Troubled by a cold, Lu Yin hasn't had a good rest in recent days, probably because of its medicinal effects, and he slept extremely last night.

The bedroom curtains were not tightened. The first ray of light penetrated the dawn, and it just happened to shine on her face. Lu Yin squeezed her eyebrows. She felt very heavy. On the skin, there is no inch.

She moved uncomfortably, her eyes drooping, and found the heavy culprit. A thick arm crossed her chest, and her palms pressed back under the quilt, in a half-lying position.The legs also lost their freedom, vaguely seeing the fabric of the jeans, straddling the white blanket.The top of his head was hardened by an inch, that was his chin.

She was like a human pillow, imprisoned under each other.

Luin suddenly felt difficult to breathe and turned his head to the side, bumping into his wide chest, where his breathing was gentle.

Her chest was stagnant and her head was much clearer. Last night's experience turned into fragments, and she jumped out tightly. Everything was in the sun before she realized that her situation was embarrassing.

She pulled out one hand hard, leaned down, and threw the pajamas he took off on the floor not far away. The other hand tugged the sheets to prevent them from running out.Lu Yin's movements were cautious, lest he might disturb his dreams, his naked arms were slender, his wrists were small and cute, his pink fingertips moved back and forth twice, and within a few millimeters he could get to his clothes.

The chest tightened suddenly, and was dragged back to the bed without success. Lu Yin exclaimed. This time, his back was against his chest, which was different from the quilt. It was warm with body temperature.

Lu Qiang closed his eyes and first probed her forehead: "The fever is gone."

The tone is slow and the voice is terrible.

Lu Yin clenched the quilt in front of her chest, fortunately turning her back at this moment without having to face him.

After saying this, suddenly there was no sound behind her, she held her breath, the wall clock in the living room wobbled regularly, the uncle next door teased the bird on the balcony, and there was a noisy dog ​​barking downstairs... The breath above the head became gentle again, and Lu Yin blinked, passing It took a while to dare to continue the previous action.

Lu Qiang pinched her across the quilt: "Don't move, what are you going to do?"

He was not asleep, and Lu Yin buried his mouth in the sheets: "I went to the kitchen and I was a little hungry."

"Did not eat last night?"

Lu Yin yelled softly.

He still closed his eyes: "What do you want to eat?"

"...Porridge and side dishes."

"I'm going," Lu Qiang took the chin and rubbed her head: "Wait for me slowly."

Lu Yin stopped moving and lay quietly on the bed with him.The neighbor's uncle teased the bird and hung his throat in the room. He could hear the radio "zizi" vaguely; there was a little boy upstairs, who was mischievous early in the morning, the whole roof jump was shaking, and the parents stopped screaming, no At the meeting, wow crying came.

The rising sun is higher than the one just hung, the curtains are warm yellow, and the whole room shines brightly.Lu Yin stretched out his fingertips, touched the ray of naked sunlight, moved his fingers, and the fine dust jumped with the dance.

Everything started alive...

Lu Qiang said suddenly: "Your home is too noisy, so it is not soundproof."

Lu Yin didn't answer, he didn't know what to expect, and he smiled gently in his nose.

Lu Yin moved: "What are you laughing at?"

"It's okay, I'm going to cook rice porridge." He finally opened his eyes and saw a large piece of sunlight shining on her back. The white one was not real. Lu Qiang narrowed his eyes, paused, and took a sip on her delicate skin. , Lu Yin shook, he did not do anything else, helped her cover the quilt: "You squint for a while, or you can wake up and take a bath."

...... ......

Lu Qiang found half a bowl of rice in the refrigerator.He wouldn't be complicated. It was not difficult to cook a porridge. After adding some water, he put the pan directly on the gas, washed the egg crust, and put two into the pan.There are some frozen dried radishes and spicy cabbage in the refrigerator. He picked them out with chopsticks and put them on the plate.

Looking away, a few plastic bags were placed on the chopping board. The fast food box inside was neat and unmoved. In an instant, Lu Qiang finally remembered who the person was.

He had seen it at the door of Du Hua's garments. It rained that day and watched Lu Yin enter the factory. A man suddenly broke in. A blue shirt, black trousers, and a black umbrella helped her cover the wind and rain...

Lu Yin came out of the bathroom with a towel on her shoulder and rubbed her hair slowly.The man in the kitchen stood on his back, propped the hips with one hand, stirred the bottom of the pot with one hand, and lowered his head in a very serious and cautious posture.The heat in front of him was thick, and the glass was covered with a thin layer of mist. The tall back was sturdy and warm.

Lu Yin couldn't help but stopped, she bit her lower lip: "I'm coming."

He has a figure: "Why don't you walk out of the aisle?"

Lu Yin threw out her tongue and put down the towel: "I'll come, you also go to wash."

Lu Qiang put down the chopsticks and couldn't help but look at her more. She had taken a bath, her cheeks were white and bright, and she was just two people with the sloppy ghost last night. There were water droplets on her hair, a drop of water, and a small piece of wet shoulder.

Raised her hand and patted her head, went to wash in the wrong place.

The brand-new toothbrushes and towels are placed in front of the bathroom mirrors, all of which are clean and light yellow, which is in keeping with her style and is not specially prepared for him.Lu Qiang snorted coldly, squeezing some toothpaste...

After washing, Lu Yin had served the meal, and there was not much porridge. She only gave herself half a bowl.

Lu Qiang exchanged the big bowl for her: "You eat, I eat something else."

"There is nothing else at home."

He ridiculed: "Just give it to your ordinary colleagues."

Lu Yin has little appetite lately and hasn't eaten well. At this time, she smelled the greasy smell, and she was a little tempted.

She stretched her chopsticks forward, but hadn't touched them yet. She was beaten by Lu Qiang's chopsticks: "Drink your porridge."

"...I want to eat a piece of meat."

Lu Qiang snorted, unrelentingly: "Your colleague is mentally disabled, knowing that a cold is sick, and sending these rubbish?"

Lu Yin pursed her lips and heard that he didn't mind the food itself, and felt that his mind was really out of proportion to his figure.

Lu Yin quietly nodded cleverly.

He glanced at her and was finally satisfied. He picked up the boiled egg next to it and peeled off the shell. "It tastes better than meat."


After the two had finished a meal quietly, Lu Qiang told him, "Take another cold medicine later, nothing to do. Don't go out and wait for the gas to change." He sat on the sofa for a moment, thinking of something, and asking her : "Do you have a driver's license?"

Lu Yin is tidying up the desktop: "Yes."

"rest tomorrow?"


"Then go out with me...with ID."

Lu Yin looked at him dumbfounded. He stood up and said, "Let's go, go for old Li." After being delivered to the door, Lu Qiang stopped, turning back to squeeze her chin and raising her eyebrows: "Are we reconciled?"

Lu Yin hesitated for a moment and murmured.

This syllable was soft and gentle, like a breeze, and he sent it into his ears. Lu Qiang couldn't help but laugh, took her waist and hooked into her arms, kissed her lips fiercely, and tossed and repeated, sucking every inch of her mouth, Until Lu Yin became soft, she couldn't help but gasp deeply.

Lu Qiang put her down and bit her soft lips: "... I will keep you for a few more days."


Lu Qiang was in a good mood all day.

When I saw old Li, he changed tomorrow's class with him. At night, I received a call from the owner, saying that the water pipe in the house burst.

Lu Qiang asked the building number and went to repair with the tool.

The owner lives in front of Lu Yin’s house, with a community garden in the middle. It was first built by Southerners. The balcony is an open-air balcony.Zhangzhou is cold in winter, and this kind of terrace is not suitable. Some residents find someone to seal it up, and some maintain it as it is.

Lu Yin’s building was basically unsealed, and the building’s original appearance was kept. Only the windows and doors were tightly closed.There is a floating view among them. Some light-colored clothes hang on a terrace on the third floor. Some people wear thin and low-cut hair tails.

Lu Qiang looked away and didn't know if he saw him.

The repair owner lived on the fifth floor, and he knocked on the door a few times. It didn't seem to be anxious. Waiting for a moment, the door opened slowly. Before seeing anyone, a burst of rosemary came.

Lu Qiang frowned subconsciously, and looked up, it was actually the owner of the surname Zhang.

He couldn't help humming: "The water pipe is broken?"

Zhang surnamed was wearing an apricot silk nightdress, covered with a knitted thin cardigan, his chest was bare, and the gullies were unobstructed.

She leaned lazily against the back wall, her eyes flickering: "It looks like I'm going to trouble the elder brother."

Lu Qiang said: "It's impossible to talk about it, and it's a matter of internal affairs."

Seeing him come in, surnamed Zhang closed the door tightly.

Lu Qiang stood in the living room: "Where is it broken?"

"In the bathroom."

This layout is different from Lu Yin's house, with two bedrooms and one hall, full sun, and the bathroom in the corner.Obviously it’s my own house. The walls and floors are red, purple and purple. The sky outside is dim. There is a lotus lotus gauze in front of the window. There is a very warm floor lamp beside the sofa. It’s a bead curtain and a carpet. Pansi hole.

Lu Qiang glanced a little, found the bathroom, did not see the water pipe burst, and there was no waterfall all over the sky. There was a bathtub next to it, full of hot water and hot smoke.

Lu Qiang glanced at her: "What about teasing Lao Tzu?"

The surname Zhang cleverly pointed: "Where do you dare! Isn't the sprinkler dripping? The water in the bath is small, and the shut is not tight." She paused and stepped forward: "I'm going to take a bath."

Lu Qiang hated to walk in, avoiding physical contact.The chest is quite large and invisible to sag. He may have some interest in the past, but now his aesthetic is subverted by Lu Yin, and he feels sick and disgusted.

I want to withdraw just a few perfunctory, and suddenly a boneless body is posted on the back, "Brother Security, are you hot?"

The sound is extremely greasy.

Lu Qiang turned around, the jacket on her body had fallen off, and a thin strap was barely hanging on her shoulder.

Without waiting for a response, she reached down and squeezed into his crotch, Lu Qiang grabbed it violently, dragged it rudely to her eyes, and Zhang stunned.

"Why are you hot?"

She likes his rudeness and toughness, not going backwards but advancing, saying, "I am in the sun in this house, how can it not be hot to absorb the sunshine of the day?" He said, the other hand slid all the way from his chest to his shoulders, and put his coat towards Pushed away from both sides and tentatively said, "Take off your clothes!"

"I'm not hot," Lu Qiang shook her hand away, "Look at you, it's hot, help you?"

Surnamed Zhang raised his eyebrows and listened to what he said. He felt that the matter was half done, excitedly looking forward to the moment when the cloth on his body was torn.

Unexpectedly, Lu Qiang turned back to open the water valve. Zhang screamed and the cold rain poured over his head. He took the shower head and forced her to the corner of the bathtub and the wall.

He gritted his teeth and sneered: "Is it still hot?"

"You're a lunatic," surnamed Zhang hid his head and evaded: "Stop...stop, I'm so cold..."

"It's cold again? It's really hard to serve," Lu Qiang threw the sprinkler. "Then help you again." After that, she kicked her into the bathtub without mercy.

Regardless of the pain in the body, it was extremely cold at first, and the hot water was instantaneously filled. The skin was stinging like being fried, and the water was all over the floor. She took a few sips of bath water and coughed constantly.

Lu Qiang stepped on the edge of the bathtub with one foot, and was condescending: "Are you still angry?"

Through the mist of water, the expression of the man above was vicious, the smile on the corner of his mouth was extremely cold, and the scar on his forehead was faint, not an ordinary character.

Lu Qiang said: "In the future, I will see Lao Tzu detour and collect your skills. It won't work here with me." She glanced at her, "Enjoy slowly."

He picked up the toolbox at the door, and the moment the door was closed, the room was still clamoring,

"I will sue you!"

"Smelly part-time job, country man, wearing a human skin..."

When the door “bumped”, Lu Qiang walked out of the building, looked down, his trousers were wet, and a good day ruined her hand.

He stood for a moment, finished smoking half a cigarette, and hung his clothes on the third floor opposite, twice as much as when he entered. They were all light-colored clothes, like her, clean and pure white.

Lu Qiang pulled the corner of his lips, and suddenly he was in a good mood.

...... ......

The next day, Lu Qiang directly waited for her at the bus stop sign.

Lu Yin saw him in the distance. He was wearing a very handsome look today. A short black jacket was paired with a pair of leggings and a pair of casual shoes. It was a rare dress for him.Like deliberately finishing, his chin is clean, slightly blue, even the hair is very refreshing, black and shiny.

Lu Yin secretly looked at him.

He looked very impatient and frowned: "Look what to see."

Lu Yin looked away and coughed: "Where are we going today?"

Lu Qiang asked: "Have you brought any documents?"

She nodded dumbly and asked the question: "What should I do with documents?"

He didn't answer. He came over a bus in the distance, and he pulled her sleeve: "Follow."

The place where the two lived was slightly on the outskirts. This bus drove towards the outer ring, and there were few stops. Lu Qiang dragged her off.

There are few people, and there are spacious shops on both sides of the road, and there are not many people going in and out.

Lu Yin was surprised: "Do you want to buy a car?"

Lu Qiang pulled her arm all the way forward, the palm slowly slid down the fabric, touched her palm, hesitated for a moment, then held firmly.

Lu Yin only pressed her lips, lowered her head, and did not break free.

Lu Qiang asked randomly: "Which brand do you like? Japanese or German?"

She vaguely guessed, her fingers tightened: "Where did your money come from?"

Lu Qiang glanced at her: "I told you that I have money, but you don't believe it."

She stopped and pulled his arm, asking for an explanation.

Lu Qiang had no choice but to tell the truth: "The fish before he went in were not detected by the police."


He sneered, "I don't know if it's not illegal, I earned it anyway...why, I still want to make a donation," instead he hugged her waist and said close: "The money is Wife, you want me to give up, no drama."

Lu Yin blushed, leaned her head, and pinched his waist.

Lu Qiang jumped up: "Fuck..."

In the end, the German Volkswagen was selected, a white Bora, a brand new automatic transmission, and one hundred thousand is not expensive.

After a test drive, the bare car was directly mentioned.

Lu Yin is sitting in the driver's seat, the car is full of brand-new leather smell, she still has a sense of uneasiness and illusion.

Lu Qiang said: "I have a car as soon as I am out of my name. I am suspected, not to mention that my driver's license has long been invalidated and I can only buy it with your ID," he said sideways: "The car is still mine and I will borrow it open."

Lu Yin is not a child, knowing that he wants her to accept it with ease, and mutters: "No need to borrow."

Lu Qiang said: "In the future, you will drive to get off is more convenient than coming in a colleague's car."

After a few seconds of silence in the car, Lu Yin laughed "poof".

Lu Qiang bluffed her: "Laugh what laugh."


He patted her head: "Drive your car."

The figure outside the window flicked, and Lu Qiang saw the familiar face, but he was not an important person and did not worry.

The car drove onto the highway and gradually entered the bustling traffic.

Zhang surnamed wearing a black suit and grabbed a colleague next to him, "Is your guest just now?"


"what is it call?"

Colleagues said: "Customer secrets, leakage is prohibited."

"Don't come here with the old lady, hurry up."

Colleagues laughed: "Called Lu Yin."

The surname Zhang said, "Ask the man."

"It seems that the woman listening to him is so strong."

"Lu Qiang?"

"Ah, yes, that's the name. Hey Xiao Zhang, what are you doing here?"

Surnamed Zhang did not answer, looking at the direction of the car disappearing and gritted his teeth. Yesterday's insult was vividly remembered. Just a quick glance just now, it was really him.

I have been wondering if the other party is not in the way.

...... ......

The two went out for a day with a temporary license and had dinner near the community at night.

Lu Yin was recovering from a serious illness, but she wanted to eat something meaty.

Lu Qiang didn't let it, she gave her the congee side dishes, but she was enjoying herself, and her lips were oiled.

Real visual torture.

After eating, Lu Qiang did not get in the car and squeezed her cheek: "I walked back."

Lu Yin thought for a moment and knew his intentions.Pulling back the temples: "Come up and go in together."

"I eat and drink."

"Actually..." She just said two words. Lu Qiang waved her hand and walked to the community first. She looked at his back and silently finished the second sentence: "...I don't mind."

Lu Qiang didn't hear it, walked for two minutes and turned a corner.

The door of the community was near, and the door was dim, but there was a circle of people surrounded by black pressure.