At the end of May, Du Hua Clothing received an order to re-measure the prisoners of Xiaoyahe in Zhangchuan City and make a batch of new clothes.

Xiaoyahe is the largest prison number under Zhangchuan's jurisdiction, serving thousands of people in prison.The group is special and the amount of tasks is large. The factory manager handed over the heavy responsibility to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin is an associate of Du Hua Garment, and graduated from the Fashion Design Department of East China University.This kind of education could have been better developed, and Qu was in the garment factory, apparently overkill.

However, she gave Liu Zecheng the opportunity of further study, settled in the status quo, and deeply rooted in this field. It took five years to do it.

On Monday morning, she drove to Xiaoyahe with two tailors.

The copper wall and the iron wall separate the two worlds, and the atmosphere inside the iron wall is depressing and terrifying.

After strict registration and review, the three followed the prison guard through the empty playground.On the other side of the diamond-shaped fence, the prisoners let go of the wind. They leaned against the railing, their faces were fierce, and their eyes were not good. They chased them all the way and were like elves like elves.

Lu Yin shook and felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up.She calmed herself down, retracted her gaze, and walked into the door without squinting.

After entering the door was a long corridor, empty and empty, which seemed too cold and solemn.Very quiet, only heard the sound of her heel gently tapping on the ground.Lu Yin couldn't help but stand on his feet and regretted wearing high heels today.

They entered an iron gate.The room was very large, with only one window at the top of the wall, sealed with thick steel reinforcement.The room was a bit dark, and the two incandescent lamps made the wall pale, but I felt the atmosphere was breathless.

The dressmaker is younger than her age, usually lively and can say that this will stand motionless behind her in silence.

Lu Yin ordered himself to relax, smiled backwards, and said comfortably: "After a while, he will be a little more dexterous, but we will withdraw after finishing the measurement."

The two answered and turned back to prepare tools.

At a quarter of an hour, the iron gate pushed open, and after a rustling sound, the first two prison guards came in.A green uniform, the top not tied in the waist of the trousers, with equipment straps tied around the waist, there are some equipment that has never been seen, and a thick baton in his hand.

Then a line of men came in line, standing next to the wall in order.

Lu Yin looked over. Those people were all bald-headed, wearing black vests and sports pants, tall, short, fat, old, young, and colorful.

She stood there for a while before moving.

The prison guard said: "This is a representative selected according to height and weight. The male and female prisons are separated and will go to the female prison later."

Lu Yin picked up the soft ruler: "Okay."

"That's trouble."

She smiled generously: "No, it should be."

Lu Yin took the lead, she glanced at her eyes roughly, a total of twenty people, the energy was finished in half an hour.

In two rows, Lu Yin went to the back and left the front to the tailor.Shutting through a group of men, there is nothing special except for smelling a special smell.That kind of smell, like the sign of attracting the opposite sex before an animal's passion, is too special to describe.

It is understandable that male prisoners serve more than one year in prison, and hardly see women in the high walls, let alone touch them.It's inevitable even if you look wild and sloppy.

Lu Yin's hands and feet were quick, and she quickly measured the two of them. She hung the tape on her neck and squinted on the notebook to record data. By the way, she made a wrong step in the corner and was ready to measure the next person.

"The arms are flat." She said with her head down.

As soon as the voice fell, she moved slightly, her forehead hair was blown by a breath, her scalp was numb, and she felt the surrounding aura stronger.She moved her eyes, and the pen tip made a gap on the paper, and the human instinct took a half step back... a ruler in front of him, a giant beast opened her blood basin to her...

A few inaudible laughs came from above her head. She stabilized her mind slightly, stepped forward, and repeated: "The arms are flat."

After a few seconds, the opponent opened his arms lazily.

Lu Yin's eyes dodge, and repeatedly glance at the chest like a wall thick, chest muscles are stiff, and there is a faint glow of oil. There is a black dragon tattoo on it. The strong dragon hangs on the other side's right shoulder. The dragon head extends in front of his chest. , Stubborn eyebrows; scales are evenly distributed, layer by layer; the overall tattoo is black and gray, with green eyes, and the eyes are particularly cruel.

The Jiaolong came to life, as if it could emerge from that person in the next moment.

Lu Yin was acting mechanically, obviously not calming down just now, and the order of steps was chaotic.She always feels that her eyes are cruising around her, which is different from the previous two, which is a very aggressive look.

Waist, bust, shoulder width, collar circumference, her eyes could not help but followed, and then she saw his face.The man's eyes didn't blink and met her, his expression was a little playful, and the corners of his mouth were curved.

The eyebrow peaked first, his right eyebrow peak extended to the temple, there was a two-centimeter scar, the wound was slightly lighter in color, in sharp contrast with his bronze skin.The eye sockets are deep and concave, the eyebrows are wide, the bridge of the nose is straight, and the lips are thin and moist. With the slightly sharp eyes, it brings a bit of unspeakable wildness.

In short, it looks like Fu Yingting's appearance...but she only feels that he is fierce.

Lu Yin quickly looked away and leaned slightly to measure the hips of the other party.

She spread her hands, walked through his body, and folded her arms to get a soft tape.In just a few seconds, too close, she smelled that smell again, several times stronger than before.

Lu Yin lightly throated, don't look away.

The tape measure passed around the man's hips and closed at the side of the legs.A voice came across his head, "Miss, it's too tight."

The man's voice was slow, lazy, and his voice was rough and gruff like a gravel, and his voice was hoarse, and it was not good at all.

Lu Yin shook, and the soft ruler was tighter in his hand.The rest of the prisoners laughed loudly, and some people were pleased: "Brother, are you tight?"

After a burst of laughter, the atmosphere of restraint and patience finally broke out with this interrogation.

"Quiet." The guards drank and banged on the iron door a few times. "Stand well. 0852 You stop and go out. Don't commit any crimes."

Be quiet, there are still criminals whispering.

The man licked his lower lip and lowered his head. The woman's cheeks were flushed, her eyelashes flickered, and she gasped low.

Her hand was still stretched, her movements were stiff, and she was angry but could not bear it, and whispered: "If you loose your pants again, you will fall."

Her voice was small and did not attract attention, but the man heard it and grunted.

Lu Yin got up and dared not look into his eyes, only to stare in his direction, and don't look away.After measuring the length of the trousers, he quickly turned to the others, without looking up at him again.

The three of them were very efficient, and all were completed in 20 minutes. Lu Yin packed up and prepared to go out. She didn’t dare to look back, but she couldn’t help but think about the over-shouldered dragon, which was majestic, arrogant, and like he was tamed. Pets, lying on the broad shoulders, waiting for opportunities.

Lu Yin shook his head, and in this ghost place, he would never come back for the second time.

After a few people left, Lai turned around, and Lai leaned over to him, whispering: "Brother Qiang, the chick just now is good. Look at the milk in that figure... the butt is also big enough, if..."

Without going any further, Lao Lai raised his eyebrows, smirking with unwillingness.

Lu Qiang narrowed his eyes, Hu rolled a shoulder, and just rubbed her fingertips across his skin. The cold touch seemed to be still there. He smiled and found it interesting.

Lu Qiang looked down at his chest. The woman kept peeking at the tattoo. She was clearly timid as a rat. She was calm and calm. Her eyes moved but she showed a simple stubbornness. Tease her.

Life is hard inside and you have to have some fun.