A week later.

The incident subsided and Lu Yin took a long vacation and had been living in a rental house for five years.

She was haggard, washing her face with tears all day, not going out, not washing, and occasionally trance, still unable to accept reality.

She is dedicated to feelings and has been in love with Liu Zecheng for these years. She has not been vigorous and dry, but she is full of warmth in the plain. She thought that she would accompany each other, and she would end up like this. She never expected that one day he would betray her.

Lu Yin still dare not recall how that day ended.

For the first time in more than two decades, she was angered by fire and was extinguished by a man with two sides. She was beaten back to her original form and fled into the wilderness. She had to drive back to the hotel parking lot.

To a certain extent, Lu Yin admits that she is timid and afraid of things. She is cynical and daring to be indignant. She quarrels with others and is a little bit bully and hard. She rarely blushes with others.Lu Yin is an ordinary little woman, not a saint. She is contaminated with too much worldly atmosphere. She is so afraid of embarrassment. She cares about what other people think of her. She also cares about others pointing behind her.

Holding the steering wheel, she shivered and finally calmed down. She could no longer be sad, and only worried about how the farce ended.

At that time, the ceremony had not yet begun, there were not many guests, only relatives of both parties and colleagues of a few garment factories.

I met Ye Fan, who was waiting for her friend, in the parking lot. She brought her clothes and put them on. She did not show up, and only the friend did the work to notify the wedding cancellation.

Some time after Ye Fan left, the car was terribly quiet, and a pale and feeble face was reflected in the rearview mirror. The makeup was messy, and the original beautiful lip color fainted on the side of the face.

She took out a paper towel and wiped them. Those red seals were stubborn and difficult to dispel. Like this in a hurry for seven years, it was too difficult to wipe them.Lu Yin competed with herself, her hand was very heavy, and the lipstick mark gradually faded, but because of the excessive force, her red skin was scratched with red marks.

She looked at her face in the mirror and couldn't help feeling sad.

After he walked away, he returned to the new house, which was packed with relatives of the Liu family. The third person had been persuaded by Liu Zecheng. He dropped his head and slumped on the sofa.

Suddenly, something went wrong, but his mother secretly complained about Lu Yin regardless of the consequences and left without permission.Uncle Lu Yin shouted for a loss of spirit. Uncle just sat on the head, no one cared about Lu Yin's feelings.Ye Fan was unhappy, pointing at the Liu family and yelling.

For a time, the house was in trouble.

Liu Zecheng stood up and pulled Lu Yin away.

Lu Yin earned a lot of strength, and was pulled into the corridor by him.

He also wore a ceremonial black suit with neat tailoring and fabrics, which made a good figure more slender.The tie was loose and crooked to one side, and the whole person looked a little irritable.

He looked down at her and did not speak.

Last night I slept in a bed, just a night, Lu Yin suddenly felt that this man was strange.

After a while, Liu Zecheng finally said, "Yin Yin, do you have to cancel the wedding?"

"How do you like me?"

Liu Zecheng did not dare to look at her eyes and stared at her clothes corner, "I and her, we are just playing in a show, but we are not careful..." He paused and found it difficult to speak, "I found it too late, I want to kill the child again , It may be dangerous to her...so it made the situation today."

Lu Yin clenched his fists, every word of him seemed to cut in her heart.

He continued, "We have been together for six or seven years, I love you or not, you should be able to feel that this thing is really just a moment of confusion..." He was helpless and helped his forehead, "I hope you can forgive me."

"What about them?"

Liu Zecheng said, "I guarantee that they will not disturb our lives in the future."

"Let's coexist?" Lu Yin sneered: "I never found out that you were so greedy."

Liu Zecheng said to himself, shifting the topic and saying, "Yin Yin, I will not force you to have children in the future. Our family has nine generations of single pass. Now with that child, my mother has nothing more to say. In the future, the two of us...have a good life."

Lu Yin is powerless: "I will have a baby myself."

He blurted out: "But you can't give birth..."

Together for six years and cohabiting for five years, the next year was never intentionally contraceptive, but she never conceived his child.

The corridor was quiet for a while, and Lu Yin felt terrible.

After the heavy rain, her eyes turned to the window. At this moment, she realized that the two people's seemingly strong feelings were so vulnerable in front of reality.Lu Yin finally realized that after six years of sincerity, he finally came to the end...

The room bell sounded great. Lu Yin was lying on the bed. It was very difficult to withdraw from her memories. She caught the phone and looked at it. It was Liu Zecheng.

Lu Yin stared at the screen and hung up over there automatically until she heard it again.

The phone was raised to his ear, and his breath was mixed in the current.

Lu Yin's voice is dumb, "What's the matter?"

Said over there, "Yin Yin, what are you doing?"

"Say something straight."

After a pause, Liu Zecheng said: "Since the wedding is gone, I want to discuss with you how to allocate the new house."


As the evening drew near, the orange-red afterglow filled the whole room, the gauze curtain agitated, and a breeze came in.

The bed was messy, old books and clothes fell on the floor, and the finished instant noodle boxes were spread on the table. Liu Zecheng moved away two days ago, and there is almost no leftovers here.

After receiving the call, Lu Yin finally sat up from the bed.She gathered her hair and wiped her face, and there was a few expressions in her eyes. His unsympathetic heart finally woke her up, and Lu Yin suddenly realized how cruel and ridiculous she was to treat herself.

She started to tidy up the room, and there were many things about him, some papers, experiment reports, old books and literature magazines.

Later, Lu Yin went out and packed herself as much as possible, wearing a letter white T and a short skirt, under two pretty beautiful legs, and kicking a pair of cloth shoes.

Her hair is semi-dry, and she wears it behind her head. She looks like a female student who has not graduated, except for a haggard look.

She went to the restaurant and ordered a few dishes. She squatted in the room these days and barely went out. She hadn’t had any serious meals, and she didn’t feel hungry when she ate only biscuit noodles.After going to the supermarket, the sheets, pillowcases, tea cups, tableware and toothbrushes were all replaced with new ones.

When he came out of the supermarket, he was already at the beginning.

Lu Yin carried three large bags, which were really immobile, and called a taxi.

When approaching the community, the gate is closed.

The driver honked twice, and there was no response.

Lu Yin leaned out of the car window.She fell under the street lamp and was blown by the breeze.Across the hollow iron door, the black box in the box did not turn on the light, but the old radio could be heard faintly.

She shouted inside, "Master Li, are you there?"

There was no movement inside.

For a moment, she said again: "Trouble opening the door, I have too many things to mention."

The sentry box was also silent. After waiting for a while, Lu Yin wanted to get out of the car to check.

The man is not old Li, and looks much taller than him.He stood in the shadows with his pockets, his appearance blurred, and he could only distinguish the outline.He was burly, dressed in pure black, with long legs, a pair of trousers hanging down, and one curled up half a circle, without a security coat, and the hem of a tight black shirt was tied into the waistband and he wore a hat.

Lu Yin narrowed her eyes. She hadn't seen this person before, but she was inexplicably familiar.

The man seemed to see it, paused for a moment, and stepped forward to pull the door open.

As the car drove in, Lu Yin opened his mouth and thanked him for not saying it all. He passed by.

After returning home, I was busy again. After a few hours, the room had been completely renewed. The bed was changed and only one pillow was left. The living room was clean and fresh, and there were no newspapers and magazines to throw away. The bathroom mirror was bright, and a new set of teeth was placed in front of it. A blue-pink towel hangs beside it...

Everything is new, and no trace of other people's lives has been found.

Lu Yin was sweating and spread out on the sofa, glancing at the empty room, feeling desolate and lonely, and a pain came again from the bottom of his heart.She exhaled and ordered herself not to think, and her eyes fell on the pile of waste paper at the door.

Lu Yin bit her lower lip, picked up the lighter and the pile of old objects, and went to the rooftop.

The night breeze slowly washed away the heat during the day.

The moon is covered by clouds, leaving only a dim moonlight.

She stood on the rooftop and looked down. A few lonely streetlights couldn't see the way ahead. The night was extremely quiet, as if she had fallen asleep.

Lu Yin sat on the floor and picked up a stack of papers on hand. It was Liu Zecheng's thesis.The moonlight was very faint, and I couldn't see clearly what was written on it, but his handwriting was like engraved into her mind, and it would never go away.

With the sound of the lighter'wiping', a tiny fire light ignited in the darkness and gradually became larger, and the air was filled with a smell of soot.

Lu Yin put the paper in his hand into the fire, and the fire light illuminated her face. The black smoke flew with the dust in the air, and everything would eventually be like them, away from her.

The pile of waste paper burned for a while, the fire went out, and the night wind blew away the ashes.

Falling into darkness again, Lu Yin sat for a moment before standing up, and the moment she turned around, she screamed silently.

Leading to the iron door downstairs, leaning against the figure, wearing vest shorts and bald head.There was a cigarette in his mouth, and he was at ease, not knowing how long she had looked at her.

Lu Yin was shocked, and took several steps back.

The man stood up straight and whispered, "Don't move, take another step and nobody will save you."

Lu Yin's head was numb and her hair was all standing up, and the moment the other party spoke, she had heard it.

She has seen him twice, once in the Xiaoshang River and once at the crossroads in heavy rain and rain.

She did not know his name, only a few numbers, 0852.

Lu Yin trembled, "Why are you here?"

Lu Qiang snorted and raised the corner of his mouth: "Do you know me?"

Lu Yin bit her lip, "I don't know."

Lu Qiang did not say anything, and took two steps forward.

She panicked and moved back against the wall. It was dark at night, but she could vaguely see the top of his bright head, cigarettes extinguished between his lips, reflecting his angular face, and a pair of dark eyes.

Lu Yin panicked: "What do you want?"

He stopped and smiled and said, "I didn't do anything to you."

Lu Yin said: "You go away, I will call the security guard."

"I am."

Lu Qiang went to the fire and crushed the unending Mars with his feet, "Newcomer."

Lu Yin was stunned.

He said: "Residents complained that someone on the top of the building set fire."

Lu Yin recovered for a long time, "I didn't set fire, only burn something."

"Oh." He said, "I saw it." He wondered how long he had stood behind her.

Lu Yin didn't want to say much, wanted to bypass him and go down first.

It was too dark to see the road at all. She suddenly tripped over the debris, grunting, and a sharp pain in her ankle.

Now she is so fragile that she can't be hit with a little pain, enough for her to squeeze out a few tears.

For a while, there was more power in the waist.

He leaned over to hug her, and there was a voice above his head, "Living a few floors, I will send you back."