The first few seconds were difficult, and the sound of the wall clock in the living room seemed to penetrate the eardrums, and she was inexplicably flustered by ticking.Somehow, Lu Yin jumped from the chopping board, grabbed the key, and ran out.

The voice-activated lights in the corridor lighted up layer by layer, and they ran out of the building all the way without seeing his people.Ten minutes have passed, which is not unusual, and the footsteps are a bit dull, only to find that they are still wearing cloth slippers that do not fit well.

She knew exactly where he was, and hesitated for a few seconds before Lu Yin walked towards the sentry box.She wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to express, regret or explain, even if it ended in the end, at least she should end calmly.

Less than seven o'clock, the most lively time in the community, Lu Yin crossed the square, and there was noisy music in his ears.The street light was dawning, the sky was still covered with a layer of dark gray, the cold wind was sizzling, and the nose was blowing red, she could not help shrugging, her pace was slow and fast, and it was only then that she really hated her wandering temperament.

Seeing the sentry box from afar, the orange warm light poured from the windows, it was already dark, the little house was hidden behind the ancient trees, and the trees were whirling on the walls.

The door was wide open by the window, and there was no shadow of the man outside.

She stepped in, and when she took another step, her heart was firm and unshakable.

Less than five meters away, there was a figure in the doorway. I saw it before a quarter of an hour. At a certain moment, they were tightly closed to each other, but until this time, Lu Yin observed the other party more intuitively and seriously, as if to find something that had been ignored. thing.

She didn't give her too much time to think. The man felt something, suddenly turned his head, a few seconds after seeing her for a while, his facial expression was slightly surprised.Lu Qiang bit an unburnt cigarette in the corner of his mouth, put his hands in his pockets, his back was not so straight, and his eyes fell on her feet, and then moved back half a moment. The deliberate coldness and alienation in his eyes were not familiar to Lu Yin.

She squeezed her cuffs, the cold wind hit the skin from the gap of the sweater, her slender neck was bare. Her hair was lightly swept through her ears.Sweating just now, excited by the wind, could not help but fight a cold war.

The man was still watching her, and she walked forward a few steps, then stopped suddenly.

The sentry box was not himself. A person swayed in the warm light. His slender figure was wrapped in a solemn police uniform. His hair was meticulous and the cap of the police cap was upright.She didn't notice the existence of the third person, her eyes always fell on Lu Qiang's back, the two didn't know what they said in the room, she frowned and pouted, her eyes were reluctant to move away from him, she reached out and gently thumped him on his shoulder Pushed it a bit, and I couldn't bear to force it.

In the eyes of others, this action is nothing special, but it is more than a nickname.

Lu Qiang was ignorant and completely ignored the person behind him. His body flicked along with her movements, still staring at the thin figure in the dark, guilty thought: fucking and ran out wearing this.

Lu Yin's lips were pale, her mouth was dry, and she was surrounded by her own heartbeat.She wanted to say hello easily, but the corners of her mouth couldn't bend a beautiful arc, and she didn't have the free and easy to imagine.

The two stood at the door, a photo softened by the warm light. Her head reached the tip of his nose, her eyes gazed safely, the same straight figure, brave, bold, standing behind him at a distance of less than half a meter Nothing is more harmonious than this.

The uncontrollable pain in the heart, the picture in front of her irritated the eyes, Lu Yin thought, she finally cares a little bit more than expected, only a little...

At last she took a step, but not forward, she was a little panicked.This act fell into Lu Qiang's eyes and became another interpretation, timid, evasive, and out of sight—because there were outsiders, so he gave up the idea of ​​coming over.

Lu Qiang stared at the darkness for a long time.

Tan Wei found that he was in a wrong state, so he poked him: "What do you think?"

The direction was dim, and there was nothing but tree shadows and straight roads.

Half an hour after she arrived, Lao Lirang was waiting in the house.I haven't seen him since the injury, and after finishing the case at hand, she took the time to see him first, but didn't expect it to be the same cold eyebrow and owe him money.

Tan Wei's voice was stunned: "Every time I come to see you, your face is stinking and I think it's rare!...I'll never come again," she walked to the door for two steps and didn't get the response she wanted. Bite your lip and shout loudly: "Hey!"

Lu Qiang finally turned around, left cheek unconsciously agitated.

Tan Wei said, "I'm leaving."

He hummed in his nose.

Tan Wei was anxious, glared at him fiercely, took off his hat and carried his hand, did not walk a few steps, but listened to her from behind.

Lu Qiang asked: "Have you eaten?"

There are many small restaurants outside the door, ordered a few stir-fried dishes, a few bottles of beer.Lu Qiang had a cup in front of him and drank his own, regardless of her.

Tan Wei has never been alone with him like this, and glanced at him secretly: "Drink less, you still have to work."

Lu Qiang didn't raise his head and filled the cup: "No one is in charge at night."

She had nothing to say: "Jin Jiner is not big?"

Lu Qiang didn't want to answer. Basically, his head was a sip.

Tan Wei called the boss directly, and also asked for an empty glass, opened a bottle alone, and poured half a glass tentatively.

She looked at him: "Are you in a bad mood today?"

Lu Qiang gave a hand and sneered. "Yes, I'm in a bad mood."

"Because of what?" She propped her chin and made a listening gesture: "Something unhappy, you can tell me."

Lu Qiang stuttered: "I can't tell you."

"Is there anything I can't say?" She persevered: "Come on, why?"

"For women."

Tan Wei laughed subconsciously: "...don't joke."

Lu Qiang squinted her: "I'm like a joke?"

Tan Wei was slightly startled, and then sighed, taking a small sip of the wine glass in front of her, showing her brow slightly wrinkled, and then slowly calmed down, drinking all of the glass.

This time it was full, she said half-arbitrarily and half-temperedly: "I can't see it. You, people, are always cloudy and unhappy. When you are happy, you have a smiley face, and you are not happy to make up. Yes, it's not reliable at all."

Lu Qiang's wrists hung down, the chopsticks were supported on the table, and her eyelids were raised to look at her, and she suddenly asked, "Did you see me?"

Tan Wei choked out with a sip of wine and quickly covered his nose and mouth with his hands.

"What are my strengths, tell me...why haven't others found it." When he said this, his face was very helpless.

Tan Wei's cheeks were blushing, "Why did you say this suddenly." Finally, I finally suffocated a sentence: "How can I say this kind of thing clearly... it just feels good."

Lu Qiang felt funny and threw two beans into his mouth: "I feel like I can't eat, I advise you to dismiss as soon as possible."

Tan Wei frowned at him.

Lu Qiang said: "I have an object."

"……you're lying."

"Laozi has eaten too much salt?" He glanced at her. "Just got it, see how hard you run here. I'm afraid you will waste your time in vain."

Tan Wei squeezed the cup and finally began to believe his words.Suddenly, a woman figure flashed in her mind-beautiful face, graceful curves, and birdie.The induction was very sensitive, and he immediately confirmed what he had just said.

What Lu Qiang likes should be the type of superb cooking, gentle housekeeping, soft enough and warm enough to give men a sense of belonging and obedience, and these qualities are not difficult to reflect from the woman.

On the other hand, I was completely disappointed.

Tan Wei opened his mouth, but found that he had no courage to pursue.

There was nothing to say in the second half, she basically accepted this reality.Lu Qiang stopped drinking, and she started pouring down one by one.He was only responsible for communicating, knowing that Tan Wei was a wise man and would not be stalking, after drinking this meal, sober, he would understand.

Lu Qiang had enough to eat and drink, with a toothpick between his teeth. He looked bored and looked around, just like everyone else.This meal deviated from the original intention. I intended to use my wine to sorrow and use the beauty as a companion, but found that my interest was full. Lu Qiang was completely reborn six years ago. He laughed ironically and ordered himself to double his patience as his Use her compensation.

When coming out of the tavern, Tan Wei couldn't walk a straight line. Lu Qiang helped her maintain balance and reached out and pinched her arm to avoid unnecessary physical contact.She didn't know how awake, she moved closer to him intentionally or unintentionally, Lu Qiang relentlessly stopped and kept a distance from her.

I don’t know how many times he repeated his patience, sneering and said: "Those who are drunk are all excuses for making girls."

The body next to him shook.

Lu Qiang continued: "Even if I get drunk, my head is sober. I absolutely know what shit I did... I'm not drunk, and I believe you can understand it. What I said today is not to tease you. Every day, she wants to do something about her." Lu Qiang said with his teeth.

"There is no time to deal with you. Those of you who are cautious and want to close as soon as possible, quickly find a good person to marry everywhere," paused for two seconds: "Can you go straight?"

Tan Wei didn't respond and still couldn't walk straight, but he didn't lean on him deliberately.

After stopping a taxi on the roadside, Lu Qiang tucked her into the back seat, pulled out the ID card from the police uniform jacket, and rushed at the driver: "Take the policewoman home, the address is," he glanced at his hand ID: "No. 32 Tan Lin Road."

The driver was an uncle. He glanced at him in the interior mirror and nodded with a smile.

Lu Qiang squinted at the windshield through the light, remembered the number, closed the door, and watched the car slowly into the night.


After that night, Lu Yin had a cold without suspense. At first it was still light. She didn't care much, so she swallowed a few cold medicines with hot water.

In the factory, Chen Rui found that she was different from the previous days. I don’t know whether it was the cause of the illness or something else. The faint expression on her face faded and she was bored, always unable to lift her spirits.

Lao Du handed over an order for two people to make a batch of employee clothing for a leisure place in the city. Chen Rui is the head of the product development department, and he is responsible for the business.

There were originally two original designers in the factory, one of whom was on maternity leave, and this person was a stranger in the world. There was no one in the head. Old Du wanted to replace him, so he took the opportunity to promote Lu Yin, and then changed that person to an irrelevant errand. , Or continue or leave, will cause no loss to him.

Coming out of Lao Du's office, the two walked side by side through the corridor. Lu Yin was slightly behind, and Chen Rui turned his head: "Isn't it good to catch a cold?"

"It's almost time," Lu Yin said.

"Remember to rest."

Since the last rainy day, Chen Rui knew her intentions, although she could not let go, she only dared to pay attention to her behind her.He came to the factory for three years. When he saw him for the first time, he was very fond of her. Unfortunately, at that time, Lu Yin belonged to him, and he didn't see him at all.When he heard the news that the two had broken up, he was in a very conflicted mood, and finally he had the courage to pursue her, but he was rejected.

Facing Lu Yin, he seemed to have only a wry smile.

"Thank you." Lu Yin turned her head and asked lightly: "...what's laughing?"

"No," he coughed awkwardly. "Then, go there next Thursday as planned. Remember to bring more model photos. The types they want are too complicated. This time it may be more troublesome."

Lu Yin said: "No problem, let me do it."

Talking about a few things about work, the two separated at the door of his office.

Things were done ahead of time. She came back early and swayed to the door of the community. Lao Li had not left yet.

There was a long table at the gate of the sentry box. Old Li came to greet him warmly, and Lu Yin stopped. He silently glanced at the back of the long table. Several residents stood in front of him. What's the problem, I got a hand but didn't even lift my eyelids.

Lao Li asked, "Is it so early today?"

She smiled: "After work is over, come back in advance." Lu Yin stood still: "What does that do?"

"We have replaced the gas pipeline in our community. This time it has become natural gas, which is more convenient to use." Lao Li pointed to the other side: "Isn't it all registered? If there are few residents in the community, you will not be notified from door to too In the past, let Xiao Lu record that someone at home needs someone to change the gas."

Lu Yin bit her lip and paused for a moment before moving in that direction.

The previous person had left. He cast a small shadow in front of him. Lu Qiang lifted his eyelids and met a pair of clear and bright eyes. Looking up, she could see the extra fleshy feeling on her chin, the skin was translucent by the light, and the ears The profile is close to pale pink.

She opened her mouth and just wanted to say something, but Lu Qiang looked back with a blank expression.

She was dry and heard three words from him: "What is it called?"

Lu Yin's breathing was slightly sluggish, and he could only see the top of his head, his hands clenched, and he paused for a few seconds: "... Lu Yin."

"telephone number?"

She exhaled softly and reported a string of numbers.

"Where do you live?"


He looked up like a stranger: "How many doors?"

Lu Yin's lower lip bite without blood, and for a short time, fixed his eyes.She didn't answer. He tickled the corner of his lower lip, lowered his head, and wrote directly in the back column: 11 doors 302.

"When is there someone at home?" Then he looked up and his heart was grabbed.In the original translucent eyes, the water vapor is Yingying, but you have to work hard to open your eyes and scream with restraint.

Like water, there are tears when you cry.Lu Qiang bit the back molar and dared not ask, writing two words directly to the book.

Looking up again, the whole person was back in the sun again, maybe for another second, what impulsive thing he would do, the woman’s tears were too magical, and had the magic power to destroy all strength.

When she cried, the whole world became his fault.

Lu Qiang squinted, she was far away, he stared at the back, unscrupulous look.