Lu Qiang sat up on the waist, the sky was bright outside, the curtains were half-covered, and a ray of morning light came in through the gap. Lu Qiang narrowed his eyes and pressed the phone to light up, just after six o'clock.

He propped up one leg, leaned his back against the wall, closed his eyes, and his chest fell together.A few drops of sweat ran down the forehead, covered with water, and the skin of the pectoral muscles was glowing, as if it was really a big fight.

He grabbed the undershirt next to him and wiped his face and chest, whispering, "A little lady."

After wiping, he threw the clothes away and calmed down for a few seconds. He lowered his head and reached out and rubbed a few outside his crotch.After a pause, he raised his hand and brushed the curtains, and the room was dim. He leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes to recall the dream just now. The sound of "husband" was exactly the same as what he heard last night. , He rubbed his thumb for a long time, reaching in...

He just couldn't stop. With a soft bang, he opened his eyes sharply, and there were more people at the door. Lu Qiang stopped his movement slowly, but didn't take out his hand.The strong emotion in his eyes just disappeared in an instant, and his eyes moved indifferently: "Won't he knock on the door?"

The comrade was stunned at the door. Why would you push the door open? It would be this scene, for a few seconds, you were ashamed and angrily said: "What are you doing?"

"I don't know?" Lu Qiang said blankly: "Solving physical problems, your man didn't teach you!"

After a few seconds, the man went back and said: "... no man." After that, don't open your eyes and try to calm down. Your face is still red, and your feet seem to be heavy, and you can't walk if you want to go.

She didn't move, she was stupefied at the door.Lu Qiang's mood changed suddenly, his eyes were fierce, he grabbed the things at hand, didn't see what they were, and threw them hard in that direction.

When it hit the door, there was a snap, and things were torn apart.

The person shook and shouted: "0852!"

"Lao Zi is called Lu Qiang."

The man was stunned, his face flushed with anger, and he changed his mouth and said, "Lu Qiang, please dress neatly within a minute and come outside."

Lu Qiang: "Go away."

"You..." She was so angry that she couldn't speak, only half a day before holding out a sentence: "Sour-faced monkey." Then she fell out and went out.

This kind of thing was interrupted, and Lu Qiang couldn't mention the interest anymore, and the thing slowly softened. He cursed fiercely, and it took a long time for his anger to drop.

It's still early, there are only a few uncles walking in the community, the air is fresh, and the magpies are chanting on the branches.

There was a woman standing in front of the door with her back to the back. Her waist was straight, and her figure in a light green dress was particularly straight. She rubbed her nose to hide the embarrassment.

"What's the matter with me?" someone asked later, still not a good tone.

Tan Wei turned his head, looked at him, and turned away again, his tone softened a bit: "How come it came out like this, telling you to dress neatly."

Lu Qiang asked back: "I am naked?"

She choked and looked at it again, when she shouldn't.

He put his hands in his trouser pockets, his upper body was naked, his muscles were undulating, his skin was dark, he had black thick hair on his abdomen, and the dragon carrying his shoulders was flying.

Tan Wei's eyes flickered and bit his lower lip. "You guys don't do anything serious in the daytime."

Lu Qiang was expressionless and sat down on the back bench. "What is serious, what is not."

Tan Wei gave him a glance, "You don't even know."

He grunted, "This is not a prison, and the brothers have to report to others!"

"That was not what I meant."

Lu Qiang is upset: "What the hell is going on?"

"Can't you come and see if it's okay?"

"No." Lu Qiang said, "You're bad, I'm good."

Tan Wei felt sour. "When I didn't come," the tears almost fell as soon as I turned around.

"Wait a moment." Lu Qiang screamed and screamed at her with a lot of gas, and he stood up. "Okay, come and wait for a while."

Tan Wei stepped in, he lowered his lip as he listened softly.She turned her head and looked at him. She was seeing a sun shed on his shoulders. His eyebrows were deep and his nose was straight. It was like she was back to six years ago... She was in her early days and followed the master to supervise the law and order of the nest party. It is Lu Qiang. He has a temper tantrum, and he is happy to make a few words to tease you. When he is upset, he will not recognize anyone.

Over the years, he still seems to have not changed.

Thinking about it, she didn't feel awkward.

After standing at the door for a while, she walked around and looked at her surroundings.Lu Qiang sat back again, inserted his arms, thoughtful, and did not care about her.

Tan Wei asked: "Still used to work?"

Lu Qiang lazily: "cook."

"What's your plan behind?"

"No plan."

Tan Wei's footsteps stopped: "Then always be a security guard?"

He squinted: "It's not your arrangement!"

Tan Wei paused: "This is just a starting point. During the period after release from prison, you will be monitored from time to time. If you perform well, you can try a new job."

"It's not a glorious thing to commit. Which one wants to reform the prison."

Tan Wei solemnly said: "No matter what, you know, I always believe in you."

Lu Qiang snorted.

Tan Wei said: "Don't give up on yourself..."

"Okay, don't take politics lessons here."

The tone was obviously impatient, and Tan Wei saw his emotional resistance, busy collecting the topic, and looked at the dilapidated sentry box again.

The sentry box is less than five square meters, and there is a chair in the door, and the wooden table is placed against the wall; the opposite is a bed, which is narrow and short, and his height may not stretch his legs; there is a window at the head of the bed. door.

The curtains were green, and they were tightly drawn. She thought about it. He was sitting against the wall just now, and the window was on the side...

Preventing myself from thinking about it any longer, I pulled my eyes back. There were a few stone pier and stone table behind the diagonal of the sentry box. The board was painted with red paint. The age is old, and the corners and corners can no longer see the color; she looked forward. Look, he sat on the bench in front of the sentry box, looking sideways, his expression focused.

Tan Wei looked for the topic: "I remember, you seem to owe me a meal."

Without answering, Lu Qiang still turned his head.Inside the community is a long road, with five or six floors of brick slabs standing on both sides, the same yellowish color as the sentry box; the old trees in front of the building are towering.Tan Wei didn't know what he was looking at, but he looked around. He had nothing but a few figures in the distance.

Tan Wei: "Talk to you."

Lu Qiang glanced at her: "You choose a time."

Tan Wei smiled and said: "That line, I have time to call you." Then he asked again: "Qiu Shizu didn't find you yet?"

She was talking about the Qiuye of the Nest Party.

Lu Qiang did not tell the truth: "No."

"Don't go if you want to find you. Since you don't go that way, just leave the relationship with the previous people and don't repeat the same mistakes..."

I didn't know if he heard it or not. She looked down at him and people in the distance had approached.

She lowered her head and walked very slowly, wearing a braid, wearing a light yellow sports skirt and half sleeves, her face looked haggard.

Tan Wei turned his gaze back to Lu Qiang to make sure he had been looking at the woman.

She couldn't help but also follow the look. The woman seemed to finally notice her gaze, lifted her eyes, and her movements were stagnant, subconsciously going back.

Lu Qiang got up and said, "Lu Yin." He called his name straight and dragged the clothes in the house until she was dressed before her.

Lu Yin glanced at his chest and said in a polite way, "Have you not changed shifts yet?"

The two were separated by half a meter. Lu Qiang looked at her for the first time in the sun. Her skin was very pale and her eyebrows were pale. She was not a beauty, but she was overly exquisite. Hurt.

The sun is shining, as if she should live in the sun.

Lu Qiang said: "Change at eight."

Lu Yin nodded, not knowing what to say to him.

After a few seconds, Lu Qiang said: "You got up early."

"Can't sleep, just get up and go."

"Where are you going now?"

Lu Yin pointed out to the outside of the community: "Go to eat early."

Lu Qiang didn't speak. She happened to say, "Then I will go first, goodbye."

Lu Qiang watched her go out, and the sun shook her dress exceptionally bright. She exposed half of her thigh under the skirt. The calf was smooth and well-proportioned, and his feet were bare and fair, which was the thickness of his wrist.

His eyes moved upward again, and fell on her retreat, where there were two small dimples. His eyes dimmed, and suddenly he felt dry, and he rubbed his thumb.

The woman has a keen mind, and Tan Wei is not in the mood. She has watched her go out. In a few seconds, she has already compared the other person with herself. After the figure disappeared, she went to see Lu Qiang, his eyes still chasing that direction.

Tan Wei walked over, "Hey!"

Lu Qiang said, "Do you have breakfast early?"


"Don't you owe you a meal?"

Tan Wei: "..."

"going or not?"

"Don't want to kill me with breakfast." She raised her eyebrows playfully, her face radiant.

Lu Qiang said, "Then I will go."


There is a row of businessmen outside the community. They set up stalls outside in the morning to sell them early. They will be picked up at ten o'clock. There is a small restaurant at noon, and there is a supper at night.Except for the hygienic environment, life here is more convenient, and consumption is also moderately low.

Lu Yin slept late yesterday, but woke up before six o'clock. She still wanted to change her life. She wore sports clothes to run on a whim.Usually lack of exercise, panting before running for a few minutes, fainted, and planned to go out for breakfast first.

She sat down casually with a small stall, a bowl of soy milk, a fritter.She twisted her hands and threw them into the soy milk, soaking them, just eating two bites, and someone talking above her head.

"Anyone beside?"

She raised her head and didn't wait for an answer. The man sat down.He said to the distance: "Boss, three fritters, a bowl of soy milk, two eggs."

The boss made a whisper and asked to wait.

The table was a big round table, and there were people across from each other. The two were sitting next to each other, which was originally quite spacious. When he sat down, his shoulders seemed to be a little cramped if he didn't rub her shoulders.

Lu Yin froze for a moment and smiled: "You come to dinner too."

Lu Qiang opened the disposable chopsticks: "I don't know which one is delicious."

"It's almost the same."

Lu Yin scooped up a piece of fried dough stick with a small spoon, and Lu Qiang looked at it, "Just eat so much?"

She was awkward and didn't look up, she hummed softly.

His meal was served quickly, and a gurgling sound immediately sounded beside him, and within a few seconds, two fritters were dried, and the soy milk was drunk for half a bowl.After a few seconds, he suddenly calmed down next to him, and Lu Yin couldn't help looking sideways, but it happened to hit him with his eyes, frankly and frankly, and I didn't know how long she had looked at her.

Lu Yin's heart throbbed a few times, and a strange look appeared.

She hurriedly lowered her head, and heard her ear ask, "How is your way of eating delicious?"


Lu Qiang gave a handful, the egg shell fell on the table, revealing the translucent egg white, one round and round, he squeezed gently with two fingers, and flicked his hand softly.Lu Qiang smiled, raised his hand and slid in along the bowl, the white egg fell into the white juice.

Lu Yin raised his head in surprise, and Lu Qiang said, "I have washed my hands."

In fact, she already smelled that he had a faint smell of soap, but it was not this problem, but the act of peeling eggs from her was too ambiguous.

Lu Qiang, if nothing had happened, peeled another one, stuffed it into his mouth, and learned the way she was, soaking the leftover dough stick in soy milk.

Lu Yin didn't know how to eat it, barely ate a bite, and then heard the person next to him say: "It is soft enough."

After eating, the boss came to collect the money, "Your one is seven, your five is one."

Lu Qiang said: "Together."

Boss: "The six dollars and eight."

Lu Yin didn't want to owe others, and quickly waved his hand, "No, no, my own."

Lu Qiang glanced at her: "I didn't bring the money, you pay me first."


She paid the money silently, and Lu Qiang said, "I will ask you to wait."

Lu Yin said: "No, not a few dollars, and you helped me move things yesterday."

Lu Qiang insisted: "One yard to one yard."

Lu Yin looked away, only when he was polite and did not want to waste his tongue.

Spreading the table to the table early, it was a little crowded. The boss served two bowls of soy milk and shouted, "Get up carefully, pay attention to your feet."Lu Yin didn't hear it, just wanted to stand up, was grabbed by Lu Qiang, and shook his head. He covered her head with a big palm and pressed forward.

The boss passed sideways from behind.

Lu Qiang Shen Sheng: "Be careful."

The boss walked away, he forgot to close his hand, Lu Yin earned it, he slid down for a moment, and if he rubbed on the back of her neck, she let go.

Lu Yin's cheeks were flushed, and there was a hint of anger in his eyes, and he didn't look at him: "I'm going back."

Lu Qiang smiled and stood up: "Together."