Lu Yin closed her eyes and heard a vague sentence that he wanted to kill, no matter who killed, she had no strength to ask.

Lu Qiang did not withdraw for a long time, her legs were still on both sides, her legs were sore, like the meat nailed on the cutting board, let him slaughter.

Outside, the bigger and bigger, the big raindrops crackled on the glass, leaving a gap to ventilate while walking, and there was no time to close it.The cold wind blew up the gauze curtain, and a cold drop fell on her hand.Lu Yin shook his fingertips, retracted his arm from under the edge of the bed, and gently pushed him: "Breathless."

Lu Qiang pressed her lips against her temples, rubbing her slippery forehead and hair with her thumb, "Pressed?"

"...You are too heavy."

Lu Qiang kissed her, "Let me stay for a while."

"I am cold."

He glanced aside, in the dark room, only to see the gauze curtains swell and fall, the windows were blown open by the wind, the raindrops stained the lights of the street lights, flickered, and fell on the windowsill and the nearby floor.Lu Qiang glanced at the person under her. She lowered her eyes and her eyelashes fluttered gently.

He lowered his hand, pulled his sleeve around, and turned it over, with his arms lying flat on top of her head.

Lu Yin's body was empty, and his heart was empty for a moment. He curled up in a moment and turned his back to him.The toes hooked, and they didn't have the strength to clamp the quilt.

Lu Qiang pulled the quilt from below, wrapped her from beginning to end, afraid of the wind blowing, wiped the sweat from Lu Yin’s forehead, and leaned over to close his arms. The lines of the two were close to each other. The position of his throat was just right. Embedded in her back.

Lu Qiang repeatedly rubbed her lips with her lips, and her heart was filled with something: "... Yin Yin."

Lu Yin gently "huh."

"Did you hurt just now?"

She bit her lip and scolded him: "Beast."

He smiled: "Isn't it cool?"

Lu Yin said nothing.

"How many times?" he asked.

Her head was not bright: " many times?"

Lu Qiang said two words against her ear, Lu Yin's face burned again, and he hit him with an elbow, but that little effort didn't do much at all.

He nodded the position of her lower abdomen: "It's small and tight, almost explained at the beginning."

"What did you do, huh?" The last tail came out of the throat knot, low and hoarse, and she couldn't help shaking.He slowly climbed up again, pinching her across the quilt: "Everywhere is soft, so hard I die."

"Am I... still satisfied? Yin Yin."

Lu Yin hated: "Shut up, don't talk."

He really didn't speak, closed his eyes and hugged her behind.No one got up to close the window, and let the cold wind blow the gauze up high, watching the lightning stride across the sky, and it was as bright as the daytime, and the dark clouds rolled and covered the moon.For a time, the house was quiet, and only the sound of raindrops hitting the window could be heard.

-Answer, answer, answer...

Listening to the rain, Lu Qiang remembered when he was a child.

He has always liked rainy days, around five or six years old, the country is often dry, and a heavy rain is enough for the villagers to enjoy for a few days. Yu, more than ten years ago, the father was still young, and the depth of the water had just reached his knee, but he had not crossed Lu Qiang's waist.

The river fish after the rain is particularly fat, sometimes crucian carp, sometimes white strips, most often carp, each of which has a length of one foot, caught, enough for three people to eat two meals.At that time, in his heart, the rainy day was more exciting than the New Year.Later, when he arrived in Zhangzhou, he did not go back for a few years. He had tasted countless rare delicacies, but he had never eaten such fresh river fish.

On the day of his release, there was a heavy rain, and the world was no longer in front of him. The world outside was splendid. He looked at the strange streets and faces. He was at a loss, and his eyes were clear but he lost his sense of direction.Genzi stopped the car, a snow-white shadow suddenly appeared outside the window, she was embarrassed under the rain, and a pair of dark eyes were pure and clear.Fair-skinned, pure white wedding dress, even in rainy days, he saw a large sun above her head.

It was also raining today, and the girl lying in his arms finally became his girl...

...... ......

The room was quiet and abnormal, and behind him the man breathed calmly and seemed to fall asleep.

Lu Yin turned his head back, "Asleep?"

For a while: "Well."

"are not you cold?"

Lu Qiang cleared his throat: "It's all sweat, cool and cool."

Lu Yin slowly turned around and opened the quilt a gap: "Come in."

Lu Qiang glanced at her in the darkness, obediently digging into the bed and blowing a few minutes of cold wind. His body was actually cold. Once next to Lu Yin, she shivered and Lu Qiang moved back, waiting Her body warmed up before she put her back in her arms again.

The wind and rain swaying outside the window, they honestly depend on each other under the quilt, like a small haven, extremely warm and extremely at ease.

Lu Yin pressed against his chest and asked lazily, "What time is it?"

He crossed her and took the phone from his trouser pocket on the ground. "More than six o'clock."

Lu Yin was shocked: "So late, don't you want to change Master Li's class?"

"Lie for a while."

"He should have an opinion."

"It's okay, give him two cigarettes another day." He turned his phone on her arms and turned his head. Lu Yin looked up. "Master Li just called?"


Lu Yin bit her lip: "...what would you say later?"

"be honest."

"You dare." Lu Yin pinched his waist inadvertently, but Lu Qiang shook, his body stiff instantly, like thousands of ants crawling on the skin.

Lu Yin immediately realized that something was wrong, and said, "I'm sorry."

Lu Qiang threw away her phone, turned her over, and the hip flap was cracked: "Don't remember?"

Lu Yin pushed his arm back and pushed him pitifully: "I forgot, I'm really sorry."


Lu Qiang pinched her small waist, only let the hips vacate, and by the way reached.He was very slow, successfully heard a mumble, paused, a fine kiss fell on her back and neck, vaguely said: "This time let your mother always remember."

Putting cruel words on your mouth, the opposite movement is particularly gentle, taking care of her in all aspects, as if you were the two last time.

Lu Yin had another experience, his heart and body were filled, unable to support for a moment, his teeth bite the pillow tightly, sweating like rain, fingers trembling.

She had loose braids and a mess on one side. Lu Qiang gently pulled down her rubber band and combed it on the pillow: "Do you believe me?"

Lu Yin froze for a moment before he realized that he asked the farce at night, "You said you have a lot of money."

"So I am not rare?"


"What if I lied to you?"

Lu Yin didn't even think about it: "I believe you don't...will..."

The last word was broken, she couldn't get up and down, tightened the bed sheet, and slowly: "But... she said you are hairy."

Lu Qiang stopped, "Do you believe?"

Lu Yin bit her lip and shook her head slowly.

Lu Qiang kissed her earlobe and said, "You have no conscience, you dare to nod your head, I have to kill you tonight." He turned Lu Yin over, penetrated it again, and looked at each other's eyes in the dark. Softly said: "Now I can leave you alone."

He has a soft tone and a terrible deep voice.Lu Yin trembles, a stream of air rises in his chest, slowly cushions, and his nose is sour.She lifted her upper body, arms around his neck, and actively kissed his lips.

Lu Qiang was irritated. All reason collapsed in an instant. The lurking wild wolf woke up, his eyes glimmered brightly, and the action was fierce. There was a whimper between the two's close lips, but Lu Qiang refused to let her go.

For a long time, he knelt up and launched the last round of attack. Lu Yin didn't support it for long. His abdomen shook tightly, his upper body arched, and he fell permanently...

Lu Qiang stuck to her: "I have to change the bed tomorrow."

For a while, Lu Yin sighed, "Why?"

"too hard."

What she remembered: " are useless that."

"I didn't get inside." He took a tissue from the bedside table and wiped her belly.

Lu Yin sighed: "It's such a small heart."

"I think you are brave enough to say me."

Lu Yin glanced at her mouth, and wanted to say something to him. The door rang loudly, and she looked at him: "Who will it be so late?"

Lu Qiang squeezed her back into the bed, "Let's lie down, I'll see."

He jumped out of bed and put on his trousers directly to open the door. Old Li knocked on the empty room and looked at the shirtless man in front of him, sweating with oil and light all over his body. He was stunned for a moment and forgot what to say.

Lu Qiangbian's pants button: "How did you find it?"

Lao Li's eyes retracted from his pants and coughed twice.He was wearing a black raincoat with dripping clothes, his trouser legs were already soaked, and Lu Qiang was blocked at the door, not letting him in.

Lao Li's tone was not good: "What time is it? I'll be fast for you for two hours. When it rains, my wife keeps urging me back."

"I'm sorry," Lu Qiang said, "I'll ask you to drink someday, and I will work for you next night."

Lao Li slowed down: "I didn't answer your call, and it was unpleasant at night. I'm afraid that you have something to do. If you want to think about it, come over and see."

Lu Qiang said: "Thanks."

Lao Li glanced inwards, and the room was dark: "Is it all right?"

"No," Lu Qiang said: "Let me stare for a while, and this is over."

Sending away old Li, Lu Qiang turned on the bedroom light, Lu Yin covered his eyes with a quilt, he closed the window, the curtains were tightened, and he simply wiped the floor with a mop.Looking at the bed, Lu Yin was still hiding under the sheets, he pulled, but didn't pull.

Lu Qiang across the quilt: "Don't take a bath, just go to sleep, I have to go," touched her head: "Can I do it myself?"

For a moment, Lu Yin nodded.

"Go to bed early."

He put on his shoes, picked up the T-shirt from the ground and put it on, ready to wear a coat.

"There is an umbrella in the shoe cabinet at the door." A small voice.

When he turned around, Lu Yin didn't know when to get out. His two big eyes were exposed outside the quilt. He blinked and put his hands beside his face, like a well-behaved little lazy cat.

Lu Qiang leaned over, kissed her eyes, and put it on her forehead again, "Go away."

Lu Yin's nose was sore, and he hummed softly.

Lu Qiang said: "I will come back to bed later."

"The key is on the floor in the hallway."

"Saw." Lu Qiang kissed her mouth: "Go to sleep."

Before leaving, all the lights were turned off. For a moment, the room was quiet again. This time, she was the only one left. Lu Yin turned sideways and closed the quilt. Her heart was desolate and scared. She was afraid of dependence, believing, and even more afraid of falling in love. .

In the six months of being separated from Liu Ze, she thought that loneliness was the normal way of life. She forced herself to adapt and forget, and she was glad to come out slowly.She didn't want to fall into the trap easily again. She tried to avoid and dodge, but she still couldn't help but fall down. This time, the trap was not deep. Whether she could survive or not, it was in the palm of the man. Everything was beyond her control.

Lu Yin was thinking a lot, his body was extremely sleepy, and soon fell asleep.

Waking up again, it was early morning.

The white clouds, the sun shining, the magpies crowing on the eaves, there are dogs, there are children crying...a vibrant morning.

Lu Yinding looked out of the window... heavy waist, behind her, breathing long.