In a blink of an eye, on Thursday, Lu Yin got up early and had a headache. She hadn't dried her hair last night, and she fell asleep on the sofa.I was awake in the middle of the night, my hands and feet were cold, the TV was still on, and I was playing an old movie. Lu Yin turned off the TV, sat on the sofa for a while, and got up to sleep in the bedroom.

She was a little groggy, and the cold that was getting better showed signs of aggravation. It was a quarter of an hour later than the agreed time. When she arrived, Chen Rui leaned beside the car and looked at the phone.

She called him apologetically.

Chen Ruiwen turned her head to see her, smiled at the corner of her mouth, closed her phone, and jogged a few steps in her direction.

This entertainment and music city has just been completed and has not yet been officially opened for business. The outer eaves are neat, the interior decoration is just halfway through, the ceiling is being installed in the hall, and a small elevator is placed in the middle.

Chen Rui assisted her arm from the back and let her go to a safe direction. According to the guidelines, they took the elevator to the second floor and received by the logistics team leader.

Lu Yin held up the computer, which contained model photos of various tooling. Slowly sliding the mouse, she explained appropriately.

The other party is also a decisive and straightforward person, pointing out several of the styles and proposing amendments.Lu Yin is accustomed to use this book to record, one by one listed intuitively and clearly, both sides finalized within half a month, first make a few samples to try on, and then decide whether to customize in large quantities.

Lu Yin's talk was finished quickly here, and the process was surprisingly smooth. Chen Rui came to talk about long-term cooperation and money. She listened a few words aside, and her tense nerves were relaxed before she felt the sudden jump of the temple.Lu Yin relaxed her shoulders slightly and leaned back on the sofa, her head messed up.

Unknown for how long it took, Chen Rui gave her a soft call, and Lu Yin tried to keep her eyes clear and stood up with him.

Chen Rui saw that she was in a bad state. After saying goodbye, she went to pick up the computer in her hand. Lu Yin's hands were tight and she didn't let go. Seeing that his eyes were as far away as before.

Chen Ruimo sighed silently, still adding a few points in his hand, pretending to say easily: "Actually, you don't need to alienate me deliberately, I already understand what you mean, where can I still chase your face," he rubbed his nose, " Seeing you look uncomfortable, even ordinary colleagues, is there no problem with carrying a computer?"

It seemed that she was narrow, Lu Yin was a little embarrassed and let go: "Sorry," after thinking about it, she changed her tongue: "Thank you."

Chen Rui took it and said with a smile: "Little things."

The two walked towards the elevator. The corridor was full of debris. The ceiling lights were not fully installed. The daylight penetrated the narrow door of the room and shone on the wall. It was very dark and bright in one step.

The elevator at the end is slowly ascending and approaching the door, a "ding" sounds.

Chen Rui took her to the side and leaned back. Someone came out from the inside, headed by a big man, wearing a black suit holding a cigar, his hair covered the right eyebrow peak, and his skin was dark and healthy.

Lu Yin only glanced unconsciously, and his heart sank down fiercely, before he dare to raise his head again. This time the heart fell back to its place again, a moment of happiness and fear.

It's just similar, not me.

After the people had gone, the two got on the elevator.

There was a lot of noise in the corridor, and I saw from a distance that the logistics staff who had received them before were coming out.

Chen Rui pressed the down button, and the elevator doors closed slowly. The people in front of him suddenly stopped, and the big man headed pulled the crowd back, looking in this direction.The man was standing in the dark corridor, his head slightly sideways, his face unclear, but the light in his eyes was cold and hard.

The narrow gap left in the elevator, Lu Yin was shocked and could not help but back half a step.

An inexplicable sense of familiarity.Not only is it like a god, she seemed to have seen him at the bus station that morning, only a quick glance outside the car window.

Going out of the revolving door in the front hall, the sun is heading, Lu Yin can't help but look up, the huge golden plaque has stood above the building...

Six big characters: Zhentian Entertainment Club.

Her eyes were shaken by the sun, her legs were a little virtual, and she quickly withdrew her eyes.

Chen Rui stopped her, pulled her into the co-pilot, and sent her back.

Chen Rui asked: "Are you getting a cold again? Should you go to the hospital first?"

"No," Lu Yin said easily. "Just didn't sleep well last night, just go home and make up for sleep. Later, you can ask me to take a leave with Lao Du."

Chen Rui "huh" said: "Should I buy some cold medicine along the way?"

Lu Yin smiled and said, "There are still in the bag."

He glanced at her: "Then tell me how to go ahead."

The ride takes about 20 minutes.

Turning over the front row of restaurants, she unfastened her seat belt at the corner: "Trouble you today, just put me on the roadside."

"It's the cell in front?"


He hit a steering wheel and was near the iron gate of the community: "Don't move first, I will send you in."

"Don't, don't, don't go in, just stop beside..."

Before finishing the speech, Chen Rui honked a few horns, and only one door was opened, and the private car could not pass.In a stunned moment, he pressed a few more times, and Lu Yin bit her lower lip and opened the door on her side: "I went in myself, thank you..."


Not listening to what he said, Lu Yin hurriedly turned around, and suddenly saw a tall figure appearing in front of the sentry box, the man stood silently, and didn't mean to open the door, expressionless, staring at her with a staring eye. .

Lu Yin's throat was slightly dry, and she stood for a moment, realizing that she had done nothing wrong, straightened her back, and walked through the side door.

The short journey was not easy at all. The man's eyes seemed to grow on her, passing by, and he didn't see him say a word.

Lu Yin walked out for several meters, and his mood collapsed.

The people behind screamed in a rough voice.

Her heart was beating fast, and she walked slowly for two steps before turning around.

Lu Qiang said: "The pipe will be changed the day after tomorrow, remember to leave someone at home." The voice was cold and I could not hear any emotion.

Lu Yin squeezed her lips and met her eyes, suddenly not wanting to answer him.There was a breath in his chest, and he didn't know what he was angry with.

Repay him with the same tone: "Is there anything else?"

Lu Qiang stopped for ten seconds: "It's gone..."

The answer was meaningless. He didn't finish it. She lifted her head to her chest, flicked her hair in a beautiful arc, twisted her waist, and walked away quickly.

He was stunned for a while, and then whispered vigorously, cheeks agitated, could not help clenching the back molars, staring at her two hip flaps swinging left and right, maliciously thinking how to deal with them in the future.

Lu Qiang turned the smoke out of his pocket, encircled the light with his hands, took a few sips, and looked in the direction just now. Her back had become very small, and she was blocked by the bush in the blink of an eye.He retracted his gaze and exhaled into the sky, only to realize that a private car was still parked at the door.

The person in the car came out of nowhere, half leaning on the door, staring at the yard with a lingering eye, in a light gray suit with white cuffs, turning his head to see Lu Qiang's unwilling gaze, and put it friendly Start and drive away.

Lu Qiang narrowed his eyes, watching him turn around, turn around, and the tail lights flash.

I thought his back was somewhat familiar, but I forgot to see it for a while.



He glanced at the car butt,

Logo 408, three-box, 1.8L, hundreds of thousands...


Lu Qiang’s white shift this week, it’s late at night, and it’s more than seven o'clock at the sentry box. The door is open. Lao Li sits inside and listens to the radio. Seeing that there is movement outside, he said, "Changing at eight, you come here every time. early."

"Go back."

Old Li got up: "Smoke in the morning... Have you eaten yet?"


Lao Li put down his hat: "I'll wait for a while, will you have a meal?"

"No," Lu Qiang glanced into the courtyard: "Not hungry."

He didn't leave for a while until noon.

In the afternoon, the gas company came, and the pipeline was replaced in a few days. This week must be completed.He went inside with the workers and came back in an hour, and saw a man standing at the gate of the sentry box, wearing a suit, carrying a few bags in his hand, and looking into the window with his head in his head.

Lu Qiang recognized the man and drove him back to her yesterday.

He stopped not far away: "Who are you looking for?"

Chen Rui turned around, saw him dressed, and said hello: "Which building does Lu Yin live in?"

He knowingly asked, "Which one of you?"

"Oh, I am a colleague of Lu Yin's unit," said his right hand, "My name is Chen Rui."

Lu Qiang still put his hands in his pockets, lowered his head and swept the hands in front of his eyes, slender and white, very different from his.

Chen Rui was a little embarrassed, and just wanted to take it back, he was held by the other party. His palm was wide, thick and hard, and full of strength.

Lu Qiang said: "This is the privacy of the residents, and there is no way for you."

Chen Rui was right: "Troubles are in trouble, my colleague is ill, and no one has answered her phone. I was afraid of something, so I hurried over."

Lu Qiangxin was grabbed and suddenly looked up: "What disease?"

Chen Rui was shocked: "... a cold."

He breathed a sigh of relief and squinted him: "To what extent?"

"I didn't come to work today, I didn't reply by texting at noon, and the phone just didn't work..." He said too much, and asked again, "So what's the address?"

Lu Qiang's frown: "Can't give it."

When he finished talking bluntly, he had to go to the 11 gates. When he turned around, a familiar figure came in from outside the community. When he saw the two, he was also stunned.

Lu Yin wore a beige windbreaker, buttoned directly to the neckline, long hair curled behind his head, slightly loose.

She walked a few steps: "Why are you here?"

Chong Chen Rui said.

He saw her safe and sound, so he said easily, "Why don't you answer the phone?"

Lu Yinxu glanced at the person standing next to him: "I went out and didn't take it with me."

With a few boxes of medicine in her hand, she naturally carried her back behind her. Chen Rui stepped forward: "How are you feeling? I will take you to the hospital."

Lu Yin avoided his hand: "It's really not necessary. I took a leave with Lao Du today. I was sleeping when you sent a message, and then I forgot to return... You don't need to come here specially, it's too cold, I also It's time to go back."

Chen Rui's hand was stiff, and after looking at it for a moment, she felt that she was okay, and she passed the bag in her hand: "These are for you, remember to take medicine after eating."

Lu Yin didn't answer, he just grabbed her hand, put the bag on, turned around and left.

Lu Yin held out his hand, followed two steps forward, and finally had no choice but to watch him leave.

I don't know when to post a person in the back: "Cold?"

Lu Yin turned around, dumbfounded: "Uh."

"Is there medicine at home?" The tone was much softer than yesterday.


"Did you sleep on the quilt?"

"...It seems to be."

He said nothing, and stared at her.The two leaned slightly closer. Lu Yin only reached his chin. Lu Qiang could see her red nose and looked down. The bag in her left hand was heavy.

Asked: "Who is that person?"

"A colleague."

"It really cares about you."

Lu Yin said: "Ordinary colleagues."

He "hooked", "I'm not so lucky, I met this ordinary colleague."

Lu Yin pursed his lips and looked up at him, his eyes met, as if he hadn't seen each other for a long time. This felt different from before, a little uneasy and a little cautious.He was very close, his head tilted up, his own eyes reflected in his black eyes, every move he could not escape.

During off hours, the crowd coming and going passed by, she forgot to avoid suspicion, did not hide, and did not feel embarrassed.

Lu Qiang did not speak, only stared at her, and the atmosphere was awkward.

Lu Yin rubbed his nose, staggered a little step back, and asked casually, "Is there anything else?"

Subtle movements couldn't escape his eyes, Lu Qiang looked around, suddenly frowned, and waved impatiently: "Go, it's okay, go, go..."

...... ......

The relationship eased a bit and got into a deadlock again.

Lu Qiang gritted his teeth, but asked her about her physical condition.

After changing shifts, he took a bite outside and went home just past seven.After taking a bath, the room was dim and dull, and the light of the TV set was dim and dark, and there was no sound. It was like a pantomime. He didn't care to watch it, and he lay down early.

Before, there were no entertainment facilities. After the basic news broadcast, after washing, I returned to the shift number.At that time, after eight hours of manual labor, it was dawn when you closed your eyes. This is a good habit that has been cultivated for a long time.

The exception today is a few hours of tossing and turning, without sleepiness.

He flipped out his mobile phone from under him, the screen lit up, and squinted uncomfortably. The first record in the phone book was'Yin Yin', indicating that the dial-out time was a week ago.

Lu Qiang moved his finger, struggling for a moment, or touch it on the left side of the screen.

Dialed twice in a row, no one over there answered.

Lu Qiang scolded, and put on one hand to put on his clothes.

At the moment when it is about to hang up, there is finally no monotonous'didi' sound.

Lu Qiang wears half of his sleeves, "Hello?"

There was no speech, only a thin breath.

Lu Qiang held his breath: "Yin Yin? ... talk." For a long time, his heart sank. "You fucking cry again."