Gossip is like a virus, spreading wildly in an invisible hidden world.

Lu Yin felt frustrated. When he walked out of the plant, he seemed to be released from the cage. The feeling of Rumang was only a little dissipated.

Did not take a few steps, the footsteps in the back were getting closer and closer, and someone called her.

Lu Yin stepped back, turned around, and made a smile: "Chen Rui."

Chen Rui trot a few steps and stood side by side with her. The two mixed in the crowd and walked through the gate of the factory. He looked at her and stopped talking.

After walking for a while, Lu Yin raised his head and said goodbye to him: "I'll wait in front of the car, goodbye."

"Wait." Chen Rui stopped her.


He hugged his short hair backwards and paused for a moment before speaking: "I'm sorry for what happened today."

Lu Yin smiled: "You did nothing wrong, there is no need to apologize to me."

Seeing her laugh, Chen Rui relaxed a little bit: "Actually, you don't have to care what the gang said, they are not malicious, they are just idle and boring, telling gossip."

"I know."

"Don't worry too much."

Lu Yin perfunctory: "Good."

After another pause, he looked down at her face and asked what he wanted to ask: "You and him... are you really not married?"

Lu Yin frowned subconsciously, and his irritability was unreasonable, which was very resistant to him asking this.Seeing her expression, Chen Rui anxiously explained: "I'm not curious about gossip. Unlike them, it's true..."

The words'care about you' had not been exported yet, Lu Yin interrupted and said, "I don't want to discuss this topic." She glanced sideways: "The car is here, I'll go first."

Chen Rui huh, Lu Yin stopped half a step, and got on the bus.

The factory is half an hour's drive from the residence, and the 655 road is direct.At the end of get off work, there were many people in the car, and Lu Yin went back and found a block of space and stood.There was no air conditioning in the car, the air was hot, and I didn’t stand for a while, the sweat on my cheeks dripped into my neck.

She pulled the armrest on one hand and wiped the sweat with the other hand. The car drove up, and the outside wind poured in, but it didn't relieve much, and it was still hot suddenly on her face.

Lu Yin's eyes cast out, and the people and the road outside the window flickered, a bit dazzling.

She sighed and suddenly felt so tired to be alive.

Sometimes, she also hates herself, being too sensitive and caring too much about other people's eyes. Anyone who fears the head and looks forward and backwards, does not live for herself for a moment.Even now, in the face of broken relationships and betrayal, she still cares how others talk about her behind her.

Random thoughts along the way.

She thought for a moment that she couldn't wait in the factory, she should seriously consider her way out; she thought at the same time, if she had no choice but to ask Lao Du, if there was any chance to go to Shanghai VR, it might be a good idea to leave temporarily.

Just thinking, the phone shook in her pocket, and she freed her hand to take a look at it, which was a certain bank's subscription information.

The above shows that there is a sum of money transferred in, the amount is 138,500, one point is not much, and one point is not much.

Lu Yin bit her lip and shivered a little. She squeezed her cell phone violently. After two seconds, she shook again. This time it was a phone call. She glanced at it and hung up directly.

After thinking about it, I responded with three words: "Received."

There was no further call there. After a long time, a text message came in: "Okay."

Lu Yin looked at the screen, moved his finger, and the phone buzzed again: "Yin Yin, I'm sorry, you need to be good."

The words suddenly jumped into her eyes. He used to be affectionate and called her Yin Yin in a soft tone. She agreed again and again, feeling that dreams were sweet at that time.But for more than half a month, things are right and wrong, he called her again, in addition to heartache, there is an uncontrollable hatred and disgust, all memories become abominable.

Lu Yin's heart twitched suddenly, like an iron spine sticking on it, and the pain extended to the neck and then to the back of the head.The scene outside the window was blurred and turned into a colorful patch that could not be focused. She raised her head and opened her eyes desperately to restrain herself.

When the car stopped, Lu Yin turned away from the crowd and blinked. A drop of water landed on the ground, and the world finally recovered.

Seven years of feelings, can pass the years, but can not withstand the erosion of wind and rain, all the past, completely disintegrated in the last moment.

He wanted a house, she wanted money, parted ways, and no longer had any problems.

...... ......

It was getting dark as Lu Yin ate out before going back. She drank some wine and was inexplicably a little excited. The bad mood had been volatilized by alcohol.

She was carrying her backpack, her high heels twisted, and her pace was a bit vain.

Going to the door of the community, old Li shouted to her: "Xiaolu, come back?"

Lu Yin settled his head and turned his head: "Master Li, did you return?"

"This will come back." He wiped the bicycle seat with a rag, and remembered something and stopped her again: "I have you a courier, arrived this morning... Okay, a bag," he pointed back: "Xiao Lu , You help take it, under the legs of the table."

Lu Yin listened to him and tilted his head, only to see there was a person behind him.The man was sitting on a bench outside the sentry box, as if he had just arrived to change shifts. He was not wearing a security uniform, black clothes and black pants. His left foot was pulling an old Beijing cloth shoe. eat.

Lu Yin saw the man clearly, his heart beating, and he woke up halfway through the wine.

Lu Qiang's mouth was "uh", but he didn't change, and his eyes kept falling on her.

Lu Yin was uncomfortable, and wanted to take it again.

Lao Li said back, "Xiao Lu, what do you want?"

Lu Qiang looked down: "After eating this bite."

He put half of the buns in his hands and stuffed his mouth with half a pack of mustard, rubbed his hands on his pants, and looked at Lu Yin again before returning to the house for express delivery.

Lao Li said a few words to her, and Lu Qiang moved the courier out.

He looked at Lao Li: "It's not hers."

Lao Li thought he was dazzling, holding his hand and frowning, "Yes, 11 doors 302, Lu Yin."

Lu Qiang said: "She lives on the second floor."

Lu Yin's face was hot, and he remembered playing Xiaoxiao that day and throwing him away.

Lao Li said: "Your newcomers don't know yet, Xiao Lu lives on the third floor."

Lu Qiang moved the corner of his mouth, glanced at her, and said, "Second floor, she said it herself."

Old Li wondered and muttered: "I have repaired the water pipe before, I can't be wrong!"

Lu Yin slid down his curly hair, lowering his eyes, his eyes flickering.At this moment, the wine arched up, the hair fluttered in the breeze, and the cheeks were hot and itchy.

She scratched her hand, smoothed her hair, and pulled the skirt again. After a while, she finally raised her head and laughed twice: "I seemed to be wrong that day."

Old Li proud: "Look at it."

Lu Qiang glanced at him, and then looked back, seeing her embarrassed expression, seeming to laugh, "Oh".

Lao Li said: "This is right, figured it out...oh well, haven't you officially introduced it?"

The two did not speak, and Lu Qiang followed her with her eyes down.

Lao Li didn't see the subtle changes in it, and not speaking was equivalent to default, and directed at Lu Yin: "This is the new security guard in our community, called Lu Qiang, a foreigner... Look at this guy," he patted Lu Qiang's shoulder , With emotion, said: "You should recruit a few more of these young people, the residents have a sense of security. My old man should also consider retiring myself!"

Lu Yin said: "You manage the public security very well."

Lao Li laughed at himself and waved his hand: "It's a long way away. Look for Xiaolu in the future. Others are good, honest and honest, and do all the hard work and do not like to talk."

Lu Yin pursed her lips and gave him a quick look.He had grown black hair on the top of his bald head, attached to the scalp, a very short layer, looks hard and pierced; the tail of the scar was covered in the hair, not so glance, and a lot of sharpness; the half sleeve of the body was a little wide It's very thin, and when the wind blows, it can still show a strong silhouette.

But preemptiveness, even if he wasn’t terribly evil, Lu Yin couldn’t feel his honesty and honesty. On the contrary, he always felt that this person had a dangerous atmosphere, and her eyes were too straightforward and unscrupulous. With good intentions.

Lu Yin withdrew his thoughts: "OK...Master Li, I'll go back first."

Lao Li said: "This package is too heavy for Xiaolu to deliver it to you," he turned to Lu Qiang: "I will stare for you for a while."

Lu Yin was shocked, "Don't bother, let's do it." She stepped forward to pick up the box from him.

Lu Qiang didn't move.

She held the bottom of the box and took it in her arms.

Lu Qiang said: "Heavy."

Lu Yin was dumb and used a little effort.

He was stubborn and did not listen.Lu Qiang hooked the corner of his lower lip, half a moment, and released his hand.

The weight of the box was far beyond her imagination, and she fell down with her strength, her high heels crooked, and Lu Yin was half lying on the box. She yelled, supporting her body in a hurry.

There was a laugh over his head, low, hoarse, and it sounded happy.

Lao Li stepped forward to help others, not forgetting to count: "It's really not exaggerated. This is furry."

Lu Qiang didn't refute, there was no one else in her eyes. Looking at the little woman's awkward toss, she blushed her cheeks and pursed her lips. She was so angry that she didn't dare to look at his eyes. Kind of coquettish.

He bowed and hugged the box and carried it on his shoulders, effortlessly.

Lu Yin: "Really..."

"Keep up."

He had gone forward, Lu Yin looked at his back, grinded his teeth, said goodbye to old Li, trot and followed.

He has long legs, big steps, and one step. Lu Yin wants to trot three steps.

The building she lives in is located in the middle of the road, the road is winding and winding, and it takes seven or eight minutes to walk.

Lu Yin was struggling, and his breathing was a little messy.

After a few seconds, the portrait in front realized what he was, he turned around, stopped, and did not take another step until Lu Yin caught up. This time the pace slowed down a lot.

The two were side by side, but embarrassed to say nothing, compared to the past few minutes, the journey is relatively long.

Lu Qiang was comfortable, carrying a suitcase like a walk. He glanced into the distance. A group of people in the park danced to social dance. The men and women were dressed in colorful clothes, twisted their waists, and fluttered their skirts.

He snorted and looked back.

"You get off work at this time every day?"

"...Ah?" Lu Yin was originally distracted, and she turned her head when he listened to her. Her eyes were a little dazed. She responded, and then answered: "Oh... No, I went to dinner."

Lu Qiang looked at her for a moment, and grumbled with a smile: "It's stupid."


He smiled without repeating: "What did you buy here?"

Lu Yin said: "Crystal lamp."

"Online shopping?"

She nodded.

Lu Qiang said: "This thing is not a big deal."

"Well," she said perfunctoryly, remembering that Old Li said that he talked a little, but obviously, this evaluation was wrong, thinking, he actually added a sentence: "Three rooms."

"House decoration?"

Her eyes dimmed and nodded again.

Lu Qiang did not continue this topic and asked, "Will you buy something with a computer?"

She didn't understand: "...not all!"

"I do not know."

Lu Yin looked at him.

Lu Qiang carelessly: "The years of being inside are not popular yet."

Lu Yin: "..."

Entering the corridor, Lu Qiang went up to the third floor in one breath. The lamp above his head was not repaired, and the black fingers were missing.

Lu Yin said: "Trouble you, just leave it here, I will move in myself."

Lu Qiang was still carrying it and said, "Open the door."

Lu Yin hesitated and rubbed the key from his pocket. The last time he excused him, it was not good to drive him away this time.

She glanced at Lu Qiang with her head raised, and the eyes were black, he was like a behemoth, hiding in the darkness.

Lu Yin opened the door and took a step back. Lu Qiang entered, and there was still no light in it.The entrance is a corridor, Lu Qiang turned sideways: "What about the lamp?"

"Behind you."

He touched for a long time, "can't find it."

Lu Yin took a step forward and reached out to touch.The switch was blocked by Lu Qiang, and the corridor was already narrow and full of debris. He was tall and stood still.The two were close, and the heat on his body drew to her, and his nose burst into a male taste, mixed with a little sweat, strange and not unpleasant.She raised her eyes and suddenly collided with his eyes, a faint light outside the window reflected in his eyes, her eyes bright and focused.

Her heart trembled, and her instincts receded.

For a time, the small space was surprisingly quiet, and the sound of rubbing the clothing corner was clear and audible.

The two stood in the darkness for a while. Lu Qiang took a step forward. His arms were wide, his head pressed, and he carried a suitcase on his shoulder, locking her in the corner.

The man suddenly bullied, and Lu Yin was afraid, shrinking his neck and closing his eyes tightly.

Lu Qiang didn't continue, his nose was hanging beside her ear.

Lu Yin stiffened and held his breath.

Lu Qiang paused, his nose flicked, and he bowed his head and sniffed slightly. A light scent of wine came out of her, and he was also slightly sullen.

Lu Qiang said dumbly: "Drinked?"

She opened her eyes, her heart pounding: "Ah?"

"How much can you drink?"

"……a little."

Lu Qiang toured her for a moment, glanced into the room, and smiled: "Your husband is not at home?"