That day was soon forgotten by Lu Yin.

Later, I communicated with the relevant departments of Xiaoyahe about the style and quantity. This batch of clothes was put into production, and she never went there again.

Another Monday, Lu Yinkai made a small mistake at the regular meeting.

She writes and draws underneath with a pen, and calculates the cost of the new house renovation and future expenses.After buying a house, he was heavily in debt. The decoration spent most of the cash in hand, and later he had to buy electrical appliances and furniture. Lu Yin was clearly listed.

The trivia was messy, but she was content with joy.

Lu Yin took out his mobile phone, took a picture of the book, and sent it to Liu Zecheng on WeChat.

The leader above was still talking, she was absent-minded, and her finger lighted up and down, the screen suddenly disappeared, and the message sent out fell into the sea.

At the end of the meeting, everyone dispersed, and Lu Yin went out with others.

Factory Director Du shouted, "Lu Yin, come to my office."

Lu Yin was stunned, and he answered quickly.

...... ......

From the factory manager's office, she sent a message to Liu Zecheng.

Lu Yin leaned against the wall and lowered her head until the screen dimmed before putting her phone back in her pocket.

After get off work, Liu Zecheng finally called and said to go home to eat at night.Lu Yin first turned to the nearby market, and according to his preferences, he bought a fresh catfish, celery, and lettuce. After thinking about it, he took two dozen beer.

When entering the community, the old security guard Li stopped her, "Xiaolu, there is your courier."

The gate of the community is an old-style hollow iron gate. The road is not too wide. There is a used post on the right side, and the current of the radio is heard from inside.The earthy yellow wall is scattered, the corners are mottled, and the moss grows wantonly.

Lu Yin stopped and released his hand: "Thank you."

Lao Li said: "You have had a lot of express delivery recently."

She smiled: "There are many materials for the new house decoration. I bought some online."

"Going to move?"

"It's been a while." Lu Yin walked forward. "The new house hasn't been finished yet...please trouble you, Master Li."

Old Li waved: "Don't mention it."

Lu Yin walked into the community.

She and Liu Zecheng lived here after graduating from university for five years.

Several old buildings have been in the old city for some years. Fortunately, the surrounding facilities are complete, the life is convenient, and there is rare property management.The guard box at the door, several security guards take turns on duty day and night. Usually the residents come to change the water and repair the electric gate. The public security is also good.Therefore, although the house is a bit old, it is still comfortable to live in and has never been changed.


A few dishes had just been cooked, and the sound of the door lock turning came from the door.

Lu Yin put the plate on the table, and the probe said, "Returned? Wash your hands and eat." After that, she ran back to the kitchen.

Liu Zecheng did not answer, bowed his shoes.Put down his backpack and go to the bathroom to wash his hands. Before sitting at the table, he plucked Lu Yin's forehead.

Lu Yin's cheeks were flushed with heat, and tiny sweat beads flowed down her neck. She smiled: "Is the research institute busy lately?"

Liu Zecheng took a sip of soup, "Uh."

"Don't patronize, there is not a good rest there, and there are no delicious meals. Try to come back to sleep at night."

The porcelain spoon hit the lower edge of the bowl, and the "ding" sounded crisply. "Hmm", he said, "Xiao Wang has asked for leave, and he has not enough staff in these two days."

Lu Yin said, "I'll pinch you later?"

Liu Zecheng made a move, raised his head, looked at her for a while, and finally put down the soup bowl to hold her hand.His eyes were spoiled, and those eyes seemed to have the magic of bone and softness, and they looked straight into her eyes.

At the school, it was Liu Zecheng who chased her. Lu Yin never paid attention to appearance, nor put too much attention on love, but was inadvertently attracted by those eyes.

At the age of ignorance, love came from a sudden heartbeat, and they started like this. Six years of companionship like sand at the fingertips, hurried past.

...... ......

Lu Yin trembled, holding his hand back, "What's wrong?"

Liu Zecheng squeezed her hand bones, with a slightly tired and guilty smile on her face, "I don't have to suffer more, it's okay, I think you can live more comfortably. The road ahead is still long, I have a lot of time to accompany Holding you."

Lu Yin felt warm, "I'm afraid you are too tired."

"I know."

The two got bored and took up the tableware for half a day.

Lu Yin said: "The new house is basically completed, and then I may not have enough money to buy furniture here..."

"Okay." Liu Zecheng took a mouthful of rice in his mouth and said, "I will take it to you tomorrow. Is 20,000 enough?"

Lu Yin said: "It's about the same, I'm making up the rest."

A few words on a topic are explained clearly.

Quiet on the table.For a while, he bowed his head to eat.

Lu Yin bit the chopsticks and remembered that Director Du had visited her today. She opened her mouth and just wanted to talk, and the phone rang there.

Liu Zecheng put down his chopsticks and looked at Lu Yin: "The Institute's, I'll listen to it." After walking to the balcony, he closed the living room door with his backhand.

He kept his back to his back, and Lu Yin couldn't hear what he was talking to. The phone was almost ten minutes long. When he came back, he was relaxed and even looked in his eyes.

Lu Yin didn't ask, but on the topic just now, "Did I see the message I sent you today?"

"You said that the organization arranged training?"

Lu Yin nodded: "The opportunity is very rare, is to go to Shanghai VR, I want to ask your opinion."

"when to go."

"Next month 15th."

Liu Zecheng said, "Since you think the opportunity is rare, you can go."

Lu Yin said, "We got married at the beginning of the month, and it was only half a year after I went there. I want to have children first."

Liu Zecheng pressed his finger tightly and nodded his desk, comfortingly saying, "This matter is not in a hurry."

Lu Yin bit her lip, "Forget it." She groaned, "Still not go."



On the other side of the city, just past nine o'clock, it has fallen into darkness, which is in stark contrast to the traffic and traffic in the city.

The hazy moonlight was divided by the railings of the narrow flat windows and sprinkled finely in the empty room.

Lu Qiang pillowed his hands behind his head, his legs overlapped at random, his body was still the black vest, and the dragon on his chest seemed to converge arrogantly and arrogantly in the darkness, following the master staring quietly at the small sky outside the window.

Xiaoya River is located in the suburbs, the night sky is not polluted. The sky outside the window is like silky silk satin splashed with ink, and a few stars are suddenly embellished, which makes the satin lining shine.It's just that the middle is suddenly separated by the railing, losing a little beauty.

The starry sky symbolizes freedom and is the place where everyone's heart is longing for.

Lu Qiang couldn't express his mood at the moment. He was released from prison at the beginning of next month. Once he had hoped day and night, the closer he was, the less he was excited.It’s like something that is filled with joy and joy, but it’s hard to know how to use it.

This may be dazed.

Lu Qiang turned over and lay on his side.

He lived in a 12-person superintendent's office, with many people in a mess. The air was full of detention and decay.Some people whisper from time to time, there are also iron beds in hidden corners, making a creaking and rhythmic sound.Here, this kind of phenomenon is too common. Everyone sees it strangely and doesn't even think about it.

The sound of snoring in the sky shook the sky, and Lu Qiang couldn't sleep, so he lowered his voice and kicked the bed board up.

There was movement above, and finally there was no movement.

The person in the next bed rolled over, accompanied by a few coughing depressions.

Lu Qiang looked over and his voice was extremely low: "Old Man Deng, can't you sleep?"

Old Deng said: "You're going out, you can't sleep either."

Lu Qiang laughed twice, "He was guilty and couldn't fall to the ground."

Old Deng said, "Go out and find a good place?"

"There's a job inside."

"Alright." Old Deng sighed: "Don't come in again when you go out."

Lu Qiang snorted, "I'm not here, I can't take care of you. In the future, I will work more and talk less, and if I encounter problems, I will go around."


"I went out to see you and bring you food."

Old Deng lightly laughed: "Don't worry about me, all right."

Old Deng ignored him and rushed at him with his back.Lu Qiang snorted and looked out the window again.

In the past six years, there are so many things for free, and overnight, all kinds of pictures seem to be vivid.

Lu Qiang once blew the wind and clouds, but the higher he stood, the worse he fell. The trees fell and scattered, and he fell from heaven to hell.

For so long, he had a lot of hatred, and the Chou family waited for the day he fell.Now think about it, it would be a miracle to be able to survive to the present.

When he first came in, he didn't have any injuries on his body every day, squat inside, sent from outside, and gritted his teeth to kill him.

Lu Qiang's iron bones clashed, hardened to be a man, and died with his gang.

If it weren’t for Deng, he would have died long ago.

A group of people made him alone, and the sharpened toothbrush was almost inserted into the large artery in his neck. At the last moment, old man Deng extended his arm to help him block it.

At that time, everyone was stunned, and there was no sound around him. He stared at the wound on his shoulder, his eyes were crimson, the green muscles burst, and the scars with the temple were about to burst immediately.

He tilted his head and spit, squatted down, patted old Deng, his voice hoarse like a torn throat: "Old man, bear it."

He was extremely fast, and the toothbrush was pulled off Lao Deng's shoulder in the next second.

Old Deng mumbled, and the people around him gasped.

The incident only happened for a moment, everyone was still in shock. I saw Lu Qiang suddenly turned around, a swoop, the fist holding the toothbrush had been pestered into the opponent's rib.

There was chaos at the scene, and the gang of people rushed towards him.The leader was fierce, and he held a toothbrush and pierced his eyes.

Lu Qiang thought he was fleeing from the robbery, but he heard a gunshot, and the leader acted like a mess, falling down like mud.

Looking through the gap, I saw a policewoman holding a pistol at the door, her eyes were torch...

The turmoil calmed down, and Lu Qiang squatted on the trumpet. The gang was transferred to another prison number. The person who was inserted into the internal organs with a toothbrush was seriously injured and nearly died. He lay in the hospital for half a month.

Soon after, he was released, knowing that he was a fierce starter, and he was the dog of the bereavement. No one would dare to provoke trouble and make trouble.

...... ......

Lu Qiang's heart was full of mixed tastes for a while, not knowing which pride to cherish, or whether he should smile and start over.

But he thought, Old Deng was right,

"Go out, don't come back."