This sentence asked Lu Yin for a while, and she blinked: "What?"

Lu Qiang raised his chin: "Bra."

Lu Yin's head buzzed and quickly lowered his head. This vest was worn without being worn. After being wetted by water, the color of the underwear inside was clearly visible. The sapphire blue, lace edge, half cup, and squeezed out the bulging part.

The fire on his face burned, and Lu Yin protected his chest and walked to the bedroom.

Lu Qiang saw her figure disappear and calmed down for a few seconds before focusing on the work at hand.

After two minutes, Lu Yin rubbed out.He thought that she would change to dry clothes, but she didn't expect that she only covered a coat outside, black, and the zipper was pulled down to the neck.

This little trick, he saw through at a glance, to prevent him like a wolf.

Lu Qiang whined, turned his back and did not look at her again.

Lu Yin couldn't help, and stood silly for a while at the door. He went back to the living room and waited. It was inappropriate to think about it.

The ground is full of water, walking on the footprints of two people, the smaller one is hers, and the big one is forty-three yards.Large and small, there are several overlapping, smudging a smudge.In a small space, squatting a big man, the usually deserted kitchen seemed to be crowded again.

Lu Yin withdrew his eyes, went to the toilet to get the bucket and rag, crouched behind him, and moved the sewage into the bucket a little.

He wrapped the tape and got up to change the water valve. Lu Yin rubbed his feet and raised his eyes to see that his trouser legs and cloth shoes were wet.

Lu Qiang moved a half step, lowered his head and said, "Wait later, his feet are not clean, and he tramples on again."

Lu Yin rubbed her hair with her back: "I will suck the water away first."

Lu Qiang didn't care about her any more, glanced at her side: "This dish is burnt?"


"What dish?"

Lu Yin said: "Shrimp balls in tomato sauce."

"You will fall a lot."

Lu Yin squeezed the rag dry: "Not at first, but also learned slowly later."

"how does it taste?"

"……is acceptable."

Lu Qiang kept moving in his hands and couldn't help but glance down at her.

The light on the head was dim, and a warm color was sprinkled; the nose taste was very complex, with food aromas, burnt smell, gas smell, and light shampoo smell; in the small kitchen, the pots and pans were full.

There is also a woman, a small group, squeezed at his feet, wearing the most ordinary clothes, messy hair, rubbing the ground, like a docile little black cat.

Lu Qiang shook his head and hung his lips with a smile, but he didn't notice it.

The water change valve was a trivial matter, he got it in a few clicks, and touched the pot next to him: "Your pot is also loose."

Lu Yin stood up: "I didn't find the screw at home, thinking about buying it, I forgot."

Lu Qiang turned over in the toolbox without screws, and found a half-foot long wire.He straightened his handle, penetrated the small hole in the pot handle, the upper half was bent, crossed underneath, twisted the vise tightly, and buckled to the bottom of the pot, the excess part was reduced.

The pot was broken for half a month, and he repaired it in a minute.

Lu Qiang threw the vise back into the toolbox and picked it upside down, which was more secure than the one fixed with screws.Those blunt tools are very flexible in his hands, as if these skills were born by men.

Lu Yin's expression was a little dull, and she felt very strange in her heart, like a little man holding a pipe, bulging at the mouth, desperately blowing in.

He packed things up: "It's finished?"

"...Hmm!" She moved and bent over to lift the bucket.

Lu Qiang first step: "Give me."

With a breath of pressure, Lu Yin's hand grabbed an empty space, raised his head, the light in front of him was blocked by black, and he could not see anything else.He was soaked all over, a thin layer of cloth wrapped around the muscular muscles, and his chest was unusually strong.Her eyes were moving, her eyes were looking straight, the scar above her head was clear and deep, indicating the man's past.

Lu Yin took a step back and made way for him.

Lu Qiang also looked away. After a few seconds, he brought the bucket to the bathroom. When he came out: "Is there any damage?"

Lu Yin said: "It's gone."

"Really gone?"


He glanced at her: "Is the light at the door repaired?"


Lu Qiang snorted and walked out, muttering in a low voice: "Dog brain."

The lights in the hallway were just broken. He unscrewed the light bulb, removed the wire, and connected the broken place, and he quickly repaired it.

Lu Qiang went to the bathroom to wash his hands, and came out to pass the dining table. There were two dishes, sweet and sour ribs and vegetarian fried broccoli. There was a bottle of bamboo leaf green next to it, opened, and most of the bottles.

Lu Qiang glanced at his eyes, "Did you not eat?"

Lu Yin said: "Not yet." The two went to the door: "Thank you today."

Lu Qiang went out and glanced at the dining table again: "You eat."

Lu Yin politely said: "Or go before you finish eating!"

Lu Qiang said, "Also."

Lu Yin: "..."

He really passed her and entered the house again.

Lu Yin was a little speechless, she only said casually, no one would take it seriously, but he accepted.It took a few seconds at the door before he reluctantly followed up.

He was seated at the dining table, and Lu Yintian had a pair of tableware: "Is there no one there in the sentry box?"

Lu Qiang threw a spare rib into his mouth: "I locked the door."

"What if someone finds you?"

"What can happen at night."

"No one will come down to check the property?"

"Everyone has gone home, who will check." Lu Qiang glanced at her: "No need to push, I will go after eating, help you for a long time, you mother..." He shut up in time: "...go away after eating. "

"..." she whispered, "not that."

After he finished looking at him, he picked up a broccoli with chopsticks and couldn't chew in his mouth for a long time.

Lu Qiang is welcome, try both, and look at Zhu Yeqing next to him: "Is there a cup?"

"..." Lu Yin: "Yes."

She took one, Lu Qiang filled it up, took a sip, sucked his mouth, and the water was the same as Erguotou.

The dining table was quiet for a while, each eating his own food, and no one spoke.Lu Qiang took a few sips and saw that the liquor in front of her hadn't moved, and he turned around for a moment, and asked, "Are there any wine dishes?"

Lu Yin didn't understand: "What belongs to the appetizer?"

"Chicken claws, dried beans, peanuts."

Lu Yin thought: "Only peanuts...raw."

Lu Qiang asked, "Where is it?"

"……in the fridge."

Lu Qiang got up and went to the kitchen. It didn't take long for the inside to pour out.He put some base oil into the pan, and after heating it, put the peanuts in, stir fry quickly, and finally sprinkle a little salt flower, and serve on the plate.

Lu Qiang said: "Try it."

She glanced at her neck, and the little red beans, full of crystal, were covered with a few white salt grains and piled up into a hill.

She shook her head without moving chopsticks.

Lu Qiang raised his chin: "You haven't drunk the wine you poured."

"I don't want to drink anymore."

Lu Qiang smiled, and didn't force him. He threw two peanuts into his mouth, chewed and crunchy, and finally took a sip of wine and tasted it.

He drank half a glass of wine, and the person across the mouth swallowed.

Lu Qiang directly squeezed a few grains in his hand and threw them into his mouth, staring at him across from him.

When he poured the second glass of wine, the woman who finally saw the woman couldn't help it, learning his way, eating peanuts, and sipping wine.

He didn't raise his head and secretly hooked the corner of his lower lip.

Lu Yin has not been in contact with liquor for a long time. At first it was for venting. Later, it was to improve sleep. After a long time, I felt that there was nothing wrong with drinking. Every time I tasted it, I could drink a small half.

After the wine fell, the atmosphere was much relaxed, Lu Yin's cheeks were red, and the collar was pulled away to reveal a slender neck.

Lu Qiangming knew the answer, or he said something, "How long have you lived here?"

She calculated: "About five years."

"It's been a long time." He said, "This place is convenient. It sells everything, but it's broken."

Lu Yin said: "I'm used to it, so I don't feel broken." She chewed peanuts again: "What about you? Also live here?"

Lu Qiang added wine to her: "On the opposite side of the community, I just came out to live in a friend's is not convenient, so I rented a room nearby."

Lu Yin sipped his wine and looked up at him, hesitating for a moment: "You... because of what went in?"

Lu Qiang raised his glass to his mouth, his movements stopped, and suddenly looked up at her.He seemed to be poked hard and responded strongly.

Lu Yin was shocked, and his heart was trembling. His blink of an eye was a bit fierce. His eyes were black and fierce.

"……can not say?"

He slowed down, joking: "Can't say."

He answered in this way, and she didn't ask, and changed the subject and talked about something else.

Unconsciously, Lu Yin was filled with a full cup by him, which exceeded her limit.Her eyes gradually blurred, her cheeks were crimson, and her lips were gorgeous.

Lu Qiang got up and sat next to her, closer, and could smell the faint fragrance on her body.

Lu Yin struggled to find a hint of reason, his arms fluttered against him: "Sit far..."

"How far?"

She couldn't push it: "Far away..."

Lu Qiang grabbed the disordered hand on his chest, rubbed it, and instead put his head past: "Is it far enough?"

Lu Yin stared at him for a few seconds, unable to focus.She drew her hand and lifted her wrist to look at her watch: "It's not should go back..."

Lu Qiang glanced at her bare wrist and smiled: "Talk again."

"...What are you talking about?"

"Talk about the man before you."

Lu Yin frowned and seemed to think hard about the man: "He...what's interesting."

"Why didn't you get married?"

"...He is in love with others." Lu Yin's eyes fell on the distance: "There will be no wedding."

Lu Qiang's eyes sank, and he couldn't tell how he felt. "How many years have you been here?"

"Six years...he was my first boyfriend, I met in college... I stayed in Zhangzhou after graduation, and the money is the savings of working for a few years. , The decoration is very hard...the result is to prepare for them."

"The little girl was just twenty years old, seven years younger than me, and lively and sunny...I like him in exchange...but this is not the most important thing, the key is that I can't have a baby...".

Her voice was dumb and she swallowed hard.Lu Qiang felt dull in her heart. She felt like she was masochistic again. Suddenly she felt that she was too fucking not a grandpa.

Lu Yin slowed down and murmured again: "It's a failure, I haven't understood it in my life... I'm afraid that others will talk about things, and I'm always sensitive and suspicious.

"Afraid of shrinking and timid... seeing them coming out of the restaurant, not walking upright with their chest up... turning around and trying to escape..."

"Twenty-seven years old, I'm really afraid to live in his shadow..."

She held her chin in her hand, squinted halfway, her body swaying a little.His eyes flickered, but he was clearly organized, and listed his shortcomings.

Lu Qiang squinted at her: "Are you drunk yet?"


"Fun me!" He pushed her, Lu Yin fell to the side, and he was pulled back by him. The big palm supported her waist and never let go.

There was a big sip left of the wine in front of him. Lu Yin raised his glass and poured it in. Lu Qiang snatched it out. She coughed violently and finally choked with tears.

Lu Qiang's hand moved up, pinched her armpit, and gently mentioned, she sat on his leg, patting her back with her big palm: "Is it still uncomfortable?"

"Well." She didn't resist, and she clung to him very well: "...the chest hurts."

"..." Lu Qiang changed the way of asking: "Now I still miss him?"

Lu Yin nodded, thought for a while, and shook his head again: "I saw him today... Actually, I wasn't too sad, I thought I was quite a failure, and I was playing tricks at an age...".

Lu Qiang suddenly laughed in a good mood, and then found that she was upright, frowning, drowsy, and squeezing the corner of her mouth.The room was surprisingly quiet, and Lu Qiang didn't ask anymore, held her close and patted a few lightly.

Both of them are still wearing wet clothes and sticking them together. The wet ones are actually uncomfortable.Her warm breath was blowing on his chest, buttocks on his legs. Slowly, the temperature in the room seemed to rise, the air conditioning was not counted, and a fire burst out of the body.

I just wanted to make her drink and play, but now the purpose is not simple. The finger under her leg just touched the dimple, separated by a layer of fabric, small and fragile.He rubbed hard, and the next second, he already took her to the bedroom.

He only left her with a corset and underpants, still a little sensible, half kneeling beside the bed, sweating and sweating on his head.The huge piece of white shook his eyes crimson. A palm of cloth covered his endless desires, and he was even more afraid to look down.

For a long while, he extended his index finger and touched on the exposed semicircle, feeling his hands numb.

The woman was ignorant and slept better than a pig.

Lu Qiang twisted her waist vigorously and yelled, "Leave you in a hug..." He got up and threw the quilt over her head, clenching her teeth, and said fiercely: "Wait later, Lao Tzu Eat your bones."