The sky has been dim, and today it is forecasted to have rain, but it has never fallen.The billowing clouds were still in the distance, and the setting sun was hiding behind it, and only the outline was coated with gold.

A wind blew past, and a drop of rain fell on his forehead.

Lu Qiang ignored, lifted his eyelids to see the sky.The smoke from his lips drew in a sigh, and the blue mist exhaled exhaled his eyes. He started at the side and stood for a while before lifting his leg into the community.

Surrounded by familiar residents, a few saw Lu Qiang, elbows touched the person next to them, all looked at him for a while, the sound stopped, and the bird was silent.

Lu Qiang narrowed his eyes and saw the person sitting on the bench with curly red lips, tight leather pants and short rivet jacket, arms crossed, holding the chest huge.The person on the opposite side also happened to look over, his chest undulating violently several times, his expression was indignant, and only the light in his eyes revealed the feeling that the winning ticket was holding at the moment.

Lu Qiang took a breath, put one hand in his trousers pocket, and stood steadily in the crowd.

The surname Zhang snorted. He had just clamored for the meal. He invited the residents of the community. When he saw the protagonist arrived, he also looked at the expression outside the case.She pondered for a moment, and was not in a hurry, waiting for the good show to be staged.

Lao Li had been afraid of her for a long time, wiped cold sweat, and ran to Lu Qiang: "How come back?"

Lu Qiang said: "It's not time to change."

"I'm not saying this..." Old Li said anxiously: "Over there... looking for you, it's been a mess."

He drank a cigarette: "What's the matter?"

Old Li stopped talking, and Lu Qiang glanced at him lightly, without interest to ask.

Lao Li asked, "Did you fix the water pipe for her yesterday?"

He raised an eyebrow: "Why?"

Old Li said euphemistically: "Before going... Did you pretend to be something else wrong?"

"What do you mean?"

"Miss Zhang said that the key she put in front of her door was gone. I was in a hurry to go out this morning and got the spare key. I went home and watched it at night. The tens of thousands of cash in the bedroom jewelry and bedside table was gone... I didn’t go to a stranger yesterday, only you Repair the water pipes."

Lu Qiang bowed his head and smoked, didn’t watch too much: "I said I took it?"

Lao Li lowered his voice and used a volume that only two people could hear clearly: "Have you taken it or not, tell me the truth."

Lu Qiang suddenly turned his head, "Do you believe it?"

Lao Li was startled and couldn't help but take a half step back.Not many people understand Lu Qiangdi. Old Li is an informed person. He is nearly twenty years old. He is more willing to stand in the position of the elders and remind Lu Qiang to give a few words. A good person is enthusiastic.I learned today that these are just superficial efforts, and the first suspicion is that he is the one who encounters bad things like burning and stealing.

Lu Qiang is a labor reformer. He makes a lot of mistakes. As long as he walks away from the inside, he will become a special group. He will not be accepted, look far away, and look at him with colored glasses. This is an instinctive reaction. No wonder others.

The smoke burned to the end, and Lu Qiang took two fingers and squeezed hard before throwing it on the ground to stamp it out.

He smiled: "I didn't take the stuff, I have been outside today, and I haven't returned." The expression was indifferent, and I didn't know who to tell.

Lao Li bowed his head in contemplation, and snorted across from him, finally Zhang said: "General thieves say they haven't stolen."

Lu Qiang glanced at her, but Zhang couldn't help but flinch, her casual and indifferent eyes made her creepy.The man was angry and invisible, and his face changed instantly. The surname Zhang had been taught last night.

She glanced around, slowly, before she stood upright: "Only you have been to my house for the past two days, the jewelry is on the dressing table, a gold chain, a pair of diamond earrings, and several jade pendants. There are 30,000 in the bedside drawer, the security door shows no signs of damage, the windows are intact, and it is obvious that the person who took the thing has the key."

She looked up at him with a head raised: "Not you, did I take it myself?"

Lu Qiang said: "Maybe."

"You..." Zhang surnamed Punch with a punch on cotton, and gritted his teeth straight: "It's useless to say too much, I want an explanation."

Lu Qiang said, "I didn't give it to you, I didn't get it."

"Who can prove it?"

Lao Li lit up and said, "Oh, by the way, who are you with today, let him come to help you make a certificate, but it's not all solved."

He gave a meal: "Can't come."

Zhang surnamed that their relationship was improper, and no one would dare to put it on the bright side.She stood up from the chair, hugged her chest, and took two steps towards him with a smug smile.There were more and more people watching around the crowd, and there was a lot of talk behind them.

Lao Li anxiously: "Why can't I come?"

Zhang sighed with a sigh of relief.

Lu Qiang said: "Alarm."

The surname of Zhang was stunned, and there was an additional voice behind the crowd, calling out: "Lu Qiang?"

Lu Qiang stagnate, and his heart was hit hard with a hammer, and the man had walked beside him for a few seconds.He looked down at her, his eyes cold.

Lu Yinang smiled at him with a slightly unnatural expression on his head, and still said softly: "Kungfu for parking, why did you come in by yourself?"

Lu Qiang's tongue pressed against her lower lip, looked at her quietly, and then her fingertips warmed up, gradually spreading to the entire palm.

She took his hand and squeezed comfortably.After only a few seconds' pause, his fingertips were tight and held by his backhand. Lu Qiang picked up one corner of his lips and only looked at her without speaking.

Lu Yin blinked and looked at the crowd: "What's wrong with this?"

Although they live in the same community, they are not familiar with each other. Few people know Lu Yin, but the old Li is stunned, "Little Lu, you?"

Lu Yin smiled faintly: "We went to buy a car today and had dinner before we came back."

The surname Zhang was also dumbfounded. He only glanced at the car dealership. He didn't even see the appearance of the woman in it.She appeared abruptly, she was a little caught off guard, and for a moment, she said nothing, standing beside and watching silently.

Lao Li's expression was exaggerated: "," referring to their hands, holding back a sentence for a long time: "...When did it start?"

Lu Yin squeezed Lu Qiang's hand and wanted him to give a response. As soon as he looked up, he raised his eyebrows and stared at himself.Lu Yin's face was hot and her scalp hardened: "It's been a long time."

Lao Li slowed down for a while, and pointed to Lu Qiang: "Good boy, the secret work is very good, and there is no wind at all," he smiled and waved his hands back with a sigh of relief. Well, there was a misunderstanding. The little couple was dating today and did not come back at all."

He surnamed Zhang again: "The thing must not have been taken by Xiao Lu, you go home and look for it, maybe you have forgotten where."

Zhang glared: "It's impossible. I've searched several times, and he's been there, and he must have taken it away."

"This lady, do you suspect that Lu Qiang took your things?" Lu Yin said: "You may have made a mistake. We have been together all day."

Zhang sneered: "What about last night? He can sneak in while I was asleep, not to mention," she glanced at Lu Qiang: "When repairing water pipes, who knows if there are any other attempts."

Lu Yinqi exploded quickly, clenching his hands, making him refute, but Lu Qiang did not say anything, and looked at her with deep eyes.

She gritted her teeth: "We were together last night."

This sentence succeeded in calming the surroundings, and then felt the back of the hand held tighter, her face flushed red, facing the surname Zhang: "He sleeps in my house, you may be mistaken."

"It doesn't count, he is your concubine, and of course he will help him speak."

Lu Yin corrected: "We are talking about friends."

Lao Li said: "People are in a legitimate relationship, not to mention so unpleasant."

Lu Qiang has a good reputation. When someone came out to clarify, the people around him also gave pointers, blaming Zhang for failing to understand the situation and wronging good people.

Lu Yin said: "Now things are clear, then we go back."

"No," Zhang surnamed anxiously, blocking and said, "No one wants to leave."

"Then call the police, there are monitoring inside and outside the community, you can also do forensic investigation at home, want to say, this is the most clear and accurate." Lu Yin took out his phone: "I help you call the police?"

The surname Zhang finally said nothing, and a farce suddenly ended.

When the crowd dispersed, Lu Yinla gave Lu Qiang: "Go home."

Lu Qiang didn't move. She used a little effort and dragged him into the community.

The sky was gradually sinking, the dark clouds were falling, and sporadic raindrops were coming. The rain this season was extremely cold, falling on the face and shaking.

Lu Yin walked ahead, followed by Lu Qiang, and his hands were always tight.There was someone who was watching the lively people just now. She looked secretly in this direction. Lu Yin's face fell to her chest before.

"Your hands are sweating." Lu Qiang spoke, his voice was hoarse, and his throat was slightly lighter.

Lu Yin glanced back at him: "Your hands are shaking."

He didn't realize it. The place where the palm fits was wet, but no one let go of it.

The two didn't say anything for a moment, and I don't know when the roles changed. Lu Qiang came to the front. He strode quickly and his pace was slightly eager. When she couldn't keep up with her, her head exploded.

Lu Yin draws his finger out: "You seem to be going to change Master Li's class."

"Go later."

"Then go home."

Lu Qiang glanced back at her with tight cheeks.

Lu Yinyin realized what was going to happen, but was shocked and scared. His heartbeat was so fast that he couldn't help but beating and struggling, but his strength was very different. Lu Qiang was dragged all the way into the corridor.

She grabbed the handrail of the stairs with her other hand: "I don't."

"……why no?"

She squatted directly on the ground and said, "I don't want to go home."

"It's raining outside. You want to rain."

"...I'm afraid"

Lu Qiang dragged her: "What was the strength just now."

Her eyes were wet: "Please, go to work."

Lu Qiang gritted his teeth, and his patience had reached its limit. He leaned over and broke her fingers, held her under her arm, bowed, and carried the whole person upside down.

Lu Yin exclaimed: "Lu Qiang, Lu Qiang, calm down... I'm not ready yet."

He stepped over two steps in a row: "No just lie down."


The door was thrown on the back, Lu Yin sank to the bottom of the lake with a heart, and he was thrown into the soft bed, and he was thrown onto the soft bed, without waiting for the inertia to bounce, his heavy body instantly flooded the entire senses, the tentacles were thick and hard His skin was hot and hot, and within a few seconds, he had removed his upper body cleanly.

Lu Qiang lifted her shirt, pinched the small waist with her big palm, and rubbed it hard.She tried to open her mouth and was taken away from her breath in the next second.

Lu Yin's nasal cavity made a "whine" sound, his lips and teeth raged, she only felt the tongue tip numb, the brain was hypoxic, and she couldn't stop beating with the throbbing heart.

After her reaction was a little sluggish, he lifted her upper body, unbuttoned her underwear and took off her jacket and sweater.Lu Yin hugged his chest and was blocked by his hand. At the same post, he grabbed his head and fixed it, lowered his head, and sucked and kneaded her chest.

The sobbing whimper rushed out, delicate, tempting, and inviting. When I heard it, I felt ugly and strange.

Lu Qiang stagnate, and finally let her go, kneeling over her, unbuttoning her belt and pants.It wasn't completely dark, the big bed was facing the window, and a ray of light hit him. Lu Yin had no intention of rubbing. He was stunned by the landscape under him. He took a breath of air and turned to crawl forward.

Lu Qiang grabbed her calf and pulled it back, which was more convenient to control the area he had never touched, and the fabric quickly left the body and finally frankly met.

From her neck all the way to the hip, he pressed it up again: "For the first time it's still traditional."

Lu Yin's voice was trembling: "Can you stop..." When she said half of her, she was silent, all in vain. She bit her lip and said courageously, "Can you lighten up."

Lu Qiang answered: "Okay."

Turned over by him, Lu Qiang moved much softer, and his fingers helped her relax.

Lu Yin is getting better, her fingers are trembling, her toes are numb, and her legs are tight.

He suddenly stopped and took her finger to nod her lips: "Okay."

Lu Yin's face could bleed blood, and he thumped his chest with both hands, like hitting a stone, "You get away, I don't want it anymore." He kicked his legs and kicked him. He caught his bare feet and pressed them to his chest. The next second, She was resisted, his hand stretched out, assisted with support, and pushed slowly in.

Lu Yin bit her lip and bowed, half of the syllables were incomplete. She didn't know how long ago she was doing this kind of thing. She was tight and narrow and could not accommodate it. At first, she was tortured and she couldn't experience happiness at all.Lu Qiang, on the contrary, spread the feeling of bone erosion from a certain point to the whole body, the forehead blue muscles burst, sweating, and he used the patience of the first half of his life to slowly send the oil, waiting for her to adapt.

For a long time, a hint of whisper overflowed from her mouth, and Lu Qiang pressed her lips: "Is it cool now?"


"What's that called?"

"...I didn't call."

She had just finished speaking, the bedroom sounded abruptly, Lu Yin shook, and her belly tightened.There was no sign of this, Lu Qiang's spine was numb, and blood punched over his head. He screamed, exhausted his patience, grabbed the small waist, and slammed it to the end.

Lu Yin is out of control and whispers into the button.The ringing ring lasted forever. Lu Qiang’s phone number did not want to know and was accurate, but ignored. He turned into a wild hungry wolf, bloodthirsty and addicted, and kept her bones behind, pushing her into the corner.

Slowly slide your hands down, pinch her knees on both sides, push it to her chest, put her lips and teeth up, and lick and suck the small nest of thumb size.

She was breathless for a moment, and she reached the top instantly. The numbness swept the whole body. The temple jumped suddenly, and her eyes were blank for a moment. This feeling was quite natural and extremely strange. She took a few seconds to recall it, as if never had it.

Lu Qiang stopped and waited for her to calm down.

Kissed her forehead: "Isn't it a bit... Haven't you eased?"

Lu Yin's eyes were gone, and he turned away.

The man in his body started another round of attack, frantic.

What Lu Yin thought of, pushed him hard: "Don't...take that..."

"Did not buy."

She bit her lip and pointed to the cabinet next door, " seems to be in it."

Lu Qiang Shen Sheng: "Remaining before?"

She dared to look at him with her head tilted.

Lu Qiang sneered, and a dive took advantage of rummaging through the bedside table, but Lu Yin was hit by the soul and almost fainted.

"Bring me."

Lu Yin couldn't lift her arm, let alone look at the thing, and simply lay down lying.

Lu Qiang couldn't afford it with her, he scolded, and unpacked it himself. It was hard to wear. He looked at her: "The number is too small."

Lu Yin bit his lip, he pressed it up again, and it didn’t look good everywhere. The bed was too old, the bed board was too hard, the duvet color was dull, and the bedside table was too eye-catching...

He seemed to be a different person, no matter how pityful he was, he changed his way.

Lu Yin was dying and was turned upside down by him. When he released, he bit her ear: "Lao Fu wants to kill."