Lu Yin has a mild obsessive-compulsive disorder, so he can't take care of cooking when he is busy.

Lu Qiang put on a T-shirt, did not wear a coat, carried a bag in one hand, and threw it in the trash can outside the community.

Lu Yin was mopping the floor when he returned.

Lu Qiang glanced at her and wanted to take the mop from her hand.

Lu Yin's hands tightened: "You can't clean it, stay by the side."

"The official holiday has passed?"

"No," she glanced at him, "just the next day."

Lu Qiang didn't understand, so she asked her, "You women can't be tired these days?"

"Not so coquettish."

He thought for a while: "Still don't succeed, sit on the bed."

"It's almost over."

Lu Qiang said: "Leave it on."

Lu Yin put her broken hair behind her ears, pursed her lips, and let go of her hands.

The room was not big, covered with old yellow floor tiles.He bowed his back, his hands and feet were long, and his movements were not flexible. His feet touched the legs of the stool. He kicked him to the side, and there was no regular left and right scribbles. His perfunctory attitude was obvious.

Lu Yin sat by the bed, his eyes following the mop.

The room was full of heating, and the high temperature made the air a little dry. When he came in, he took off his clothes. He was naked. He had no scruples.

Lu Yin's eyes fell on his hand holding the mop, a pair of power-bearing hands, the palm was wide, the palms had calluses, and the fingers were thick and long, not as slender and clean as the gentleman.His forearm is very strong, and the veins above it are particularly clear, lurking under the wheaten skin.His eyes followed him, and his muscular back muscles relaxed with his movements. He didn't wear a belt, and a piece of his back was exposed. It was much whiter than the skin on his back. It made people imagine what color the cloth blocked.

Lu Yin recalled it seriously, his face was hot, and his eyes were dull.

Lu Qiang glanced at her: "Not enough?"


"Look at me?"

"No," she backed her back. "Supervise your work."

Lu Qiang sneered: "Your eyes are easily misunderstood."

She cleared her throat and fled quickly: "Then you continue, I will do the laundry."

Lu Qiang obviously couldn’t keep up with her. After dragging the floor, he grabbed the clothes, and he was a little bit angry.

Lu Yin said: "The clothes are dirty, you don't wash them."

"Masters, not so much about it."

She gave him a seat and squatted next to him: "Smells dead."

Lu Qiang glanced at her: "Which time you go to bed stinks you," he said: "It's not clean to wash it all."

"You can't be serious?"

He put his face on his face: "There is no serious way to do that."

Obviously shameless and shameless, it should be taken for granted.Lu Yin stood up: "Too lazy to take care of you." She glanced at the time, it was already one o'clock in the afternoon and asked him: "Are you hungry?"

Lu Qiang buried his head: "I didn't eat it in the morning."

Lu Yin went to the kitchen. "Would you like to cook some noodles first? Can you cook the food at night?"

He didn't raise his head: "You do what you want, what to eat and what to eat."

The kitchen rattled slightly.

Lu Qiang didn't have that much patience, and basically grabbed two clothes and rubbed them and threw them into the basin next to it.It was indeed a lot of accumulation. The pants that had passed the season had not been washed. He picked up a pair of sweatpants that he often wore a few days ago. The texture was soft, and the slightly different touch in his pocket was obvious.

Lu Qiang pulled in, a paper ball was softened by blisters, he threw down his pants and unfolded, with a few words written on it, fainted into a blue mark.

He narrowed his eyes and vaguely distinguished the words written on it.

——Jinzhou Road Chemical Family Building, Shinan District……

He took a break, only remembering that the old Deng gave the address.When I returned from Xiaoshanghe that day, because Liu Zecheng was unhappy, he patronized Lu Yin and forgot the explanation of old Deng.

Roughly calculate the time, more than two months have passed.

He looked at it again, rubbed the paper ball and threw it in the trash can.

In the afternoon, the room was finally clean and tidy. Although the furniture was old and well placed, it seemed to be well organized.

The two of them nested in a small single bed in the morning. Lu Qiang lay flat in the bed. The space in her arms just filled her. Her two insteps curled up and lay softly on his calf, forming a small nest.

Within a few minutes, the breath next to him gradually grew.

Lu Qiang opened his eyes and woke up in the morning without sleepiness. He lay on the bed for a while, carefully pulled his arms out, raised her head, and put a pillow on it.

Lu Yin is still awake and his voice is vague: "What are you doing?"

Lu Qiang just stepped down, stopped, and stroked her hair, "Go out and do something, you sleep."

She narrowed her eyes: "When will you return?"

Lu Qiang dragged the quilt to cover her and said, "Wait for me to eat at night." He kissed the tip of her nose and got out of bed lightly.

...... ......

The area around Jinzhou Road is easy to find. It is also the old city, much cleaner and more tidy than where he lives.The family area is quite large, and the buildings are all dark and yellow, and the rows are in order, the rules and the conservative pattern, which show the stereotypes of scientific research.

Lu Qiang searched according to the house number, and it took a long time for someone to answer. A woman in her forties leaned out and looked like a countryman.

The door only opened halfway and asked, "Who are you looking for?"

Lu Qiang looked at her for a moment: "Is this family named Deng?"

"No." The woman was going to close.

Lu Qiang stopped with one hand. He knew that the daughter of old Deng was Deng Qiong, and his ex-wife Liang Yarong had remarried 20 years ago. At that time, she had not been born yet.

He asked one more question: "Has this family changed?"

"It's not clear, but..." The woman looked at him: "I have been working here for eight years and I haven't changed it."

Lu Qiang said, "The hostess is Liang Yarong?"

The woman had a meal, "Do you know?"

"A friend asked me to see her." Lu Qiang knew that he had found the right one, and picked up a few bags in his hand, shaking them in front of her eyes.

The woman was alert and asked a few words, letting Lu Qiang quite enthusiastically.

The house is spacious and bright. The door is directly facing the bathroom. The bedrooms are on both sides. The living room is large, with good ventilation and lighting. It is a very traditional two-bedroom and one hall. It was very rare to be able to get to such a house 20 years ago.

Lu Qiang looked around, and the woman pointed to the sofa next to her: "You sit, I'll pour you a glass of water," she quickly walked to the kitchen and raised the volume: "Look at your young age, it should be Sister Liang." , Also working in the chemical industry?"

Lu Qiang did not want to explain more: "Friends know her well."

The woman brought in water and sat down on the stool opposite him: "Sister Liang and Professor Wu are not in the daytime, but they are off work very early. I look at the time...oh, there is another hour."

Lu Qiang asked: "Professor Wu?"

"Yes, it's Sister Liang's lover. They all work at the Chemical Engineering Institute and usually come back together." She paused. "Eh? Don't you know me?"

Lu Qiang said: "I haven't seen it. My friend asked me to bring something."

The woman nodded clearly.Liang Yarong and Wu Guoshou are both professors in the Institute of Science and Technology. They bring many students and are respected. They usually give a lot of gifts around the corners. She only treats Lu Qiang as one of them. It is a bit of experience to receive more guests like this.

She pushed the cup: "You drink water."

Lu Qiang did not move, looked up at the living room furnishings, turned down his phone a few times, said nothing to her, and left after a while.

The woman said, "I'll call Sister Liang and say."

"No, I'll go later," Lu Qiang put the phone on the table: "Only the two of them?"

The woman said, "There is a daughter who is not married yet."

Lu Qiang calculated: "It is already working."

"Yeah," she replied, "just work on the financial street in the city center."

Lu Qiang did not ask any more questions, glanced at the time, remembered to leave.Suddenly the phone came over, and the woman turned out of her pocket and smiled at Lu Qiang: "Look, as soon as I talked about her, I called."

She picked up: "Qiong Qiong, what's the matter?"

Lu Qiang lowered his head for a moment, his eyes flickered, and quickly looked at her.

The woman was unconscious: "...I'm at home... what? I'll show you..." She quickly pushed open the door of a bedroom, her voice faintly showing through: "Yes, on your bedside table Go, use it anxiously? Or should I send it to you... well, waiting for you."

Within half a minute, the woman came out, she smiled: "Qiong Qiong is on the road, the meeting materials are home, and I will come back later to get it. The child is too busy working and always comes back late..."

Lu Qiang put his elbows on his legs, buried his head, and the phone turned around in his hand: "Called Wu Qiong?"

The woman was slightly stunned and reacted for a while: "You said Qiong Qiong?...Yes, the name is Wu Qiong, do you also know?"

Lu Qiang didn't speak, and the phone turned round and round. The woman felt strange and called out: "Young man?"

Lu Qiang looked back, took a cigarette in his mouth, touched it up and down, didn't find the lighter, he didn't take it down, he just bit like that.

The woman chattered about something else, he didn't listen, he sat for a moment and stood up: "Go away."

She didn't respond: "Hey! Boy, don't you wait for Sister Liang?"

Lu Qiang bowed his shoes.

She chased over: "You have to tell me what your name is, bring those things, and I can't tell you if I ask."

When he didn't hear it, he threw the door straight out.

The woman persevered and looked through the door: "Hey... boy, what is your name?"

Lu Qiang went out of the doorway, opened a door on the balcony on the next floor, and sold cigarettes, alcohol, and daily necessities. He went in and bought a lighter, the most rudimentary, for only one yuan.After standing at the door for a moment, the ringer lit the smoke in his mouth and took a deep breath, a ray of blue mist pouring from his nose.

Next to it was a flower bed, where the trees became dry branches, half of the rotten leaves were blown by the wind, and half of them were buried deep in the soil.He moved two steps in that direction, and quickly drew up one, smashed it out, and pulled a lighter into his pocket again.

This building is in the innermost part of the community. The door of the unit is next to the road. At three or four in the afternoon, the sun is high, but the cold wind is extremely cold.

Feeling cold, he tightened his front flaps and took a few more sips before walking towards the gate of the community.

There was a taxi heading towards us. It stopped in front of the building. A woman was sitting in the co-driver position. She was wrapped in a red cotton jacket, with short ears and beautiful hair.She was looking down at the bag, Lu Qiang stared for a moment, and passed the car in front of the cigarette.

The woman inside paid good money, and when she looked up, she met a pair of deep eyes, and her heart suddenly tightened, biting her lip, and in a flash, her eyes were full of emotions, which she couldn't even understand.The man glanced into the car, a short distance, brushing past without expression.

Wu Qiong tried not to tremble his hand, opened the door, turned around, and stood quietly in the wind. His back was tall and generous, and he quickly walked away without turning his head.


Turning to the main road, there was no shelter from the building, the cold wind suddenly gathered, Lu Qiang pinched the smoke, and a large section, put the rest in his pocket.

The monotonous ringtone was faintly recognized in the whistling wind, and he flipped out his phone: "Awake?"

The tone over there was soft: "Preparing dinner."

He felt warmer and could not help lowering his voice: "Wait for me, go back and do it together."

Lu Qiang hung up and accelerated his pace.

Outside the gate of the community, he directly stopped a taxi.

When he opened the door, he glanced at it unintentionally. He stopped and saw a familiar car parked next to it.