This kiss he waited too long, like drowning to the limit, regenerating a new person, desperately breathing, desperately possessing.After the oxygen had absorbed enough, he slowed down and seriously enjoyed its beauty.

The deep kiss became a light touch, and Lu Qiang left Cun Xu, staring at her with greed.Lu Yin's eyes dropped, and there were tiny drops of water on his lashes. He leaned up, took off his lips, and kissed them all the way back to her lips.

Lu Yin snorted, and his movements were slightly sluggish, his head tilted, and her lips were covered with a sip, and his tongue slyly entered.

The boat traveled slowly, and the water surface was like waves of scales.

In the distance, screams came from time to time, and someone was experiencing Lu Yin's experience.All the sounds were insignificant, she could not hear anything rumbling in her ears, all her breath was pressed into her chest, and she wanted to live, but had to give her breath to him.

There was a row across the boat, and in a staggered moment, the young boatman whistled at this side.

Lu Qiang ignored it and deliberately wiped her clean and wiped her cleanly. The hand that had held her back slowly moved down, staying around her waist, and the breeze blew the corner of her shirt, and brought his rough palm into her. The delicate waist lingers.

The man in his arms finally realized that he was stopped from the outside of the shirt and took a few shots to stop.He was indifferent, and the little hand turned to his ribs again, pinching lightly.

Lu Qiang shook his hand and squeezed that hand, grasping the strength, Lu Yin sobbed.

He finally left and gritted his teeth: "Don't touch Lao Tzu's waist."

Lu Yin didn't wait for a reaction. She was thrown by him and sat opposite. Lu Yin's breath was still unstable. She bit her lip and yelled at the man.

Lu Qiang slowed his breath and looked across: "Has it hurt?"

Lu Yin: "No."

Lu Qiang rubbed the waist of his pants, and Lu Yin didn't open his eyes.

He took the smoke from his ears, and the body was wrinkled, and he brushed it directly with his tongue, ignited and said, "Itchy waist."

Lu Yin whispered: "Oh."

He held the cigarette diagonally and sighed directly, the light smoke rushed out of his nose, and there was a mist between them.Lu Qiang squinted and sighed, the smoke spread, and her face became clear.

He said, "Hair is messed up."

Lu Yin raised his hand and flicked, his eyes flickered, and he never fell on his face.

"No," he reached over. "Over there."

Lu Qiang stubbornly spreads the top of her head to the sides, and accidentally pulls off two of them. Lu Yin shrinks her neck and endures silently.

He slid down his hand, rubbed her eyebrows and cheeks with her thumb, rubbed it on the soft earlobe, and finally pressed her lips gently.

Lu Yin never kissed and flirted publicly, the boatman was still behind, and it was embarrassing to think about it.

She knocked his hand away and straightened her body.

Lu Qiang retracted and patted on his thigh: "Still sit?"

Lu Yin said, "No more."


"...The ship immediately docked."

The boat docked and knocked on the humble wharf. The hull flicked, and Lu Yin held his back with both hands.

Lu Qiang responded quickly and returned to stabilize her.

After getting off the boat, you need to cross a hillside, and there is a battery car directly to the bus stop.

Lu Qiang walked in front, Lu Yin followed behind him, he turned back, the two pulled away a few steps away, Lu Qiang hooked the forehead and stood waiting for her.

Lu Yin came up, he asked: "Can't walk?"

She stepped on one leg on the steps, curled her fists down, and said, "The legs are soft and a little bit obedient."

Falling from a height of more than one hundred meters, the physical endurance in her heart has reached the limit. She is a woman and it is not easy to support it now.

Lu Qiang stood on the steps, the gap was higher, he bowed to her and looked at her for a while, squeezing her chin.

The woods are extremely quiet, no one passes by, the road beneath the foot is rugged, and the steps have spread to the invisible hillside.

Lu Qiang pulled the trouser legs up, squatted down, propped his knees, "Where is soft?"

Lu Yin's gaze changed from high to low, his feet moved, and he wanted to take it back.

He pressed her leg.

Lu Yin pushed him: "No, no, I'll just take a break."

Where he stopped him, the big, rough hands pressed against her white pencil pants, a little, and slowly moved up.

Lu Yin was sore and itchy, holding his hand: "It's not soft anymore."



"I'm good at it," he said, and said, "Just pinch it twice?"

Lu Yin: "Well."

Lu Qiang did not leave his hand, lowered his eyes, and covered a pair of dark palms on his snow-white trousers. The place where the finger pressed was concave, and the leg meat was deformed.There was also a pair stacked on top, white and tender, slender and warm, covering only half of his hand.

The desire to destroy at the bottom of Lu Qiang's heart rushed up, he licked his lower lip, his thumb pressed against the inside, and if there was nothing, he scraped.

For half a minute, he put up with it, let go, and turned around: "Bring you up."

Lu Yin: "I'm so good."

"Hurry up, squatting legs."

Lu Yin twisted her fingers and didn't wait. The people in front were impatient, and she hooked her back and pressed her back.

Lu Yin has not yet stabilized, he has got up and walked up, the iron arm hooked her leg, the pace is steady and powerful.


It was already evening to return from Qiluo Mountain. The two separated at the entrance of the community and went home.

Lu Yin entered the door, had no strength to take a shower, and did not change her clothes.With physical overdraft, there are some messy plots in his head that cannot be pieced together.I didn't know what I thought at the end. I slept on my stomach.

When I woke up again, the room was dark, and a ray of orange light broke through the window curtains. She turned over and glanced at the time, it was already ten in the night.

In the confusion, she put down her mobile phone and lifted it up again two seconds later. There were two unread text messages on it. Tap to open it. It was a strange number.

A post: What about sleeping?

The time is two hours ago.

Another article: Haven't woken up yet?

Lu Yin sat up, the screen illuminated her face in the dark, and the last one was half an hour ago. She moved her finger and did not go back.

Press the light on the bedside, and plan to take a bath. The phone rang without waiting to get up.

It’s still the strange number, and you don’t need to think about who it is.

Lu Yin's heart jumped for a moment, and some hesitated. What happened today is like a ridiculous dream, crazy, exciting, relieved, and heart-throbbing.

She still has doubts about whether the brain's perception under extreme excitement is correct.But simply not hating or repelling is not enough to win her wandering.

After a moment of wonder, she hung up there automatically, and she breathed a sigh of relief. Within seconds, the complex sounded again.

Lu Yin clenched her phone and finally picked it up at the last minute.

There he said, "What are you doing?" The tone was extremely lazy, with his own voice, but I didn't see a bit of impatience.

Lu Yin said, "I can't hear it until I sleep."

"Ho" on the phone, did not pierce her: "Will you eat at night?"

Lu Yin sat by the bed and lowered her head: "Stop eating, I want to continue to sleep."

"I'll send it to you?"

She looked up suddenly: "Where are you...?"

"Your doorstep."

Lu Yin breathed slightly and stopped talking.

Lu Qiang laughed: "Trust everything."

She rolled her eyes silently and whispered: "Cut."

After a few words, he was suddenly quiet, he didn't speak, and there was only a faint current sound on both ends of the phone.Lu Yin held his breath, his face was rusty, and then with a'rub', he exhaled.

It turned out to be lighting cigarettes.

Her back collapsed slightly and rubbed her feet gently against the floor. "...Is there anything else?"

Lu Qiang asked: "Is the leg still soft?"

"Sleep a lot better."

"Foot bubble feet later."


Lu Qiang smoked a cigarette: "You're quite fierce today, just jump and jump, just like a stupid and bold person."

"... Actually scared."

Lu Qiang yelled: "The biggest obstacle is the time to jump. Few people can do it. You are brave."

Lu Yin was speechless: " pushed it."

There was a good mood smile over there: "What about afterwards?"

Lu Yin thought for a while and complained, "I feel like I'm fooled, thinking I'm going to die..."

"you are still alive."

"...Well." Then she found that nothing was more important than being alive.

The phone was silent for a few seconds, and there were occasional children frolicking there, accompanied by a few dog barks. Lu Yin guessed that he was sitting on the bench outside the sentry box. Thinking about it, his appearance had already appeared in front of him: a short stubble, Old scars, sharp and black eyes; broad shoulders, thin undershirt, security pants, and those old shoes...

Lu Qiang suddenly called out: "Yin Yin."

He called, her heart trembling, and her fingers caught the sheets.

"Are you still sleepy?" Lu Qiang asked.


"Do not sleep me to your house."

"……doing what?"

Lu Qiang said: "I have kissed and kissed and hugged, and now I just want to sleep with you."

He made three-point temptations, seven-point instincts, and came down from the mountain, and her head was full of those things.

Lu Qiang was right. He couldn't run sooner or later. He always treated his prey directly, and attacked like a leopard. But when he met a little sheep, all his determination was arbitrary and invalidated on her.

Because he finished speaking, he snapped the phone over there.

Lu Qiang: "..."

He looked at the black screen and froze for a moment. "Little girl..." he said with a cry: "Laozi knew it was the result."

He took the phone and muttered: "Courage, don't fucking fuck up ten times or eight times..."

After smoking his last cigarette, he looked up, the faint light on the third floor opposite, like her, was dull and dull.

Lu Qiang extinguished the smoke, comforted his brother, and laughed at himself: "Tonight I have to wait for you."

He got up and left, the breeze swept away some leaves, and the ashes of the ground turned into the lightest dust, floating in the air.

It was late at night and someone was turning around.

Lu Yin suffered from insomnia this night, but he was no longer the same man.