original, and finally a full-fledged negotiation began. I'm already feeling tired and want to go home, but for Mel's sake, I want to find something that both of us can agree on.

It's impossible after all.

When I thought about how to respond to the secret of the spirit magician, the king gave up on me.

A secret that could potentially bring tremendous benefits to the country.

Well, in a nutshell, let's get along with the spirits... but from the standpoint of the king, I'm sure it's something I'd like to get by force.

To honestly abandon it may be that the case of Marquis Galli and the presence of the Great Spirit are working in a good direction.

I feel like I'm half-threatened, but if I don't have the power or the connections, but I have something inappropriate, I'll be robbed.

Not to mention a fantasy world where power speaks more of things than it did before it was built in Japan. Even the king would have tried to extract information by torturing me if I was weak.

Thinking about it, I felt like I should summon all the Great Spirits and threaten them without any trouble, but since I had established a good relationship, I didn't have to destroy them on purpose.

It's easier to throw the three Goldens away as far as they can, like their parents and children.

It is important that Mel is recognized by the surroundings as a spiritualist and blacksmith, so that she does not encounter irrational eyes.

Don't forget this.

“Thank you for your hospitality”

"Hmm. But I'm also interested in the lecture that he gave in the Adventurer's Guild." Of course, we've gathered some information, but it doesn't seem to be working out the way it did. Can I have that lecture? "

It's only natural that the information goes to the country because you've done so much.

And of course it didn't work.

Because my teachings only cover the surface, the important thing is that my contract spirits directly teach the spirits. There's no way it's going to work out there.

“If you don't mind the same lecture, I will help you.”

I am also interested in spirit magicians serving the country, and if you don't mind doing the same thing, you will have less trouble.

I don't think it's too much trouble, but if I can sell my debt to the king easily, I should sell it.

"Well, thank you. Talk to Barrotta later."


Vigilance, trap activation authority, and stress from the unconscious pressure of the Deanes make it harder for Max's Barrotta, but I can't help it because it's a king's request.

Mr. Barrotta's nervous face seemed to pull, but it was probably because of his imagination.

"Now, that's a misunderstanding, but the purpose of that person is definitely to cover the back of my daughter there, right?" Do you mind if I hire you at the castle? I promise you a favor. "

“No, Mel is very committed to protecting the workshop that her ancestors have inherited. I appreciate the story....."

It would be an honor for a craftsman to be recognized in a castle.

You'll be protected, and if you can accept this choice, it's all easy to fix, but Mel worked so hard and desperate to inherit the workshop.

Mel was finally able to sign up with Meral to take over the workshop. Honorably or safely, you can't choose to let go of the workshop.

There's nothing Mel wants in the castle.

I also wondered if Mel's soul was currently here. I'm talking about Mel, so maybe it's time for you to come back?

... it looks like Mel's weak parts are crawling out, so it's going to be hard for a while. I either summoned Vita or looked lost.

Well, Mel was weak, but his guts were doubled, and he would come back if he got his feelings sorted out.

"I see. So what kind of backup do you want?" A title?... no, I don't think so. "

The king, who saw Mel after he said he was a title, withdrew his foreword. Yeah, it doesn't look like Mel wants a title anyway.

If that's what it looked like, it would be too much of a pitfall to worry about the future of this country.

"No, what I want you to do is certify that Mel has reproduced this metal and set up a Knights or Guards stuffing station near Mel's workshop." And I want you to care about Mel's workshop. Specifically, it eliminates solicitation, etc. ”

With Meral and Merylserio present, there is not much physical danger.

A Cavalier or Guard would be enough to eliminate the mental danger. The Labyrinth City will not be devastated.

In Japan, the analogy is that you should set up an exchange nearby and give preferential treatment to protect it, so it would be a rather frivolous request, but this is a fantasy world where there is a king, not Japan.

If the king growls, he passes through.

I've thought about expanding the space where the restricted workshop at the root of the problem can be built, but I don't have the right to do that.

If the space expands and those three get the workshop, that makes me sick. I'm a little sad about the smallness of my vessel, but I think they should struggle to annoy Mel.

Well, I'm going to silence Mel by showing her that she can't make any noise soon, so those three prides are going to be a mess. I'm looking forward to it.

"Hmm, it's not impossible, but it's also true that expenses will increase. What are the benefits of the country? The fact that the daughter and her husband are favourable to this country is also a benefit, but I would like to see a specific form if possible. And what do you mean by reproduction? Wasn't that daughter who established the manufacturing method?"

Is our goodwill good for you? I didn't think about it, but it could be.

I don't want to protect this country, but there are people who have taken care of the Labyrinth City, so I'll protect them if I can.

The king won't know, but the high-value city of Labyrinth City will be protected by Silphy and the others.

That's amazing.

I don't know what would happen if we weren't here, but the level of safety we'd have while we were there, whether it was a flood of monsters or a Cataclysm.

Well, because it's so annoying and troublesome to prove, it won't be a benefit to the country you're presenting. But I've been thinking about it.

And the word reproduction. Did you get caught?

The word reproduction is a drop in mind, considering both reality and Mel's feelings.

Mel hated to announce that the knowledge he had been taught by Nomos was his own, so I can't be foolish enough to say that he had been taught by the great spirits of the earth.

"This deteriorated version of Damascus's manufacturing method was studied and reproduced based on certain knowledge. Mel didn't build it from scratch, so it was reproduced.”

That's why I decided to do it in the world.

Mel, who was taught almost everything, showed difficulty with the word reproduction, but she was persuaded that it would be troublesome to explain if she did not.

”With that kind of knowledge... it seems to be a secret, too”

When I smiled at Nikoli, the king understood before I responded. Thank you for speaking so quickly.

I'm a little unhappy around the Knights on the Wall, but I don't have a problem if I'm not directly involved.

“I appreciate your understanding. I can offer you the benefits, but if you ask me, I will regularly deliver this degenerate Damascus ingot to the country at a pace of about ten per day."

There isn't enough to make a sword with a single ingot, but ten can make enough weapons and armor.

In terms of value, we talked about Meru, Gina, Sylphy, and Nomos, so it shouldn't unnecessarily reduce the value of the degraded version of Damascus. If you take ten bottles per month, you will be able to get some kind of equipment.

Value is that we set the country to work fairly well. Probably even half was enough.

Although it does not extend to rare metals, it is a very high quality metal.

Even if the state spends money on installing security locations and labor costs, it does not have the benefit of regularly acquiring rare-value metals.

Then why are you behaving in such a big way... Bribery, to put it simply.

I don't need a bribe alone, but I thought it would be better to give a profit to Mel, who is rooted in the Labyrinth City, and his descendants, to the extent that they are in the country.

"... hmm. That's enough. How much does this metal produce? I would like to buy more than ten bottles."

It turned out to be an additional conversation. But I'm glad you chose the means of purchase. Worst of all, it's not a bad flow because I was thinking about what was said to be missing.

"That's right, it's a delicate metal, so it's difficult to produce in large quantities, but I think it can be sold a little bit." However, Mel also has some weapons that she wants to hang out with and make, so please don't force her to buy them. ”

It wasn't a lie that it was delicate, but Mel could afford to build a degenerate version of Damascus.

If a leading sorcerer were to build this degenerate Damascus, it would be a daunting task and perhaps a failure. Even Mel can't be made easily.

However, only if Mel did blacksmithing would it be somewhat easier.

It is the fire and soil specialists Merrall and Merrill Serio who master the process of making a degenerate version of Damascus.

Even the intermediate spirits and levitating spirits were quite skilled in their own attributes. When such Merrals and Merrill Serios learn how to make them, they don't fail in the heat or the subtlety of the metal.

All that's left is for Mel to thoroughly ripen the process she needs to complete the degraded version of Damascus.

Well, it's still hard, but it seems to be overwhelmingly easier than controlling everything on your own.

We can communicate with spirits in paradise, so maybe we can call it blacksmithing.

If Merle, Merral, and Merylserio work together, we can build about a hundred bottles a month without much difficulty.

However, since Mel will be unable to produce the deteriorated version of Damascus, the upper limit is limited to twenty ingots per month, so that Mel can freely differ in the remaining items.

You can use it yourself or ask the state to buy it for you. It's good to sell your favor to a blacksmith you know, so it would strengthen Mel's weak position as a young woman.

We'll leave all the troubles to the knights and guards of the nearby lockup. I don't think it's a bad plan for me.

"Hmm, if mass production is difficult and there is no flow of volume to other countries, there is no problem." The country will buy all the rest, so please explain it to her. "

Got it.

We managed to negotiate without any turbulence.

In the end, Mel could not return to his sanity during the negotiation, but he would have been able to fulfill his role as a master.

We have a discussion with Mr. Barrotta, but it's time to get some time to relax.

Please make me a disciple!


...... the blacksmith who wanted to enter the disciple at Mel's feet, and Mel who was surprised by the sudden act and returned to sanity.

What the hell is this situation? Even though the turbulence was over, the turbulence was pushed from a strange place.

Well, there's nothing I can do without the talent of a spirit magician, and I'm not going to teach anyone who is deeply involved in the country, or invite them to paradise.

It's just... I have a feeling that it's going to be very difficult to say no...