Lu Qiang saw the woman running away from the rearview mirror.

She wore a tight fishtail white gauze, slim and simple style, no cumbersome decoration.In order to show the figure, the waist is cut off, the hips are raised with a curved curve, and the entire curve is gentle and soft.After being poured by the rain, the skirt fell heavily, and she bent her hands and feet stiffly, lifted the hem, and stumbled back.

When the traffic light changed, Gen Qian stepped on the accelerator and Lu Qiang supported the window frame with his elbow. He took the smoked hand against his lips and squinted at the rearview mirror.

In the mirror, the white back was shattered and shattered by the rain, becoming more and more blurred.

Farther and farther away, he didn't look away until the car turned.

Lu Qiang licked his lips, just a few seconds there, he seemed to think of her.

...... ......

This rain lasted for an afternoon, and Lu Qiang's wind banquet also continued.

It wasn't until the night that the rain rested, and the air was exceptionally fresh, sweeping away the hot day.

They eat at the dumpling house.

In the alley, the courtyard was deep, and the red lanterns on both sides of the gate illuminated the yard in red. Very common places, you can hear shouting and swearing everywhere.

The table was filled with beer bottles and Erguotou. Several people were already overwhelmed with alcohol. Only Genzi and Kundong were still barely accompanied.

Lu Qiang stepped on the stool with his left foot.

He stuffed two dumplings into his mouth, squinting at a few people, sneering, "Bear Bao."

Kun Dong touched his wine glass and blew on the bottle, half of the bottle of wine fell down, and his mouth was scooped: "Brother Qiang, in the future... we will be able to mix with you again, and I hope that it will be many years since this day, just waiting for you to come back. Well, for this, we have to go one..."

The words didn't finish, and with a bang, Kun Dong even brought a drink to the table.

Lu Qiang chuckled.

This table is still sober.

"Out of breath." He shot on Kundong's head and looked at Lu Qiang: "I don't care about others, brother, I will follow you in the future. If you have anything, you must take me."

In the past few years, Lu Qiang has entered, and his younger brother has made a living by himself.There are now small businesses, renters, skilled electricians, and sloppy sales.

Without licking blood at the edge of the knife, fighting for money on a daily basis, the income is barely livelihood, but it is prudent and comfortable.

Lu Qiang stroked the bare head twice: "You asked me today, and you can't go back to Qiuye."

Genzi: "Ah, yes."

"Not following."

Suddenly, "Why, brother?"

Lu Qiang was sullen and sighed his teeth, and the hot liquid slid down the esophagus to make him feel comfortable. He did not answer the question, "How are you doing now?"

"...Ok." Genzi paused for two seconds, not knowing what he was thinking for a while, and added, "The money is not as fast as it used to be, so it must be calculated."

Lu Qiang ate two more dumplings and chewed on them, swallowing and said, "I've been inside for a few years, except when I just went in. Someone was looking for something, I did a few racks, I went to work in the day and went to bed at night, no matter how hard Lying down and sleeping soundly."

Genzi clever, he heard what he said, "Brother, what are you going to do later?"

"There is no introduction work inside."

Genzi exaggerated ah, "Just that?"

"How?" Lu Qiang squinted at him.

"No..." Genzi laughed twice, "It's fine."

It was already late at night, Kun Dong slept a lot and woke up a lot, and took a taxi to send the others back.

Lu Qiang had nowhere to go and temporarily stayed there.

The two did not take a taxi on foot, and the cool breeze at night blew away most of the alcohol.

The men and women are women besides talking about money.

Genzi said, "Brother Qiang, is there no woman in there?"

Lu Qiangheng glanced at him: "What do you say?"

"Then you haven't done it in recent years?"

Lu Qiang: "..."

Genzi thief head thief brain, "Brother, I invite you to a good place."

"Don't go."

Lu Qiang spit out the toothpick.The leaves on the roadside were brightened by the rain, and the potholes were still filled with rainwater, constantly reflecting the colorfulness of the city.

A figure appeared in front of him, delicate and soft and pitiful, wishing he could hurt her in his arms.

Lu Qiang regained his mind and asked, "Where is it?"


Ten minutes later, a secluded alley was full of light.On both sides of the road, flashing light boxes of various colors were found, setting off the night after the rain.

The roots are ripe and the road is ripe.

Lu Qiang asked, "Come often?"

"Hey...occasionally. I'm only looking for fixed ones."

Lu Qiang scolded: "Your boy, don't lose your kidneys."

Genzi took him to the left and right and stopped in front of an obscure shop.

The two stood in front of the counter and circulated their palms beforehand, stating in advance: "Brother, Li Qing is mine, please don't grab it with me."

Lu Qiang snorted, and disdain, "Everyone is the same, don't ink."

The boss and Genzi knew each other, and found a woman with a good appearance for Lu Qiang, and picked two keys next to him by the way.

In this kind of place, the room is mostly renovated by the boss. In the middle is not the solid wall repaired by cement bricks, all of which are thin and thin wooden plastic stereotypes. The room has no privacy at all, and it is clear to hear by sneezing.

Of course, those who dare to come here are not worried about these issues.

Genzi took Li Qing into the room, eager to bite the girl's face.

They met three years ago, Genzi came to this place for the first time. At that time, he was young, and some could not let go. Others were unwilling to receive him when he was dressed up. It happened that Li Qinggang went to the sea. The whole process is meticulous and considerate, and considerate.

This connection is three years...

Li Qingjiao hid, and the two immediately wrapped around and rolled onto the bed.

Genzi's clothes hadn't been taken off, and suddenly a woman screamed from across the wall, followed by a sound of an iron bed hitting a wooden board.

Genzi coughed abruptly and continued the previous action.

His absent-mindedness today, perhaps external stimulation, soon ended.Until the two were lying on the bed peacefully, the woman next door was still crying with pain, and the voice seemed to be painful and enjoyable.

After listening for a while, the two were embarrassed. Li Qing didn't say anything, and the desire to see clearly was obvious.

Genzi hugged people and said with a smile: "Suffocated, my brother is purely suffocated."


Lu Qiang did not do this for a long time, which counted for six or seven years.

He wasn't a good person himself. He went to Yingyingyanyan before he went in.For the first time, it didn't feel much, the woman made no difference to him.

He tossed the woman over and over again. She was pretty happy when she first came in. Now she sighs in breath, dying, her slender fingers covering his sturdy pectoral muscles, rubbing her fingertips, and loving caress.

Lu Qiang grabbed her a pair of wrists with one hand and fixed them in the air, preventing her from touching him.

He shook violently, staring at her expression, his eyes cold and cruel, and there was no tenderness.

At the last moment, Lu Qiang closed his eyes and a picture suddenly appeared in his mind.

... cloudy days, in the rain and fog, at the intersection, a blurry white shadow.

In his ear was a ruthless voice that was on the verge of collapse and pretending to be calm, so he saw her face clearly, white and tender, full of sorrow.Her hair was wet and attached to her cheeks, and the water droplets did not know whether it was rain or tears, which made her look too embarrassed.She stood alone in the rain curtain, and the vermilion with her lips wide open looked miserable and pitiful.

Lu Qiang tickled and kept looking at her.

She wore a white gauze that symbolizes loyalty. She held her waist thinly, and formed a zigzag and smooth curve from the hip to the calf.He couldn't help looking, her half of her chest was exposed, so white that she could see the fine veins under the skin, the rain fell on the fairness, and naughty drilled into the deep gully...

He thought of the snow in his hometown, and the ball was in his hands, squeezed into a round and round snow ball, soft, pure, and no dust, which was the most luxurious treasure in his filthy and dark world.

Lu Qiang bit his teeth fiercely and groaned, overflowing his throat. At this moment, he heard that there was a spring in his heart, and a thought came out crazy. He was excited and satisfied, but this thought of no disease only For a few seconds, the bliss of the body cannot replace the emptiness of the heart.

Lu Qiang didn't wait for that energy to slow down, then pulled up suddenly, picked up the cover and threw it on the ground, pulled a few sheets of paper to wipe it off, and bowed to put on his pants.

He stayed in that room for a total of an hour, packed it up, and sat down on the sofa in the hall, lighting a cigarette.

Root to checkout.

The woman then came out of the room, her steps were vain and her posture awkward.Treating such employers, they are both love and hate, they look good, and they have a masculine man taste. What they haven't said in that aspect is that they don't understand pity Xiangxiyu, most of them only care about their own enjoyment.

Take off your trousers and go to bed.

Cool and ruthless, lacking a touch of humanity.

The woman collapsed on Lu Qiang: "Brother, when will you come?"

Lu Qiang exhaled lightly, and a small smoke ring appeared in the air, slowly expanding until it disappeared.

He shrugged her off: "Bian'er goes cool."

The woman was shuffled, got up and twisted, leaned against the wall, and walked away unnaturally.

Genzi walked back and carried the change in his pocket to see where the woman disappeared and quipped: "Brother Qiang, you are too sorry for Xiangyu."

Lu Qiang hummed,

"Not my daughter-in-law again." He said.