SSS-Class Summoner

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Environmental destruction, war, limited resources.

Humanity, as always, lived with many problems.

Then an unimaginable disaster struck mankind.

Gates open in unexpected places and all kinds of monsters pouring out of them were a disaster.

Modern firearms can't hurt most monsters.

In the early days, I had to pour out hundreds of millions of missiles to catch a small monster.

The only way to close the gate is to spit out all the monsters and wait for them to disappear. Even if the gate appears closed, the gate continues to appear all over the world.

Humanity has suffered enormous damage and many cities have been destroyed.

But there was hope.

After the gate was opened, a few extraordinary people awakened their abilities.

Those who were called Awakeners had the power and stamina that transcended man, and some of the intermediaries had special abilities.

In order to defeat them with a conventional firearm, awakeners used their transcendental strength to defeat monsters using cold weapons or awakening abilities.

After the first gate appeared, there was a great deal of confusion between the awakeners and the Grand Duke's war policy.

But when we overcome and adapt to disasters, disasters become rather opportune.

Ether, the nucleus of the monsters, is a powerful energy source of other dimensions and has greater efficiency than all other resources.

With the advent of ether, oil prices plummeted, and it was hard to find the word "power shortage" around the world.

New ether-based technologies have also been discovered to make it easier to deal with monsters.

In the Third World, where civil war and war were prevalent, each was too busy to stop the monsters, and the war between all human beings stopped and disappeared.

And in this world, awakeners naturally became the protagonists of the times.

The number of quality awakeners had a direct impact on the nation's power.

South Korea alone has a noticeably higher level of awareness compared to the population, which has increased its status and right to speak in the international community.

The same was true of awakening individuals.

He risked his life to save his life, and he stabbed Stars in the power that transcends humans, so he stabbed them in the sky.

If it wasn't more on TV than celebrities and politicians, it was more than that.

Becoming a senior awakener and gaining wealth, honor, or power.

I would have imagined that everyone would have dreamed of it once.

And Il-hyun had felt that way for a very short time when he was twenty years old.


"It's called an SSS rank."

"Really? No way!"

Kang Il-hyun, who heard the official's words, stood up in surprise.

The performance rating was SSS, a figure I had never heard of since I was born.

But a blurry, eye-catching female official shakes her hand like it's boring.

"Yes, yes. It's a machine error. Sometimes, when you're examining against the general public, you write down your ability or rank."

As if this were not the first time, the official handed out the paper, speaking in an clerical manner.

"It doesn't matter if you come back next week and re-examine it, but I've never had any other results so far. If you were really awake, you'd get the right results."

"Oh, yes... thank you."

After a while, he was ashamed of what he had hoped for, and quickly took his examination paper and left the building.

The rumbling of those who were waiting behind me tickled my back.

This occasional Awakening Machine error was notorious for biting the injured person.

"Phew. Triple S is no joke..."

Il-hyun sighed in front of the crosswalk.

Although the rank of the abilities themselves and the rank of awakeners were not always proportional, only one rank of A could become a national prospect.

But it wasn't S, it was SSS. It was ridiculous.

He reads down the letters written on the examination paper, in order to utter foolishness.

Separator Awakening


SSS Rank: [Summon], [Prey], [Transform]

When he touched the list of his abilities written on it, the grinning brute threw the examination paper into the trash.